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Hispanic Of The Year!!!!

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Teresita is gonna be sooooo orgullosa!

Doing our mami proud, Perezito has just been named "Hispanic Of The Year" by Hispanic magazine!

Such an honor!


As the year comes to a close, we can safely say that 2009 has been the most eventful year of our life - and THE BEST!

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321 comments to “Hispanic Of The Year!!!!”

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  1. zooby says – reply to this


    *waits for the racist gay guy lady-gaga fan to comment* dey tuk or jebs!!! gay republicans - can you get any more self hating?

  2. 2


  3. Jaded says – reply to this


    I can't believe that they gave you Hispanic of the Year for being nasty, bitchy, and mean and perpetuating eating disorders in woman and children. Just goes to show that some Hispanics really need to straighten out their priorities.

    I mean have you ever done anything for anyone other than yourself?

  4. 4

    lookin good, perez

  5. 5

    That's awesome! Good for you! :D

  6. 6

    You looked better when you were fat and ugl;y as apposed to just ugly.

  7. 7

    you are the ugliest hispanic man, EVER

  8. 8

    you have a horrible looking face, chin, jaw, overbite

  9. 9

    Yey, I agree

  10. 10


  11. 11


  12. 12

    DOUCHE of the YEAR! That's what the headline should read!

  13. 13

    Watch Perez being called a "talentless dope" on TV! Someone got seriously owned!

    Search Perez Hilton KTLA on youtube

  14. 14

    CONGRATZ! love ya

  15. 15


  16. 16

    congrats i love you

  17. 17

    AS A Latino im disgusted they chose u MARIo. u are the Scum of the Latino cause . How shameful they chose u when there are soo many that actually do make us proud in place of being a hate filled person as yourself.

  18. 18

    That's so sad. Hispanic Magazine must've really been digging low. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP THE WORLD?! You don't deserve this honor.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    CONNGRAATS! perez

  21. Zuni says – reply to this


    Congrats, Perez!

  22. 22

    You're lucky the Taco Bell dog died.

  23. 23

    congrats, but woah receding hairline!

  24. 24


  25. 25

    My god you look ugly!

  26. 26


  27. 27

    This is the first time in my life I have ever been so ashamed to be Hispanic.

  28. 28

    whoa look @ that five head…you have no room to talk about anyone losing their hair or their weight, Gordito!

  29. 29

    Goes to show how low hispanic entertainment has fallen lately. I mean, a gossip blogger? Seriously?

  30. 30

    fuck you

  31. 31

    Congratz !! You look better with your hair darker. Keep it like that for awhile ;)

  32. 32

    I don't even know that magazine. I'm Hispanic and i don't think u deserve to be named hispanic of the year. There are a lot of Latin celebrities that have done much more and who are not as pathetic as you.

  33. 33

    are you kidding me? clearly that magazine celebrates biased, illiterate, wannabe diva, hate-mongerers, oh and look at that hairline !!!!!!!! HA!

  34. 34

    Did you use photoshop to create this?

  35. 35


  36. 36

    Gee, that isn't photoshopped TOO much…..

  37. L2JR says – reply to this


    It soooo sad that they had to choose YOU as a Hispanic of the year. I believe that they are better Hispanics out there, that are more intelligent and more talented. Well i guess you pay them for this.

  38. aldoh says – reply to this


    I guess he's the best we have to offer for the whole year. . . congratulations.

  39. 39

    Cute cover, too *muah*

  40. 40

    Seriously???? I too can take someone else's pictures draw dicks on them and talk shit about celebrities… make fun of fat people, skinny people, make fun of peoples missery..does that mean that I will be chosen as Hispanic of the year??? There are so many other people who would make this title proud. Perez tu eres simplemente un pedaso de mierda. You are a joke.

  41. 41

    Seriously? Just for spreading gossip and being mean to people? Gosh I hope there was another reason why you obtained this title.

  42. 42

    felicitaciones! eres todo un fenomeno, aunque a la gente le guste o no

  43. 43

    You changed your name from Mario to Perez Hilton. You don't even look Hispanic.
    How exactly did you get "Hispanic of the Year"? What the heck have you done to celebrate being Hispanic?!?!

  44. 44

    that is so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh so sad for the hispanic people!!!!

  45. Jeri says – reply to this


    Congrats to you!!! :-)

  46. 46

    Really? Wow. Congratulations, Prezzers. Umm, but surely there are others out there doing some 'world changing' things that deserve it.

  47. 47

    This is so depressing, a malicous, talentless individual is named "Hispanic of the year." I am Hispanic and am so ashamed to have you on the cover, douche bag!

  48. 48

    Re: L2JR – Maybe what he needs is to make publicity of his stupid and pathetic book by getting this kind of "titles"….

  49. 49


  50. 50

    it must have been slim pickings! their standards must not be very high if this phallus drawing, teenage girl hating, hypocrite is person of the year. i'd hate to see the rest of their community if this is the BEST

  51. 51


  52. 52

    Re: stargate121 – lolol

  53. 53

    what they dont have "I dig into other peoples life because i dont have one" magazine? jk

  54. 54

    I don't care what anyone says about Perez! Dude's a genius and he's fab to boot! As a Puerto Rican I'm glad you've received this honor! You obviously deserve it!! Much love, no hate!

  55. 55


    No need to be ashamed to be Latino!! I AM PROUD OF MY ETHNICITY, but this is a mistake.

    Perez, you only acknowledge your background when it's beneficial. I'm sad, disgusted and shocked at poor, poor decision. WOW.

  56. 56

    You look like Eddie Munster

  57. 57

    When will the media finally get it? People only read Perez because - to give credit where credit is due - the updates are pretty fast. That's it. We don't like him as a person. We don't like him as a writer. Sure, there are a couple sad, lonely people who have created a strange infatuation with him but that's it. Most of us, even those who come to the site, do it for the gossip, not the 'great' writing or to read his endless posts about self promotion. In a word, Perez: we all think you are a joke.

  58. 58

    I'm happy for you, Perez!! Love you and besos!!

  59. 59

    you're hispanic?

  60. 60

    good for you perez, from pagesixsixsix to hispanic of the year you've come a long way

  61. Laury says – reply to this


    What does it say about society when we give recognition to a man who makes a career out of humiliating and bullying people? If I were you I woudn't be so proud Perez.

  62. 62

    Sorry Perez… I am not sure if you really warrant this award! I guess they are running out Hispanics to give it to. It's a sign for us Hispanics to get out there and do something!!!!

  63. Cajo says – reply to this


    Hispanic of the Year what an embarassment to all Hispanics in the world , You are the person who less deserved that , you make people think that all hispanics are like you , to me the Hispanic of the year goes to all the womans and mens who work hard to put food at the table and send the kids to school not to a discusting bully human being like you who spends all your time criticizing everybody even 16 years old that to me is discusting . You are a true c.nt . Hope all Hispanics stop buying that magazine in protest of putting you on the cover

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Pretty sad that they gave you that title considering you couldn't even translate a Spanish news bulletin that came out about Jaclyn Smith's double being injured and reported incorrectly that it was Jaclyn Smith.

  66. 66

    i am hispanic and i'm HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY offended they'd award you with a cover on hispanic magazine naming you "hispanic of the year." you've made a career of talking shit about people who don't deserve it, outing closeted gays who haven't even publicly come out yet, bashing those gays who HAVEN'T outed themselves, being a hypocrite (let's not forget about michael jackson's death where you said that he "just had cold feet" when he went into cardiac arrest), you bash fellow hispanics (jessica alba) because they don't attain the same pride for their ethnicity you have, etc. i could go on. you are a terrible role model and your story is not at all inspiring. i could name TONS of hispanics around me who were in worse situations besides being overweight and gay that became very successful. I.E. my dad, who came from an extremely poor family of 6 kids with two mexican immigrant parents in the middle of the civil rights movement. his father was a drunk and abused my dad and his mother when she was even there (she worked her ass off to keep a roof over their heads). my father had no college education, but he was motivated and committed. my father is now one of the highest paid chauffeurs and also holds a job for one of the best teams in the NFL. HE deserves the title "hispanic of the year" more than you do. the only reason you were given that title was because you are highly publicized.

  67. 67

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! :-)

  68. 68

    YOU'RE who they chose to represent us? What the fuck?

  69. 69

    Re: stargate121 – Hahaha wow this is great!

  70. 70

    ¡Felicitaciones cariño! Estoy muy muy feliz para ti, Teddy y su madre. También me encanta su pelo. No entiendo por qué la gente escribe aquí a decir cosas malas. ¡Qué estúpido!

  71. 71

    Congratulations, Perez. I'm glad you had a great year.
    Now, spend 2010 setting-up a foundation for abandoned/neglected/abused animals, especially dogs.
    Do some major fundraising. Give time. Give money. GIVE BACK.
    And then I will be truly impressed.

  72. 72

    Oh puhleeeze! Perez, what a crock. You…Hispanic of the year? For doing what? I mean there are so, so many more Hispanic people deserving of such and award…but you? Give us a break. You had to have bribed of blackmailed someone.

    But alas… I smell another LIE of yours. I looked into this… sorry, but no where do I see them making you "Hispanic of the Year." Why do you lie Perez?

  73. 73

    Holy shit, Mario….you have the biggest noggin I've ever seen, except maybe for Rocky Dennis.

  74. 74

    dunno if you've heard of someone named Sonia Sotomayor?? You know, the first Latina Supreme Court Justice?? she's kind of a big deal and she's much more deserving of a title like the one you've somehow received. She graduated from Princeton and Yale Law and is the basic definition of a baller as well as an outstanding example of where hard work, perseverance and education can get you. she's what every latino/a should strive to be and is what we as a community need right now as too many of our kids are dropping out of high school or college. she's contributing to american life in a real way and will be remembered for it. will YOU be remembered? 50 years from now, will YOU be in a textbook?? don't think so.

    also, that magazine needs to be renamed. "Hispanic" is a term borne out of government offices and bureaucracy and wasn't self-imposed. we should identify ourselves by what WE call ourselves, not what the white man denoted us. that's why i am LATINA, not hispanic. and you should be too, since you claim to be proud of your heritage. get educated first.

  75. 75

    Re: xcalibur LOL

  76. 76

    u look ur tryin 2 hold in a poop…

  77. 77

    If I were Hispanic I would be so offended.

  78. 78

    Are they running out of candidates?

  79. chlyn says – reply to this


    Congratulations, Perez!

    I wonder why the people who dislike Perez so much spend so much time here?

  80. 80

    Wow I guess didnt have much to choose from.

  81. 81

    Re: Lady_Saccharine_Sweetness – that's the exact same thing that came to my mind when i first saw this.

  82. 82

    Re: Yellow Peeps
    Great idea !! He should start paying forward a bit. Cheers :)

  83. 83

    your hispanic??

  84. 84

    So it seems the Hispanic culture is in a rather sorry state in the U.S. If anything, Perez is making people hate on Hispanics. And this magazine is so late with all this anyway - the newest trend is to bash publicly on Perez, à la KTLA & The View.

  85. 85

    aiiiii papi loooking good!!!!!!!! wow perez u haaaaaaaaaaaaawttt baby!!!!!!!!! congrattts

  86. 86

    Re: MEDS336 – lol don't bother. perez can't speak, read, or write Spanish to any degree worth crediting.

  87. 87

    Millions love Perez…billions hate him!

  88. 88

    Wow, I predict that magazine will be getting a lot of angry letters! :D

  89. 89

    You are not worthy Mario. If I subscribed to this mag I would cancel it in a hurray.

  90. 90

    search ktla perez hilton on youtube. hahaha what a diva homo

  91. 91

    Re: starjm13 – I agree. the title speaks volumes of the magazines credibility. I think it's a good point that you brought up the issue of the term "Hispanic". A lot of people don't understand where it came from. I go by Latina as well. I wouldn't read this magazine and putting Perez on the cover to represent my culture is an embarrassment. Sonia Sotomayor is top notch and if this was a respectable magazine they would have picked her - or anyone other than Perez for that matter.

  92. 92

    Must be a MASSIVE drought on good hispanics cos mate, you are not up there!!
    I could puke but that'd be a waste of good vomit!!

  93. 93

    As much of us people hating on Perez, making comments such as ugly, fat, and disgusting to how he looks just goes to show that you who make those comments are just like Perez. Bashing people for no reason, If people hate Perez so much don't comment on his website, if people stop talking about Perez his popularity will go done.

  94. 94

    Perez looks awesome! It amazes me how ppl write such mean comments…if you don't like the guy then why come to his website and make him even richer?

  95. 95

    Oh God.. *rolls eyes and taps head in shame*

  96. 96

    Hey, there is something on your chin… no, your other chin!

  97. 97

    umm I guess….but why not Sonia Sotomayor?

  98. 98

    Congrats, Perez! You must be so proud. While I am not one to condone everything you say and do and post, I love your website and don't forget that even though people say really mean things they at least love to hate you and keep coming back!! :)

  99. 99

    How much did that Title cost you , Perez????? Because we all know there isn't a person in this world that would name you anyting of the year….other than idiot, lying, self-obsessed freak. How ashamed you have made me feel for being Hispanic.

  100. 100


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