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Ivana Breaks It Off With Husband #4

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Watch out wealthy Manhattan, Ivana Trump is a single lady yet again!

The former wife of Donald Trump has filed for divorce from her fourth husband, young stud Rossano Robicondi.

The two wed in April 2008 and filed for divorce only 5 months later when her boytoy was caught screwing another woman on an Italian reality show!

Ivana and Rossano eventually kissed and made up in April of this year, but guess that didn't last too long!

Who will Ivana sink her claws into next???

[Image via WENN.]

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65 comments to “Ivana Breaks It Off With Husband #4”

  1. 1

    Yikes! Even Ivana can't defy gravity. Someone please tell this woman how to dress!

  2. 2

    Her face does not go with those arms and those legs…

  3. 3

    good luck getting that 5th husband, gold digger. you're really looking rough around the edges.

  4. freak says – reply to this


    hmmmmmmm? FATBOY? that was like 4 to 5 days ago.

  5. 5

    look at her… everything is sagging… and she looks like an old blow up doll that's the senior version… nasty, yuk, yuk, yuk!!!!!!

  6. freak says – reply to this



  7. freak says – reply to this



  8. 8

    And she's tipped to be on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother this year. That should be interesting…

  9. freak says – reply to this




  10. 10

    OMFG!! Put some clothes on and cover yourself!! you are pruney!!

  11. 11

    yum, chicken legs!

  12. 12

    Prob got tired of boning
    her saggy raisin snatch..
    and looking at those donkey hooves.

  13. 13

    thats so sad… she's a like a pimp only in woman form… i feel bad 4 da next guy she persuades 2 marry her…

  14. 14

    She's gross and got what she deserved. He was obviously a gold digging playboy. Not shocking, at all.

  15. 15

    Good Gawd.. If it ain't pretty, don't put it on the front porch!

  16. 16

    When are you going to post that LeAnn Rimes' husband has filed for divorce douchebag? A week late like all your other posts? I'm better at this than you.

  17. 17

    OMG I am SHOCKED!!! Not. He looked like the kind of jerk that was having sex with the waitresses working their wedding reception. He will get a big pay day which I am pretty sure was the arrangement all along.

  18. 18

    The only reason this Fat F**K gets any action is because of her moolah. Does she really think a young stud wants to be with her for any other reason ? Reality check, please ! Just like her ex - the ugly 'comb-over'. If he thinks for one minute that the Eastern European chick is with him because of his looks ….! Just say'n .

  19. 19

    She looks awful

  20. 20

    And, WTF is up with those lips ? ! Did she fall on a concrete floor with them ? !

  21. 21

    And, the legs look like shoring beams for a Polyenisian beach hut ! Truly gross !

  22. 22

    she is trying WAY too hard and she is delusional to think that young man was EVER interested in anything other than her $$!!!! I think everyone saw this one coming from day one….no surprise here

  23. 23

    Donatella Vercaces' younger , less coked-out sister … ?

  24. 24

    oh no. no one saw this one coming. (yawn)

  25. 25

    It's "Rubicondi" actually… and of course it couldn't work… they have a 25 year age gap… at least she got a hot boy toy for a while. Lucky her.

  26. 26

    Ewwwwwww, please NEVER wear a dress again. For god sakes, cover up those disgusting legs and arms you old hag.

  27. 27

    OMG she looks AWFUL, years of overtanning did her NO favors, SICK!!!!

  28. 28

    THERE comes a time in everyone's life, when they must cover up a little more.

  29. 29

    she looks like dough

  30. 30

    Sounds like Madonna is heading on the same road…

  31. 31

    I miss nylons. Those legs need nylons. She was a fool to take him back. Not only is he a cheat, he's a stupid cheat.

  32. 32

    GROSS her legs and arm look DISGUSTING~ ! she needs to just go lay the fuck down she is FUGLY!

  33. 33

    Ok..I think that it takes guts to face aging by being youthful and even better that she has not let herself go, but come on lady! Either get a "full body" face lift or start wearing turtle necks.

  34. 34

    apparently she is dating another italian guy, named Antonio Zequila, nicknamed "Er Mutanda" (italian for "Underpants"). He is well known to italian gossip magazines, try to check it!

  35. 35

    She couldn't have expected him to stay true to that dry crusty cavern of hers

  36. 36

    Old is still old and even if you have all the plastic surgery in the world you'll still be old Ivana. I think you should give The Donald a call so he can tell the stylist who told you this looked good "YOU'RE FIRED!"

  37. 37

    Good God, that woman is way to old to wear a dress like that!!!! Scary!!!!!

  38. 38

    well who wants to claw through cobwebs to bang the walls of an old slut

  39. 39

    Some people shouldn't show too much skin!

  40. 40

    Gawd she looks awful. That`s what happens when you lay in the sun all the time. Look at Bernadette Peters who is the same age as Ivana, and she has the skin of a 20 year old! That`s bacuse she never was in the sun.

  41. 41

    Except for the hair, she looks like Madonna's twin sister.

  42. 42

    looks like it's time to start wearing long sleeves jelly roll

  43. KKski says – reply to this


    Ivana needs a better bra.

  44. 44

    UGG Act your age and cover up that chest, date guys more appropriate. THere is ony so much plastic surgery help left for this woman!!

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    Ivana is a phoenix and a class act. She needs a husband like a fish needs a bicycle. A boyfriend who treats her properly is an entirely different matter.
    I respect Ivana because she's carried herself with dignity through it all. xo.

  46. 46

    Yuck. Aging is horrible but have some dignity and cover up Ivana. You cannot dress like a 21 year old club crawler anymore. This just make you look foolish and desperate. Take a page from Sophia Loren who is older, gorgeous and always age appropriate. Oh, and lay off the plastic surgery, it is doing you no favors.

  47. 47

    well, didn't everyone know this would happen? why do these women make such fools of themself? i saw her wedding on tv and it was ridiculous. she looked like a fool then and a bigger fool now–’cause you know he got some money out of this (and on a reality show). during the wedding he act like he didn't understand anything and she just stands there with this frozen stupid smile on her face. i mean isn't she embarassing her children doing this shit?

  48. 48

    Well Gee !

    Do you think that IVANA
    will use herself in that tacky
    column of hers in

    in which she gives
    unsolicited advice
    to celebrities who
    have lots of problems
    in their lives ? ? ?

  49. 49

    Re: JujuBean114 – gold digger???? huh? he would be the gold digger not her!

  50. 50

    Re: Be-Atch – you are so right on with your whole comment. i couldn't have said it better!

  51. 51

    Re: walmartgreeter – have you seen sophia loren lately? not a nice picture! all suntanned and dried up. hair that has been out of fashion since the 60's. and huge glasses–out since the 80's. and the woman has such bad taste in clothes. she looks ridiculous. makeup looks out of style too. other than that–she looks good. but.

  52. 52

    not too long ago there was a picture of her in a bikini–remember that? OMG talk about scary! sad part is she and donnatella think they look great. i'd like to have one of their mirrors.

  53. 53

    This dress is disgusting on her! She needs to work out or cover that shit UP!

  54. 54

    what a tragic looking woman

  55. 55

    grose!!! she's not 20 anymore to wear thaT!!!

  56. 56

    I am SO not surprised. He did not seem to hide the fact that he didn't give two shits about her. It was caught on camera many times.

  57. 57

    I don't care who she marries next but I would like to see her in more age appropriate clothing. Eeeks

  58. 58

    so what. she should less care about men than her skin. eveb madonna covers her hands. why can't this woman cover her legs, arms, hands, feets and face. it is easy. try girl

  59. 59

    www.pop-life.de come and visit

  60. 60

    Dress your age old lady

  61. 61

    or who will sink their claws into her?

  62. 62

    For all those who posted comments about her being old and that her riches were the only reason that she married a younger man, what about Donald Trump being old and marrying a much younger woman? This sexist gender bias is getting old. Lay off. If she likes younger men, she is allowed.

  63. 63

    maybe get some safety pins to hold up that legs skin

  64. 64

    I hope she sees this and realizes that even at her "ripe" age…she should be looking into getting a serious collection of Attractive sleeved blouses and slacks. Once again…money doesn't buy class, taste, or dignity!

    Just God awful!

  65. 65

    Hold the fuck up! With 4 failed marriages, surely she didn't keep the Trump name so why in the hell does this dumbass article refer to her as Ivana Trump? That's some B.S.