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Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????

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We are in absolute shock.

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning in Los Angeles at the age of 32.

People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!!

Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.

Murphy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest and her husband, Simon Monjack, mom immediately called paramedics to save his wife.

Murphy was announced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after paramedics and doctors could not revive the 8 Mile actress.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time.

Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note: that could have been YOU!

[Image via WENN.]

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864 comments to “Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????”

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  1. 401

    So Sad! RIP, Tai!

  2. 402

    okay so she died of coke???

  3. 403

    RIP Brittany.

    Thoughts go out to her family and friends.

  4. 404

    WOW! I LOVED HER! R.I.P She always made me laugh! :(

  5. 405

    Okay, what the hell is that Perez?
    "Did drugs lead to her demise?"
    How insensitive is that? She JUST died. Have some respect.
    Usually I can laugh at what you say, but seriously. What the hell?

    Rest in peace, Brittany.

  6. 406

    this is so sad

  7. 407

    It really upsets me that youd say people dont just die at the age of 32.
    My family personally knows someone who has in the last 6 months died from cardiac arrest.
    You might be a gossiper but have some respect and faith in some people.
    You say you knew Brittany personally, “People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!! Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.” Who are you to make comments like that if you knew her personally.
    I am a huge fan of yours, I love your website and you are absolutely hilarious – but this one shocked and upset me.
    Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy – you were a great actress, I will miss your work.

  8. 408

    Yeah, and you did a lot to help didn't you? Looking at your past posts with 'nuts' and 'crazy' scrawled over her picture, and the comments you left up calling her a 'pathetic little jew'. And now she's dead. Well done Perez you fat fucking bastard.

  9. 409

    Whoa! Im so stunned! =O I cant believe she passed so quickly! RIP Brittany Murphy, such a young talented actress. :( Thoughts and condolences to the family.

  10. 410

    how very sad!

  11. 411

    God loves all of us. It's not too late to turn to Him.

  12. 412

    I'm stunned. She was one of my favorite actresses. How does she die and someone like Lohan keep going?

  13. 413


  14. 414

    Wow, so far you have deleted about 250 comments. All about your callous comment about L.L and C.L . I'll bet you have to delete all the day long. What's worse is that you could care less about her passing!!!

  15. 415


  16. 416

    WHY do people automatically assume it's drug. She could've had a heart condition or something!!!

  17. 417

    Wow, crazy.

  18. 418

    no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sad.

  19. 419

    ?!?!?! is this true.

  20. 420

    where the eff
    are all the comments?
    Says over 400 and i see none.

  21. 421

    How awful :( I just watched Drop Dead Gorgeous last night.

  22. 422

    OMG this is so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very tragic!!!!! R.I.P. Brit

  23. 423


  24. 424

    Wow this is very unexpected and sad!! RIP!

  25. 425

    omg wth..shocked

  26. 426

    thank god you changed the title of the post.
    "Brittany Muprhy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????" was kind of a tacky title.

  27. 427


  28. 428

    And BTW..
    Your running banner at the top of
    the page sucks Mario. Couldn't just
    leave it at her death. Had to throw a
    jab in there didn't ya. Pig faced shit stain.

  29. 429

    I am thinking this is another rumor

  30. 430

    WTF Perez 'Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Love this could have been you' someone just fuking died have a little respect and try to stop using Brittanys death as a way to take a stab at other celebritys!!!

  31. heyo! says – reply to this




  32. 432

    Wow she died.. thats sad. How come e news has not reported it yet?

  33. 433

    Can't say we didn't see this coming?? Oh, now you know all the details, are you a Dr too?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  34. 434

    So sad. I was hoping for a comeback.

  35. 435

    Holy Shit! I'm in complete shock! RIP!

  36. 436

    stop your shit. you are a fucking miserable person and how dare you turn her death into some soap box stance for yourself. why can't you just let her family deal with her passing they way they wish instead of having people like you claiming it was drugs. It could have been a hurt attack but no, you, being the sick fuck you are, can't allow anyone to believe anything else. you are a fucking loser and wish that you would just go into cardiac arrest and die.

  37. 437

    OMG this is so sad!! RIP Brittany

  38. kaylo says – reply to this


    Wow, if this is real then… it's sad. But how random? You were just calling her names.

  39. 439

    I was just thinking about how thin Brittany appeared (as of late), so I googled Karen Carpenter, and it turns out that Karen also suffered from cardiac arrest (at age 32) following her battle with Anorexia Nervosa. I'm not sure if Brittany suffered from this disease, but there were clear physical signs pointing in that direction. RIP Brittany! My thoughts and prayers are with her family. *I can't imagine watching Clueless (my favorite movie) anytime soon* so sad!!! :(

  40. 440

    Perez, come on. You said this came as no surprise to those, like you, who knew her personally? Get off your high horse. You have no fucking idea this was going to happen. My prayers are with you and your family Brittany.

  41. ANGRY says – reply to this


    Perez you are a nasty hypocrit.

  42. 442

    So sad, r.i.p

  43. 443

    omg this is horrible! R.I.P. Brittany!!!!

  44. 444

    How come you've edited your post Mario, you heartless piece of shit!!!! The girl is dead, show some compassion and respect instead of saying she's a drug-addict! God I actually used to like you, now I see you for what you are, a vile, attention seeking, disgusting waste of your fathers sperm.

    Just think of what people are going to say about you when you die!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 445

    wow, just a few days ago you were making fun of her, and now she is dead (RIP) . See this is why you shouldn't make fun people you heartless bastard. One day they will just be dead and you may regret that the last thing you said about them was nasty. and saying now "saw this coming" wtf perez. she just died. refrain from making comments like that you heartless bastard.

    RIP Brittany :(

  46. 446


  47. 447

    in a way, you are responsible for putting so much stress on her. yes, she was a diva, but trashing her so millions of people could read it did not help. i am disappointed with you. good job.

  48. 448

    I bet you feel real good, Perez, after you have been recently talking crap about her and her husband!! I feel bad for her family and friends….especially right before Christmas. I didn't see it coming because I didn't think her issues were that bad. I'm not really a fan…I've seen a couple of her movies but it is kinda surprising. Maybe you'll stop talking bad about people whos lives you have no idea about!!! All you did was talk bad about Michael Jackson…even the day that he died and you've been saying things about her and she died, I'm surprised you aren't saying that she's faking or something. So stop gossiping about Lindsay, Courtney, and Mischa (

  49. 449

    This is the last thing I expected to wake up and read about. I'd pay good money to bet that fat fuck of a husband of hers had something to do with this. Drugs are terrible.

  50. 450

    I'm totally in shock… she was one of my favorite actresses… I don't agree with Perez shooting off his mouth about how it was probably drugs, Michael Jackson's death was from an overdose why don't we badmouth his past of child molestation, an addiction to plastic surgery, and drug overdoses. He wished he was half the lady Brittany was.

  51. 451

    Perez….you should have more respect for ppl than you show. would you want ppl to speculate about you when you die? this is exactly why you are at the bottom of the barrel of the scum of this world.

  52. 452

    Im shocked :S this is really sad :(

  53. 453


  54. 454

    wow she was so young

  55. 455

    OMG! this is terrible, her poor family

  56. 456

    Wow! how incredibly TRAGIC!!! prayers to her family

  57. 457

    That is so very sad. God bless her family.

    As for you Perez, you're a piece of garbage! You were not exactly nice to her on your "blog." And what is with this "we" shit? You're one guy, sitting behind a computer in a crap-ass dump, plodding away on the keyboard with a Ding Dong in your mouth.

    Rest is peace Brittany and God bless your soul.

  58. 458

    RIP Brittany, you were such a great actress.

    That's a lesson for you Perez, be a little bit nicer to each and everyone, stop writing bad stuffs about people.

  59. 459

    holyyy shit, that's so random and shocking i couldn't believe it when i heard. drugs?? well wow, still can't believe it… RIP baby girl!! clueless forever!!

  60. 460

    such a shame.

  61. 461


  62. 462

    seriously, i like you perez and agree with you most of the time, but YOU ARE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE

  63. 463

    so you had a KIND of okay RIP post about her, then you change it to this?! How insensitive. I suppose death just equals hits to you.

  64. 464

    So shocked :O :( Waaaaay too young. May she R.I.P.

  65. 465

    Perez what a blowhard… thoughts to her family blah blah. You've bashed this girl repeatedly. Don't you ever think about the shit you say and feel bad? You have a habit particularily of picking on women and pointing out every little flaw they have especially in the weight department. As I recall you too have battled with weight, so how did you get to be so damn judgemental and jaded? Honestly, I think you need to make it a New Years resolution to report on gossip, and quit bashing the shit out of people, especially underage girls and women. Some things should just be out of bounds. Try harder to be a better person in 2010.

  66. 466


  67. 467

    you're being really disrespectful…

  68. 468

    Perez, I think you need to learn a lesson out of this though, when you see a celebrity, in real trouble, or acting strangely, do not just make fun of them on your blog, report the information in a way so that if something goes wrong, you won't have reason to feel horribly, because if I were you, and posted the things about her that you did, I would feel bad, shame on you Mario, shame.

  69. 469

    this is really sad, i loved her in uptown girl. she was soo charming in that film.

  70. 470

    Wow I thought you were joking or something! Im shocked!

  71. Shark says – reply to this


    Just a week or so ago..perez posted a pic of her chubby hub…putting him down..her down..as he has done so much lately…then slips in comments now with her dead such as…well no suprise to those of us who know her…but of course best wishes and condolences to the family….
    uh Yeah?….put her down, put her down, put her down…know it all on why..then ..by the way..so sorry..right…your a fucking parasite and a disgusting human being…i hope i am not behind you trying to get into heaven…your list of bad transgressions to humanity will have st peter waiting years as they are read out before he can pass judgement and send you down the chute where you belong.

  72. 472

    holy shit!!!!

  73. 473

    R.I.P Brittany.

  74. 474

    You know what I just thought off….the number nine is the number of completion. They have that 27 club where all those celebs have died at 27 and that 2+7=9. Well its 2009 and people have been dying in the dozens. Though I doubt most of the celebs that have died this year were ready to go (Michael Jackson, Gone Too Soon), some were and maybe its just the year of death?!?

  75. 475

    omg! i loved her. that's so sad… :(

  76. 476

    OMG! When i read that she had died i just thought it might have been an error or something, just like when i read that MJ had died, such a shock and a terrible loss. My condolences are with her family and friends. R.I.P Brittany

  77. 477

    omfg shut up people that keep saying this is the year of death
    reality check
    lots of people die all the time every year
    its just now more zlister nobodies are considered celebs

  78. 478

    I'm so shocked about this tragedy. She was a beautiful girl, who had talent, she wasn't the best actress but she entertained with every role she did. You can have so much money around you, but i can't buy happiness and life. RIP , and my condolences are with her family.

    Perez, espero que en el fondo de tu corazon ( si es q tienes uno) sientas algo de remordimiento por tanta basura que hablaste de ella.

  79. 479

    oh my. this is so sad. why has everybody died this year?….

  80. 480

    You are so vile! Perez or his sister whomever wrote the above? It shouldn't matter how she died but what she brought to the world. When you both die, NO ONE will say nice things of you, that much is for sure!!

  81. 481


  82. 482

    You have now deleted 300 comments, why??????????????????????????????

  83. 483

    Wow, what a tragic loss. Especially during the holidays, my heart goes out to her family during this time. She was great in the movie "Don't Say a Word" and a number of others too…. Rest in Peace Brittany.

  84. 484

    I feel so sorry for her family! Can't imagine the pain… My thoughts are with them. May she rest in peace.

  85. 485

    Wow just wow… RIP Brittany…. :(

  86. 486

    Jeesh just saw her movie Deadline, loved her in clueless,


  87. 487

    wow. so sad. i wish her family the best right now. and perez you changed your post to make yourself sound like an even bigger asshole. have some respect. you are s

  88. 488

    "We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. "
    And you did what exactly to help her other than trash her over and over on your website? Even if she'd gone to rehab you probably would have posted pictures of it. Bye Perez, I'm done with you.

  89. 489

    that's not even cool!
    i loved her /:


  90. 490

    I have to agree with most comments on here, Perez. You were cruel to her, just as you are with so many people…even children. BUT today, even cyberbullies can be prosecuted. You'd better hope and pray she didn't keep any sort of journals or records of how your hurtful words lead to maybe some severe depression or anything like that. I know celebs should have thick skins, but there is a limit and you do go beyond it. The only reason I even check out your site these days is to see how long it takes you to catch up with the other sites I read. You are almost ALWAYS behind these days.

  91. 491

    she will be loved and missed very much :[ we will all miss you lots but drugs do kill

  92. 492

    Wooo totall shock! Poor girl!

  93. 493

    i was totally shocked…
    so many celebrities are passing :[
    i love her work

  94. 494

    o my god r u serious!!!! i really liked her, she seemed really nice and fun, and she was a good actress, and im not jst saying tht cuz she passed away, i always thought she was a great actress ever since i saw the movie "dont say a word". she was also great in the movie uptown grls with dakota fanning. her career cud hav lasted for decades, this is jst a wake up call 4 all of us 2 remember 2 make the best out of every minute of life.

    R.I.P. Brittany Murphy, you will be greatly missed, as an actress and as a loved one, and ur memory will live on 4ever.

    p.s. my prayers go out to her family and friends and loved ones and whoever else was close to her, the loss of a loved one is always painful,i hope u r able 2 go thru these difficult times!!

  95. 495

    I hope you will realise people deserve more respect in life not just when they die perez. We all make mistakes we are human afterall, but i now hope you have realised yours.

  96. 496

    Re: DeaLunae – Don't talk about thing you don't know. Your just as bad as Perez if you jump to conclusions. Michael Jacksons court documents are being released on Monday for the first time and it talks about both trials and Im sure you'll be surprised about what they say. Im sure you'd also like to know that the guy who accused Michael in '93 commited sucide a few weeks ago and his son who hasn't talked to his parents since he was 16 has said that it was ALL a lie!!!

  97. FoSho says – reply to this


    I think that you should have left this article as it was originally posted, instead of editing the post to act like you have the "insight" for this "com[ing] as no surprise." This article is now distasteful. You should have just kept it as a report on her passing and let it be for those to deal.

  98. missB says – reply to this


    Wow that is awful. Rest in peace.

  99. 499

    You insensitive prick. How dare you use someone's death as a cautionary tale or claim that "it comes as no surprise." As usual, you have about as much tact as would be expected for the slime you are. Fuck off and maybe try to keep your big mouth shut for once. Someone has DIED. Do you understand that?

  100. 500


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