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The Donald Is Team Tiger!

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We could have figured that out since he's had some of his own infidelity go public, but we're surprised he's so openly admitting it!

Donald Trump
thinks that Tiger Woods is "going to be hotter than ever before" because of his recent cheating sandal! The business tycoon says:

"Tiger's a great athlete…one of the greatest athletes in the world. He's had a very interesting and traumatic couple of weeks [but] he's a wonderful guy.

I think what's important for Tiger right now [is to] get back on the course and start winning tournaments, and he'll do that. He's just the best golfer. He's a really talented person and he's a really good person."

While he agrees that his endorsements may be affected "a little bit", The Donald compares Tiger's "transgressions" to Kobe Bryant's cheating scandal saying that "No one remembers the Kobe incident. Kobe went out and won a championship. He's a spectacular guy and a spectacular player."

We didn't forget about Kobe, but Tiger's is a little more…memorable, don't you think?

Multiple women, e-mails, text messages, Ambien sex and possible cock pics?!

We believe that the public won't soon forget this, but Trump seems to think that "he's going to be just fine…mark my words."

What do U think?

[Image via Joseph Marzullo / WENN.]

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73 comments to “The Donald Is Team Tiger!”

  1. cdv says – reply to this


    I think the Donald knows a bit more than you Mario.

  2. 2

    you're right perez…tigers cheating is so much more memorable than kobes RAPE CHARGE…tiger didn't break any laws…only hearts…

  3. 3

    Fucking wooly eyebrowed, orange, retarded, shrivel dick old fart— a "good person" doesn't shatter his family like that.

  4. 4

    Uh, Donald, EVERYONE remembers Kobe's cheating.
    And yours.
    You can't wish these indiscretions away.

  5. 5

    Of course he would! They're both womanizers. I'm sure both put together equals a section of a stadium.

  6. 6

    Um, I remember the "Kobe incident". Also, we're evidently judging good people against a whole new set of standards than what I've been accustomed to.

  7. 7

    He's so obviously NOT a good guy. He's a dog.

  8. 8

    Aha Donald, wait til you reada bout Tiger "cubs" as a result of his escapades.!!!

  9. 9

    He would. SSLLAAGG!!!

  10. 10

    Tigers Woods should kill himself.

  11. 11

    Umm no we haven't forgotten about Kobe's scandal…remember he was accused of rape. That's far worst than what's going on with Tiger thus far. Right now any broke down, busted chick is coming out of the woodwork claiming they too got with Tiger. Not all are confirmed but it's being assumed to be true…you hardly hear anyone in the media say "allegedly" anymore. I'm over it already…eagerly anticipating the next "scandal".

  12. 12

    This goes to show you that Trump is not necessarily a bright man (which is not a surprise to most people who listen to him speak). There is a huge difference between Kobe and Tiger…Kobe had one transgression (which may have been rape, by the way). Tiger has has multiple transgressions…and the numbers will continue to rise. In addition, texts, e-mails and voicemails were recorded with Tiger..and they will continue to be released. Tiger's story will last much longer, as all of these women will continue to tell their stories. Do I think this should affect how Tiger is treated as a golfer? Absolutely NOT! Do I think he should keep his big endorsements? Absolutely NOT! Porn stars? Drugs? Dozens of affairs? Thought Tiger was smarter than that…

  13. 13

    Puh-lease drama queen - we forgot about the Prez getting a blowie in the white house by an intern…. we can forget about Tiger. We forgot about Magic admitting to six women a night. Every pro athlete I know does this exact thing. It's only news for gossip - and for those that actually believe in the images sold to us.

  14. 14

    Donald Trump is a pig. In my eyes, a "wonderful guy" does not cheat on his wife with multiple women with a wife and young children at home. It is men like these two who should not be allowed to marry or reproduce, ever!

  15. 15

    He's right. If Tiger can still perform as an athlete, he will be remembered for that in the long run.

    Michael Vick got a second chance - now that I'll never understand.

  16. 16

    Donald would think this is ok because he is a cheating sleezebag asshole himself. I would not listen to a word coming from that scumbag's mouth. And I would like to ask him "How would you feel, Asshole, if your daughter's husband was doing this to her"?

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Everytime I think I can't hate Donald anymore, he opens his mouth and speaks and the hate gets stronger. He needs to keep his mouth shut since he is not the poster boy for a successful relationship at all. I'm surprised he hasn't traded Melania in for a younger model yet. He's been with her long enough now I'm sure he's probably bored with her like all his other many women in his life. STFU Trump.

  19. chlyn says – reply to this


    Tiger's young family has crashed into oblivion - but hey, who cares, he's going to get right back on track with the golf, according to Trumpie. Priorities, people! /rolls eyes/

  20. 20

    Who cares what Trump think sure he would say Tiger is wonderful Trump is a cheater to so he can't say he hes a jerk because he would be calling himself one too Which he is!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    Re: Arturo – What the f are you talking about??? NO ONE forgot ANY of those incidents and all players payed a prety steep price at the time. Clinton STILL gets Monica references, Magic got AIDS from his indiscretions and Kobe is still remembered for that as well. Pulease yourself drama queen! Just because someone is a fucking athlete does not give them them right to drop their morals and us to fucking continue to support them! Screw Tiger! He may be a good golfer…but he's going to be remember as the biggest loser in sports!

  22. 22

    Fuck you, you dirtbag! You look like an Oompa Loompa with a dead animal on his head for starters and yet you have some massive ego as if a woman would be interested in you for anything but your money. You wish!

    For the record, I NEVER forget any ugly scandal involving ANY public figure. Any negative publicity definitely affects my opinion of that person and I LOATHE cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recall reading about Hairpiece Trump's own scandals and mistresses over the years and it is the main reason I think he is a massive asshole. I always remember all the cheaters. I don't buy anything associated with them, nor watch any programs, movies, shows, whatever in which they appear. It's not the just the men either. I hate home-wreckers too and don't buy their products or watch their films either.

  23. 23

    From one great big whoremonger to another! Trump gives good advice when he advises Tiger to get playing golf - the perfect distraction from his current self-induced HELL!

    But Tiger being a "good guy" - PUKE. Trump's always been a male chauvinist pig though.

  24. 24

    The Donald should know. But, I will not forget how he did Ivana while on vacation.

  25. 25

    kobe a spectacular guy lol = phail

  26. 26

    A "good guy" does not cheat on his faithful wife and mother of his children, with several women, WITHOUT A CONDOM (!), to bring home DISEASES to HER. SCUM OF THE EARTH! SCABIES CITY!

  27. 27

    Hey, maybe Trump's Tiger's 12th???? Just sayin…

  28. 28

    Nobody would even look at Donald Trump if he wasn't loaded with money. BTW in this picture he looks orange lmfao. Dirty old motherfucker!

  29. 29

    Well he's fine being all the money he's made; he is set. Doesn't change him being a shit pile of a human being. I guess in his eyes tig could be wiith a minor and that's just fine too since he's the best at golf. We don't care what this shaggy ol mole of an antique thinks. I'm sure he applies the same for himself. Like slime, as slime!

  30. 30

    Ew, we have not forgot about Kobe.

  31. 31

    Kobe and Vick are far worse than Tiger.

  32. 32

    A good person? You mean, like Donald Trump is a "good" person? Kobe was accused of rape. Tiger is an amoral, adulterer (and a thumping bore). Neither qualify as good in my book. But I guess by Donald Trump (a.k.a. Mr. Windbag, womanizer, adulterer, bully, media whore) standards — perhaps…

  33. 33

    what a stunner

  34. 34

    I think Tiger should pull a David Duchovny and go to rehab for sex addiction.

  35. 35

    Team Tiger!

  36. 36

    Yeah, he'll be fine even if he never does another thing, but he'll have lost that diamond shine or zen virtue he had before. He'll be just another celeb athlete in the trashy crowd now - nothing special. Same old. There's so MANY of them.

  37. 37

    It's good to know that "The Dobald" holds such high esteem for his marriage vows.

  38. 38

    He may be a wonderful golfer, but he's not a wonderful guy. Wonderful guys don't go out looking to cheat on their wives and destroy their families. He's just another asshole who can hit a ball.

  39. 39

    Not exactly Team Tiger.. Just knows how to manipulate the media spotlight for profit.

  40. 40

    The scandal has men across the country thinking what a cool guy Tiger is because he (as my boyfriend put it) "fucks bitches and wins tournments."

  41. 41

    The job you have, the money you make, the industry you are in is NOT who you are as a person. A person is first and foremost how you treat the people you LOVE. You can only be a good person is you're good to those you love. You can be tremendous at any sport or any business, but, if you treat the people you love like crap you are NOT a good person. Good person has nothing to do with golf or how much money you make. It looks like Tiger spends about 24/7 sexting, hanging out partying or having sexual relations with everyone but his wife. He IS NOT the person people thought he was, that was his "brand" or his image. Pathological liars are sociopaths.

  42. fiera says – reply to this


    From one douche to another. He may be a great athlete, but that's it. Everything else about him sucks!!!

  43. 43

    Let's see what he would say if someone treated Ivanka the way Tiger's treated Elin.

  44. 44

    Look up "KLTA Perez" on you tube. You will find a fantastic video showing Mario being handed his balls in a bag… Good stuff!

  45. 45

    Maybe the Donald can get with the hiding Tiger and hook him up with his hairdresser who creates the orange sweep over for him. Cause Tiger gonna need something … to hide the bald head …. he's such a player.

  46. 46

    Who gives a SH*T what the Donald says? He probably has money invested in Tiger Enterprises, as all he protects are his investments…. And he is as big a perv for women as Tiger has turned out to be. So much for what a man who BUYS HIS WIVES has to say about cheating….. Ask Ivanna.

  47. 47

    How is Tiger Woods ever going to show his face again? He made a vow to foresake ALL OTHERS and he failed to do so over and over again. Why did he bother getting married for? Why did he have to drag his wife into this nightmare, not to mention thier two innocent little children who are now forced into a situation filled with anger and resentment. He is not a "wonderful" man, he is not even a man, he is an animal!

  48. 48

    Re: MyOpinionOnly – - U say we haven't forgotten about Clinton - he's only the most popular politician on planet earth you total moron. Magic got Aids and then told us about the women in his life, yet somehow is one of the most respected men in sports….and you think Kobe paid any price. He's the #1 selling sports jersey on planet earth. Just because you are naive and angry doesn't mean you can't be a realist. So what - a dude is having affairs. Just because you believed the "image" doesn't mean squat. He only promised the world he'd be a great golfer, not that he wouldn't cheat on his wife. Go spend time with any NBA team as they are on the road - they have women in every single city they visit.

  49. 49

    Yeah….Donald is someone that anyone should give a shit about. Too bad about tiger, he is now in the piece of shit club with Donald.

  50. Auj says – reply to this


    Donald is an ass. Must be that thing on his head has warped his brain.

  51. 51

    although i cannot deny he will probably go down as one of the greatest athletes of all time and deservedly so, how can Donald Trump call someone whose cheated on his wife(like 10 times!) "a really good person"?!?!? yeah, sounds like a real winner to me! donald you're a douche bag!

  52. 52

    gross…as if donald can make us think multiple cheating is hot

  53. 53

    Tiger might be a man whore, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that he is still the best in golf. As long as he can still do his job, I see no reason for this to impact his career.

  54. 54

    Sorry but Tiger Woods is a whore. A man whore but a whore none-the-less.
    Cheater, cheater….

  55. 55

    Re: bronxville – ME 2

  56. Moron says – reply to this


    Who gives a shit about what that fat bastard cheater says? And I didn't forget about that dog killer nor the rapist.I'd forgive Tiger before I would forgive any of those 2 monsters (which would be never).

  57. 57

    Really, you fucking old piece of shit???? A good person fucks 13 women without a condum while he's fucking MARRIED????? A "good person" does that???? I don't think so. Fucking moron. Donald Trump is hideous.

  58. @v@ says – reply to this


    No, every woman I know remembers 'the Kobe incident,' in spite of the fact that the Donald has minimized it mentally, because he got nabbed with Marla.

  59. @v@ says – reply to this


    'Wonderful guys' don't plough over their family, Donald. Skewed values.

  60. 60

    birds of a feather…just sayin…

  61. 61

    what an idiot- he can never keep his mouth shut. Tiger just keeps getting more and more disgusting. the most disgusting thing is Tiger is a fake ?he portrayed an image for only money. Why did he get married? Nothing wrong with being single

  62. 62

    Donald is just creepy and has no morals- like Tiger - just about the money. screw values and morals

  63. @v@ says – reply to this


    A marriage is a contract, where you promise to forsake all others. Even a businessman like Trump understands what not honoring your contract means.
    It usually means you end up in court, and paying a penalty.

  64. 64

    All that damn money and he can't pay someone to trim his eyebrows?

  65. 65

    maybe tiger got married because she was pregnant r something like that.poor guy

  66. 66

    Tiger might be "just fine"
    But, with unprotected sex, his pecker might fall off…..

  67. 67

    I think TW will need to lay low a lot longer than KB. He WILL comeback if he wins, but he will see a huge change in the perception of him by the public and his endorsers. It will take a LONG time to recover from this

  68. 68

    Trump is no better than Tiger and Kobe. He is a dog too.

  69. 69

    Ugghh I hate this guy. Hey fugly, old guy…how would you like it if your son-in-law did this to your daughter? I bet your wife has to take drugs just to look at you.

  70. 70

    Trump should stick to real estate. He also thought it a good idea to support Miss Opposite Marriage.

  71. 71

    Re: aaabbbccc – But the sanctity of marriage and the allied rights and responsibilites should remain the exclusive privilege of heterosexuals? Agree or disagee.
    Don't you dare try to sell the idea "A person is first and foremost how you treat the people you LOVE." while denying the ultimate declaration and demonstration of love to my tribe.

  72. 72

    He'll be "fine". His definition of "fine" will include moving to a new residence, losing his squeaky clean image, being a part time dad (probably already was) and financially a little lighter in his bank account. If you're going to play…ya gotta pay. He'll be payin' big time for a long time.

  73. 73

    From one adulterer to another. Of course this botoxed, face-lifted, bewigged, egotistical old windbag would support Tiger (and secretly applaud his taste in women, no doubt).

    And Donald, the public is not that stupid. They will NOT forget about Kobe Bryant's rape charge and they will NOT forget about Tiger's 14+ mistresses as well as Ivana, Marla Maples, and all those other women Melanie doesn't know about.