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68 comments to “Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account!”

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    i like chris brown…. i think wat he did was wrong but everyone makes mistakes. but i definently dont agree w wat he did.

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  3. 3

    SMH. all I have to say. & I'm not talkin bout Breezy.

  4. 4

    Really? This is gossip?! Remember when you used to break stories, or out celebs like Neil Patrick Harris? Now you just reprint stuff from other sites. Come on, why even bother with the site if you aren't going to put up any freash stuff?

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  6. 6

    or you just made him cry too much, haha

  7. 7

    ok so yes, he made a mistake. it was a bad one and i would never wish what happened on anyone, but you make mistakes to learn from them. GET OFF HIS BACK! hes just trying to move on…GIVE HIM A BREAK

  8. 8

    I have mixed feeling about Chris Brown because he has good music, and hes a better performer than your beloved Rihanna. I hate to see him be outcasted like this because he beat up another celebrity. If it was a nobody he wouldnt be hated as much which doesnt make it ok, but its the truth. However I honestly dont believe that hes TRULY sorry for what he did, he is sorry but mostly for the fact that it possibly ruined his career.

  9. 9

    finally, no more wasteless talent, I've never liked Chris Brown since he first came out in the music scene, his career is over!

  10. 10

    He made a mistake, a very big one but he can learn from this!! Give him another chance and let him live his life!

  11. 11

    If nobody cares, why are you able to give us daily updates?!!

  12. 12

    u sound really stupid,lmao….whatever makes yourlife better i guess

  13. 13

    Chris Brown is a bully and an abusive person with anger problems….point blank!!!!

  14. 14

    I hope nobody buys his shitty music ever again. He sucks and should just crawl under a rock and stay there. That's just for sucking.
    For woman beating he should be anally raped by a gorilla.

  15. 15

    Leave him alone he did nothing to you…
    God forgives everyone don't you think
    you should too…

  16. 16

    now if only he'd delete himself the world would be a better place.

  17. 17

    I don't agree what chris did either? but everyone makes mistakes. At least he took responsibility for what he did. He is doing something about it. And still all you people are hatin him and puttin him down? At the end of the day he is really talented he can sing and dance. What is it you do for a living again? Make fun of celebs and talk about them in order to make money. Now thats what you call a great talent…

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  19. 19

    I was going to harass him today but then my fun was taken away, pretty much minutes beforehand

  20. 20

    It's so hard to take your medicine sometimes

  21. 21

    Got dammit. I was following him too. I loved reading his tweets. oh well..

  22. 22

    All right, enough already. Yes he's a douche, he did a horrible disgusting thing but move on already. Hopefully when you do something horrible (and you will) people will leave you alone after awhile. Old news… Next story

  23. 23

    Guess his handlers finally read what he wrote about his album being "blackballed".
    At least there's one smart person in his PR team…

  24. 24

    Hmm.. Wonder why he did that?

  25. 25

    Chris Brown is a nice guy leave him alone Perez!! seriously he hasn't done anything wrong to you. Chris made a mistake and he regrets it and we should forgive him

  26. MP says – reply to this


    Chris Brown handled the entire Rihanna incident poorly. I don't think it was his doing, I think he got very bad advice/directions from his staff around him. He should have apologized for his actions immediately and done the mea culpa thing. I think it's too little too late now.

  27. 27

    I like him and I think he is paying for his mistakes, he is young and has a lot to learn, like we all.
    I agree about closing the twiter account, give it a rest Chris,,,,You have lots of fans out there, stay strong…!!!

  28. 28

    Re: YoPaigey

    but he sucks!

  29. 29

    Truthfully, we STILL don't know exaclty what happened b/t these two. Having been in an abusive relationship I know there are actions that can be taken to provoke a situation to your liking. Let's all remember, Rhianna is not a martyr - she did not speak for herself nor help herself. SOMEONE ELSE CALLED FOR HELP! Had she not thrown the keys to the rental vehicle they were in, I believe she would have rode on home with him that night. DRUGS, ALCOHOL, MONEY, YOUTH = OUT OF CONTROL YOUNG ADULT COUPLE! Please remember there were two people involved and they are both at fault. This whole situation is sad - and trying to ruin someone's career b/c you fancy the other party is even sadder, Perez.

  30. 30

    i like chris brown his music is soo good i mean he made a mistake but its his life and he can change… rihanna's music sucks now and chris is making great music everyone should give him a second chance… everyone deservs it

  31. 31

    I don't agree with what he did but I'm getting sick and tired of this witch hunt after Chris Brown… what does he have to do? kill himself? before someone will cut a some slack?… He's a kid for fucksake…. he screwed up bad and hopefully he's learned from his horrible mistake….. SHUT UP ABOUT HIIM ALREADY you are just as abusive Perez only verbally!!!

  32. REMO says – reply to this


    wow Perex, what the fuck are you gonna read now while your taking a meth shit and making the wallpaper peel?

  33. 33

    *in the voice of crank yankers*


    now if only this douche-4-brains would do the world a favor & 'delete' his 'life' account, this world would be a better place.

    *& 2 the chris-jock-strap-peanuts-gallery*

    cruel-schmuel! women-beaters should suck grave-yard dirt & yes, i AM pms-ing, and yes i WAS put in the closet as a child…so THERE!


  34. 34

    perez you're making it hard to come on here nowadays. its the same stories over and over and over. we get it. you don't like Chris Brown and you won't ever like him or give him another chance (unlike Isaiah Washington after you went on a tirade of your own…still not forgotten btw…) and now you won't stop reporting about Tiger Woods. is adultery ok? you don't hate him. and we only read one post about that guy from C.S.I. Miami. is it because his gf is not famous? hoe fair. your site is getting pretty pointless to come to…

  35. 35

    90% of Tweets are "mindless drivel", not just Chris Brown's, Perez.

  36. 36

    Re: PrinceD – omg thank you

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  38. 38

    Re: tigrrrlilly – Agreed, but can I still keep "Forever" on my iTunes? It makes me think of that funny youtube wedding video.

  39. 39

    I care about him! Good luck Chris!! Love you!!! He deserves a second chance…love love love love you Chris Breezy….You still have real fans!! Don't worry about those dumbasses who can't seem to let go…who have nothing to do with your personal life…who have no idea what's going on in your life… Keep your head up

  40. 40

    Re: DJ47Ccs – Please, career over, I think not. He actually has TALENT! More than I can say for Rihanna.

  41. 41

    Re: tigrrrlilly – What an ignorant statement. Suicide in not funny.

  42. 42

    Very well stated, Badsunauto (#29). Is Chris wrong for what he did? Yes. Is he young? Yes. Have 19-year-olds reached full brain maturity? No. Research indicates that individual’s brains do not reach full maturity until their mid-20s. Most kids that age don’t see much past the moment, let alone consequences for their actions. Am I condoning what he did? No, simply stating facts. We don’t know exactly what transpired between the two, but I feel it is safe to say that Rihanna wasn’t as innocent as she is being portrayed. Instigating and provoking someone will certainly get you a response. Youth dictates that response will not always be a good one - reminds me of the saying, “Don’t play with the bull if you can’t take the horns.” Now for Chris’s anger . . . think back to when you were that age and made a big mistake that no one let you forget on a daily basis. I’m sure in his mind he is doing all he can to rectify his bad image and move on, but nothing he does is good enough. Of course he’d be angry about that, wouldn’t you?

  43. 43

    Re: PrinceD – Well said!

  44. 44

    God! Can you please stop hating Perez!!

  45. Coko says – reply to this


    I believe everyone has a right to feel the way they want to feel… But really Im tired of the Chris Brown/Tiger Woods bashing. They bleed just like everyone else the things that they have done are WRONG but what the media has done to these people is also WRONG. But how many mistakes have we made as people and how many of those mistakes are televised? And if they were how the hell would we feel?

  46. 46

    Good. Chris Brown is an asshole.

  47. 47

    HE'S 20 YEARS OLD… GIVE THE KID A FUCKING BREAK… and its funny u say u were getting tired…. THEN DONT LOOK AT HIS SHIT… ASSHOLE… team CB!

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  49. 49

    leave him alone!.

  50. 50

    he will forever be the most loserish person alive. his true colors came out thru those dumbass tweets. asshole has no talent.

  51. 51

    good riddance to bad rubbish

  52. 52

    Re: darionbaby! – how many stupid mistakes does this douche have to make over and over again?

  53. 53

    Re: brittw846 – if he was trying to move on he wouldn't keep acting like such an angry childish fool.

  54. 54

    Re: Perez_Douche – the point is he keeps on making immature choices and does them out in public on purpose. either he has a mental problem or is on drugs. something ain't right with this boy.

  55. 55

    Yeah enough with hating on Chris Brown. He can't undo anything, people make mistakes, move on and either show him some respect or just ignore him, but to continue to say ugly shit about him is getting old.

  56. 56

    YOU SUCK, PEREZ! I can't wait until you get socked in the face again.

  57. 57

    Re: DJ47Ccs – "wasteless talent"? wtf does that even mean?

  58. 58

    ok, yeah chris brown beat up or got in a fight with RiRi. At least he didn't molest children for years and years. But no, we can look at 50-something MJ and say his personal life doesn't matter, he is an icon, then look at 20-year-old chris and judge? does it make sense to you?
    leave the kid alone, yeah it sounds like he has problems, looks like RiRi's got problems too. Some people are volatile.
    But what right do you have to be so hateful?

  59. 59

    Oh Shut up Perez!!! His career is NOT dead and there are plenty more people who care about HIM than they do YOU. So STFU!!!

  60. 60

    Re: supersongbird – So who gets to analy rape Riri for also beating on him during their relationship? Hmm…goes both ways dipshit.

  61. 61

    Re: MyOpinionOnly – i don't like either, but i agree, she beat him too and gets away with it. not cool.

  62. 62

    Chris should beat you down with his dick!

    I bet you would love that.

  63. 63

    I think that It was really wrong what he did! but who are you or anyone to condemn him? what makes you better than he? have you never did anything wrong in your life? Those without Sin may throw the first stone, trust me none of us would be able to. Everyone makes mistakes! I honestly wish him the best in his career and hope that he really has learned from all this.

  64. 64

    listen we all make mistakes and yea cb made a huge one but u got to lok at it like this i bet like 1 out of 100 of u probably did domestic abuse so stop talking like everyone is not perfect and i still love cb u guys are acting like 2 years old cuz keep cmnting on same stuff that happen in february like he has amazing music grest dance moves and he alot better then rihanna who is acting like she so innocent like if u she would have drop the issue and didnt take the keys out the rental car then we wouldnt even have started this mess. chris was raise around domestic abuse so that what e saw that what he did i not saying it right but he made a mistake let it go cuz u are no better but i gurantee u that if the person was not famous it wouldnt be that big of a deal. perez u are a hopless person still talking about chris like go get a life and stop being such a drama queen and go get a job not a one that blogging 24/7

  65. 65

    Perez better watch out before Chris Brown pulls a Will.I.Am on him and gets a Beat-Him-Down

  66. 66

    He's barely 20 everyone makes mistakes….leave him alone he said sorry many of times ,but that just won't shut you up. He'll probably make it to heaven ,and you on the other hand is GAY ,makes fun of celebrities who have it bad where do you think you'll end up???

  67. 67

    i like chris brown!

  68. 68

    Celebrities are expendable. All the folks who say "oh i like Chris Brown, please forgive him" are really saying - it is okay for famous people to beat women, so i guess it is okay for everyone to beat women. If everyone stops buying his records, shuns the products he endorses and ignores him in general, then Cels will think long and hard before they beat the women they hang with.