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Teen Sluts Are Good For Business!

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Sorry Jersey Shore! Your gelled hair and fake tans are no match for the fighting power of knocked up, underage hicks and their stories of stupidity.

The new MTV spin-off show, Teen Mom, became the network's top new series of 2009!

The sequel to 16 and Pregnant drew in 2.1 million total viewers and a 2.2 rating in the network's target demographic (12-34) on its premiere showing last week.

People love to watch a trainwreck, especially when it carries around a baby in a stroller.

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110 comments to “Teen Sluts Are Good For Business!”

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  1. 1

    I like those type of shows (:
    They show how hard your life can be if you don protect yourself.

  2. 2

    Dude, I freaking love this show.

  3. 3

    Jersey still has them beat. LMFAO

  4. 4

    Only 2.1 million viewers?? This is how you know MTV has hit rock-bottom: when their top show is about white-trash whores who cant keep their legs closed.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Teen Sluts? Having sex doesn't make you a slut. Just because you are probably still a virgin, doesn't give you the right to judge others. Kids in high school have sex, known fact, and only sometimes they need to take responsibility for their actions unlike most other people.

  7. 7

    THose 16 and pregnant girls annoy the hell outta me. Ignorant bitches..
    I keep wanting to slap them everytime i watch that show, great for entertainment.

  8. 8

    if Mtv gave a shit about these girls they'd pay for them ALL to have abortions. children should NOT be having children.

  9. 9

    fuck you, perez. Once again you (and MTV too) show how retarded and blinkered you are by generalising about young mothers. We are not all like that, and it is demeaning to have a programme made which only displays the bad side of teenage motherhood. I am 18, married, and have a child, and I just happen to be at university as well, and my little family are very happy and secure. stop generalizing, you do this with every post you make.

  10. 10

    Be nice.

  11. DiDu says – reply to this


    They are not sluts. All are in, or were in, relationships at the time they became pregnant. Most are still with their original partner.

  12. 12

    they are sluts fatass. yes they made a mistake in life. alll of them had boyfriends at the time they got pregnant so stfu!

  13. 13

    People love to watch a trainwreck, especially when it carries around a baby in a stroller.
    not me, that's kind of sad, esp for the babies!

  14. 14

    jersey shore is still better.

    this teen slut show just proves that americans like to watch other people suffer

  15. 15

    MTV won't play music but they'll be sure to exploit and glorify teen pregnancy

  16. 16


  17. 17

    see perez dis is why u got socked in the face in the first place talkin ur shit. why do they gotta be sluts only cuz they got prego in a young age shit happens.

  18. 18

    Honestly, SOOO many teenagers have sex, these kids just happened to get caught.
    I watched the show, and some of the couples drove me fucking nuts, but it is interesting to see how the girls are handling their new and difficult situations. However, I would think that since most of the girls on this show are attractive and living relatively normal lives, this show could glamorize teenage pregnancy and encourage young girls to have babies… the hot girl on Mtv had one and she's doing just fine.
    Farrah is my favorite. I love that her BFFs are gay guys, she's super cute, and her mother is bat-shit crazy.

  19. 19

    i cant watch that show- those poor babies

  20. 20

    I like the show but I was so angry that Caitlyn and Tyler (the couple who gave their baby up for adoption) aren't using protection! How irresponsible can you be??? They keep harping on about how hard it was to give up the baby, but they aren't taking precautions to prevent themselves from having to go through it again! Such stupidity.

  21. 21

    Jersey Shore,is the best show on TV.The girls have real boobs,their hair is teased just right,they are so sexy while chewing gum,not too skinny and very intellegent,unlike thos Hollywood sluts.So take you pick "what would rather have a fake Hollywood slut or a real Jersy bimbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Attention Perez is just jealous!

  22. 22

    i love how you call these teen moms little sluts. considering that probably 20% or more of your fan base probably consists of teen mothers. for someone who bitches all the time about the plights of being unfairly judged for your sexuality, you sure do love to unfairly judge others about anything & everything.

  23. 23

    I'm sorry but this Teen Mom show brought MTV to an all time low for me. I sat there thinking am I watching TLC…hell no! But its like it the only difference is that this show is pathetic with kids having kids that have no fucking clue of what life is all about. Living with your parents as a teenage mom and having your baby daddy along for the ride is NOT growing up. One fat chick on that show complained that she is stressed…no fucking way? Of course you'd be stressed with a kid dumbass. The other teen girl drove 4-5hours just to confirm her new boyfriend was cheating on her and break up. These girls are idiots and continue to be. What has happened to America I wonder…

  24. 24

    They are not sluts Perez! All of them were in relationships when they got pregnant!

  25. 25

    i think jersey shore is a much bigger train wreck than a pregnant teen, dont know if you noticed but prego teens are everywhere i dont need a fucking show for that, gives me the guido drama! did they cancel it already? I was trying to watch it earlier and it was bullshit teen cribs.

  26. 26

    OMG sooo may teenager have sex in High school…
    and only cause they're pregnet they re sluts????
    What ever glad I'm not in that situation…
    I like both showa!!!

  27. 27

    WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously???? You post A LOT of shit that I disagree with and I don't bother to comment but are u effin serious?!?!?!?!?! Being a Teen Mom in NO WAY equals ebing a SLUT!!!!!!!!!!! I happen to have had my daughter at 17 years old, I graduated high school still with honors, have lived on my own since I was 18, have NEVER EVER been on welfare or any type of government assistance (including medicaid/foodstamps) and have done it all BY MYSELF TOTALLY because her "sperm donor' has never ever been a part of her life. I have my own place, car, and have a good job. Being a teen mom isn't the fucking title ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    um i was a teen mom and im not a ho. people like the show because alot of people are having babies young so they can relate!

  29. 29

    Ah man, this is so sad. All this does is further galmorize young kids being parents. Sad, sad, sad….

  30. 30

    i sometimes wonder if you say things just to get a rise out of people…and normally it's funny. quite funny to be exact. but i will say that a certain line has been crossed here. i know what it's like have have child at 18 and make the decision to place her in adoption. if you have ever been through anything hard, just keep multiplying that until you can't anymore. i understand exactly where you're coming from with the whole "slut" saying, but i will tell you, please don't call people things you know nothing about. i will tell you first and foremost i am in NO WAY nor was i a "slut" when i became pregnant. i'm not defending them by any means because honestly, i don't want to….hahaha…but in the same sense, please choose some words more wisely.

  31. 31

    Uhh.. *glamorize*…sorry about that!

  32. 32

    not to mention, i agree with the comment that said teen moms are everywhere….and really, there doesn't need to be a show about it. just walk outside.

  33. 33

    I didn't know being an adult and owning up to your actions made you a slut and a trainwreck.

  34. buck says – reply to this


    liberals love to promote teenage girls having sex for some reason.

  35. 35

    This is actually a well done show on how hard it is to be a teen mom. Since i was one,I can relate, and some of the girls on there are actually courageous, NOT slutty.

  36. 36

    I can't wait this show, I feel sorry for the babies with crazy teen parents.

  37. 37

    you are such a judgmental bitch sometimes.

  38. 38

    Re: PR-Twi-Fan – You're still a slut LOL

  39. 39

    I f'n love this show. Maci is my favorite on the show. Perez u shouldnt be calling these girls "sluts" or "hicks". These girls are a few of the many teen girls that make the mistake of unprotected sex. It doesnt make them sluts cuz their still with their baby's father. The show sends a good message because it shows the downsides of being a teen mom, son Fuck u Perez!

  40. 40

    I f'n love this show. Maci is my favorite on the show. Perez u shouldnt be calling these girls "sluts" or "hicks". These girls are a few of the many teen girls that make the mistake of unprotected sex. It doesnt make them sluts cuz their still with their baby's father. The show sends a good message because it shows the downsides of being a teen mom, so Fuck u Perez!

  41. 41

    There is no way to justify what you just said Mario. As a teen mom, I've had enough. I will never follow your site again.

  42. 42

    the teen moms are gross but come on perez, it takes two, the boys are sluts as well

  43. 43

    Gosh, couldn't you at least refer to them as sexually active teens or promiscuous teens? Sluts? Guys seem to get away with a lot and no one calls them sluts.

  44. 44

    Women get pregnant at all ages. Live with it. It's not a problem. And don't use words like 'slut'.

  45. 45

    Yeah, teen moms are pretty gross, but what about the dads? They should be considered sluts as well.

  46. 46

    I was forteen when I got pregnant, I had been dating my boyfriend for 2 years. He was my first and only. I became stupid and ended up getting pregnant. I moved with my mother to be provided for while I finished high school and than off to university. This show is truely aweful and needs to be cancelled. It shows bratty, Imature teenagers whine and force responsibility on everyone else besides themselves. They are selfish idiots. Calling pregnant teenager's sluts isn't really right. There are many of us who made a stupid mistake and take responsibilty for our actions and become really successful and raise great children. You should apologize for writting that. It's offensive to us proper, educated, non-slutty teenage mothers.

  47. 47

    I disagree with Perez, I don't think these girls are "sluts" persay… They may be dumb and made stupid decisions with having unprotected sex, but that doesn't mean they are sluts. I think this show does do a great job at portraying the hardships of being a teen parent expecially watching Maci and Farrah. Farrah wishes she could act like a regular teenager and showing her arguments with her mom is realistic. Reality check for girls who watch and think nothing changes when you become a mom. And I love Maci, I think given the circumstances, having a lazy, douchebag baby daddy, she is still a great mom to Bentley. She admits that having a baby is hard but has to own up and take up most of the responsibility of raising her adorable child. Now the other 2… they're just stupid…. the fat one should not be complaining… she does nothing but stay home… she's not in school or working and at 6 months all the baby does is eat, sleep, poop and maybe play for like an hr between naps…. stop complaining and take care of your child and yourself (lose some weight) that's why you have those med conditions of your own.. and caitlyn you say you're mature for your age and had to grow up fast and take care of your mom, but your actions are still immature… don't trip over the same rock twice… and yea… i still love the show and the point of these shows is to get people to react and keep watching…

  48. 48

    Being a young mother myslef. I like this show because it shows how hard it is to be a young mother.

  49. 49

    Perez i have been a big fan of yours even bought both of your books and it pisses me off that you call teen moms sluts i was a teen mom i got pregnant at 16 gave birth at 17 and i was with only one guy who which im married to today.. i struggle to raise my daughter and yes i know i have made a mistake in my past by having sex at 16 and got pregnant but i was not a slut maybe you need to know the definition on slut before you call people that..now i know you have to be a dick but there is always a limit on what is completely wrong.. dont judge one what you don't know

  50. 50

    Okay… so you bash teen moms those that got pregnant at 15, 16, 17, 18… ok they made a stupid mistake…. some wouldn't know any better, who's talking to them about having safe sex???… My issue is with the stupid girls who end up pregnant in college… Dude if you made it college and you're 19, 20 or 21 then you should know better than to have unprotected sex… now those are the sluts!!! too many dumbass girls that i went to high school with that got pregnant after HS and even though they're not considered teenagers they still shouldn't have been allowed to ever be parents…

  51. 51

    I think it is kinda inappropriate for you to call them "sluts" Perez! These girls are teens who made horrible mistakes
    O actually really enjoyed the show, it doesn't glorify teen pregnancy it shows girls that being a teen mom is not easy and should not be taken lightly!

  52. 52

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! i hate these stupid shows that glorify the ignorance and stupidy of stupid fucking sluts who have children before they are even allowed to vote or sometimes even DRIVE! you should have to have a liscense to have a kid. mtv should not have these shows because it makes other dumbass girls think that having a baby and furthering their retarded DNA is ok. how about…no? viva la abortion.

  53. 53

    Perez, you're such a jerk sometimes. Normally I love how opinionated and sarcastic you can be, but this one is just rude.

    The show isn't promoting teen pregnancy, it's showing how difficult it is.

  54. 54

    I wouldn't call this show a train wreck. I thought the 16 and pregnant series was very well done and extremely help full for teens. O.k. maybe one of the couples is a little bit of a train wreck but the show is just highlighting how stressful it is to be a teen mom. The couple who gave their child up for adoption are just the sweetest little couple in the world. I hope both of them can go to college and have wonderful lives.

  55. 55

    Why are they whores, they made a mistake. I think the show will keep young girls from having unprotected sex or wanting a baby at such a young age. Seeing all what they go through. So get a clue on what your talking about you slut.

  56. 56

    My only cause for concern would be if teenagers started having children solely to get on tv…?

  57. 57

    I think people need to stop focusing on those stupid girls and focus on the poor children that are suffering because of their selfisheness and stupidity!

  58. 58

    I disagree. Having sex doesn't make you a slut. Getting pregnant doesn't make you a slut. They were in relationships, and of course, they made a mistake by not using protection….. but I do not believe its glorifying pregnancy in any way, I think its keeping some teens from making the same mistake and showing people how hard it is to be a teen parent….

  59. 59

    I have never had anything bad to say about you, perez, but I was a teen mom, had my daughter at 15, because i was RAPED. being a teen mom does not automatically make you a slut.

  60. 60

    Re: tigrrrlilly – So instead you think children should be killing children? We should be teaching our kids there is no responsibility to be taken for our mistakes anymore, no no, no need to be embarrassed that you are doing something you are clearly not mature enough for if you cant keep yourself protected and think about and negative impact this could have on your future. you can just get rid of it and spare yourself the shame! ….great solution Einstein. There is such a thing as adoption you know, Newborns have very high chances of immediate adoption. Its the poor kids that are kept by these mums who don't care for them that end up in foster care when they are older and arent wanted on a permanent basis by most people willing to adopt…the REAL solution if not newborn adoption…teach your kids to have some morals and self respect. Abstinence IS possible.

  61. ap076 says – reply to this


    Hopefully some lessons are learned from the shows.

  62. 62

    I have watched this show…doesn't in any way make it look like fun to be a teen mother. It is clear watching those girls that their lives are 100 times harder than they would have been at that age had they not gotten pregnant. Its no longer about them, fun or having teenage experiences..it's just work, way before they are ready for it. I would want my daughter to see how much that would suck.

  63. 63

    I love this show. My mom was a teen mom, I'm now 27, my parents are still together and they gave me a wonderful life. I think it's crappy that you call these girls "sluts" Perez. People weren't very nice to my Mom when she was pregnant. She watches this show too and tells me about similar situations she was in and how she got through it. I've been reading your site for years and that comment really makes me want to delete you from my favorites.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    how dare you perez. when did you lose your virginity, 14, 15? kids are kids and they have sex. yes they made stupid mistakes but i think they are all extremely brave deciding to become mothers at such young ages. and actually perez, being a teen mother does not mean you're a hick, in fact if you watch the show, you'll see that most of them come from affluent families, and good backgrounds. i think these girls are extremely brave and are all handling their new lives extremely well.

  66. 66

    That was just a stupid thing to say Perez!!!!!

  67. 67

    wow i have never ever commented on this site.NEVER.and i have been a loyal fan for YEARS.i have told so many people about this site! and faithfully check it at the LEAST 4or5 times a day.EVERY day.thats a lot of clicks!i loved perez's humor,his inclination to post about charities,taste in music,how passionate he is about equal rights and that he made me laugh every day.i click on the ads, bought both his books,cheered him when he lost weight, wrote an angry letter to will.i.am.wow.i never really sat down and thought bout how much i actually love this site.i feel so stupid now.I am a single mother of a now ten year old boy.i was 16 when i had him.

  68. 68

    okay lets attempt to be educated on something before we comment on it hmm? sound good? okay teen pregnancy is NOT and NEVER has been on the rise. Teen pregnancy has been going on for centuries and it is just now that our society decided to put horrible stigmas (like slut or trash) on it and that is why people think teen pregnancy is out of the control! Well guess what its NOT so get over it. And if anything this show does NOT glamorize teen pregnancies it actually is quite sad to watch and i think it is more a cautionary tale to our youth!

  69. 69

    Okay, first of all..having a baby doesn't make you a slut. Stop being so stupid and realize that everything depends on the person. Babies don't ruin lives so if you do have a baby it's up to you to move forward and up. I have a daughter and if it wasn't for her idk what the hell I'd be doing. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND….I THINK IT'S WORSE TO HAVE SEX, GET PREGNANT AND HAVE AN ABORTION…step up to you're responsibilities …if you're mature enough to have sex and get pregnant than have the child ..don't kill it.

  70. 70

    Ummm sluts? Shut the fuck up. We all make mistakes. Dont comdemn them.

  71. 71

    Ummm sluts? Shut the fuck up. We all make mistakes. Dont comdemn them.

  72. 72

    really though perez? im on your website religiously and pretty much agree to almost all of your posts, but this one — you really dont know what the fuck your talking about

  73. 73


  74. 74

    Why must you say teen sluts? ugh perez, you truly prove to be the Queen of Hypocrisy, not media with posts like these!! :( Why can't you show compassion and tolerance for ALL, not just the LGBT community?!! very sad :(

  75. 75

    This show is SUCH a huge mistake! The shouldn't glamorize teen pregnancy by making any TV program about it. If "Jackass" taught anyone anything it's that if you put something on TV, no matter how stupid it is, there's some idiots out there who will copy it. I wonder if teen pregnancy rates will rise now. Perhaps there's girls out there who think like Nadya Suleman and want to get a TV show through their kids

  76. 76

    Teenage pregnancy is awful…its fucking annoying. Strap up ppl!!!

  77. 77

    I never have any desire to leave comments on here and can already tell most people have said exactly what I was thinking. But, well, it's not like Perez actually reads what we write but, I shall voice my opinion regardless.
    As most people have either confirmed or denied, not all teenage mothers are sluts. We are all humans and make mistakes, having a boyfriend and not being educated enough on protection does not make you a slut. For some people who are at high risk of antisocial behaviour, having a child can actually turn there life around. My best friend had a baby at 16 with her boyfriend, married him, went to university, got a job and had another baby at 24. A year later she found out she has cervical cancer and is so happy that she got to have a boy and a girl before it was too late. Everything happens for a reason. These types of stories make you realize life can't always be so one sided and there is no need to generalize to the degree that you did.

  78. 78

    I don't think it's fair to automatically call girls who have babies sluts. you can have sex one time and create a baby, does that make you a slut? it may make you irresponsible, but that's def. not the same as a slut. and at least they are taking responsibility for their situation, A LOT of girls do not. they should be commended instead of scolded by society. I have a little girl, and raising a baby is NOT easy, especially at their age. & by the way, if the girl is a "slut"… the guy is too. be fair.

  79. 79

    I think this show is great for the whores in my school. Even though its a lil late cause theres already about 10 preggo girls in my school. blah sluts.

  80. 80

    First off not all teen mom's are sluts. I was a teen mom I had my daughter when I was 17 I grew up my husband and I raised our daughter the best way we knew how. So for all you ass holes who seem to think all teen mom's are sluts you can go fuck yourself :) Oh yeah and killing a baby is a much better idea you dumb fuck.

  81. 81

    all yu dumb asses tht say abortion well mayb yur parents shuld have put yu up 4 an abortion.. catlin nd tyler did a gud thing cus they knew they messed up nd culdnt give their daughter wat she needed.. mi mother had me at 17 so wat i guess shes a slut cus she was 2 young im now 18 graduated nd goin 2 a university.. she did a great job rasing me. so not all teen mothers are sluts dont b tht stupid ppl damn..:)

  82. 82

    perez you can`t be fucking serious! i`m a big fan! butt you`r being a disrespectful douchebag, not like that happenes enuff , you need to watch what you say, sometimes you go to far, you really have no right at all to say shit like that, teen pregenacy isnt something u have the right to say shit like that about. most girls are even virgins by 15 , and these girls just happened to be unlucky and have a baby, there are bigger sluts, and these girls are good enuff to stand up and share their stories, they are tryin to tell young girls how stupid it is to have sex at a young age, and how havin a baby is harder then movies, or tv shows pretend it is, i think you should be ashamed!

  83. 83

    "Teen Sluts"?!?

    Yes, they're young, but aren't most, if not all the girls on the show in, or were in committed relationships? ….hardly slut-like, in my opinion.

  84. 84

    Fuck you Perez. So rude for no reason.

  85. 85

    You fucking asshole. These girls are not sluts because they got pregnant young. Ignorant yes, but sluts, no. People make mistakes that can turn into blessings. This doesn't make them a trainwreck either. If this is the case every person that gets an std in their life is a whore as well.

  86. 86

    These girls are in relationships with the baby's father on the show. Sluts don't know who the father is. Sluts have abortions and continue to fuck every guy in the neighborhood unprotected.

  87. 87

    Re: tigrrrlilly – Someone should have paid your mother to have an abortion.

  88. 88

    i agree with people who think perez is being rule but he is also tellin the truth if these teens keep these legs close and p— in i bet that america wouldnt b goin through this trainweck…i dont like the show and i dont support teen pregnacy at all there is a lot of protection, condoms, pills a buch of shiittt to protect urself but no their dont use it their dont even think about STDs or HIV….. gimme the jersey bimbos anyday of the week

  89. 89

    God you're an ass sometimes …

  90. 90

    Why would you ever refer to the women as sluts? it takes two to tango and it's just as much her child as it is the males, but I don't see you referring to the male as a derogatory name… if anything he's the whore for leaving the female w/out taking responsibility. Think before you preach, if you knew anything about that. You sound so ignorant at times. When you have female supporters who stand up for you w/ your homosexual issues and you can't even support the issues women go through… sooo rude and naive. I'm a female in college, w/out a child, that can realize your ignorance and that you are a hypocrite. Stop focusing on your own issues all the time and realize the bigger issues. Just remember that anything a male has gone through, whether it be racial or sexuality, the women has gone through it too, but twice as bad….

  91. 91

    I watched it. It's interesting to see how they are all coping, and I really do wish them all the best.

  92. 92

    Will Bristol Palin be joining?

    What about the former guests on the Maury Povich show?

  93. 93

    FUCK YOU! All teen moms are NOT sluts!! Half of the ppl on here that are talking their shit should take their words and eat them. Teen moms might have made a bad choice and just for the record IT TAKES TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But their still making the best of it and you have to give them credit for that! At least their not leaving their baby behind or getting it killed. You guys are fucking pathetic!

  94. 94

    Wow sluts huh? So do that make you, or anyone else, who is in a realtionship a slut if they have sex? Irresponsible, yes. Slutty? I don't know. I was fifteen when I got pregnant and had my son. He is now 16 and doing well. We had a hard time because I refused to quit school, so we struggled for a few years. I was with his father, my now ex husband for 12 years. He was the only person I had sex with. Does that put me in the same "slut" catergory? I don't agree with this show because it does glorify teen pregnancy which is by no means an easy life and definately not a way to become "famous", but in these "reality celeb" days these poor girls have no clue. Please don't judge everyone because of one or two people, it's not fair. Think outside the box.

  95. 95

    Why are they whores? That's a bit much to call girls who are trying to set an example of what NOT to do. Just because Perez can't have a baby or get sperminated…lol.

  96. 96

    It's inappropriate to call any woman a slut even if she is promiscuous or happens to get pregnant at a young age. Maybe instead of slut shaming we should teach our young girls and boys about honest sexuality and build up the self esteem of the young girls who are promiscuous so we don't have to talk shit about them being "sluts" and "whores".It's time to quit saying one thing and doing another.And why is it that it's only girls that are called sluts?I was always taught growing up that a girl may spread her legs but to make a baby a guy has to be in between them.

  97. 97

    actually, as a teen mother from MIAMI (so much for a hick right?) I love this show because it's what is REALLY going on! Don't get mad because the tan italian dipshit fist pumpin morons are just the same thing no matter what show you watch, i thought i was watching true life episode from when they spent the summer at jersey shore. Same ol same ol.

  98. 98

    SO happy that I'm not like them!

  99. 99

    i think it's a good thing for mtv to have that show because it shows how hard it is to be a teen parent. it shows the ugly side and maybe that will make young girls think b 4 they do someting stupid:)

  100. 100

    i love documentaries/movies/books/shows/ect about teen pregnancies. i find it fascinating.

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