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Tiger Was Sleeping With Jamie Jungers When His Father Died

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According to Tiger Woods's escort-whore, Jamie Jungers, Jungers was having sex with Tiger the night Woods' father died.

Oh, lord.

Jungers says she was "beside him wearing nothing but a pair of panties" when the hospice taking care of Earl Woods called Tiger to tell the golf pro his father had died.

The whore also $hared with reporters her observation that Tiger was "always tight with money" and never left tips when he took her out to dinner, usually asking for the meal to be "complimentary because he was Tiger Woods."

What a class act.

[Image via WENN.]

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146 comments to “Tiger Was Sleeping With Jamie Jungers When His Father Died”

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  1. 1

    I heard that posting too many stories about Tiger Woods causes anal cancer

  2. 2

    pretty smart…free meal = no credit card bills or receipts,hard to find proof….just sayin ;)

  3. 3

    I don't know whether or not to believe these whores. They certainly could be making up a whole lot of crap. If Tiger wasn't a tipper, shame on him. He has millions of dollars to spend. He could be putting that money to good use in other ways and not hoarding it for selfish gain. Think of how much money could be put back into the economy if we didn't pay celebs millions of dollars for single jobs.

  4. 4

    Most black people never tip. I dont care if its racist, its true.

    I was a waiter for years and we all hated taking parties with all black customers because never leave tips, or they leave like some change.
    They have a chip on their shoulder that makes them feel they shouldnt have to tip.
    Thats why cab drivers dont pick up black people, they dont tip.

  5. 5

    Of course he was tight with his money he didn't want to use his account much so his wife wouldn't find out and track his ass out.

  6. 6

    1) This guy needs some serious help. 2) While he is definitely as much at fault as these money hungry whores, they all need to shut up! So pathetic what some people will do to get "famous" and I cannot believe they don't even consider the pain they are putting his beautiful wife and children through.

  7. 7

    you're a class act for printing this garbage-jack@$$-did you ever stop to think maybe she's embellishing the truth? it's craptastic people like you that will totally ruin Tiger for life-he made some mistakes, but for Christ sake, doesn't deserve to have his personal life in complete shambles

  8. 8

    Typical low rent, new money trash.

  9. freak says – reply to this




  10. nizzy says – reply to this


    what a fucking piece of shit. its so sad that people like this don't even give money to simple waiters. I hope his wife takes him for all he's worth

  11. 11

    and btw all celebrities expect to get their meal comped in exchange for an appearance at the restaurant where they can take a photo of the celebrity there.

    If a celebrity pays for a meal its embarassing to them, like theyre not famous enough to get their meal comped.

  12. 12

    well everyone does have their own way of dealing with grief lol

  13. 13

    Tiger = Not to swift, just like he likes his women.

  14. 14

    How can you spread like that his private life! NO ONE is abe to judge what this man did! It is all about him and his wife! I wonder how Tiger feels right now. the media, and those bitches destroyed his life, his mariage, his reputation! but everybody makes mistakes and everybody deals with his own life. We should mind of our business because We don't see the wrong we are doing to this man's life and to his whole family. Tiger Woods didn't do something to us directly, and we don't even know this man. so we should leave him alone and stop judging him!!!

  15. 15

    Tiger is known to be a bad tipper and ask for his meals to be comped….but it would be surprising if he went out with these girls in public when he was married.

  16. 16

    What's happening to him is sheer poetic justice.
    Apparently, the devil dropped his end of the bargain.

  17. 17

    I know this is definitely small minded of me, but Tiger's (allegedly) being cheap is the first thing he's done so far that has pissed me off, because I'm a waiter…

  18. 18

    Pfft..I mean really. If he was spending so much time with 17+ women ( I've lost count by now) you want to tell me that his wife absolutely had no clue? She already made her pact and was prepared to live with it until he got stupid and got found out.

    As far as the women selling their stories to the press, it just tells you the caliber of thw women he was screwing.

    And you fatboy…having multiple orgasms posting every article you can about the guy just shows what a hypocrite you really are.

    Don't need a crystal ball to see anohter beat down in your future.

  19. 19

    Re: pradagirl7 – And she sure was looking for some proof!

  20. 20

    I'm not going to believe anything these whores have to say. Obviously Tiger isn't commenting to refute their gossip. I will say this. I'm not too surprised to hear stuff in general that would show Tiger is childish and spoiled. He has always seemed like there were "parts missing." Not a lot of personality, over indulged by his parents. He was an only child, a golfing phenom at a young age. Probably a lot of people treating him like a prince, so he has some sense of entitlement. So he expects special treatment! Why not? he always has had it! You know they really catered to him and spoiled him all his life. He probably never wanted for anything. I think he is emotionally screwed up and always has been. Now he is an adult with his own family, he has trouble realizing no one will clean up his messes like dear old dad did. But I still hate these sluts talking about him telling tales and all.

  21. 21

    I thought only whores on reality shows asked for meals to be comped.

  22. 22

    Where did he ever find time to golf?

  23. 23

    That's not even the half of it (from the N of the W (UK) article) - Tiger and this dictionary-definition HO deserve each other.


    Elin's gonna need those million$ to get tested for everything including Ebola for the rest of her life. If I were her, I wouldn't be able to stomach the sight of him. He deserves what he gets, and I hope he GETS.


    DFS is investigating, and good thing. I'd consider those women a threat and any father who'd bring women who want a steak in his action to the marital home. Those HOOKERS (Joy Behar was RIGHT) would love nothing more than to see Elin and her children out of the way.

  24. 24

    He is disgusting, just utterly disgusting!

  25. ei says – reply to this


    Re: Sexsai – you are so right . i also waited tables for years and hated getting blacks. especailly when a herd of them would come in and they would run your ass off, leave a mess on the floor, and were so loud that everyone else could hear them and then get up and leave. probabaly felt superior to a white waiter. but guess what, you just made the whole restrauant know what idiots they are

  26. 26

    a dogg allwayz
    a dogg….ladeez u r
    zo stupid to truzt your husbands…follow them…truzt uz….we're started a grlz cheater
    thing and watch the guyz get buzted…

  27. ei says – reply to this


    Re: lovers – everyone has their own way of grieving huh?? getting a whore and fucking while your parent is dying well isnt that classy. your an idiot

  28. 28

    THANK YOU for being one of the few willing to call these bitch whores what they are. dirty sluts going after married men. Yes Tiger seriously screwed up but thats between him and his wife. These womwn who make a living off of going after clearly married men with kids should not get any fame, love, money or validation by their disgusting dirty whoring around. THANK YOU AND FOR THE REST OF US MARRIED FOLK, GET THEM WHERE IT HURTS. SOMEONE ELSE'S WALLET. Why is it the paps always know where theor going to be? Why is it the reality whore jaimee is eating at the Ivy every day? Why, stop them Perez, you might be the only one that can. make them go away. Let Elin have some dignity.

  29. 29

    Re: BabyJokerSisterz – mabe your guy, not mine.

  30. 30

    what fuck*d me over was that he is tight with money. when someone has that much money you would think the last thing he would care is about that. but people are selfish.

    just like candy spelling! tight f*ckers

  31. 31

    he looks like a fish

  32. 32

    Re: lemonbird – good for you, couldn't agree more

  33. 33

    we would cut your legs off dude. hope your wife realizes that you are scrum and
    that she is full of stdz that aren't going anywhere. hope she
    all your fukindooo money and pullz your eyez out..so u can't c
    uglyass whores anymore. u bitchfuker.

  34. 34

    Go to youtube and look for "Why da fuck I gotta tip" and look for SHARECETHOMAS

  35. 35

    Re: Oh la la – Because Tiger didn't do ANY damage to himself, his family, or his career by saying "hey, i'm married, let me go be a total man whore and pick up as many slutty cocktail waitresses and prostitutes as i can."
    I'm sure he feels like shit right now, but it's not because anybody's reading/writing about what he did. The only people making anything worse are these whores who are out selling their stories and trying to get famous at his expense, however, i'd be a lot more worried about how this all makes his wife feel than anyone else. While these sluts are at fault for fucking a married man, he's just as guilty (if not more) for going after them and sleeping with any woman who would have him.

  36. 36

    typical negro - fucking a while girl no matter how gross she is

  37. 37

    Re: Dark Phoenix
    you're genius dark phoenix!

  38. 38

    Why should a hooker feel bad for an "affair"? He paid the fee, she did her job. She is what she is. HE'S the one who should feel bad.

  39. 39

    Re: Sexsai
    don't even try sexsai whatever, you ARE racist and you are promoting it, Shame on you retard.

  40. 40

    I dont really believe this whore.. he has more money than he could possibly spend in his lifetime, you really think he would do that? These whores are saying anything to keep their names in the media, and they're probably getting paid to say whatever damaging thing they can say about Tiger. I'm not on his side by any means, I think his actions are deplorable and he's obviously had this coming for a while, but I also think he's learned his lesson. We don't need to absolutely destroy the guy, afterall he is an amazingly talented guy and seems to be nice enough despite his scandelous sex life. I know Tiger donates huge dollars to charity so I'm going to call a bluff on this one.

  41. 41

    Re: Sexsai – I have to agree wholeheartedly…have worked in the restaurant business.

  42. 42

    This is true. I'm from ohio and I dated a guy who used to run the Firestone country club. Tiger was even banned from eating in the club house because he wouldn't tip the waiters one dime. He would run up huge bills and pay that. But no tips for anyone.

  43. 43

    Re: GlammaDD09 – hahahahahahahahaha
    u got him on your leaze….funnny
    take him off for one minute…follow him in a neighbors car…you'll c
    we don't have one coz we don't trust them…..
    if anyonez doing the fukoverz..itz uz..not them….dirtydickz.

  44. 44

    Everyone grieves in their own way, just like Joe Jackson did at the BET Awards! I'd sure hate to have either of those two as any of my family members!

  45. 45

    Re: eiRe: Sexsai – you are both racists please you don't fool anyone. hmmmmm whats worse, not tipping, or being blatantly racist????? i wonder! go fuck yourselves

  46. 46

    We don't need to hear the details anymore. His iconic image has affected and built the Golfing Industry. He behaved stupidly, but his screwing outside of his marriage has made him the Ted Bundy of serial cheaters. Being on the pedestal so long has caused him to be a public figure most adored, but, all the same, public! He is required to step down. He has a choice. Stay low and repentant, then come back (which he can!) more personally dedicated to his sport, or sink into tabloid fodder. Wonder if he'll be dating Lindsay? Fore!

  47. 47

    I lived in Palm Springs and waitressed like 10 years ago. Tiger was known as a tight-wad.

  48. 48

    This is ridiculous, the media has gone way too far with this one… To crawl as low as saying when his father was dying… Jungers should go crawl back into the hole she came out of. Disgusting.

  49. 49

    He actually took
    her out in public to eat food
    with him. GROSS

  50. 50

    I find it hard to believe that he did not tip……if that were true, I'm sure the servers would have spread that news very fast. And to the previous poster, black guys are great tippers, I dont know why you say they are not. When I was a waitress, I loved waiting on black guys, they were friendly and great tippers and no I am not hot, just nice and they were too.

  51. 51

    A lot of the richest celebs are cheap. They expect to not pay for meals, etc because of their fame. The funniest is when a "friend" calls them out on it like Charles Barkley did with Michael Jordan. CB went on and on about how cheap MJ is and how he never pays for anything. It was hysterical. A lot of places don't let big celebs pay, but to actually ask to be comped is embarrassing. To not tip is disgusting (if true).

  52. 52

    I am not a racist, just a fact. Black people don't tip!! Even black limo, cab, waiters don't want them as customers. The only thing ironic about it is that most the women he dated were tipped employees. Even whores get tips, right?

  53. 53

    Did you really think the odds were Tiger was sleeping with his wife when his Dad died??? You know, he was screwing someone–given the number of ho's…so this really is a non-story. Funny, but a non-story.
    And Perez, don't listen to those who have had enough of Tiger Woods affairs; I for one, can't get enough. He was a poser for so many years. Karma is an absolute bitch.

  54. 54

    That tight MOTHERFUCKER, I swear to god, if I were his server, I would have let every media outlet from National Enquirer to Perez that that whore munger tight wad motherfucker didnt tip and I would make sure EVERYONE knew what a tightwad he was. That really pisses me off worse than his whores who are lowlife scum anyway!!!!

  55. 55

    Why would I believe anything this person has to say? She obviously has no class and is just looking for money. I have no respect for people who "kiss and sell". She is trash.

  56. 56

    Who was he sleeping with when Michael Jackson died? Can you find that out please Perezy-poo?

  57. 57

    I really have a hard time believing the word of a chick who goes on national tv with a glitter ball glued to her face.

  58. fiera says – reply to this


    i wonder if some waiters would come forward and confirm this info to be true about him being a lousy tipper.

  59. 59

    I'm really getting tired of hearing about Tiger Woods 24/7

  60. 60

    I think the media and this woman went far with this one. I mean this woman couldnt hold her smile back in her Tv interview. she looked evil like she was enjoying the spotlight and making all kinds of claims. Perez you need to start writing "allegedly" like other websites. you writing this as if its facts! you're exposing yourself to legal actions. not only in tiger's post but other celebs as well. I wouldnt believe everything newspapers and websites write because media have written bullshit before. one minute the newspaper is saying Elin is staying and the next minute she is leaving. Fact is that we dont know the full story and we will never know. I dont think tiger will ever do the tell all. He was a private person and still is. I dont believe half of these women. And why the hell, does society pay them?

  61. 61

    Re: ei – actually dumbass you're the idiot. did you not notice the lol i put at the end of the sentence? i was being saracastic, but i guess you weren't smart enough to recognize that.

  62. 62

    I don't know if everything that those women are saying is true, but i think that is time for you to stop posting every single thing is said about Tiger. He made a huge mistake, he is human and he needs to stand up and correct his mistakes. You are not perfect Mario, in fact you are worse than Tiger, you are a loser, a pathetic human being that enjoys talking *&& about the life of others. Stop being such a hypocrite, and grow up!

  63. 63

    I am so tired of this man. Besides, our stupid culture creates people like him. When you treat a man like a god, he begins to act like a god but with human desires. We paid him more than any human needs, we glorified him, pictured and idolized him… what the heck do we expect. And don't think he is the only man-god who behaves in this way. They all do (okay, most do) because we create egotistical idiots who lack empathy and consideration. So, again, im sick of him and I believe our culture cultivates such behavior. That's not to say that the average person doesn't behave in this way because that would be false, but the intensity and extent of his narcissism comes from being glorified for years!!!!!

  64. 64

    Re: Sexsai – Tiger is not Black. Black skin and even a Black father does not make you Black. You're only Black if I claim you. I've never claimed Tiger. Tiger is not Black. Tiger is obviously White!!

  65. 65

    Cheating bastard and a cheap ass? He's never gonna live this one down. RIP multi-million dollar golfing career.

  66. 66

    Tiger Woods, Charles Barkley, and Michael Jordan–who were usually gambling and womanizing together in Las Vegas, are all known to be poor tippers. And by "poor tippers" I mean that they never tipped. Anyone. The dealers, room service, limo drivers, the women–no one.
    What media outlet was going to print that? No one had the golfballs to say anything negative against Sir Tiger.

  67. 67

    Yeah and she seems like a real winner. Sleeping with a married man and then talking about it to the world. Why would anyone talk about being with him when his father died? What a horrible thing to announce to the world, that you saw him at his most vulnerable and when he was in so much pain.

  68. 68

    Wonder how much she made for telling this story….

  69. 69

    Man, these whores are showing their true colours. Tiger was a fool to cheat with such trash - couldn't he see this train wreck coming??

  70. 70

    She has ZERO credibility..
    Just another skank

  71. 71

    I worked @ Don Pablos (I-Drive) over 5 years ago, he was a regular there… A regular dick, always in a hurry, rude, ordered the same damn thing (Chic Fajitas) and came with whom I'm assuming is his wife (some white woman). They would arrive in separate cars (I think Hummers) eat and run.. Tipping: If you were a guy; no tip, a girl; average 15% if even that. Celebs DO NOT TIP good, I've waited on my fair share, they do not OVER TIP. Fellow industry workers (current and passed) go above and beyond; even if service is shitty; they tip.

  72. 72

    perez, i love you.
    but im so tired of hearing about Tiger Woods.
    everyone should just leave him alone.

  73. 73

    Re: Sexsai – HAHAHAHA!!! SOOOO TRUE!!!

  74. 74

    Why are you people taking it out on the women who screwed Tiger?? Oh, poor Tiger, what's a married man to do??

    He ordered up women like you and I would order up drinks. So what if a few of them are talking now. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned: Most of these "girlfriends" thought they were his exclusive mistress.
    Tiger was careless, thoughtless, stupid, and arrogant. And he was already spoiled.
    Do not blame the women who enjoyed being with him–homewreckers, my ass. It's ultimately the man's decision to forsake his marriage and his family. And his career. And Tiger chose to do it over, and over and over again. Turn your anger toward Tiger–he's an arrogant whore.

  75. 75

    Somehow I don't think this story is true. He cannot be that dumb to take that bitch out for dinner and ask for complimentary meal because his tiger woods. Thats asking for trouble!

  76. 76

    u ppl need to stop saying Blck ppl DON'T TIP cause thats bull, mayb u [whom ever claiming that] gave BAD service.
    Me, my husband, male friends, female friends [and i do kno a lot] tip, and i'm gonna be honest my husband is one of those who usually leave a large tip, and I'm the one who usually base tips on services, if the service was bad we still tip, but I MAKE SURE he doesn't leave a huge tip.
    We eat out a lot, all kinds of restaurants, and I know good service, so if i receive crappy service [as a lot of waiters and waitress does] they get a crappy tip,

  77. 77

    How gross?

  78. 78

    Re: Oh la la – Those "bitches" didn't destroy his life. He is 100% responsible for everything that has happened to him.

  79. 79

    of course he did that. everyone is SO SURPRISED BY HIS BEHAVIOR LATELY - WHY????

  80. 80

    Re: MarleyRai – Actually… he is neither white or black… he is part black and part Asian. He is what people call bi-racial…

  81. 81

    Enough with Tiger already!
    8 of your 10 stories are about him.
    Everytime I check your site another 50 posts about Tiger with the same boring subject. Yes, he is a whore, we get it now.

  82. 82

    I knew he was a cheap ass, that is why all the women are selling their story, because they didn`t score anything with him, so now they are making some dough. Didn`t tip? Oh! Wait, he is half black !!!

  83. 83

    Re: veggie – AMEN!!!

  84. 84

    this is all bullshit.

  85. 85


  86. 86

    Ok, GOT to believe what she says…due to the fact that my co-workers and I have been bashing him since June when he stayed at our ATL downtown hotel for 2 weeks and NEVER left a tip for anyone (housekeeping, roomservice, concierge, valet or restaurant staff)…nothing for anyone AND was rude to staff during his stay. He deserves what he has coming, all I need to say…Karma is a bitch…

  87. itis says – reply to this


    I'm a food server in LA and word of bad tipping celebrities travels fast. I had heard that about TW being a bad/no tipper from more than one person who has been the sorry brunt of his rudeness. Payback is a b_t__ aint' it Tiger?!

  88. 88

    NO, the real "class act" is this fucking whore disclosing something like this…seriously, did you need to tell the world that all you were wearing was a pair of panties? This bitch needs to crawl back into the fucking hole she came from.
    And assuming that he did sleep with ALL of these women, do you seriously think his wife had NO clue? Not even a little bit? Pllleeease, you know she did, she knows where the money is coming from.

  89. 89

    This girl mama or daddy need to get a belt and whop her ass good. It's out their now you had an affair. There's no need to go into specific detail. She is a whore.

  90. 90

    Collectively, we're starting to look pathetic because off the time and attention we're giving this sad story. It's time to start looking away from Tiger Woods articles - it's not healthy.

  91. 91

    He is a fucking asshat for sure but these no good slut whores need to keep their big fat mouths SHUT. The all folded like a deck of cards when ANYONE waived cash in front of em. That makes them fucking HOOKERS. They are getting paid for having sex with Tiger. HOOKERS AND WHORES thats all they are NO GOOD HOOKERS AND WHORES at that. BITCHES

  92. 92

    Well, there goes my theory about the death of his father causing him to lose his mind and behave this way. Tiger, you're killin' me, man

  93. 93

    TW has fast become the biggest douchbag ever and Jamie Jungers reaks of whiskey trailer tango!

  94. 94

    Re: Sexsai – lmfao!

  95. 95

    Re: ei – Im sooooo happy Im not black!

  96. 96


  97. 97

    People who watch these sports are mainly men, and they don't care what these athletes do with their private parts. As long as they're not on a losing streak, they could care less. Men have justified adultery for millennia, using everything from religion to money, and now they're using evolution to explain why they can't keep it in their pants; explanations like, "I need to spread my seed," or, "Our closest relatives are chimpanzees and they aren't monogamous." That's why they justify Tiger Wood's extramarital affairs. I'm soo sick of it, and before you think I'm a scorned woman, I would have to tell you I'm not. Actually I'm gay, male, someone who has never been cheated on or has cheated, and someone who looks down on adultery.

  98. 98

    Re: _Revolver _ – Its not racist. Its true. I was a pizza delivery driver. No tips from black or hispanic people. Not even to the other drivers either. Its not racist.

  99. 99

    Yeah okay. It was fun while it lasted but he fucked whores. Big deal. It's getting old.

  100. 100

    Umm……if I were the server getting stiffed by Tiger Woods…I would be blabbing to every tabloid I could find about him wining and dining an escort.

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