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Miley Is Obsessed With GaGa!

| Filed under: Miley CyrusLady GaGa

Miley Cyrus must have a bit of a girl-crush on Lady GaGa!

After blogging about how excited she was to meet Gagaloo in England, this little gem of a video was captured of the Disney star performing the choreography from Bad Romance.

Check it out above!

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97 comments to “Miley Is Obsessed With GaGa!”

  1. 1

    No Mario you are…shes most likey making fun because gaga cant dance….

  2. 2

    Watch Perez being called a "talentless dope" on TV!
    Someone got seriously owned!

    Search Perez Hilton KTLA

  3. 3

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  4. 4

    UGH I cannot STAND Miley…. Please stop whatever it is, you think you can do… Cuz you can't.

  5. 5

    Pffft, what a stupid girl. Bet she's not even on Gaga's radar! Hate her!!!

  6. 6

    umm and you arent u fat fuck? u take gaga obsession to all new levels

  7. 7

    Thank god gaga does it 100% better. That sucked.

  8. 8

  9. 9

    Re: Rachelh88 – No YOU're stupid for judging someone you don't even know!

    It's nice to see her having fun,even if i'm not a fan of Gaga…

  10. 10

    OMG!!!11 Who would have ever thought Miley Cyrus likes music too?! Come on now. And it's pretty obvious to me that she's just joking around and having fun.

  11. 11

    no, she probably just saw you hate on her again on your site and wanted to get on your good side again. what better way than suck up to gaga.

  12. 12

    i have no idea what miley cyrus sings, but she seems like a genuine person. but check out the gay she is dancing with….. *RAWR!!!

  13. 13

    HAHAHAHA TOO FUNNY… but come on perez, you're too obsessed with gaga..

  14. 14

    thought Miley didn't listen to pop music.

  15. 15

    She's just a teenager having fun, that's all..when she tries to act like an adult you bash her and when she act her age same thing, maybe you should find another target, someone older maybe ?!!

  16. 16

    She's just kissing your ass.

  17. 17

    Hmm…interesting that she was so excited about meeting Gaga since she told the world she doesn't listen to pop music…even though she makes it…weird.

  18. SSTAV says – reply to this


    She's a little off beat, dontcha think?

  19. 19

    damn mario, any other time you rip her apart, but your precious gaga gets mentioned and you kiss ass

  20. china says – reply to this


    poor taste on teenagers isn`t exactly newsworthy. doesn`t matter that the teenie in question is miley cyrus.

  21. 21

    can she stop wearing those damn booty shorts.

  22. robio says – reply to this


    please keep lady caca and my Hanna Montana out of the same article. In fac,t I forbid you to utter Hanna Montana's name from now on.

  23. 23

    her gay seems to be having hella fun

  24. 24

    maybe she's trying to send a hint to gaga that she'd like to collaborate?

  25. 25

    btw, i thought it was PEREZ who's obsessed with gaga?!?

  26. 26

    Re: SSTAV
    Well the music have been added after…so she was probably dancin' without music,so there was no rythm…

  27. 27

    Re: Lambertfan – hahaha. right?

  28. 28

    She looks like she has tourettes.

  29. 29

    Re: LizardKinG – GaGa can dance, bitch.you have no idea what ur talking about.

  30. 30

    She is just having fun for a girl at her age. Perez is the one thats obsessed with GaGa!

  31. 31

    * * *
    * * *

  32. 32

    Hm, I guess that makes Miley just like Perez

  33. 33

    PS How gay is her lil dancing pal there?

  34. 34

    i hate miley cyrus sooooooooooo much. i dont wanna be mean, but i have a feeling shes gonna go down a bad road where all the disney stars end up. she needs to stop trying to steal peoples images and eberything. first demi lovato and her bangs, then selena gomez and her style, now gaga's choreography? what the fuck? just cuz you suck doesnt mean you can go copy others.

  35. 35

    That dude is more feminine than her.

  36. 36

    Miley is so gross.

  37. 37

    WHY WHY WHY does a woman (or teen girl in this case) have to have a GIRL CRUSH on someone just because she likes the SONG….i don't get it. why is this a CRUSH thing. I love a lot of songs that i listen to over and over by female artists and I am NOT gay, i DON'T do girl crushes and I can't stand when someone says that. It's cool if you are, but I just don't get why this is said about it if someone likes the song. why can't it be that she likes the song?

  38. 38

    I guess this means you can go back to calling her Slutty Cyrus again, Mario.

  39. 39

    i thought she said she didn't like pop music?? the things people say cause even the slightest buzz… get your stories straight hunny!

  40. 40

    watch you kiss her ass after this

  41. 41

    that was awful

  42. china says – reply to this



    delusional mu

  43. 43

    so this is the "edgier" Miley Virus the world can do without

  44. 44

    i feel bad for lady gaga … probably insulted!

  45. 45

    That just seemed more like a smack in the face to Lady Gaga.. That had zero class. The LEAST Miley could do was get the moves right. And not make it look like an epileptic retard dancing to the song. What a dumb ass. Miley Stop embarrassing yourself.

  46. 46

    Miley is acting weird lately… hating twilight, hating everything that take away the attention she used to have… i think she is making fun of gaga more than anything in this video.. she always like try like to do like things better then like anyone else like.. and when she talk.. there are like way too many like..

  47. 47

    Re: JigSaw – thats cause he has his whole head up her ass….

  48. 48

    Good for her. She looks like she is having fun. Remember she is still a very young girl, I really do not think people should bash her. I don't care for her personally but, she is young and she is going to go through different fazes in her life. Just leave her alone before everyone drives her to drink and do drugs to deal with all the negativity in her life.

  49. 49

    What the hell is she wearing. Some God-like example there, Miley.

  50. 50

    Re: JigSaw – my exact thoughts.
    Fucking Porkez, you're such a hypocritical pig.

  51. 51

    Re: Roxtar28
    She was having funnnnnnnnnn!!!I don't think she really cared about doing the moves right,you are such an hating person!!
    Re: olymbiakos_fan
    are serious?do you really think Miley was "stealing from Gaga her choreography"?…damn!!!!!

  52. 52

    Wow this is at least 3 days old, did you finally check oceanUP to steal their updates? Totaly obsessed dancing to one song.

  53. 53


  54. 54

    hahaha ha-lar-i-ous hahahhaha my lil 4 yr old is in love with lady gaga and knows pretty much the whole dance to that song haha

  55. 55

    * * *
    * * *

  56. 56

    Love Miley!!! and love gaga so I love this vid :D

  57. 57

    wow…….she cant dance….. like, AT ALL.

    she looks like shes just flailing around more than anything.

  58. 58

    Can't stand Miley, but cute ’cause she's having fun.
    I mean, she is having fun, so her dancing sucks, but when she preforms her trying to rock out/look slutty is a FAIL.

  59. NERD says – reply to this



  60. 60

    Theres just a sluttyness about her .
    and she cant dance worth shit. As she does is flip her hair and shake her flat ass

  61. 61

    I love how the idiot says she doesn't listen to "pop music" when referring to RAPPER and then is obsessed with Gaga… god shes a dumb bitch….

  62. 62

    She really needs to stop dressing like a little tramp. Especially since she's so awkward and gawky.

  63. 63

    WOW…Gaga must be so…thrilled.

  64. 64

    Ohh please, this stupid disney whore is just sucking up to lady gaga
    whoever is on TOP of the game right now.. shes behind sniffing their ass.

  65. 65

    Lol, looks like she is mocking gaga. good one miley, good one.

  66. 66

    I bet Lada Gaga wishes perez would stfu about her. She is awesome, but Perez is so annoying about it I don't even like her anymore.

  67. 67

    u guys, are so mean.
    seriously just leave her alone

  68. 68

    haha cute
    of corse she love gaga
    i'm the same age as her & i haven't anyone who doesn't like her

  69. 69

    hehe miley loves her gays :)

  70. 70

    i absolutly LOVE miley!

  71. 71

    yeah…my friend is obsessed with gaga too! she does the bad romance choreography everywhere we go …its annoying really!

  72. 72

    It would've been OK if she slowed down.

  73. 73

    I thought Miley didn't listen to pop music?

  74. 74

    She looks like a prancing hillybilly slut to meee.

  75. 75

    that was awesome!
    shes so cute!!

  76. 76

    Re: TheClimb – Seriously are you replying to every hating comment about Miley's 19 second video?

  77. 77

    I hope she's TRYING to do it poorly…cause she is.

  78. 78

    Perez, you still just do not get it. Miley is making fun of your lady whore.

  79. 79

    She butchered that dance :/

  80. 80

    looks to me a wild chipmunk is having a seizure

  81. 81


  82. 82

    I thought she didnt listen to pop music…?

  83. 83

    aw i thought it was kinda cute

  84. 84

    wtffff ?
    she cant daaancxe at alll ! , and if i was lady gaga i would be embarrased , and i would probabley punch the shit out of that chick . that was pretty insulting .
    and her facial expressions .. omg .
    i dont even like lady gaga , but maan , i feel sorry for her .

  85. 85

    i like her.. but… GAGA IS TOO AWESOME FOR HER.. ! she can't dance like her OBVIOUSLY… Gaga is like too much for her

  86. 86

    Miley's not allowed to like Gaga, Gaga is wayyy to brilliant to even know who Miley Cyrus is.

  87. 87

    lol that was cute, i have nothing against Miley but i LOVE Gaga

  88. 88

    first of all I have to say:
    damn she looks so stupid :S

    and second:
    If you don't like perezhilton and you only login and have an account to make "fun" of him and make him feel bad or whatever than you must have a pretty freaking boring life, I mean when I don't like someone I don't go back to see it again and again.
    JUST MOVE ON TO BETTER THINGS IN LIFE, unless that is of course,
    if you have anything better to do with your time and life.
    besides it's not like he's going to read it anyways :)

  89. 89

    Obsessed ? LMFAO. She met her once & danced to her song, that hardly means she's obsessed or has a girl crush on her. The only person who's obsessed with Gaga & kisses her ass is YOU. She's obviously not trying to dance well either she's joking around & dancing with her friends …

  90. 90

    Re: ilgossip – Your a fucking idiot, he & you are hating & making fun of Miley, so take you own fucking advice & get a life. He hates on people for nothing, so we can hate on him for being a fucking douchebag, he deserves it :)

  91. 91

    Re: TheClimb – or you just like her when everyone else knows she's shit

  92. 92

    Re: TheClimb – Or you just have shit taste in music, just saying

  93. 93

    Re: EyeEnvyPerfection – perez does not hate on people for no reason . miley has clearly done stuff that makes people hate her . no ones likes her anymore. shes turned into a slut , shes selfish , rude , obnoxious , annoying , and ugly as helllll !

  94. 94

    Re: Rachelh88 – and if you dont like him , then why the hell are you on his site ?

  95. 95

    stop being jealous, that was cute… =)

  96. 96

    perez… your the one who have a "thing" for gaga … :\
    what makes you say that? cuz shes dancing with her song? ohh come onn……. O.O

  97. 97

    I thought Miley didnt like Pop music….
    God she is such a poser.