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The Truth Behind Miley's Tat

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As much shiz as we've given her this week for getting a tattoo, the meaning behind Miley's "Just Breathe" tat is pretty heartwarming.

Seems that Cyrus was inked to honor the memory of Vanessa, one of her close friends that passed away due to Cystic Fibrosis over three years ago.

And apparently "Just Breathe" is the slogan for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


You caught us by surprise, Smiley!

Just don't go tatting boyfriends' names on your bod!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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211 comments to “The Truth Behind Miley's Tat”

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  1. 201

    wow now I feel bad for the comment I wrote the day

  2. 202

    This whole underage bull is pathetic. Seriously.
    It has been SAID, "You can get a tattoo at the age of 16 WITH a parents permission and birth certificate."
    Were stressing over a tattoo that MEANS something, it is put in ACTUALLY an approriate place, its by the lungs. And so what if its under the breast? Does it really bother you where she puts a tattoo? NO THIS DOESNT MEAN SHES "GOING DOWN THE BRITNEY ROAD". However - as much as I love KSTEW

  3. 203

    Listen, you guys are pathetic. I have Cystic Fibrosis & this was AWESOME of her. I'm going to actually get the tattoo most likely. so she got it there because that is where most people with CF have their diffuclty there. it is very nice of here. get over the place PLEASE

  4. 204

    that's a beautiful sentiment.
    people who think this is wrong need to get the stick out of their asses.

  5. 205

    …um i believe the lungs are not located under breasts..god america-look up human anatomy-idiots, the lungs are located where your breasts are, surronding the heart….is everyone suffering from dumbassitis? so the tat is stupid…and really really trashy…trust me girls who get stuff around their boobs are usually known for being complete whores…not a good move miley…meh let her figure it out- i do hope its a temp…

  6. 206

    Re: Orangina – haha yah really…

  7. 207

    welli just googled Just Breathe- wound up with Yoga stuff…decided to check out the site…can anyone tell me where that slogan is? maybe i missed it?

  8. 208

    ok, i swear this is my last comment on this-checked out wiki-no mention of the slogan-but on both the site and wiki this foundation has this thing called 65 roses…um i think we can all acknowledge that Miley or her PR bullshitted us this story…sorry to all those who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis
    nuff said

  9. 209

    Linsday Lohan has the same tattoo on her wrist after she was in the hospital. If Britney Spears gets it, the Disney trio can have their first bonding moment

  10. 210

    Re: didntneedtoseethat – It is not a weird place at all. All of you who don't seem to understand the placement are completely stupid. Her friend died from Cystic Fibrosis. Do any of you honestly know what that is? Do you know what it does to the body? It affects the entire body, and area that is affected the most is the lungs. It causes difficult breathing and frequent lung infections. Every person with the disease is different, but when they die, it's because their lungs fill up with mucus and pretty much suffocates them. So getting the tattoo near her lung makes a whole lot of sense.
    Anyway.. I just lost my twelve year old cousin last September to Cystic Fibrosis. His older brother has it as well. So I completely understand her loss and the significance of the tattoo. It's very sweet.

  11. 211

    she is sooo sweettt i have tht deasise an tht just freakin mde my lifeeee

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