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Do You Think She Was Excited?

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Miley Cyrus seems to have met the amazingly talented Lady GaGa as they were both performing at the Royal Variety Show for the Queen of England and wrote the following blog on her official fan club website:

Posted on Dec 07, 2009

I met lady gaga!!!!!I met lady gaga!!!!!I met lady gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!I met gaga!!!!!
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That's so sweet!

But we have a feeling that she didn't have the same reaction for you, Miley!

[Image via Daniel Deme / KOKOPIX / WENN.]

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128 comments to “Do You Think She Was Excited?”

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  1. 1

    Miley who?

  2. 2

    i thought you were friends with miley? was there a falling out?

  3. 3

    miley could BUY lady gaga if she wanted. i doubt gaga is that dumb to show no interest in miley. she may not be a musical genius, but shes a very successful teenager.

  4. 4

    ya gaga prolly didn't give a rat's ass.


  5. 5

    One words –> STUPID!

  6. 6

    Goo Goo should not do profiles.

  7. 7

    they both are a pair of hot mess crap

  8. 8

    Perez..Gaga appreciates meeting anyone, she's a sweetheart not a bitch.

  9. 9

    poor gaga

  10. 10

    GOOO GAGA!!!!!

  11. 11

    gagas in a league of her own. even celebrities are her followers to the point where shes higher then all of them. even they're excited when they meet her.

    im so proud and honored to be a gaga fan, to witness this legend in the making. 20 years from now, all the haters are gonna regret hating her, and never seeing her live!

  12. 12

    PROPAGANDA, PURE BULLSH*T, THE INDUSTRY IS TRYING TO MAKE YOU THINK A RICH AND FAMOUS PERSON IS IN AWE OF ANOTHER CELEBRITY SO THAT YOU BUY INTO THE ILLUSION THAT IF THE GReat rich and famous miley thinks gaga is cool i should think she is sooo coool. the music industry and hollywood are faker than WWE wrestling pure BULL.

  13. Laury says – reply to this


    Oh yeah sure, because everyone should bow before Gaga when they meet her but no one should be excited to meet Miley, who's just as big a celebrity as your precious wifey???? Your favoritism amazes me more and more every day, Perez.

  14. iCR says – reply to this


    oh fuck off Perez she was excited. & I don't think Lady GaGa went all I MET PEREZ HILTON! I MET PEREZ HILTON! I MET PEREZ HILTON! when she met u either.

  15. 15

    wasn't miley just interviewed saying "I dont listen to POP music"?????????????

  16. 16

    Why the hell do you like to pretend that you know what goes on in celebrities minds??? Last time I checked, Gaga was a sweetheart and trys to extend love to everyone.

  17. barb says – reply to this


    That's how you act around lady gaga and your 31, she's only 17. Grow up ass hole

  18. 18

    GAGA might not have been excited but defintely polite….unlike you.

  19. 19

    as much as i'm not the biggest fan of miley, jeez, let her have her excitement.
    although you were probably right about lady gaga reciprocating the excitement

  20. 20

    doesn't matter Miley's worth more than Gaga 100 times over.

  21. 21

    you're such a bitch!

    come on, after all this time you aren't a little fond of miley? i hate that damned TV show but I've liked miley the entire time.

    dont be so annoying. I didn't kiss a guy until I was 17, but you can damned well bet that I dressed somewhat "sexy" in the best way I knew how since I was about 12. Self proclaimed queen of short shorts at 8.

    and dont say its a modern phenomenon! Thats annoying too! The victorian era and the 50s really fucked us up on that one. people used to get married at 15. Girls, usually younger. Im not saying its right- but miley dressing sexy is NOT a surprise.

    she's too spirited and stubborn to become a real mess.

    though I do prefer Emma Watson style celeb development…

    YOU'RE JUST FUCKING HER UP MORE! i know she is snotty and maybe deserves it A BIT. but she's snotty in a great way! she isn't the brainwashed controlled little character that so many teen stars are!

    IM NOT EVEN A FAN OF MILEY. you're just being a pain in the ass.

  22. 22


  23. 23

    Everybody is bowing down to the Queen of Pop!

  24. 24

    Keep reporting on the famous and stay out of it!!! Gaga rocks, yes, but, why would you spew hate at Miley for loving the same thing you love? Love the new Gaga, love you too Perez, but you have gotta simma!!!

  25. 25

    they both fucking suck

  26. 26

    You're such a dick Perez. I'm surprised you would bash Miley liking Gaga considering you worship the ground Gaga walks on, but I guess not. And I highly doubt she was too excited to meet you… at least Miley actually does something. What is considered more relevant; singer or celebrity blogger? I do wonder… And the irony in this is that you MAKE A LIVING leeching off people like Miley. So suck it.

  27. 27

    I don't think she was excited at all.

  28. 28

    don't be such a jerk, perez.

  29. 29

    She sounds sarcastic herself anyway., like she is just pretending to care
    for the sake of publicity
    Miley is the next Amanda 9bynes for you ocuehs)

  30. 30

    honestly STOP messing with miley.. ENOUGH..we get so tired..chill out… honestly sometimes i think that i read something that a 10 years old wrote..omg.. and to think miley with all her honesty was so excited to say that she met lady gaga.. what is the bab with that and u wrote it???honestly idnt understand you,.. your so mean.. CHILLLL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i dont think that gaga was unpolite like you do now.. ur so rude!!!!

  31. 31

    you wish u were miley, then u could date nick

  32. 32

    That's so cute! I want to meet Lady Gaga!

  33. 33

    Re: BringIttttt – I know hes making Gaga seem like a total diva when she isn't she's very humble and kind to everyone which explains why she hangs out with his dumb ass .She needs to get away from him he is making her look bad .

  34. 34

    I can't wait until Gaga falls off the face of the earth so I don't have to hear about him every day.

  35. 35

    they both suck ass anyway

  36. 36

    They are equally lacking in talent and are famous for no reason. please give it up with lady gaga already.

  37. 37

    why are you so mean to miley?!

  38. 38

    This is the kind of smack you puke out, you ugly fat fuck -that gets your flat, flabby ass beat.

  39. 39

    Gaga prolly couldn't see Miley due to her enormous schnoz blocking her view. Poor plain, fugly-assed Lady GaGa :(

  40. Genn says – reply to this


    lmfao i agree, didnt she says he didnt like pop music? xD

  41. 41

    wow perez, i hope gaga comes out saying how much of a pleasure it was to meet Miley, then you would really look like the D-bag that you are homo

  42. 42

    Lady Gaga is no the 8 new wonder.
    Stop it!! she is not God!

  43. Genn says – reply to this


    Aw perez, that remark at the end was mean. Gaga always likes meeting her fans.
    But what in the world was Miley doing performing for the queen? o.0

  44. 44

    whether you like miley or not ( not sure if i do ) she has been more sucessful then gaga so far. so shut up. The Teen Queen meets a weird avarage pop star.

    honestly theese to at the royle variety show? i bet her madgesty hasnt been imformed yet

  45. 45

    She's still a teenager..she's allowed to be star-struck, or at least pretend to be

  46. 46

    Wrong. If you know gaga so well, you would know that shes not a bitch. She actually likes meeting people, and shes nice to them.

  47. Imy says – reply to this


    I have to say, that's exactly what I would do x3 I hope Gaga was nice enough to be friendly, I bet she was. I mean, I don't like Miley that much at all but I wouldn't be bitchy if I met her. Etiquette Perez!

  48. 48

    So now, not only are you and Gaga using each other (mostly you using her) but now you are SPEAKING for her??? Because the people you like, must rip on the kids you rip on?

  49. 49

    i met gaga too and got to talk to her for a while.
    i guess thats more than u got

  50. 50

    A pair of untalented,unfortunate looking, famewhores meeting each other…
    Slow news day,piggy?

  51. 51

    Oh, forgot to mention - pick anyone of Miley's albums - they've outsold Gaga by far and Miley is probably worth 10 times more, with 10 times more fans - even if they are tweens and teens mostly.

  52. 52

    Perez, why you gotta be so MEAN?!

  53. 53

    What is it with you Perez. Gaga is just a faze and her time in the lime light will soon fade. In 2 years you'll say GAGA who? Miley on the other hand will be cranking out the tunes for years to come.

  54. 54

    Meow Perez…. How sophmorish.

  55. 55

    I thought she didnt listen to pop music… hmm….

  56. 56

    I feel very sorry for Miley to meet such a nasty hole.

  57. 57

    I love Gaga but I love Miley more, they would make an EPIC duet!!

  58. 58

    i love gaga, but mileys paid and been in the game longer. So they should pay respect to one another.

  59. 59

    they are both controlled anyways by evil forces….:(

  60. 60

    Stop being such a c unt perez…

  61. 61

    I like how Perez is trying to create DRAMA between GAGA and MILEY. I thought Perez was friends with GAGA, or does GAGA just let him tag on for the PR.

  62. 62

    And way to make it loook like Gaga is a suck up bitch that thinks she is better that everyone.

    you do anything to bash miley, even turn your "friend" into a bitch

  63. 63

    Perez why would you target a 17 year old like this? It is so rude, and disgusting that you would stoop to this level. Although i do believe it has something to do with jealousy.

  64. 64

    who cares about meeting Gaga, shes a famewhore anyway

  65. 65

    To be honest Perez… this post makes me want to stop listening to Lady GaGa, thanks Perez you just cost her a fan.

  66. 66

    miley looks so pretty in this picture.
    i want lady gaga to switch up her hollywood name, it's annoying. go by your real name damnit

  67. 67

    Does she realize that Gaga is a real person??

  68. 68

    if you think that lady caca is "amazingly talented" mario, then you have no idea what talent is. no wonder your 'musical discoveries' went straight down the drain.

  69. 69

    I thought she said she hated pop? Lady Gaga pretty much is the definition of what pop is. Someone has been hitting the pot pile a little too much don't you think Miley?

  70. 70

    lucky bitch i wish i could meet queen gaga

  71. 71

    Aww thats just mean Perez!!! :(

  72. 72

    I hope gaga was like ew bye trash ahahahaha

  73. 73

    u r a bitch of a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. 74

    What ? Oh finally you met Gaga … make sure she doesnt spell Paparazzi as Paparatzzi … LOL

  75. 75

    Miley looks well pretty in her pic!Shes only 17 she can be excted and shes way a bgger star!!
    Lady gaga has lke 3 amazing songs but shes not that great yet so she shunt start being a diva just yet,she shud take tps from miley-what a man beast

  76. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I'm sure GaGa has heard of Miley ““` give me a break here. Ev1 knows Hanna Montana!!!!

  77. 77

    Sorry to burst your bubble, Miley, but that was just some random tranny. Maybe next time, though!

  78. 78

    Miley Cyrus generates a lot more cash flow than gag by miles

  79. 79

    did ya see waht tha cag female wore to be presented to the queen!!, she'd just do a G-string to visit the Pope , so offensive. As plastic as her manufacted
    music that she bought from someone and her rediculous Plastic outfits

  80. 80

    did ya see waht tha GAG female wore to be presented to the queen!!, she'd just do a G-string to visit the Pope , so offensive. As plastic as her manufacted
    music that she bought from someone and her rediculous Plastic outfits

  81. 81

    Miley was obviously being sarcastic. You just don't get it do you perez.

  82. 82

    why are you such a dick to people? do you get off by talking and gossiping about others? i guess so. you're sick.

  83. 83

    Re: Lullaby – proof read before you call somebody stupid

  84. 84

    your gossip news are so lame lately

  85. 85

    Perez, please stop harassing young women.

  86. 86

    you made it kinda sound like gaga is a bitch:( I mean you know her well……just would like to think that is humble but i guess she isn't . i mean i don't really care but i just wish there was some celebs that weren't sooooo fucking self important and i thought she wasn't like that!!! Sucks…..will still listen to her music though:)

  87. 87

    Perez why are u being so mean to Miley?i don't like Gaga that much,but i don't think she's a bitch,she was probably nice to Miley.
    And Miley has sold more than Gaga,so…shut up.

  88. 88

    Perez, honestly you act as if lady gaga is some kind of goddess! shes only been famous for just over a year, mileys been in the headlines a lot longer even if she is just 17

  89. 89

    Re: PrinceD – DAMN u sexy

  90. 90

    Why are you speaking for Gaga

  91. 91

    You had to put such a downer of things don't you.
    Let the poor girl be.
    How do you know Gaga didn't want to meet her?
    Gaga is not God FYI.
    Mileys worth 100x more than her.

  92. 92

    fucking seriously…

    i enjoy lady gaga's music but you shooving her down my fucking throat is getting FUCKING OLD LIKE SHE WILL BECAUSE YOU WON'T STOP LICKING HER ASS!!!

    AND MILEY COULD BUY YOU AND GAGA BITCH! idk why you are so obsessed with bashing a 17 year old GROW THE FUCK UP!!! is this some sort of high school resentment that you have to take it out on teen agers you stupid fuck?

  93. 93


  94. 94

    why wouldn't lady gaga love a FAN no matter who it is. I thought that she didn't discriminate

  95. 95

    Catch 22: I think Miley is fucking hot (but she is only 16 i think and her dad is a fuckwit). I also think Lady Gaga is fucking hot (but she is a girly boy and her dad is also a fuckwit). haha I like marshmallow's comment about them both sucking. Miley's blog on her fan website is so fake! who could like lady gaga that much? shes a weird bitch! Miley's song party in the usa is such a call for war with the middle east (which i dont respect). the only reason she wants to party is because she promotes underage drinking and pole dancing. when the american troops capture and contain osama bin laden he will request his last phone call to be made to Miley Cyrus in which he will ask her to sing her dad's number 1 hit 'achy breaky heart' over the phone. she will decline because she doesn't the song (lol) and osama will threaten the USA with further terrorist attacks planned for september 11 2011, exactly 10 years after the first attack on Manhatten. this happened in my dream after a huge night on the piss, thats my 2 cents worth ~ outty

  96. 96

    missing word in my reply above 'know**'

  97. 97

    Cute! I think it's nice she doesn't sit around listening to her own music all day. You know you've hit the big time when your peers give you props. Women especially- we can be vicious to each other!

  98. kaylo says – reply to this


    Gaga must always be like that with you also since you're always praising her to no end. What Miley just did was what you always do on your site SO I don't know why you're criticizing her. "Hi… Mario is it? Oh Perez?"

  99. 99

    lady gaga has a better voice, but i prefer miley over lady caca.

  100. 100

    oh dear lord the girl acts like shes 12

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