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How Did She Manage To Snag Him Up?

| Filed under: Love LineArnold SchwarzeneggerTallulah Willis


This is a Hollywood royal pairing if we ever heard one.

Rumors are abound that Rumer Willis' little sis has bagged herself one hell of a boyfriend.

It seems Tallulah Willis has been spotted spending a lot of time with Patrick Schwarzenegger, the 16-year-old son of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

An insider says the kiddies have been dating since Halloween, but a rep for Tallulah's daddy, Bruce Willis, denies the hook-up.

With her looks we're surprised she landed the young Schwarzenegger cutie.

We're not sure she can do any better, so congrats.

[Image via WENN.]

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186 comments to “How Did She Manage To Snag Him Up?”

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  1. 1

    With his looks I dont think HE can do any better either. Perfect couple.

  2. 2

    all trash

  3. 3

    Hey…let's make fun of non-celebrity teenage girls' appearance. What a dick you are…

  4. 4

    For Christ's sake Perez, she's only 16, and hasn't done anything wrong! Can't you leave her be?

  5. 5

    Damn he is a cutie i never knew he existed .Now leave these kids alone Perez .

  6. 6

    that is soo mean, she is a little girl!

  7. klkl says – reply to this


    that's rough Perez, she's still just a kid. she could still get plastic surgery like her mom…

  8. 8

    that was spiteful. stop picking on children

  9. 9

    ripping on a 16 year old seriously?

  10. 10

    What…. everyone has to look like Paris Hilton??

  11. 11

    You're such a prick Perez, Leave the kids alone!

  12. 12

    she is just a little girl. do give her some kind of complex. im sure it is hard enough having the parents she does.

  13. 13

    16 year old boys always have the dorkiest hairdoo's.

  14. 14

    Whoever writes this crap is seriously an asshole. Making fun of a teenage girl, calling her ugly? That's real class right there. I feel bad for your people and your incredibly low self esteem that you resort to throwing insults at children. Grow up.

  15. 15

    I think she looks better then her sister, but honestly he is not really all that either.

  16. 16

    why the hell are you so shallow Perez. Everything in this world does not revolve around looks. Maybe they do in your world, maybe thats why is seems you only can manage to hang out with the "special" looking people.

  17. slite says – reply to this


    What the hell is wrong with you?!?!

  18. x123x says – reply to this


    ahh that's a little mean… poor girl

  19. 19

    you are so rotten. she's a very young girl and you're making fun of the way she looks? people like you are the reason girls have such low self-image and develop eating disorders or worse. you're making awkward teen years even more horrible for these young girls. shame on you.

  20. 20

    Damn.. she's only 16.. give her time to blossom and grow into her chin.

  21. 21

    First of all she's 16, second she is not in the public eye her dad is so she's not fair game, thirdly mario who are you to be commenting on anyone's appearance!

  22. 22

    don't you think this kind of post makes you a hypocrite for embracing beth ditto's appearance and body image ,and for harping on young celebrities who get plastic surgery done? I know it's all in good fun, but what kind of convoluted message are you sending

  23. 23

    She is not as bad as her sister, and he's not all that either. And they both have F'd up parents…. perfect couple.

  24. 24

    I second basically everyone's comment…it's a shitty thing to say. But more unforgivable than that is it's not even clever. Jesus do the dipshits that write for this rag not even try anymore? Are you blogging on Ambien? Assholes.

  25. 25

    With your looks I'm surprised you're still alive. You are such an asshole Perez - why must you insult these kids? Jealous?

  26. barb says – reply to this


    Your a sick man , also you are jealous you can't snag anyone, thats why you are so fustrated.

  27. 27

    so says the pot……..

  28. 28

    That's a bad picture of her, she is very pretty and I shit turds that are more attractive than you are ROFL!!!

  29. midi says – reply to this


    and their babies will have the Kennedy jaw line and crazy eyes.

  30. 30

    uh Perez, didn't you promise Tyra on national TV that you would refrain from picking on celebrity kids like this chick for one year? I don't think that year is up -

  31. midi says – reply to this


    gotta wonder how hard it is for famous teens to date. it must be pretty stressful.

  32. 32

    I always thought she was the cutest one. Hope she doesn't get serious this young though.

  33. 33

    now that i think about it, part of the reason you write these rotten things is to get everyone to leave comments…..the more clicks you get, the better you look to your advertisers. you're a douche and you've just lost one more viewer. i'm done with this stupid site.

  34. 34

    That is so mean to say of a little 16 year old girl?

  35. 35


  36. 36

    There goes your guest stint as a judge on ANTM. Oh and putting a heart next to a minor is fucking creepy. Quit lusting after people under 18, Mario!

  37. 37

    damn he's cute he sure didnt get his looks from the nasty ass dad. and yeah tallulah its as ugly as it gets :S

  38. 38

    She is ugly though. All 3 of Demi & Bruce's girls came out REALLY FUGLY!!

  39. 39

    Perez Perez Perez .You really should not cyber bully young girls. I thought even you were above that sort of thing.

  40. 40

    Sorry, perez it looks like your return trip to the tyra show is cancelled. You just couldn't stop calling young girls ugly. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

  41. 41

    I don't really see what's so wrong with her…?

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Why would you be nasty about a 16yr old girls looks? She's not even really famous, your just mean. Have you looked in the mirror lately Perez, you're not too hot yourself. Dick!

  44. 44

    you perv perez. you're obviously crushing on the boy…i can see your desperatly trying to tune it doen in your post

  45. 45

    WOW let's make fun of a teenage girl, you deserve to get beat senseless you fat, acne scarred, cuban flamer!

  46. 46

    that's pretty awful, talking about a little girl that way. have some class

  47. Fabu says – reply to this


    Perez,why do you hate Bruce and Demi's kids so much???

  48. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Very interesting““““ But she is only 15, remember…… It's not like they will be getting married “` anytime soon!! :)

  49. 6one9 says – reply to this


    OH ““““““““` Arnold and Demi ““““ 2 star in a movie together “` with their kids!! :)

  50. Jaded says – reply to this


    I found the best way to hurt this guy is to not purchase anything clicked through his website. Even if I find something cool or interesting I will click through another site or log into the site independently. No money for you from me until you stop trying to give little girls a complex. That includes your stupid books, and any artist you promote.
    PS have you taken a look at Lady Gaga without all that crap on? That is one unattractive girl.

  51. 51

    Jesus Perez, whats got into you? 16? Really?

    Grow up

  52. 52

    hahah wow … i dont even think she's that ugly at all? shes like kinda pretty and unique.. llike seirously.

  53. 53

    You're an asshole, Perez. She is not ugly at all, and she's just a kid! If you want to see ugly try looking in a mirror, douchebag.

  54. 54

    wtf perez…."We're not sure she can do any better, so congrats."….you are talking about kids you asshole,you are just pissed because her momy kicked your ass

  55. 55

    Let them do whatever the hell they want, they're teenagers!!!

  56. 56

    This is a CHILD!!! Kids this age are impressionable and have committed suicide over an insensitive comment like this! Ii is one thing to make fun of an adult. LEAVE A KID ALONE….You stupid shit! NEVER coming back to this site.

  57. 57

    I understand making snarky comments about celebrities you already know and hate; that's basically the purpose of your site. But picking on a 15-year-old girl who has done nothing to deserve such criticism is just cruel. Look, go ahead, call Rumur "Potatohead" as much as you want; she's older, and has been around the party circuits with Lohan enough to garner some haters. But until Tallulah does something to deserve it, it would be nice if you left her alone. I'm a big fan of your site, obviously, but there's a fine line between funny, snarky comments about amusing celebrity snafus and being mean and nasty. Just saying!

  58. 58

    Re: midi – crazy eyes, I second that

  59. 59

    Mustve been those super classy ass shorts she wore earlier this year that drew him in..

  60. 60

    Perez, I must say i'm addicted to your sight, but you're such an asshole sometimes. She is a pretty girl and even if she wasn't your hypocrisy is enormous considering that you want equality for all and all that other shit you always preach about………..Also, as talented as your friend "gagaloo" is, I think most would consider her face UNATTRACTIVE, so why don't you ever comment on that?

  61. 61

    So much for your deal with Tyra to keep kids out of it you putz.

  62. Cajo says – reply to this


    With her looks we're surprised she landed the young Schwarzenegger cutie.

    We're not sure she can do any better, so congrats.
    Perez with your looks and your mentality you will always be a sad lonely fat bully person with no feelings , must be sad not having nothing more to say then to bash a 16 years old girl get yourself some mirrors you need , you are deformed inside and outside
    thats the punishment you have and cant repair

  63. 63

    He's nothing to write home about but coming from two of the most fugly people in Cali that's pretty good..
    As for Tulla, Tallulah or what ever her fucked up name is….ahhhh
    I just still can't comprehend how two very good looking people can create such ugly ass kids, I mean NOT one of them is even decent..
    How sad…

  64. 64

    saw him on tv a couple weeks ago, he is quite good-looking… she isn't very pretty… or even cute. I'm shocked aswell.

  65. 65

    She is a kid. You, are an asshole.

  66. 66

    You have serious issues if you have to talk about kids like that to make yourself feel better but then again if I looked like Perez I would have to talk about everyone on the planet to feel better about myself, wait thats it thats Perez's problem fyi most teen girls go thru an akward stage around that age so stop before she ends up with body image issues shes innocent and dosen't deserve this if I were her parents you would be in hiding

  67. 67

    Are you kidding you overgrown pig? Talking about a teenager this way? Have mommy buy you a mirror because you are packing UGLY-both inside and out.

  68. 68

    When I seen her picture I laughed. Hard.

  69. 69

    Eww they both be ugly

  70. 70

    I hope Bruce Willis punches you in your ugly mug for talking shit about his 16 year old girl. Asstard.

  71. 71

    Tallulah? really?

  72. 72

    Picking on the minors in not cool. And you have nerve to call people ugly. Have you looked in the mirror? Serriously man, have a little respect. I know thats hard for you but atleast try. Too bad you didnt have a mother that raised you right, to be a good man!

  73. 73

    You're kidding about her looks right? She is adorable. Of course, she's not a 16-year-old boy or a flamboyant pop star, so I guess she doesn't get you going.

  74. 74

    lots of ugly girls get boyfriends; but that's not the point. is it? why would anyone want to date a Schwarzennhriver? ick!

  75. 75

    Thast is just mean ! I think she is cute ! really low , dude !

  76. 76

    p.s. Mario…she is gorgeous…very exotic-looking…but what else can I expect from someone who brown-noses Lady Blah-Blah…you disappoint with each passing day, girl…

  77. 77

    both their fathers were movie action figures. they probably have a lot to talk about. both dads families republicans too. and rich. oh, and both dads egomaniacs. But Tallu has very young stepparents.

  78. 78

    Seriously Mario? You're insulting on a 16 year old because of her looks? Wow.

  79. 79

    She's a kid dude, seriously? Do you have standards at all that don't involve being a vile piece of shit? oh wait nevermind. i'm talking about you.

  80. 80

    They are just kids .. 16 & 15.
    You think they're going to enter into a marriage contract, Perez/Ghost Writer?
    Calm down. No big deal at all.

  81. 81

    She always looks a bit demonic to me.

  82. 82

    Seriously, what is up with Bruce and Demi's kids?? They all look homely like they've had bad cosmetic surgery.

  83. 83

    Don't worry somebody who is very capable is going to lay the hurt on pig face very soon , and he wont have enough money to pay for electricity to run his computer..

  84. 84

    She looks fine. Dont be such and asshole. That boys looks are nothing special anyway. By the way dating is not always about looks.

  85. kis95 says – reply to this


    "With her looks"? WTF does that mean? She's a 16-year-old CHILD. What kind of ass says something like that about a CHILD? Also, there's nothing wrong with the way she looks. People can be so crazy-judgmental and mean.

  86. 86

    Perez, didn't you make a bet with TYRA that you wouldn't make fun of anyone who wasn't in the entertainment business and isn't at least 18 ? Your pathetic, and have no conscience whatsoever, these are two children, and now this teenage girl has to go to school with people commenting on how YOU, a fatass,unemployed,scrotum faced grown man had to make fun of her, is it worth it perez ? When you die(naturally), will you feel comfortable with how you lived your life ? I have a feeling you'll be getting huge backlash soon, and you deserve it.

  87. 87

    thats pretty mean perez… theyre just kids! if i were to read something like this about myself at 16 it would have scarred me for life. CONGRATS, you've ruined a young teen's self-esteem, you proud?

  88. 88

    she is a kid. don't be such a jerk. besides you are one to talk.

  89. 89

    Perez, did you just call a 16 year old girl ugly? Wow, how pathetic can you be?

  90. 90

    Young, healthy and confused. They are perfect. I hope they are in love. It seems rare these days.

    She's the product of Demi and Bruce…she's high royalty. Give her ten years.

  91. 91

    I love you PH, but sometimes you can be passive-aggressively MEAN. They're cute, hope they have fun..breaking each other into Hwood life. Sheesh. LAY OFF DUDE.

    Ifg you were by big brother, I'd likely have you beat up sometimes. just cuz you really should lay off sometimes.

    Yes, you also have a criminal dress sense, but I still love you anyway.

    dayum, tho, sometimes you are over the top, and not in a GA-GA way, mmmKAY?

  92. 92

    Maybe he's hoping she'll grow up to look like her mom?

  93. ap076 says – reply to this


    You never fail to disappoint first you dig the teens looks and all about an erroneous report in the first place. Trying to strike up another T w i t t e r war with someone to help push the book.

  94. Eilee says – reply to this


    Hey He is a cutie! He looks like a Kennedy

  95. 95

    "With her looks we're surprised she landed the young Schwarzenegger cutie. "EXCUSE MEEEEE? HOW THE HELL CAN YOU GO SOOOO LOW.
    The picture you took isnt her best yer but SHE IS WAY MORE BETTER LOOKING THEN YOU .

  96. 96

    oh oh, dumbass…..you just made fun of a celebrity's kid….wasn't your deal with Tyra about not making fun of celebrity kids under 18? yeah…guess your ugly ass won't be a judge on ANTM (and its a good thing since you obviously don't know shit about looking good)… wait til tyra hears about this….

  97. 97

    shut up. of course its shallow its perez. if ur reading this obviously u like listening to people get made fun of.

    and she is kind of a cow but hes not super great anyways.

  98. 98

    "With her looks we're surprised she landed the young Schwarzenegger cutie. "
    Last Time I checked YOU are the MOST unattractive guy I saw, more then that the most UGLIEST fat bitchy guy ever. So Check you ugly face in the mirror before calling other people UGLY. We dont give a flying fuck that you are friends with celebritys when you going to be old you will be alone and hated

  99. 99

    Jesus she's only 16, Perez. Have some class. And it's not like you look any better.

  100. 100

    perez get out of the playground and stop bullin the young innocent teens…u r a mean bully

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