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A Hard Act To Follow!

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Just how we like our billboards: inventive and offensive! Pure genius!

This Christmas, folks in New Zealand were prompted to ponder their religion a little farther outside the Bible than they were used to. A billboard, erected by the church itself, finds Joseph lying in bed with his wife Mary, with the heading "God is a hard act to follow" looming above him.

Hilarious and thought provoking! We love it!

As expected, many members of the parish were not so open-minded about the message, claiming it was "sacrilege" and inappropriate. It only took four hours for someone to come along and deface the the billboard in a fury.

The church vicar, Archdeacon Glynn Cardy, stands by his decision to have the billboard created, as he described his church as having very liberal ideas about Christianity.

We think we'd love to hear a sermon from this guy! Seems to us like he's got some good ideas!

And for the haters, let's get real. You don't think Joseph ever got busy with Mary? She was his wife after all and he was a MAN! Just because the Bible leaves that tidbit out doesn't mean it didn't happen!

Expand your mind people!

[Image via AP Images.]

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240 comments to “A Hard Act To Follow!”

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  1. NOT says – reply to this


    Soo, you get upset about an answer that Ms. California (?) saids about gays..And You PRAISE this (picture)? I guess you don't mind going to hell for either one of those–GAY and making fun of Christianity! I hope you burn in HELL. How you like those apples! There is a special place for Pansies like you.

  2. 102

    If I lived in that city. I would definetley tear that down and destroy it. Hope you have fun in hell.

  3. 103

    Re: Stephanie1968 – Want to know what's REALLY absolutely mind boggling? That you don't think it happened. So one day a star exploded and created all of this?
    It's gonna be great when it's judgement day and you realize the mistake you made in not believing.

  4. 104

    Expand my mind?
    I have a pretty open mind and THIS is just offensive. I'm disgusted. Our world as truly gone to hell.

  5. Kania says – reply to this


    Hahahahaha Joeseph got sloppy seconds!

  6. 106

    Re: Moonflower26 – Exactly.

  7. 107

    Re: Rebeccagrace11 – Love your icon :) .

  8. 108

    I live in NZld and I find it increasingly bizarre how much stuff from here gets put about the interwebs and how much kerfuffle it inspires!
    We're pretty fucking godless down here and have broken our religious right to such an extent (yay!) that the best they can do when faced with this shiz is whack a bit of spray paint on it. We had like, two old guys with handmade signs protesting and no one else gave a rats arse. Now THATs a hard act to follow. I love New Zealand.

  9. 109

    Perez - you are a simple minded fool who thinks he is so enlighted to get this.
    You could not be more wrong.

  10. 110

    Re: Womaniser – I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. 111

    Re: PervertRe: Southern belle 12 – Goodness, you people have issues!! Get your noses out of your bible and get a life… a real one!!!
    Re: AlexaKylee – The only mind-boggling thing here are deluded people like you who believe in creation. "So one day a star exploded and created all of this?" Jesus H. Fucking Christ, pick up a science book and educate yourself. No wonder you don't believe in the Big Bang, you don't have the faintest idea what it really is! Quit wasting the only life you have working towards a non-existent heaven and do something useful with your life! There is no judgement day, you'll see… oh wait, no, you won't see anything because you'll just be… dead. But if you'd rather be miserable, fine; but leave decent, educated people like Stephanie1968 alone!

  12. 112

    Well this one sure brought the wingnuts out of the woodwork.

  13. 113

    It states in the Bible that they had other kids Perez. Maybe you should expand your mind and get educated.

  14. 114

    Re: Kania – lol my thoughts exactly. He got sloppy seconds and she obviously got a loser in bed… Sucks for her and sucks double for him lol There you have it: religion makes people miserable!
    Re: kellyjelly – Me too! I've never been to your lovely country but I'm liking it already! I gotta make that long ass trip, seems like it's worth it. Americans could learn a great deal from y'all :)

  15. 115

    HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious!
    wait until the right-wing lunatic American christians get wind of this :D
    and they thought adam lambert was destroying society… now they have a new enemy– the liberal new zealanders. lol lol
    just watch, fox news will milk this for a month.

  16. 116

    Re: kategirl0226 – - Thanks for realizing what nobody else did. Yeah totally offensive to say that god had sex with Mary. And as somebody else said why is it cool to make fun of Christianity and its offensive and wrong to say anything about any other religion?! I am a christian, but am open minded and would never attack anyone else's belief's so why is it ok to attack mine?

  17. 117

    Re: AlexaKylee – Well I find an exploding star a lot easier to comprehend and believe than "god" making Adam, who then gives "Eve" a rib to create HER and they wind up in the garden of eden with a talking snake! And they are the originators of the human race? Please. We are evolved from creatures in pond water into what we are today. We created ourselves and evolved into what we are today and guess what? We are not DONE evolving, either.

  18. 118

    Re: AlexaKylee – It's gonna be great when it's judgement day and you realize the mistake you made in not believing.

    Wow and you call yourself a christian? You think its "gonna be great" when judgement day gets here and I realize the mistake I made? I am guessing that means you think its going to be great that I will be sent to hell for all eternity to burn and be tortured and suffer? Wow. I thought christians were supposed act in the image of gentle Jesus. Cant imagine Jesus thinking that someone suffering in hell is "great".

  19. 119

    Re: Angus8 – I agree! Perez=Satan

  20. 120

    "And for the haters, let's get real. You don't think Joseph ever got busy with Mary? She was his wife after all and he was a MAN! Just because the Bible leaves that tidbit out doesn't mean it didn't happen!"

    You are the idiot! Mary saved herself until Jesus was born, they didn't do it, hence to show the power what God can do! It's stated very clearly there. And for the ridiculous comments about Jesus having siblings:

    "One has to question the agenda of those fundamentalists who try to translate the meaning of "brothers" literally, in light of the language issues of the times; which usage can also mean followers of Christ, as well as brothers and sisters in the Heavenly family sense, in the much larger scope. The language is fraught with similar problems, such as Mary of Cleophas being identified as Mary's "sister", when they had no language at the time for "sister-in-law", which was the actual relationship, as she was married to Joseph's brother, Cleophas. " -WikiAnswers. Although this is one's opinion, it makes total sense!

    Use your brains!

  21. 121


  22. 122

    I agree with kategirl0226. The part that is offensive is that it implies that Mary and God had sex. Mary and Joseph should have and I'm sure did.

  23. 123

    and yeah we all now they did….but why are you going to put a fucking billboar it is innapropriet perez whe dont give a fuck about your atheist point of views okay bitch

  24. 124

    I am an educated and open minded Catholic, but this is friggen ridiculous.

    First of all, stop declaring who is and isn't going to hell. Last I checked, we don't get to decide that.

    Second of all, Our Lady is eternally a virgin. Catholic doctrine dictates that she was conceieved without sin, and then lived chastely with Joseph after Jesus's birth. Also, to clarify, Catholics don't raise Mary to divine heights, we honour her as the creature of highest grace. We do not pray to Mary as we do Jesus, we ask for her intercession. That is abundantly clear via a quick Google search.

    Anyone who has studied biblical languages is aware that there was no Aramaic word for cousin, so when the bible was written into Greek, the closest word cousin the bible writers could use was brothers and sisters. There is significant evidence that Jesus has cousins (John the Baptist ring any bells?), so those saying "oh, but Jesus had brothers and sisters'" need to actually study their faith before mouthing off.

  25. 125

    I don't understand why this is offensive. They were husband and wife!

  26. 126

    I love this billboard and the person who put it up has a great sense of humor. Many people simply do not believe in supernatural beings with supernatural powers.

    The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father and born from a virgin mother can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Yeah. Makes perfect sense.

  27. 127

    Perez, if you want Christians to be respectful of you and your beliefs then you should at least pay them the same courtesy.
    At least don't comment about something you don't understand. As many people have already said, Christians are upset because the billboard implies that Mary had sex with God, not that she had sex with Joseph.

    Personally I think the billboard is great…it's certainly gotten people to talk about Christianity, and I'm sure that Church will be packed on Sunday.

  28. 128

    Re: Ze German – Why, Thank You, Friend :) Very nice of you to come to my defense. Oh and "Judgement Day"?? All the dead people will be brought back to life?? Thats a lot of people and a lot of work. What are '"god" and Jesus doing up there all this time to prepare for the tremendous job ahead of them? Studying "Resurrecting the Dead for Dummies"?

  29. 129

    You wouldn't know the first thing about expanding your mind.

  30. 130

    Re: Stephanie1968 – You will see someday.

  31. 131

    Read the Apocrypha, you idiot. Before you make comments like "open your minds, people" it would probably behoove you to read up on Catholicism a bit more before you walk around telling people to "open their minds." I am not Catholic. I am a History Major. In our required readings were the Bible and the Apocrypha (I'm not going to explain that to you as a man of your wisdom surely knows what it is). There are many teachings that Mary came from a long line of noble women, "clean women," and that's part of why God chose her. There is also some hints that neither Mary nor Joseph wanted to have more children, but wanted to devote their lives to God, so it was a good match. Joseph's marriage to Mary was his second, and he was quite a bit older than she. And please don't give me that " But he had a brother " comment. Translated from ancient Hebrew, "brother" also applies to cousin. Please stop hating the one thing left that's okay to make fun of: Christians.

  32. 132

    I walk past this sign everyday… St Mathews in the city is a very liberal church..

  33. 133

    Re: kategirl0226 – No, you're not. Joseph's first wife died young. So he already had children when he married Mary, The reference in the bible to Mary's son, as I said earlier, "son" translated in ancinet Hebrew, also means "cousin."

  34. 134

    Re: AngelaVictoria – I agree. They could have at least made them light olive-coloured.

  35. 135

    One last (very important) thing: Would you have posted a similar picture if it was about the Koran? Yeah, didn't think so.

  36. 136

    Re: Genghis Khan – Do your homework on Mary's lineage before you renounce her.

  37. 137

    It's not that Mary didn't have sex with Joseph, you're right they were married, but the implication that Mary had sexual intercourse with God in the traditional sense. That they made love.

    I'm not religious in any way, but I can see why some folk might find this offensive - which is why it's on your blog in the first play, duhhhh.

  38. 138

    ha! i live in NZ and i saw this today coming home from work! thought it was pretty hilarious really

  39. 139



  40. 140

    Yeah they had more kids the "normal" way but they weren't gonna live up to JESUS! Hahahahaha, love it love it love it.

  41. 141

    Absolutely brilliant! lol.


  42. 142

    Jesus definitely had siblings. I believe one that is named, is James.

  43. 143

    Anything spoof about any religion is welcomed. The crap of lies that religion spews out , creating the majority of the World's problems is astounding! Chistianity, Islam & Judaism are the main Culprits(not to mention some wacky offshoots)

  44. 144

    Fucking get over it! Its funny, it's not offensive I live in NZ and i see this stuff all the time, if you think its so offensive then don't look at it

  45. 145

    you need to respect peoples religions. If this was a hindu or islamic billboard that could cause offense you wouldn't say anything. Everyone thinks they can just mock Christianity !!!!!!

  46. 146

    Re: R1pp3r – actually when it refers to Jesus' brothers and sister, it means his cousins and close friends

  47. 147

    Isn't it reasonable and common sense to think a wife had an affair, got pregnant and had to invent a story to avoid husband's wrath? Sure is a miracle the entire religion might have been invented from a lying wife.

  48. 148

    thats hilarious XD
    And the peeps who said Mary never had sex, yeah she didnt before jesus was born. After that Jesus had brothers and sisters so they clearly did. Read your bibles lmfao

  49. 149

    Re: AlexaKylee – Thank you! It's a very important and sacred place to me. Are you Mormon too?

    I'm glad to see there are Christians here who are defending our faith. It's nice to see. :)

  50. 150

    i find the billboard fairly amusing and somewhat clever. it's doesn't offend me at all…but, regardless of how you or i feel, other people have a right to their opinion and they're allowed to be offended. perez, where do YOU get off telling other people to change their relgious views and beliefs…sounds to me like YOU are the one who needs to exand his mind and respect that other people have different views from you and whether you beleive in them or not doesn't make them right or wrong. YOU ARE SUCH A HYPOCRITE!!

  51. 151

    i though mary had a baby with jesus … confusssedzelled.com cx

  52. 152

    I got married in this church this year and it is one of the most uplifting and open minded churches. Good on them for trying to put a little humor into boring old Religion….. go you kiwis

  53. 153

    The Bible doesn't leave that "tidbit out" If you ever read the BIble, you'd know that Jesus had several brothers and several sisters. While were on the subject, just because you're gay and the Bible is clear about same sex relationships, doesn't mean you should hate on God… you're still one of His kids, He still loves you. If I were you, I'd be more concerned with being a gossip monger for a living than being gay.

  54. 154

    I'm so sorry, maybe some people find it funny, but I'm roman catholic and it makes me angry. And if a catholic protests against this, he would get shit for it. If it was about gays, Perez you would say: "WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!"
    Please leave out every kind of religions out of your stupid blogs!

  55. 155

    haha that was in the news here in NZ lol . that news was like 2 days ago ! lol

  56. 156

    Genius? Can you set your bar for perfection any lower? The only way is up from here Perez, lol. You're scraping the bottom of the barrel and digging.

    Einstein = Genius. Crap that doesn't even have a modicum of intelligence? Not Genius. Raise your standards Perez, you're embarrassing us all.

  57. Lori says – reply to this


    Abstinance. Works 99.9999% of the time.

  58. 158

    as a non believer I think that you are all mad.

  59. 159

    people don't really follow the old testament anymore and are pretty aware that mary and Joe Joe hooked up..but I think this is a little tacky. It's like everything's being channeled through sex…..Like you can only reach people mentally through sexual content is what I think is narrow minded.

  60. 160

    Excuse me Perez, Barb, whatever moron blogged this one. What's up with the "haters … Joseph get busy" line? Who the fuck are you to push religious beliefs to ANYONE? Your religion is the Church of the Almighty Famewhore. Burn in hell.

  61. 161

    Re: Stephanie1968 – I feel sad for you.

  62. 162

    Bad bad this article is all around bad.Get a life perez.

  63. 163

    Re: marberry – no he wasn't. Jesus was the son of GOD. Yikes.

  64. 164

    Re: Southern belle 12 – he had brothers. Read your Bible before you start ranting.

  65. 165

    This is terrible and offensive. Check your facts, Perez, Joseph and Mary DID have children after Jesus. Fucking douchebag idiot.

  66. 166

    OMG , pure sacrilege indeed! it's a shame how people have become…

  67. 167

    You all are cynical and too cool for your own good. That billboard sucks, if it was about Obama, everyone on here would be flaming it down. Your pseudo-intellectualism doesn't impress me and it doesn't hide the fact that you have to be pretty empty inside to be so cynical. Perez, I'm breaking up with you, I have loved you for a long time, but between this, your misogyny, and your straight hate, I'm done with you, and all your band of pre-teen angsty posters as well.

  68. 168

    LOVE THE BILLBOARD! And they did have more children…so it's pretty obvious they all weren't conceived by a virgin!

  69. 169

    Re: diggitydoggg – Dont feel sad for me. You feel sad for yourself.

  70. 170

    Re: kategirl0226 – Exactly!! The offensive part is implying that God and Mary had sex…. not that she and Joseph did!!

  71. JoeyW says – reply to this


    So you expect us non gays to respect and fight for your equal rights yet you bash religion? Fuck off Perez, burn in hell!

  72. 172

    Perez you fat fuck. Before you claim that Jesus didn't have any siblings, try reading the Bible first before you make that claim. Fucking idiot, why you have a blog still astounds me, and why i am still here reading your bullshit, is crazy.

  73. 173

    For all the people on this thing saying "Religious people are just idiots! This isn't even a sacriligious post! It doesn't say 'I hate God!'" First of all, nothing offensive ever has to be explicitly stated in order to be offensive. If I took a picture of a black person and photoshopped watermelons, food stamps, porch monkey's, drugs and stolen items into the picture, obviously I'm implying something. This picture is implying that God had sex with Mary, which is horribly humanizing the God who we are supposed to consider completely set apart from us. All the feel-good liberals want to be open-minded regarding religion, but I know for a fact if God were standing before this billboard, he wouldn't laugh. This is another liberalistic attempt at de-valuing anything even slightly sacred to cater it to what's convenient for them. If being a closed-minded prick means that I am giving total respect to God, then I'll take that anyday.

  74. 174

    I can't believe the atrocious ways many are speaking of our Savior, Mary, Joseph and God himself…..shame on you……

  75. 175

    the best thing you can do for a non-believer is pray for them……..it's up to God what will happen with them, only He can forgive them……..

  76. 176

    I guess you didnt get it - I think the offensive idea they are portaying is not that Mary and Joseph had biblical marital relations, but that his bedroom skills didnt compare to Gods shills when he "impregnated" her. I would say that is way more than being "open-minded" That is absolutely scareligious and I would be fearful of the repercussions of such a thought. What kills me is that if any Christian ever insults another religion we ar considered close minded biggots — but yet every other religion or "non-religion" tends to be the biggest hypocrites in the matter because they make a full-time job out of discriminating toward Christianity.

  77. 177

    lol this is funny

  78. 178

    Um. In the bible, doesn't Jesus have brothers and sisters? Have you even read the bible? And why would the bible need to EXPLAIN how his siblings came to pass? It's not an instruction manuel.


  79. 179

    And don't forget by definition God was a dead beat dad. Remember he got Mary pregnant, and got another man to raise his child. And he took credit for everything. No child support, no financial backing, birthday cards every once in a while. It's not like he couldn't afford it I mean, it's not like he was this super powered being that can do anything and everything. Oh my dead beat God(OMDBG)

  80. 180

    Re: Southern belle 12 – I'm getting really sick of so-called "Christians" who don't know what they're talking about. She's called the Virgin Mary because she was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus. She and Joseph did have other children; some of their names were Joseph, James, Judas, and Simon. The Greek word for brother is used in connection with each of these. Go back and reread the Gospels before you make the rest of us look like idiots.

  81. 181

    Um no.

  82. 182

    Re: Genghis Khan – ..AMEN TO THAT!!!

  83. 183

    this is jus wrong!

  84. 184

    If that was a billboard with a picture of Adam and Eve with the headline, "Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve" you'd be throwing a shit fit about the hate and anti-gay message. You wouldn't want to "expand your mind." Christians aren't "stuck up people" we just don't appreciate God being depicted as a sexual deviant, we all are aware that Joseph and Mary were intimate, God and Mary, however, were not, which is what this implies. THAT is what bothers us, you disgraceful sinner.

  85. 185

    What's really offensive about the billboard is how stupid it is. What do you mean, Perez, by "expand your minds"? How is the statement on the billboard in any way thought provoking? It's simply another crass, shallow attempt at publicity by insulting people.

  86. 186

    Re: clarkst2

    Shut the Fuck up! Truth be told about this bible you speak of. If hollywood was to make modernized movies based upon the stories from the bible, do you know how many of you bible thumpers would not go see the movie? The bible should be rated NC17 and if it were made a video game it would berated MA. The bible has some of the most despicable acts of cruelty and such. There is rape, abortions, gay sex, orgies, murder, incist, pedophilia, sodomy, beastiality, torture, kidnapping, slavery, domestic abuse, senseless killing, contractual hits by God, corruption, black mail, racial slurrs, etc. And that's all in the Old Testament. So this billboard was funny in contrast to what you tight ass bible thumpers think.

  87. 187

    First, lets clean up the language here. Secondly, this is just another attempt to make fun of Christianity and it is disgusting. They had sex- so??

  88. 188

    To clarify…
    The term immaculate conception means that Mary was pure without original sin and has nothing to do with sex.
    But yes, traditionally it is believed that Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus.
    Some more liberal Christians today don't believe that she was a virgin, just that Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit and not Joseph (and some even more liberals not even that). Personally I am more traditional in my biblical views but I respect others' opinions on that.
    As for Mary remaining a virgin her whole life? Roman Catholics do teach that but not any other of the big Christian religions that I know of. I am a Lutheran and believe that Mary and Joseph went on to have a normal relationship and other children. Catholics teach that the brothers of Jesus talked about in the bible are really cousins/other kin. To me sex shouldn't be dirty and Mary as a sexual being is more relatable, but to each his own.
    Remember people…there are many Christians out there, many open minded (I was very proud of my church's vote on human sexuality)…not all Christians have the same views on social issues or even biblical issues. We just believe that Jesus is our Savior.

  89. 189

    Re: AnnInWonderland – and so will you.

  90. 190

    Re: Ze German – Re: XvTheTruthvX – lol and you prove that by caring enough to reply to my comment. Well done!

    LMAO!! Good one Ze!!!!!

  91. 191

    Perez, read the bible, Joseph and Mary had other children. It's specifically addressed in the bible…for someone thats so "tolerant" you sure are intolerant.

  92. 192

    the bible is just a bunch of stories for people who need something to believe in. yea, i said it. it contradicts itself endlessly, its not even written by jesus, but by jesus' buddies, go out and do some good in the world (and i dont mean by oppressing people or taking their rights away). yes, jesus walked the earth, yes he was the son of joseph and mary, yes he was married to mary magdeline, yes he was crucified like many, many others. anyone who believes in magical angels sent from an all-knowing being in the sky needs to wake up. sorry, but if you want to believe in something, believe in YOURSELF, and DO something!

  93. 193

    Re: AlexaKylee – AlexaKylee, Judgement Day, you say? You mean the day when "god" brings back to life every person that died since the beginning of time? Even the ones cremated? He is going to show up here and all the dead people in the world are going to pop out of their graves and come BACK to life? And he does this, why? To determine if you go to "heaven" or "hell"? Well, wasnt that already decided when they died? I thought all the dead peoples souls were already IN heaven or hell when they died?? Please, now really, explain this to me…….

  94. 194

    Re: McBrooke – um so you're admitting the many translations of the bible have totally altered its meaning over the years? and THAT'S what you base your faith on? totally mind-boggling to me!

  95. 195

    Re: GuessWhoSD – Actually Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Jewish…. So P is hating on Christians AND Jews.

  96. 196

    Re: ShoeWhore – How fucking dumb do you have to be to believe that you can actually get pregnant from touching a cumrag or bathing in used bathwater? I'm sorry, was that you implying that believers in the virgin birth are stupid?

  97. 197

    You mean, Joseph and Mary…HAD SEX?!?! That's not "thought-provoking," moron; it's common sense. How else could they have had other kids? It's just a thing about virgin births — they're not exactly miraculous if they happen all the time.

  98. 198

    Hahaha, I'm a Christian and I think this is pretty clever! BTW MARIO, Christians are well aware that Joseph and Mary had sex since the Bible specifically says they had MANY children together…try reading it for once for accuracy before you start making stuff up

  99. 199

    How would you feel if someone mocked your beliefs? Oh wait, you'd make videos and talk about it and not rest till something is done. How could you just expect people to respect your beliefs and not respect others. If I were you I'd become more tolerant, you're not getting any younger, and I'm sure there's a place for you in hell Perez. :)

  100. 200

    Re: Canadian_Chika – For now

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