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Bridget Releases A Kinda Katty Statement!

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Did she have to say anything?

Actress and Tom Brady's ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan released a statement about her baby daddy's NEW baby with Gisele Bundchen:

"I wish [Tom and Gisele] the best with their baby. I'm sure my son will enjoy having a half sibling. I ask the press to respect our privacy while we are welcoming this new addition to our extended family."

Half sibling?

Extended family?


[Image via Nikki Nelson / WENN.]

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158 comments to “Bridget Releases A Kinda Katty Statement!”

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  1. 101

    All Bridget had to say was, "I wish Tom and Gisele the best, John is very excited about his new baby brother" and leave it at that. Instead, she had to prattle on about "half siblings" and her extended family. The best catty remarks are the ones that could easily fly right over your head, and this is one of those.

  2. 102

    What a LADY! She's super nice! I don't think I would have been!

  3. 103

    I love Bridget Moynahan. After her, Brady started to come undone. She's classy. Bless her

  4. 104

    Re: ladykiller714 – right on

  5. 105

    Ugh, she sounded very welcoming and positive

  6. 106

    "I wish [Tom and Gisele] the best with their baby. I'm sure my son will enjoy having a half sibling. I ask the press to respect our privacy while we are welcoming this new addition to our extended family."
    TRANSLATION: " I wish them good luck–they're gonna need it. It's all about my kid, he came first. I ask the press: DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME AT THIS TIME!!!"

  7. 107

    Nothing wrong at all with what she said. You can't possibly read anything bad into her statement.

  8. 108

    Re: hader99 – That's exactly what I read.

  9. 109

    Thats not catty…thats sweet that she called someone elses child exteneded family because in reality, she has no relation with it what so ever. I actually think the statements sweet.

  10. 110

    I do not believe that is catty…are you just trying to stir up trouble?lol

  11. 111

    how is that catty? she seemed like she was being sincere and i give her credit for the way shes handled this.

  12. 112

    What a f*cking bitch.
    He is a sibling, not a half sibling.
    I hope she never gets a job again.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    It doesn't sound catty at all. Again, with the reaching for drama.

  15. 115

    seems like you are seeing something I don't see. just sounds accurate not catty. you trying to make something outta nothing.

  16. 116

    How in God's world is this catty? She most likely had to make a statement because she was probably being mobbed by "reporters." Nothing she said was false or unkind. Perez, you don't ALWAYS have to pick on people you hate and shove your head up the arse of people you love. Everyone's on to you now, anyway. We don't come to this site because we love you; it's more like trying not to look at a trainwreck that has all the juicy gossip. Everyone knows you're just a sycophant.

  17. 117

    Uhm. They have the same father not the same mother. It is a fucking half sibling you idiot. And extended family is what it is because shes not blood related to either gisele or the child. She could have not said anything at all. She's trying to be gracious. Geez. I guess you wouldn't realize that since its something you obviously lack knowledge of

  18. 118

    How is that catty?
    It actually sounds rather gracious.

  19. 119

    Re: Kdel
    "Perez…You are an IDIOT! You gays love creating drama where there is none."-
    Yes, Perez is an idiot, but he does not represent 'you gays'.

  20. 120

    Not catty at all

  21. 121

    She was saying the facts… They ARE half siblings. I think she is taking the moral high road by wishing them the best. This whole situation must be difficult for her.

  22. Moron says – reply to this


    Re: MyOpinionOnly – You are totally wrong,Gisele's words were taken out of context and anybody with half a brain understood that she meant to say she loved the boy as if he were her own.This is a misjudgement typical of people who do not speak a foreign language and have no idea that their words may sometimes get lost in translation.

  23. 123

    She's jealous this baby has superior DNA to hers. A physically superior boy.

  24. 124

    Re: kendall – Ha! Please. Gisele looks like Tom's transsexual twin brother. Don't believe the hype the media and the magazines feed you. Gisele is ugly.

    That kid will not be attractive…not like John, anyway.

  25. 125

    Considering their past, I think it was a kind thing to say. I don't get the joke peretzel.

  26. 126

    You must be reading a different statement than me, Perez. Where was there anything catty in that statement? All I read was her well-wishes towards Giselle and Tom. Why try to make drama out of a perfectly polite statement?

  27. 127

    This is a fine reminder that Miss Moynahan will not "feel" or "claim" this new baby as her own. She is merely distancing herself from this new situation. So, her son as a new half brother and she doesn´t relate to the baby at all. Good for her. Si la Bundchen se adjudicó como propio al hijo del Miss Moynahan, ella no tiene por qué hacer lo mismo. Y basta.

  28. 128

    pretty polite considering the circumstances. hopefully she finds a more intelligent man in the future. brady is pathetic

  29. 129

    a "supermodel" popped out a kid…what else is new?

  30. 130

    theres nothin wrong with the statement but shes still hung up over the whole thing.. cmon when ur babi daddy leaves u for a super model when ur preg it stings forever

  31. 131

    Good grief…that was a very gracious statement considering the circumstances.

    Wjat was she supposed to say? Pull a Giselle and state her love for the new child as if he is her own? "I would like to welcome OUR new son and Jon's new brother into the world. I would like to welcome him to MY family." ?!?

    No story here.

  32. 132

    of course she should comment….idiot. she has class, and is a celebrity, 2 things you know little about….dingbat

  33. 133

    what is "meow" about that statement? she seems classy to me.

  34. 134

    I don't get it? What's so bad about that? Calling the new kid a sibling would be wrong.

  35. 135

    It's katty Perezzie. Why is she blessing them? He dumped her when she was expecting HIS baby so it's a katty remark alright.

  36. 136

    You go Bridget! Perez stop trying to look for what is not there……but then you wouldnt understand, as you have never been there…or ever will!

  37. 137

    Well, he IS his half-sibling though I suspect they'll have a normal brotherly relationship no matter the parents' relationship. She also wished them well and asked for privacy. I don't view that as catty at all. In fact, that was downright classy on her part. So, taking a cue from her, I wish ALL of them well for not turning this into more ugly drama. There is a new life to celebrate; there is no need for anything but well wishes!

  38. 138

    There's nothing catty about being politically correct you half-wit. Stop trying to make something out of NOTHING.

  39. 139

    Go Bridget!

  40. 140

    Bridget can't stand the attention the new baby's getting! She's mad she wasn't smart enough to become Mrs. Tom Brady before she had his kid and she's mad that the baby wasn't enough to trap him and make him come back to her. She needs to stop doing press releases and focus on finding WORK so she doesn't have to worry about the child support running out.

  41. 141

    I thought her comment was nice.

  42. 142

    I think that it is very ncie of her to say this..they are half siblings!!!!

  43. 143

    Re: CarolynAnn – Right on CarolynAnn! You sound like a lovely woman!

  44. 144

    NOTHING catty one single bit!!! Don't make a mountaint out of… NOTHING.

  45. 145

    Stop Perez!!! Bridget has been nothing but a lady..even after Gisele's stupid remark that she felt Bridget/Tom's son was like her own…. Bridget has always taken the high road.

  46. 146

    Perez are you losing it? That isn't catty at all. You are making up news and gossip now, can we say DESPERATE MUCH?

  47. F18 says – reply to this


    what a bitch!!! STFU if you gotta talk trash!

  48. 148

    He is a half sibling. It is an extended family, her son will be at their house so she would care what's happening with her extended family.

  49. 149

    Re: CarolynAnn – I agree with you. When that happened I remember thinking that if, god forbid, anything ever happened to me or between me and my husband, I would want someone to love my child 'like she was her own.' Doesn't mean they would try and replace me, just LOVE the child. That's how it should be!!

  50. 150

    Sounds a bit miffed…..class up Bridget!!!

  51. 151

    he's a brother…not a half sibling…very demeaning….

  52. 152

    WELL HELL, do you want POLITICALLY CORRECT or not? You can't have it both ways. I for one refuse to be PC.

    I like both women and think tom bratty is a CAD. HA HA GO SAINTS.

  53. 153

    Agree with you njlou

  54. 154

    Oh yeah! It's about to be a… CATFIGHT!

  55. 155

    Uh…no cattiness there!

  56. 156

    I bet Gisele pushes Bridget's son to the side now that she has her own kid with Tom.

  57. 157

    Nothing wrong with what she said. It's clear you just say these things to rile people so that they'll click again to respond. So, this is my last time responding. I really don't want to contirbute to your bank account.

  58. 158

    You just suck now. This proves it. I purposely don't come here anymore because you covet your page counts, so I don't want to contribute. The baby has a half brother. It's not a bad thing, but I don't think anyone can convince you to be a decent person on any front.

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