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Mickey Rourke Getting Married!

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Maybe third time's a charm!

According to the New York Post, Mickey Rourke will wed girlfriend Elena Kuletskaya in Moscow this April.

The pair have only been dating a couple months, but the actor reportedly popped the question over dinner last week.

"They haven't booked a venue or made any solid plans. He just knows he wants to do it in April, and he's been asking what is involved in a traditional Russian wedding ceremony," said a friend of Mickey.

He's working pretty hard to impress!

Rourke is studying Russian to learn Elena's native tongue and was spotted giving his future mother-in-law the star treatment at The Bank at Wonderland in El Lay.

The two even went shopping to replace Rourke's dog, Loki, who died before the Oscars!

Congrats, kids!

[Image via WENN.]

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52 comments to “Mickey Rourke Getting Married!”

  1. 1

    Don't shop for animals you moron - adopt them!!!

  2. 2

    YEAH for Russian brides. LMAO !!

  3. 3

    hmmmmm, mail-order ing the foreigners r we ?? lol he isn't to handsome here….we all know the nasty plastic surgery mess !! Guess he had to go to Russia to find someone who does'nt know who he is, well….. do we anymore ?? LOL !!

  4. 4

    how sad can it get

  5. 5

    how lovely, he's got himself a money-grubbing russian whore just like mel gibson. these old men are pathetic and disgusting.

  6. 6

    I wonder, since he probably has money now, why he doesn't seek a good plastic surgeon to reconstruct his face. I would.

  7. 7

    Well, she is very pretty but I really wonder if she will be around once his movies die off again. Mickey has some serious issues with himself and I'm not sure this is the best way to handle his life. But more power to him since its his life.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    Ewww…he's look so dirty ….just disgusting!

    The girl must be blind!

  10. 10

    cha ching!

  11. Swami says – reply to this


    Mikey Rouke = Beauty Destroyed.

    What a shame.

  12. ap076 says – reply to this


    Whats involved in a Russian wedding ceremony, off the top of my head, VODKA.

  13. 13

    When I lived on South Beach you would see him everywhere…ALONE

  14. 14

    Lets see if that shit eatin grin is on his face in 2 years…

  15. 15

    They look good together. Best wishes!
    If they procreate, hope those cheek bones get passed on. As rough as he looks these days, he didn't always look like that and I bet they would make good looking kids.

  16. 16

    Yelena Kuletskaya is famous for being the former fiance of GAY GAY GAY singer Dima Bilan!!!! I am shocked to hear that she is engaged to Rourke. I always thought Lena is a cold bitch and hungry for attention… because she kept that fake romance with Bilan for years!!!

  17. 17

    I accidently hit enter. Anyways I lived on South Beach and you would see him everywere alone. Riding his motorcycle alone. Getting drunk at some bar alone. Or he would be with those little dogs. Sad life. I guess. Now that he's back on these women come with their vagina's all eager for the loot. I give it till May. He always seemed a bit odd.

  18. k-lee says – reply to this


    How the eff did this creature score a hottie like her? I don't understand!!!!

  19. chlyn says – reply to this


    What a bad idea. April in Moscow is not like April in the U.S. He'll carry over the threshold through melting snow.

  20. 20

    EWWW! The only way he could get a decent looking woman was to go the mail order route. He and his clubbed finger nails are revolting.

  21. fiera says – reply to this


    Gold digging Russian bride… yes, third time is a charm….

  22. 22


    Goddamn Rourke's one ugly muthafucker! Whatta fuckin' gizmo!


  23. 23

    I wish him all the best.

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Good for him.
    Looks like he got a plastic surgery do-over. Not better, just different.

  26. 26

    Wait, what? An old, ugly actor nabs a young, hot chick? Weird.

  27. 6one9 says – reply to this


    She's HOT ““““““““ He SOOOOOOOOO NOT!!!!!! WTF does she see in him?? Not his $$$$$$$$ I hope!! I'd PASS!!

  28. 28

    Mickey's a tortured Soul. You can tell that his life as it's been pains him. It endeared him to me because I was never a big fan. I'm glad he was able to find someone to love and who, I hope, will love him back, too. Hopefully, this is a start in the Right direction to set him straight, heal him and keep him soaked in love Always. God Bless you and your union, Mickey. I'm praying for you and everyone like you:).

  29. 29

    Oh well this takes the cake! He looks like an over-the-hill wet tranny Oompah Loompah..you have got to be kidding me…she must have failing sight….He should definitely wait before he marries her….spend is money on a plastic surgery mulligan and then let her have his baby, leave him and take what's left!

  30. 30

    a. this girl's taking him for a gold-digging ride
    b. he will never learn russian, since russians cant even speak it properly

  31. 31

    c. he is pretty famous in russia

  32. 32

    Re: ap076 – u forgot herring. but yea plenty of vodka goes around between the bride and groom, the priest and the party goers.

  33. 33

    they would have nice looking kids. he was once a gorgeous man in his day, I dont know what happen though.

  34. 34

    Women who work had with their legs just for the money are just shame!

  35. 35

    that girl looks really blank, almost as if there is nothing going on behind her eyes only what she is programmed to be….sadly

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    Mickey should try learning Russian with Rosetta Stone. At least then he'll be able to swear mightily in Russian when or if he ends up whipped and broke. When the right hand is into the Vodka make sure to know what the left hand is doing in the pocketbook.

  37. 37

    Just another Russian slut (no offense to Russian non-sluts) I mean, come on: she=pretty, he=pretty messed up. Oh well, na zdorovye!

  38. 38

    I was mesmerized by him in 9 1/2 weeks. I don't know why, but I still find him to be attractive, even after all those plastics surgeries. I feel bad for him, you can tell he's a lonely guy. I feel bad saying this, but you can tell his girlfriend probably doesn't give a crap about him. For his sake I hope she's a good woman, but I doubt it.

  39. 39

    Hmmm Mel Gibson, Ronnie Wood and now Mickey Rourke….
    Middle aged celebs are suckers for the Russian [s]golddiggers[/s] girls aren't they?

  40. 40

    Is she blind?

  41. 41

    it's so funny that Evan Rachel Wood swore up and down she wasn't with him like it was embarrassing, and then he got with someone 10x more beautiful

  42. 42

    She will be good for Mickey as long as Mickey is good for her. My hopes and prayers go out to them.

    I hope this doesn't blow up in his face and her Russian brothers come to pay him a visit.

    Payback will be a bitch.

  43. half says – reply to this


    how much makeup is he wearing in that pic?

  44. 44

    I looooove Mickey Rourke, I fucking love him!!!! Wish he'd marry me instead!!!

  45. 45

    Can you say "mail order"? So obvious. But good for him, he's a great actor.

  46. 46

    wtf? he had a gf? i thought he only had his dogs. and how the fuck does this ugly mofo get a fuckin hot ass russian beoych like this? wtf? there is no GOD

  47. 47

    She must want to get to America really fast and get a green card. She will dump him when he is broke again of course.

  48. 48

    That's nice Perezzie but do I care? Hell no!

  49. 49

    Don't do it, these russian chicks are crazy with a Capital C!
    Sit back and watch Mel Gibson! Take notes!

  50. 50

    wow shes HOT

  51. 51

    gold diggin bitch.

  52. 52

    Dang that is a very pretty woman. Goes to show you money can buy you a Russian wife. Even if you are a Troll.