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Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods Drink!

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We wonder if the other companies will follow suit?

PepsiCo Inc. is dropping their Gatorade drink named after Tiger Woods but they are claiming that this has been the plan for months and their decision is not connected to his recent "transgressions."


Gatorade Tiger Focus is being discontinued to "make room for our planned series of innovative products in 2010" Gatorade spokeswoman Jennifer Schmit explained.

We're not buying it!

Is Nike next?

[Image via AP Images.]

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25 comments to “Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods Drink!”

  1. 1

    innovative products? glow in the dark gatorade?

  2. 2

    Nike loves controversy so probably not….TIGER IS A DOUCHEEEE!!!!! its highly entertaining!!!!! i am so amused it really brightens my day at work when i get to read about all this!!!

  3. 3

    If this report is correct, then this is some good shiz! Lol

  4. 4

    Now that all of his 'Whores' are coming out of the wood-work, methinks quite a few sponsors will be dropping the two-faced adulterer…Just say'n. Team Elin ! Svenska Flikas rule !

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Actually, I work at a gas station and it HAS been in the works for a while, the Gatorade Rep in my area came in awhile ago and took down all the Tiger Gatorade stuff and we aren't allowed to order any more to make way for the new stuff… which has Michael Jordan's image on it instead.

  7. 7

    and I'm not a fan of Tiger or golf so i'm not making this up to make him look good or anything just so you all know.

  8. 8

    if he starts dropping endorsements, then they would have to drop EVERY other professional athlete that has ever had an affair. Hmm… Tiger, Michael, Charles B., Shaq, Koby etc. Otherwise you would have a total double standard. Which of course there IS in sports, but you would never want the public to find out. Stupid. He won't lose any major ones like Nike. He's their bread and butter too.

  9. 9

    tiger's wood is getting him into all kinds of trouble!


  10. 10

    Best news I've heard all day! I hope the rest of whoever was dumb enough to hire him in the first place drops his ass!

  11. ap076 says – reply to this


    The link to the source of the story is pay only. The cable news story I saw today seemed to take seriously the company's assertions that this change in marketing was in the offing before Tiger's bimbo explosions. Who knows?
    I am sure others will drop Woods as is their right to do.

  12. 12

    Actually Gatorade is not lying. A friend of mine works for Gatorade in marketing and she said that they are scaling their product back to just the original and G2 varieties. She said the consumers didn't really "get" the difference between all the other brands like Tiger, Fierce, Shine On, etc. and they didn't sell well. They are going to just make the original Gatorade in more flavors.

  13. 13

    GATORADE … The drink of Adulterers !

  14. 14

    At first I thought it was a bit extreme to pull his sponsorships just for an affair, but now that everything has come out, he's a pig! Take his money away from him!

  15. 15

    It's the truth. The product was not selling and had been removed from stores down here in Miami several weeks ago.

  16. 16

    i dont know if this is important, but the tiger gatorade drink was on sale last week at cvs. it went on sale before the whole thing with tiger exploded.

  17. 6one9 says – reply to this


    YEAH “`RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again!!!!!!! KARMA baby!! Hope he gets fried!!

  18. 18

    Re: ChrisKC – WHAT!?!Gatorade is gonna drop "Fierce"-those Motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 19

    There will be others. Tiger no longer represents the image companies look for

  20. 20

    his drink really has been on the way out for months… i work for a retailer that carries it and we've had three cases of it since summer. it's not very delicious…

  21. 21

    hope he comes out of this smelling like a rose and then those companies will be fucked also. the backlash would be funny. GO TIGER !!!!!

  22. 22

    Are you surprised?

  23. 23

    If the whole idea behind Gatorade is to give you energy, shouldn't Gatorade be celebrating Tiger? I mean any guy who can take on ten nimphos…

  24. 24

    Perez, how many guys have you boned in the last month? Just curious how the pot is calling the kettle black. Just want to keep in it perspective for your loyal readers.

  25. 25

    The decision was published two days before the accident happened.