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There's A Pool Party In The USA! And A Tattoo Under Miley's Breast!!!

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After ending her US tour, Miley Cyrus was sporting a hot pink bikini as she made some very public phone calls and enjoyed a frothy beverage in full view of photogs at the Fontainebleau pool in Miami on Thursday.

And is that a TATTOO under her left breast?!?

Don't you have to be 18 to get a tattoo?!?!?!?!

We can't make out what the tattoo reads, but it looks like some sort of text. Wonder if it's an ex's name…

Let's hope it's not a real tattoo. But why even get a fake one under your boob at her age?

Update: The tat says "Just Breathe"!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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196 comments to “There's A Pool Party In The USA! And A Tattoo Under Miley's Breast!!!”

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  1. 101

    I got my first tattoo when I was 15, just need parent consent.

  2. 102

    wtf? with her parents SERIOUSLY ?!
    i mean her mom took her older bro trace 4
    his one bday 2 get his 1st tattoo. &&her dad
    has a few tattoos too so i guess its no suprise
    but i wish she would start freaking realizing
    tht she is currently still on disney and little
    kids r looking up 2 her !

  3. 103

    you'd be surprised what you could get away with.. i was able to get a tattoo when i was 14.. and guess where mine was.. under my boob.. cause it's easy to hide from your parents. most of the time.

  4. 104

    Um, you can be under 18 with an adults permission. . .and she probably has it there, because not many will really get a good look at it. . .

  5. 105

    you seriously believe she's still a virgin????

    hahaha. poor kids who idolize her. she's gonna be pregnant soon.

  6. 106

    For all of you that think thats hair, you guys are fucking stupid. CLEARLY, in the last picture its not hair, idiots.
    She's a stupid slut, another reason why my mom wont let my sister watch her show.

  7. 107

    if ur parents consent to it you can….she's white trash sooooooo no big surprise plus look at her brother all tattooed up by age like 19

  8. 108

    Re: Mari Luvz Coach

    If you're getting a tat it should not be a fucking cartoon character you white trash loser. tinkerbell? um, grow up.

  9. 109

    not anymore. you have to be 18 now doesnt matter if you have parental consent or not. She gets whatever the fuck she wants and its pathetic, she shouldnt be getting any kind of treatment cause shes a famous little tart. Shell be gone in a few years maybe less and ima laugh. i think the jonas brothers are better in my opinion. But this tattoo just shows how much are her parents dont care what she does. they did a horrible job at raising her

  10. 110

    And her tattoo says Just breathe

  11. 111

    You can be 14 and have a tattoo without parental consent in Canada. So shove it!

  12. 112

    why are you even looking there? you can get it done under age.
    im sure billy ray encouraged her to get it.

    my question is. why did she want to get it under her breast? of all the places why under her boob? and that artist should go to jail if thats real. i hope it isnt cause i cant see anyone considering tatooing a 17 year old girl under her boob unless their a pedo or want to go to jail.

  13. 113

    UGH WTF SHE IS 17…i know plenty of people her age who have tattoos and piercings…let's not judge…AND SINCE WHEN DOES HAVING A TATTOO MEAN YOU ARE A WHORE???

  14. 114

    If you have parental consent then you don't have to be 18. IMO it's not a big deal at all… and at least it's placed somewhere we won't constantly be seeing.

  15. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Looks like her long hair to me??

  16. 116

    Lots of kids get tattoos in highschool

  17. 117

    Wow Perez seriously, it's just a tattoo I know plenty of people at my school who have tattoos.

  18. 118

    You need parents permission if ur under 18, and i HATE her and all, but who care if she has a tattoo?

  19. 119

    Ewwww & Grooose!!!
    yuck, kaka!!!!!
    BARF nasty kid

  20. 120

    I'm sure it used to say JUSTIN, but is now changed to JUST breathe. Just saying.

  21. 121

    Laws vary state by state. So even if she couldn't have had it done in Cali, she could've done it somewhere else with parental consent. My friend got 2 at 17 in NYC, and the place didn't take a look at her id, and she did not even look her age.

    The placement is good for someone like her. It can be easily hidden for concerts and acting roles, its not like she got it on her arm or something (or her face like Trace!).

  22. 122

    her boyfriend/dad probly went with her to get it

  23. 123

    Love it, love her ;D!!!

  24. 124

    i don't see the big deal…

  25. 125

    she hangs out with the trash of LA like jac vanek and nicole buckey…ALL GROUPIES.

  26. Moron says – reply to this


    Tattooed girl=dumbfuck
    Tattooed boy=unfuckable moron

  27. 127

    Holy golly gosh, Miley Cyrus has a tattoo. Whatever next?
    Seriously, Perez. Get a life.
    So the girl has a tattoo, who honestly cares?
    If she has permission from either Tish or Billy, she can legally get one.
    So shut up and just get in a gym or something. Fatass.

  28. 128

    its not her hair clearly it is a tattoo & if its fake thats dumb.
    if its real cool good for her. no one cares. its not the end of the world for someone to get a tattoo.

  29. 129

    yeah it could be temporary cause she has a history of drawing things on herself.
    but this one looks real..
    i hope she doesnt turn out like LiLo.

  30. 130

    garbage these are the classless kids that are growing up today no matter how hard u try to be strict this is the culture these kids are growing up in tattoo and piercings whatever………..whatever happened to just threatening to kill ur kids if they do stupid shit under ur roof….that was my threat and never ever did i think to do anything stupid till i was 22 now i regret the tattoos i got but i was 22!!

  31. 131

    Otherwise she forgets to breathe?

  32. 132

    it says "just breathe" but damnnn i hate this girl soooooo much!

  33. Patsy says – reply to this


    fucking piece of trailer trash

  34. 134

    So fucking what!!!!!

  35. 135

    such a stoooopid thing to get 'just breathe' …i mean we all breathe every second..not something hard to live up to….idiot!!!

  36. 136

    I wouldnt be surprised xD still it's not like shes doing drugs, btw her hair is looking awful with that color! she looks good with brown not that grossly red

  37. 137

    I got my daughter one for her 17th birthday. On her back says Carpe Diem her fav saying

  38. 138

    she looks like Britney right before her meltdown.

  39. 139

    I'm 23 with 13 tattoos. Started when I was 19. If I got half the ones I wanted when I was underage, there would be a lot of regret. You can get tattoos with parental consent down here in Florida, but you have to be 16 and the location also matters. Under a minor's boob? That's illegal. It can be counted as sexual violatin on a minor. What parent would allow their daughter to get a tattoo under her fucking boob??

  40. 140

    WHY ?! I love Miley so much, she is changing and I don't like it. This really makes me sad. I get it the pictures was a long time ago and she is forgiven. But why is she starting to wear that daring clothes and having a tattoo under her freaking breast?! I miss her so much and I just feel that she wants people to talk shit about her?! and yes they aldready freaking do. I've had this wish. I wish she would go back to the old light-brownhaired smiley miley. i want her to be bff's with Demi [she already is] and Selena and to Taylor who she isn't close with anymore. They are queit yet amazing girls who never does anything bad. I want her to be with Nick Jonas. With him she was great and she wasn't trying to be all sexy. It pisses me off cause when my friends se pictures of miley on my phone they start talking crap about her. My moms friend was going to buy ticket to her daughter for the Miley concert but when she saw what Miley was doing and wearing on stage she told her daughter that she wasn't allowed to go to her concert. You should see how much she got upset. I needed to let this out and no one is going to understand how i feel but im so depressed cause i love her to death. If I had to die to get the old miley back i would. You think im just saying it and i wouldn't but believe me when I tell you I would without a second thought.

  41. 141

    i know loads of people under 18 with tats…its not uncommon
    and am i the only one who doesnt feel comfortable with the fact that perez drew a circle around her boob?

  42. 142

    I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus but hey, kids will be kids. I got my tattoo at 16 (with consent). I don't see the problem. That chick has plenty of money to get that scheisse lasered off when she starts to regret getting it.

  43. 143

    she has a different phone in every pic. WTF?

    and hey atleast in ten years when her tits sag no one will even be able to see it

  44. 144

    attention seeking as usual

  45. 145

    i got my fist tat at 16, im 19 now, if you look old enough a lot of the time they dont ask

  46. 146

    Her parents work her like a whore
    She deserves a tattoo at 17

  47. obama says – reply to this


    is that Rachel Ray? HA!

  48. 148

    Who cares? Yes she's 17, but its only a year from being allowed to get a tattoo legally. Not a big deal in my opinion. She can't let the good girl image of Disney haunt her for the rest of her life.

  49. 149

    Uhh, I got a tattoo last year when I was sixteen. I had parental consent. It's not that big of a deal. At least Miley isn't pregnant.

  50. 150

    With parental get a tattoo at any age you like. And if you think it's bad being 17 (nearly an adult) with a tattoo, be glad you don't go to my school where 13 year olds have them!

  51. 151

    um she already has a nose ring and a belly button ring she can get a tattoo if billy bob and her moron mom allow her to she can with a simple consent form

  52. NERD says – reply to this


    shut up……………

  53. 153

    Re: Who the FUCK do you think you are? – I don't know why everyone calls the tattoos on the lower back tramp stamps because not all of the people who have them are tramps I have one there for my little niece but i dont go around hanging it out it was just a good place to put it so that if i didn't want it to be seen it wouldnt be unlike those morons who can't get a job because they put them on their face or neck or hands looking utterly stupid

  54. 154


  55. Eve29 says – reply to this



  56. Eve29 says – reply to this



  57. 157

    Wow, already? I was expecting her to wait until at least 18 or something.

  58. 158

    okay so i don't know how it is in other places, but in florida you can be 16 and get one with a parents permission. but once you are 18 you can get one without parent. i think the tattoo is nice but should be in a better place.
    BTW i don't like miley cyrus

  59. 159

    Shes just being Miley!!!!

  60. 160

    White trash = not surprising. PS: She cant tan for shit, shes still pale as a ghost.

  61. 161

    It's not a tattoo, it's henna. You can do that at seven.

  62. 162

    she also has a belly button piercing but no1s commenting about that?

    i hope she takes care of those things cuz it would suck if it got infected . ew.

  63. 163

    Another web site had this pic and they said that the tattoo reads "Just Breathe:"

  64. 164

    wow a piece of her hair? are you guys blind or just morons? ITS A TAT

  65. 165

    So this chick has a tat, a belly button piercing, a nose, and cartilage?

    She honestly has a tattoo and shes 17? haha what a white trash joke!

  66. 166

    I m certain that miley did her tattoo under her left breast becasuse.. gyes,,THINK.. in our left side is OUR HEART..and this is a msg that comes from her heart.. "just breath"..just feel free in that crazy world with all the crazy papparazi and stupid gossip sites AND rumours..and another reason is maybe she didnt want the papparazi to see it..its not her fault that they used sooo zomm..omg.. and the msg im certain that comes from her heart..and the haters stop act like her parents..im certain that she talked with her parents first.. and let her grow up.. she is growing up..she is not the little girl,she is not 14 anymore.. she is growing up.. and dont tell me that anyone of you EVER havent see at list one person that at her/his 17 maybe yournger that has a little tattoo.u act like is the 17girl that has a tattoo..dont be so puritan..we are in 2009.. groww up..

  67. 167

    Re: TeamOldMiley – how old are you?i am sry about what im going to say..but i think you overreacting.. to die just miley become how she was,if she hears you sh ll be dissapointed.. so to be like when??when she was 14???she is grow up.. she will not be 14 forever.. and of course when we grow up we all change..and her conserts ok maybe is not for litttle kids anymore..she is not hannah montana.. she is miley cyrus.. that tried to grow up and be more serious artiss,and her clothes is because is A SHOWW..of course she will change..and dont forger she is a human..a 17 girl.like all the 17 gilrs&boys in the world..we all did crazy things when we were in her age..if we dont have our mistakes in that age..that we can be crazy with ours friends. and have fun (in a normal way i dont mean to do bad things)then when we will do them..in our 50???
    and she can be friend with anyone that she was.. and she is still friends with demi if you read some blogs..and see photos..and with nick jonas..its their choice..its not only her choice to not be together..its THEIR choice,, BOTH of them.. they are now good friends..maybe in the future..u never know..but is not WE want for her.is what SHE wants about her self.. so.. dont be sad. she is growing up.. she is will do her mistakes that would make her a better person..like WE ALL DOO..she is STILL A HUMAN.. dont take bad what im saying..its for your good:)

  68. 168

    what the hell is UR prob???? she can do whatever the heck she wants!!! shes not cruel, evil, and u dont know her. dont call her a whore.

  69. SAMi! says – reply to this


    Her brother's Trace Cyrus, so her getting a tattoo is hardly surprising.
    Her tattoo artist must have felt like a perv though..

  70. 170

    & btw , she has huuuuuuuuge theighs .

  71. 171

    leave it to miley to get a stupid, over-done tattoo

  72. 172

    I got my first tattoo when I was 17, you have to have parental consent…it's not a big deal geesh when she comes stumbling out of clubs and caught on the crackpipe that's news, a 17 year old getting a tattoo isn't!

  73. 173

    I think it's directions for her lungs to breath. . .

  74. 174

    why does the age 17 seem so young to America?? She isn't a child, by any means she can do what the hell she wants, shes rich and loving it, so would you! bugger the rest of the world

  75. 175

    she has her bellybutton and nose pierced, why is this a surprise?

  76. 176

    OMFG a TATTOO?!?!?! HOW WILL WE EVER SURVIVE?! [/sarcasm]

  77. 177

    Wow, reading some of these comments really makes you realize how stupid people are. So because this girl gets a tattoo she's a whore??? Does anyone know what "whore" and "slut" ACTUALLY mean? How the fuck does that make her a slut??? What the fuck is wrong with you people? And why does everyone expect her to stay the same age forever? I know it might be hard for some to grasp but lil Miley WILL grow up, and get tattoos and do stupid things and have sex and one day get married or pregnant or both…its called LIFE. And then you wonder why these poor girls lose their dam mind, because people are hypocritical morons. As kids and teens, and all normal people are allowed to life their life and do what they want and make mistakes but celebs cant because their famous??? Get a fucking grip people and wake up. Ppl grow up and make mistakes wether they are janitors or famous singers and actors.
    PS: Shes clearly a Britney fan, "Breathe On Me" anyone?

  78. 178

    her tatoo says "Just Breathe" and when you have parental consent you can get one

  79. 179

    i can see her being allowed to get one and shit but like under her tit? that's barely there in the first place, bitch really wants attention to her lady parts.

  80. 180

    who cares that she got a tattoo? the part thats gross is that its under her boob, thats really gross when some tattoo guy is doing it right there. trailer trash.

  81. 181

    for the people that are saying it is her hair stuck under her top, in the bottom 2 pictures, her hair doesn't even reach down that far in the front. and it is obviously script of some sort.

  82. 182

    i would never put those stupid words in a tatoo that will last forever and under my boobs!

  83. 183

    Haha imagine when she has to lift up her boob to see it lol!

  84. 184

    i have 2 tattoos and i'm only 17
    my mom went with me for both of them. i also have my eyebrow peirced.
    i've gotta admit, why the fuck wuld you get one under ur BOOB??? yah she just turned 17 and she's willing to take off her shirt and bra for a stupid tattoo that has a dumb ass quote on it?

  85. 185

    So what if she has a tattoo . Wtf is wrong with you american people .. im 16 and have 2 tattoo's .. (im not that good writing in english though)
    But Siriusly so what if she has a tattoo i don't get it . She even had it somewhere no one can see it .. Disney Chanel Should Thank Here . . :)

  86. 186

    And Wtf . is it with those comments that shes changing OFFCORCE she is .. Something normal , what do you want here to stay 12 forever . and because someone is changing from the outside dosent mean that they aren't the same inside.Stop Judging . Look at the mirror furst . ( if you understand my greek/norwegian/english xD )

  87. 187

    Got my first ink when I was 14 with parental consent. I don't see what the big deal is. Leave the girl alone.

  88. 188

    That tat is for a friend of hers that died moron.

  89. 189

    Re: cheesecake – you mean by the time she's 25?

  90. 190

    you need to be 18 or have parental consent…and considering her mom allowed trace to its not really surprising

  91. 191

    must i remind u that this is a gir who has a show ON DISNEY CHANNEL?? idk if she is 17 (which she barely turned) she is still being watched by my 6 year old niece! she could have waited at least until after she was done with disney. Yup disney got a real idol here.

  92. 192

    Its not the tattoo that's gross, its where she got it! REALLY? At her age, I could see a little one on the ankle or someplace no one can see unless she shows them (which should be the case her as well but obviously showing her boobs isn't an issue). Getting it under the boob and showing it off, that is what is disgusting at her age!

  93. 193

    She got this for her friend who died of cystic fibrosis (i think it was that). I think it is very sweet as 'Just Breathe' is a symbol, or something for that.

  94. 194

    I think she put it there because its like right on her lung and the tat does say "just breathe" makes sense.

  95. 195

    well it doesnt matter… i got mine at 14 years old! all you need is parent consent

  96. 196


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