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Rage Killing In The Name Of Simon's Humiliation!

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They may not have a Christmas album coming out, but that won't stop Rage Against The Machine from dominating the UK music charts this holiday season!

In order to stop Simon Cowell's X Factor artists from hitting #1 with their Christmas tracks, the rockers are urging fans to download their 1992 hit, Killing In the Name.

"Fed up of Simon Cowell's latest karaoke act being Christmas No 1? Me too… So who's up for a mass-purchase of the track Killing In The Name as a protest to the X Factor monotony?" touted the Facebook group spearheading Rage's campaign.

And Simon isn't happy! He calls the bid to outsell him "stupid" and "cynical," yet fans claim the group has been pulled off Facebook in an attempt to defeat their mission.

"I think it was sabotage!" said an fan. "Cowell is threatened by the group as he has made loads of remarks about it already."

Rage Against the Machine has been barely inching by X Factor winner Joe McElderry's Miley Cyrus cover, but he is expected to get a surge of downloads as the holidays draw near.

The band's guitarist, Tom Morello, is beginning to get desperate!

He Tweeted:

"Rage's Killing in the Name & the X-Factor's goofy Christmas single are neck and neck for num one spot on UK chart. England! Now is your time."

Who do U think will come out on top?!

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64 comments to “Rage Killing In The Name Of Simon's Humiliation!”

  1. 1

    I live in the UK and this is all anyone has been able to talk about for months and i can't believe its actually happening. Fair do's! I hope they make it to #1.

  2. 2

    So they're just making a bunch of money off old material. Write some new music Rage!!!

  3. 3

    Who cares? I'm not getting of that money they earn. I don't want to hear either or.

  4. 4

    GO RAGE!!!…. i wish i could help in this mission… while i already have the song, i would figure out a way to buy it again if i lived in england

  5. 5

    wow!!! these guys r really trying hard!! desperate maybe???? go joe!!!!! watched u all the way through and although i couldn't vote was rooting for u all the way from auditions!!!! JOE JOE JOE!!!! he WILL win!!

  6. 6

    I'm soo sick of X factor No.1s! They always play at christmas instead of real christmas songs. Also Joe's version of The Climb is not as good as Miley's.

  7. 7

    Too bad Rage Against the Machine sucks harcore. I just bought two copies of the X Factor Single. Suck it.

  8. 8

    it wasn't rage that started the campaign, they just support it! Alongside a bunch of other famous and non famous people! And before anyone says they're both on sony… everyone is aware of that!!

    It would be nice to hear a song at number one that wasn't already released in the last 6 months!

  9. 9

    I'm tired of that twat Simon and all the plastic corporate product he is responsible for.

  10. 10

    Sounds like a bunch of bitter betty's to me and a way for them to make money. Oh, look at us, trying to stand up to the man, now go download our music.

  11. 11

    as of yesterday it was 165,000 copies of rage against the machine and 110,000 of xfactor winner sold since sunday. Hopefully rage will win:)

  12. dd says – reply to this


    Why? And why that song?

  13. 13

    GO RATM!

  14. 14

    Simons latest karaoke act

  15. 15

    Oh, and the campaign has raised over £40,000 for charity, unlike the x factor one!

  16. 16

    I stop being impressed with RATM's politcis after I moved on from my freshman yuear in college. How is this not an effort to line their own pockets with cash during the holiday season? How is trite left-wing moaning any better that Cowell's corporate pop?

  17. 17

    I like rage's music, they are for the most part righteous politcal for the sake of being political assholes. I guess since they haven't been relevant for the past 10 years they had to do something. Unfortunately its pointless and meaningless.

  18. 18

    England? No it should be UK it's the UK number one you want. I think I'd rather give my money to Simon Cowell instead of those idiots.

  19. 19

    Re: tj12302 – You bothered to reply to this so obviously YOU DO care.

  20. 20

    If he included Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland, maybe he'd get more support.

  21. 21

    Really Rage?? I mean, how long was I asleep, because clearly overnight all the world's problems were solved if this is the biggest thing you have to rally people against.

  22. 22

    I'm rooting for Rage from my humble abode in California. I am so over all of the Idol/X Factor competition finalists on music list. It has proven to be a good vehicle for the average person with talent to have another shot at a career in music. However, it is far too pervasive for my taste. It is not like some of the winners aren't talented. It is just the format appears a little too manufactured. For what its worth, there is not one winner that has managed to maintain my interest beyond one or two releases

  23. 23

    Re: BeauceronRe: GraphXGrrlRe: LisaL79 – It wasn't RATM's idea, other than bringing the song out 17yrs ago they originally had nothing to do with the campaign. They are just helping promote it, they were totally shocked at first. Through the campaign a hell of a lot of money has been raised for Shelter, a homeless charity in the UK and actually RATM are going to donate quite a large amount of their profits to charities that help young people in the UK with music. It's not about money and profits. Rage have made considerable charitable contributions over the years. I hope they get to no1 and wipe the smug face off bloody Simon Cowell.

  24. 24

    RATM said they were donating the earnings from these sales to a UK Youth Music group.

  25. 25

    Perez, Rage Against The Machine had NOTHING and I mean NOTHING to do with starting this. It was just a RATM fan who started it on his own and made it something huge, word got back to RATM and thats how they know about it. They had NOTHING AT ALL to do with it. So stop acting like they're desperate for it. You just want Joe to get it cause hes a 17 year old kid and you fancy him.

  26. 26

    Re: SamiaQ – actually Rage are giving all their profits to charity.

  27. 27

    Anyone can do a cover but to WRITE your own music and lyrics is another thing. THAT is true music. And RATM are giving all of their money from the sales to charity… so yeah.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: GraphXGrrl – The proceeds from RATM are all going to Shelter, a charity that provides for the homeless. So far I think it's raised about 50,000 pounds. Surely a worthy cause?

  30. mooji says – reply to this


    Perez - you're an idiot. This isnt a RATM campaign, it's a grassroots campaign that RATM only just found out about. And it's raised over £40,000 for a homeless charity called Shelter.
    Jeez - I know you rip most of your "news" from other blogs, but this is reported on the BBC! GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!

  31. Sofa says – reply to this


    RATM didn't start the campaign but it was funny when they appeared live on BBC radio this morning. Promising not to swear they launched into the 'F U I won't do what you tell me' they got about thirty seconds in before faded. Hilarious, I'm buying Rage 29p on Amazon. And all the RATM profits go to charity, Tom Morrello has stated on several occasions.
    Please PPL deny the Cowell!!

  32. 32

    ha ha, good old Rage. love those guys. their music is a million times better than any of that canned shit Cowell pumps out.

  33. 33

    Re: bewildering – - err, the x factor charity single made alot more than that for great ormond st hospital for children, and disabled soldiers last year. x factor has done a lot more good than RATM!!

  34. 34

    Re: Beauceron – get your facts right: Cowell=profiteer. RATM: they are giving 100% of their UK sales to a UK charity called YouthMusic. The campaign itself is supporting another UK charity called Shelter, and UK fans have donated en masse.

    How much is Cowell giving? Nada, zilch, F*** all!

  35. 35

    im in the uk. but it wont happen, they tried this last year, the orginal artist of the chosen song got people to download his verision to stop the winner getting the number 1. but alexandra (2008 winner) smashed him to peices, her song becoming the biggest selling single of the year. and joe is by far better, i wanted stacey to win, but you can not deny him, he will take the music industry by storm

  36. 36

    JOE FOR NUMBER ONE ! hes worked so hard and deserves the number one spot! Rage against the machine had there chance 10 odd years ago :) joe is sooo sweet and his voice is amazing :) give him a chance people :)

  37. 37

    i just wanted to say, he's wearing a cubs hat :)

  38. 38

    I LOVE it!!! I HATE Simon & LOVE Rage!!! That'd be AMAZING if they beat him out!!! I already have the album, but if I could download it and HELP them, I certainly would…but I don't live in the UK…

  39. 39

    YES! Backing rage all the way! Had enough of the X factor!

  40. 40

    RAGE is gay

  41. 41

    GO RAGE!!!

  42. 42

    "barely inching" what on earth are you talking about!!
    As of this morning RATM had sold over 175,000 copies since sunday, where as Joe had only sold 110,000.

  43. djb<3 says – reply to this


    RATM fucking owns!

  44. 44

    Tom Morello rulez!!! Rage rocks on! Suck it , Simon.

  45. 45

    Re: electromouth – I was referring to this single, not the charity one they release. Which by the way they released at the same time as the children in need one! If you got a choice between a miley cyrus remake from 6 months ago, or a 1992 song from a band who wrote their own material and have campaigned about loads btw including sweatshops, torture, spoke for the un about human rights. But no, you're right, Simon Cowell is a saint!

  46. 46

    I have the best solution - don't buy EITHER of them. Who cares about charts anymore anyways?

  47. 47

    Re: electromouth – Someone obviously hasnt done their homework! Rage have supported many things they believe in over the years and are donating all profits they make from this single to the UK charity Youth Music. So how do you know X factor has made a lot more money for charity when you dont even know how much Rage will be donating? People are still buying so the profit will be going up.
    The £40000 is not what they are donating its what people that support the Rage for xmas no1 have donated out of their own pockets!

  48. 48


  49. 49

    1. A new RATM album would easily get the job done. 2. There are too many stupid fucks that would listen to that Simon xfactor American idol fluff bullshit in the first place 3.Most of you are bunch of trendy ass candy ass fucking sheep

  50. 50


  51. 51

    that band are just sad and old, jealous of new talent, get over it, you're not the sht anymore

  52. 52

    It's still one of my top 10 favourite songs. I hope they do it!!

  53. 53

    pulling the group was stupid. Rage Against for No.1 Joe does not deserve it, he has no brillient talent, he can sing yeah but what defines him from the other millions of singers? Christmas no1 goes to X-Factor winners every year and its bloody annoying!

  54. 54

    Not relly bothered about Rage. But i fucking HATE the fact that the Xfactor winners always get number 1, when they havent earnt it! So GO RAGE!!

  55. 55

    I live in UK and the 'christmas number one' has always been a bit of a big deal. We place bets with the bookies on who we think will win. Ever since that clever twat Cowell started manufacturing cheesy, shit 'pop stars', who only ever sing crap cover versions, this institution had died. Simon Cowell is killing the music industry and any true music lover should buy RAGE, if only to fuck him over!

  56. 56

    go RATM!!!!!!

  57. 57

    I'm backing Rage all the way!!

  58. 58

    goo raggee!!!

  59. 59

    im in two minds. it is the kids dream and its cruel to sabotage it. but xmas #1 has gotten predictable.
    oh and maybe the retard should learn the definition of 'uk'

  60. 60

    I was going to buy this but after seeing the quote "England! Now is your time."
    dont think ill bother. UK = England , Scotland , N.Ireland and Wales for gods sake

  61. 61

    go raageee!!!

  62. 62

    Hallelujah! And that's not that lame version by Simon's Alexandra. I want Rage to kick some major arse here. I have downloaded 2 copies. Come on people, lets stick it to the Dumb Factor and all the talentless hacks that have emerged from this show!

  63. 63

    GO JOE! Rage is gay.

  64. 64

    i have seen few episodes of wannabes trying hard to get some attention. it is just pathetic the contestants have to beg votes and make a fool out of themselves. dumb factor, damn right! but RATM is the real deal. and they won. RATM is still relevant today.