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Billy Joel's Daughter Rushed To The Hospital In Reported SUICIDE Attempt!

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We sure hope they're wrong!

The New York Post is reporting that Billy Joel's daughter with Christie Brinkley, 23-year-old musician Alexa Ray Joel, was taken to the emergency room in NYC on Saturday after a failed suicide attempt.

The paper says Alexa Ray ingested a large number of sleeping pills and was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan.

A female caller told a 911 operator that Joel had taken several pills and wanted to die, sources said.

"Alexa is stable. Her doctors are assessing her needs and that's all we can say at this moment," said Claire Mercuri, Alexa's and Billy's personal publicist.

Joel was conscious at St. Vincent’s Hospital, and is expected to survive, said other sources.


Suicide is NOT the answer.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, please speak to someone about them.

You matter!

[Image via WENN.]

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243 comments to “Billy Joel's Daughter Rushed To The Hospital In Reported SUICIDE Attempt!”

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  1. 201

    I think everyone should look up the word presumptuous….because to think that this woman attempted suicide because of her looks, and because of Perez is just that.
    It is much more complicated than that. These kind of comments….my own included say much more about the writer than it does about Alexa.

  2. x0x0x says – reply to this


    You guys are fucking stupid! You guys bitch and complain that Perez is a "hypocrite" Well most of you would still be bitching if he would have been rude about the situation. At least he's showing that he has a fucking heart. This is his job, what do you expect him to do, make it boring all the time?! And to the people that always hate on him, if you don't like him get off his damn site and do something that's actually worth your time instead of wasting your life away on the internet.

  3. 203

    Re: farts happen still – I am LOL. I thought you said with reference to Lady Gaga that she was ugly rutter.
    But nutter works for me too.
    You are funny and insightful at the same time.

  4. 204

    Re: Nofearhere – Didn't her last step daddy embezzle her mommies money and also have sex with a girl the same age as Kristies' daugher?
    I wonder if she had to constantly keep herself in check when she was around the moron…like so many young girls do when an idiot step dad comes on the scene that has no boundaries, morals or sense that he is anything but a partner to the mother.

  5. 205

    i sure hope she recovers fast.this also makes me think how maybe words we say can hurt someone so i vow to censor my self more.rather make some one smile then some one sad if this makes me weak o well so be it

  6. 206

    I pray for health and well being. This is just too sad.

  7. 207

    shes beautiful ~~
    I hope shes ok

  8. 208

    Re: sarabellum – Cause it's fun to let him know what a douche most people think he is!

  9. 209

    Re: monnie – you forgot to mention that the alcoholic is a serial marrier who marries women around his daughter's age

  10. 210

    Re: Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD rescinded – You asshole! You're just as bad as Perez! (congratulations! You're NOW an official Douchebag!)
    I hope this girl realizes that people like you & Perez are just hateful fucks who's opinions don't matter! Now,go away and evaporate!

  11. 211

    Re: Edgenet – Karma's a bitch,you twisted fuck! Why don't you hang yourself,so we can see if it really works?

  12. 212

    Re: spanky00 – Then have at it,you ugly fuck! And…good luck,I hope it works for you!

  13. 213

    Maybe it was your incessant battering about how ugly she is (in your opinion) that pushed her over the edge. You rotten bastard.

  14. 214

    Re: iloura – well..Karma did come..with the lack of sales of Perez's Epic fail of a tour and the lack of sales of his shitty book.. and I agree with you!

  15. Cutie says – reply to this


    She is so beautiful. She looks like a Disney princess or something. Prayers and positive energy to her!

  16. 216

    man shes ugly!

  17. 217

    Re: kellyjelly – Suicide is the most selfish thing anybody could ever do. It is my belief that no one has the right to end their life. Life is a precious gift.

  18. 218

    ESL strikes AGAIN?! You're a dickhead, Perez

  19. 219

    I wonder how you personally feel about Alexa's attempted suicide, Perez. If I had to place a bet, I would guess that you felt a tiny twinge of remorse, but as soon as you began to feel anything human, you told yourself that Alexa obviously has emotional problems and would have done this whether you had written about her or not.

    But I would beg to differ. Every blow that someone experiences in life takes a toll. Your treatment of this young girl could have damaged her deeply. Not everyone is strong enough to shrug it off. You have no idea how far the repercussions for your harsh words go.

    And for every Alexa Ray that attempts suicide, there a hundred thousand other young boys and girls who are also deeply and negatively affected by your attitude toward celebrities, especially women.

    do not underestimate the damage you have caused and continue to do.
    ripples in the pond my friend, ripples in the pond.

  20. 220

    and to add… I always thought Alexa seemed like a very beautiful person, both inside and out. I'm saddened to hear she decided to hurt herself like this and wish her nothing but love. I hope she recovers and finds happiness.

  21. 221

    Here's what Alexa had to say about you:
    "I can’t help but be a little bummed out because the incredibly cruel, bullying Perez Hilton (this tabloid guy who calls himself the “queen of media”) just put up a horrible picture of me on his site and basically in so many words called me ugly…"

    And now you have the nerve to wish her well!? You bullied this girl in a hardcore way, those posts of yours made her feel terrible, why don't you realize you went too far and apologize!? What if she died? Would you feel a little bit of guilt? Do you ever feel guilt or remorse about what you do? I hope so.

  22. 222

    What is the main reason for her suicidal tendencies? A love affair that didn't work? Not feeling great in her skins? Most problems can be resolved. Living everything for one other person is bad and sick. It's called an obsession. I know young women often kill themselves because of a love affair that didn't work. It's obsession and you can cure it with time, starting by focussing on yourself instead of whatever you fantasized about someone else.

  23. 223


  24. 224

    Re: Anonymousdude – The last thing I want to have to do is defend Perez but I don't know why you are giving him shit for reporting on Alexa Joel when every magazine, blog, paper etc. in the world is writting and talking about it. It is a shame that this young lady felt she had to do this but laying smack down on Perez on this particular subject is just wrong. For one thing Perez did not say anything objective or bad about her. His site actually wished her well. So what ever stick you have up your ass need's to be directed toward's Perez's site on stuff they do say that is usually cruel at someone else's expense. If you don't like this site then why the hell are you on it? I give Perez's site shit all the time but not when they are actually being nice about someone. You sound like you might have a few issue's yourself. One more thing I doubt that Perez read's our comment's anyway at least not all of them as long as this site make's him money and I'm sure it does he really could care less what is said about him as long as he is laughing all the way to the bank. Also he has employee's who report this shit did you think he actually sit's down at a computer and report's this shit himself? He probably does'nt have a clue on half of the shit that is reported on his site.

  25. 225

    she is stunningly pretty…hope she's okay

  26. 226

    Anonymousdude, I was thinking of that situation today am so stress out but speaking to my BF of 5yrs calm me down. N thank you Perez for this article you posted today. N the last few words n made me tear up. Luv u P.H

  27. 227

    What a pretty girl. That is a shame with all she has been afforeded to her, her entire life. Guess $ can't buyyou happiness. Hope she on the road to recovey soon.

  28. 228

    Mario, I haven't been back to your site in FOREVER, but as soon as I heard about Alexa Ray Joel I had to come back here to see if you would report or not. I remember the post where you attacked Alexa Ray Joel. How do you feel now? You're a piece of sh*t, Mario, and you ought to be ashamed. Like I said, I don't come here and read what idiotic snarky comments you have anymore because you disgust me. This poor girl has attempted suicide and now you've turned around and pretended to be concerned? I hope the same thing happens to you. You're garbage. I used to come to this site EVERY SINGLE DAY, and one day I just had enough. You're so mean, and I know you loooooove being the 'bitchy gay man', but have some self respect already Mario. Pack up your laptop, stop trying to be famous, and just disappear. You're a waste of space. (P.S. And I know that what I just said was mean, and two wrongs don't make a right, but right now I really couldn't care less about your feelings. You deserve to feel as low as poor Alexa Ray Joel felt before she took those pills after everything you've said on this disgusting, immature, biased website.)

  29. 229

    It's to bad her looks have always been compared to Christy Brinkleys in this picture I think she has the most beautiful hair ever she looks like she could be a blue blood in the French Court King Louie! She's pretty but in a different way than the all American blonde.

  30. 230

    I can't believe all the poeple who are commenting on here and calling her ugly. Are we looking at the same picture? I'm sure she looks better than all of you.

  31. 231

    you seriously think someone's gonna try to kill themselves just because some blogger calls her ugly?
    please, give the girl some credit

  32. 232

    Well you sure feel bad I hope Perez..
    After all those nasty comments you have made about her..
    That sure haven't helped her feel better!

  33. 233

    I can't give Perez the credit (blame) for this. Her father (Billy Joel) attempted the same thing when he was a teenager.

  34. kahlo says – reply to this


    Do you feel bad at all for calling her ugly and saying that its too bad she doesn't look like her mother? You should.

  35. 235

    it should be perez's mom that kill herself for having a f*a*g*g*o*t like him (or her?)

  36. 236

    She's a beautiful young lady who is lucky not to look like everyone else…please get well… :(

  37. 237

    You have been awful to this girl. Stop being so two faced. She is beautiful. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. Leave them alone!!!!!!!1

  38. 238

    "You matter"? This coming from somebody who calls anybody not a celebrity a "nobody"? Dick.

  39. 239

    This is partly YOUR fault!
    Besides this is a private matter! You just FUCKED IT UP EVEN!

  40. 240

    Holy shit, she's stunning. so unique looking but so pretty. Girl don't kill yourself, you are beautiful.

  41. 241

    Sorry Perez, but either way she looks bangin in my book. Unlike your pedo fat ass…….

  42. 242

    when u really look at her all she needs is a bit of a nose job and she'll be stunning. she has big nice eyes, nice shaped face, and nice lips.

  43. 243

    can we say ATTENTION ? here some booze and pills and throw in a razor blade just for the hell of it. *Y*A*W*N*

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