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Interscope Cans Manson!

| Filed under: Music MinuteMarilyn Manson


The head honchos at Interscope Records finally wised up and dropped former shock rocker turned pathetic dud Marilyn Manson from the label!

Manson is strangely optimistic over the split, even though his last album, which only sold 121,000 copies, was the last nail in the coffin for Interscope.

The Antichrist Superstar rocker complained to Metal Hammer magazine that he was "so restrained" by Interscope to actually make the music he desired and that "at least half" of Manson's "creative output" was stifled, but now he's free to do whatever he wants!

Oh, great!

Does this mean more HOrrendous smut music videos glorifying domestic abuse????

[Image via WENN.]

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66 comments to “Interscope Cans Manson!”

  1. 1

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  2. 2

    HAHA! Fucking fat ass! Lay off the hard drugs and maybe you could make decent music again. Than again, probably not!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    domestic abuse, just like lambert shoving a guys head in his crotch and forcing a straight man to kiss him?

  5. x0x0x says – reply to this


    Re: sassafras – First off, he's NOT fat. If you think he is you're fucking retarded. And most drugs make you lose weight. Kthx.

  6. 6

    i think you've missed the point of marilyn manson, perez. i'm glad of that.

  7. 7

    I have been a manson fan for years. yet i have not seen him live until this past year. my husband saw him in the 90's … i was dissapointed in his show i must say… I wish I had gone and seen him years ago :(

  8. 8

    So you love Lady Gaga, right? She simulates suicide live on stage as "entertainment", how is that any different? Lady Gaga expresses that as "creativity", because MM is into a different scene to the bubblegum trash pop crap you like that means he's not allowed to have creative freedom? The thing about you Mario is that you are really just a bigot. Its coincidental that you're Gay, and I doubt you truly believe in peoples civil rights and welfare at all, its almost something for you to hide behind to make yourself feel like a decent person. You really do play on peoples misfortunes, and knowing that you get millions of hits to this website you also know that what you say has an influence. You don't choose to make use of that in a positive way, you write utter crap. AND should I also add, you write this crap DAYS after, sometimes WEEKS after its original reporting. You may think this is all good fun, but one day something bad will happen to someone from what you write on hear. You incite hatred and bullying.

  9. 9

    Is there a more self-deluded, self-important, ugly, irrelevant, fat ass than Manson? Hey, Manson, all your fans are overweight latinos, lol. You are wayyy past your due date and the only one who doesn't know it is you. Nobody's shocked by you, they just laugh at you. You're the male Courtney Love. To quote Eminem, "It's over, you're too old, let go." Stick a fork up your ass, stoopid, you're done.

  10. 10

    I would like to know who the hell think what he does is talent ?

  11. 11

    Hopefully he's slipping into the "where are they now" file.

  12. 12

    Re: snapper1 – GaGa was simulating being "killed by fame", not suicide.

  13. 13

    hmmmm jealous much mario?

  14. 14

    Re: snapper1 – Well said Snapper!

  15. 15

    how disgusting…..just another one of those freaks!

  16. Kalia says – reply to this


    ugh. I can't believe this idiot actually has any fans left…but by the sounds of it they are dropping like flies. He's been stifled, my ass. Thing is, his former fans are getting older and arent into shock rock anymore. He has to relate to the younger crowd, which he isn't doing cause they don't want to listen to some old man trying to be shocking. Get off the stage Manson and scrape up some of the dignity you have left. Oh, yeah..he never had any to begin with.

  17. 17

    Manson tries waaaay too hard. He just screams "lame"

  18. ap076 says – reply to this


    Never really cared for Manson. This should be an object lession to Adam Lambert though because if you don't sell the albums you can be dropped just like that as other A.I. alum have. As like it or not until you have your own label you are the record company's bitch, and will do as they say as we are seeing now.

  19. 19

    hes a sad person.nobody wants to be around someone like that..

  20. 20

    Perez, you promote hate against women every single day of the year. How can you judge?

  21. 21

    i love this dude.anybody ever see a serious interview of his?he's a very smart,very respectful dude and funny too….after that i appreciated him much more.

    oh and lady gaga is the female(if you can call her that)version of Marilyn Manson.

  22. 22

    He has more talent in his vagina than all of losers combined.

  23. 23

    About the domestic abuse in that vid, he's an artist, much like Adam Lambert, who does controversial things for entertainment. Why is it ok for Lambert and not Manson? It's no different and the only reason you defend Lambert is because you're gay.

  24. 24

    I didn't hate him until I saw that video. Now I think anything smart he says is just undermined by the fact that he is an insensitive prick. Domestic abuse might be shocking to Manson because hes never been a victim of it, but to millions of people it is sadly an everyday situation. Fuck you MM. Slickly produced portrayals of sexualized domestic-violence in a music video is sick and wrong.

  25. 25

    Re: Caraloves

    Couldn't have said it better

  26. 26

    manson is awesome.

  27. 27

    Interscope are idiots, Manson will always be great!

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Also if anyone is washed up it's DEF. EMINEM.

  30. 30

    Maybe now he'll get dropped from planet earth

  31. 31

    Now that Marilyn and Twiggy are back together we just need to get Trent Reznor back in the mix and complete the unholy trinity of the antichrist superstar.

  32. 32

    perez you are so hypocritical. manson glorfying domestic abuse? how about gaga glorifying suicide? he is an incredibly creative and wonderful individual and you clearly do not get the point of him at all.

    you praise people like adam lambert for shoving some dudes face into his crotch, yet you criticize manson for doing something as equally creative? hypocrite much.

  33. 33

    Re: para~noir – You need a calendar since you are stuck in the late 90's, lol. I don't even like Eminem, I just thought the quote fit. Plus, with the success of 50 Cent who is signed to Eminem's Shady Records, Eminem could buy and sell Manson about 100 times over.

  34. 34

    Re: snapper1 – there are so many ways to show or represent things, and the choice of representation matters more than the subject matter. lady gaga's suicide depiction, while tacky and tastless and IMO stupid, was clearly staged- unrealistic, over the top, surreal, part of a dance routine. Manson's realistic and brutal depiction was something entirely different, glorifying and eroticizing violence against women.

  35. 35

    Re: RussianChick – he's not even that smart. People are just surprised he can put together a coherant sentance, and because he converses like a somewhat normal person, he is applauded for "actually being smart." It's like a pretty girl who is smart, or that Subo can sing- it's the shock factor. Manson isn't actually all that thoughtful.

  36. 36

    Re: metalxxx – consensual sex act = beating, raping and killing a woman?

  37. 37


  38. 38

    Manson and Perez are a chip off the same garbage heap called Hollywood. Same goes for Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. They're all trash and this is what the world first sees when they think of Americans (in a disgusted manner).

    This liberal American culture is garbage.

  39. 39

    I just cant have no respect for someone who gets in a big tizz over that godawful mass of trihard mediocrity that is his erstwhile GF. Wasshername? She's a complete dumbarse anyway and god I wish she'd put the hot topic and eyeliner away before she hurts someone. Too late!
    I think this guy's pointed out some pithy things about the whole American hypocrisy deal in the past but drugs and burgeoning narcissism have obviously taken their toll.
    Come on, some of his covers were okay. Sounds like he's a twat now, tho.

  40. 40

    i hate that guy

  41. 41

    Re: LexiSmexi

    I could honestly go on all day long listing songs/videos or films that have depictions of violence towards women/men in all kinds of manners. The thing about writing music is that sometimes it becomes an expression of negative thoughts and feelings. The lyrics to running to the edge of the world are clearly about the destructive nature of some relationships and how overwhelming they can be, and the video showed this loss of control and desperation very accurately. There is no glorification of violence, or eroticism represented here. There are certain people that will always "jump on" MM for his particular choice of clothing, his attitude and opinions, but he is aware of this and continues to make his own choices regardless.
    At the end of the day, if we really feel that this video could have a massive impact on people or seriously infuence their choices then doesnt that mean we are all doomed? Violence and sex are what the media is all about, this video is nothing shocking at all.

  42. 42

    " turned pathetic dud"

    that coming from you perez? wow.

  43. 43

    Get your facts straight.
    Manson LEFT interscope.
    He posted a bulletin on his myspace about it.
    You just like to twist situations around so you can bash him.

  44. 44

    Re: HotBoyVA – I find it funny that you would use that Eminem quote because now Eminem is an irrelevant, washed-up hasbeen too. Both these men need to be reminded that it's not 1999 anymore

  45. 45

    Marilyn Manson
    Adam Lambert
    Same complexion. Years of abusing heavy theater make up on a daily basis.

  46. 46

    Re: snapper1 – IAWTC!!!!!

  47. gloom says – reply to this


    Every great artist is aloud one flop, and this last album was it. It was just terrible. However, he is still pretty big when it comes to tours.

    2007's Eat Me, Drink Me managed to sell almost a million albums without the help of any strong singles, so it's clearly the label's fault for not knowing how to promote him.

    It's Interscope's loss anyway, Manson is one of the few real artists left.

  48. gloom says – reply to this


    Re: RussianChick

    That is so true! Lady Gaga is doing the same thing Manson did 10 years ago, but with pop instead of rock.

    PS: God ol Manson should take a break and let Gaga take over the music world for now. He could always have a comeback later on.

  49. 49

    Perez, Lady Gaga smashed a wine bottle on Alexander Skarsgard's head in the "Paparazzi" video and was covered in fake blood for her live performance. How is what she did any different?

  50. 50

    Perez..this happened like a month a half ago..you fucking retard.

  51. 51

    Re: mathisol
    please explain to me what talent is to you? this man writes almost entirely all of his music, besides other band mates input. he is a brilliant painter, with an amazing eye. he is the king of self expression and performance art. he is and forever will be a household name. sorry to burst your bubble

  52. 52

    manson embodies performance art, and any of your counterparts. ie lady gaga would agree with me. the man is 40 and is still making records and still peforming almost every night, he gets my applause. he will forever be a household name, and has opened many doors for people, creatively, visually and musically. but what would you know? you masturbate to pictures of justin bieber

  53. 53

    Here's the thing..there is no real comparison between Lady Gagme and Manson, apart that they have provocative videos. Manson is poetic. If you were to read his lyrics, and nevermind the music and performance, it's thought provoking and genius really. Gaga simply makes a statement and repeats it over and over again. If Gaga didn't dress like a sheltered child who just broke away from mommy and daddy, she would be just another drop in the bucket pop singer.

  54. 54

    All of you bashing Manson are ignorant and need to get a f'in life. Step out of your bubble sometime and open your mind a little and then maybe you would understand Marilyn Manson a little more. There is a deeper meaning behind every song that he has written and people choose to read whats on the surface. If you have any interest in expanding yourself, go on to Youtube and look up one of his interviews. He is very smart and has a lot to say. Dont talk shit until you know the whole story, which obviously, none of you know.

  55. 55

    I am so happy that you do not understand Manson's music; it gives me so much more faith in it. Manson's music is designed to make you think, unlike most of the bull put on the market today. It as meaning behind it other than sex and "omg, she broke my heart." Manson is about a life time smarter than most of the people around today. Yea, he does some drugs. Name five stars today who haven't.
    Oh, and he dropped off of Interscope when his contract was up. Get your stories straight, Mario.

  56. 56

    Re: RussianChick
    Yes, Marilyn is the best interveiw you can get. He's so not how you would expect him to be after seeing his shows.

  57. 57

    He is very talented, he is an artist, and I think he should get respect for that. MM does not need a label he makes his mark as the misfit in music world, I mean don't you see Lady GaGa coming out with some Manson elements in her videos, C'mon Perez recognize.

  58. 58

    Yea, he claims that he wasnt dropped, but he caught a break in the contract and did not renew. Sounds like he had more of an issue with Nothing records (referring to them as "good for nothing" records") and is having another battle with longtime feuding partner, Trent Reznor of NIN. He sent out a ghey little myspace bulletin yesterday saying if you think any different, you can go buy a gun from walmart and blow your brains out with it. LOL. What a big baby. He has lost all rock cred over the years…

  59. 59

    ROCK N' ROLL M..T…R F….ER !!!!! HAHAHAAA!!! Marilyn Mason is cool I'm sure he finds another label that appreciate his talent!!!

  60. 60

    I love Manson. And yes, he is very intelligent. Just like others are saying, its okay for Lambert to crave attention in a negative way…but dont let a entertainer who is against pop music to do anything negative. Same as Jared Leto. As much as you hate him, he is honestly a great singer. You wish you could have him, Perez. You know it! And how can anyone think Manson is fat? People like you, is what causes eating disorders.

  61. 61

    I heard Manson's getting his own label Perezzie. Check it out.

  62. 62

    not being funny, twatface, but just cause MM is different, you hate him. well shall me all start hating on Lady Gaga cause she's also different, No wait, That'd be sinking to you LOW DOWN, TWAT-ALISTIC LEVEL.

  63. 63

    hahahahaha! grandpa manson got canned by his label. take off your makeup and grow the fuck up, douchebag. you're way too old for this teenybopper goth game. pathetic.

  64. 64

    He's one of as few true artist who don't compromise his artistry vision for the sake of record sales. Shut up Perez, GaGa is doing something similar and you like it. So shut up. Manson is great unlike you.

  65. 65

    he should team up with trntreznor -not that i care…

  66. 66

    Very good!!!