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Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????

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We are in absolute shock.

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning in Los Angeles at the age of 32.

People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!!

Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.

Murphy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest and her husband, Simon Monjack, mom immediately called paramedics to save his wife.

Murphy was announced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after paramedics and doctors could not revive the 8 Mile actress.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time.

Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note: that could have been YOU!

[Image via WENN.]

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864 comments to “Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????”

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  1. 501

    my god man, the woman has died be a little compasionate! even if it was her own fault, that doesn't give you the right to be so crude. how would you feel if someone close to you had died and the first lines of the story were oh well it was his/her own fault they deserve it! ………….didn't think so!

  2. 502

    wow! thats so random yet really sad. Bet you feel like shit Perez, werent you slagging her off like last week?

  3. 503

    Holy shit this is so fucking depressing, she was such a good actress, one of my favorite drama movies is "Don't Say a Word" she was incredible in it,

  4. 504

    I have always admired Brittany. I was just googling her the last night and that it just bizarre, because I remember writing something very similar about the late Brad Renfo.

  5. 505

    Re: Beach Bum
    I don't think Perez likes people criticizing him - half the comments seem to have vanished in the past few minutes.

  6. 506

    omg i cannot believe this!=(

  7. Laury says – reply to this


    I don't fucking believe this. I'm in complete shock. I just wanna wait until her reps confirm the whole thing because right now I just can't believe it.

  8. 508

    and just to clear things up, she didn't do drugs

  9. 509

    :( Wow, this is so sad. And so close to Christmas and New Years! This will surely be a depressing holiday for her family. Rest in peace, Brittany.

  10. Dolo says – reply to this


    mijo, find out something about her husband. i keep reading he's a con artist, but where do people get that from? what do you know? hmmm? ahi me cuentas! besos.

  11. 511


  12. 512

    wow def. didn't see that one coming at all…well maybe this will help teach people that living life to the fullest is the only way to go

  13. 513

    Re: Sam :) – I know, I hate how he'll put RIP for tv shows and stuff, he should save it for real deaths.

  14. 514

    Perez, I'd have far more respect for you (and that's a tall order) if you just reported on her death and didn't comment about being devastated. My comment will mirror the dozens of others before mine that say you were absolutely awful to her on your blog and nobody believes you are devastated. Could you be any more fake about it? Not only are you bad at being sincere, but you're even worse at being fake!

  15. 515

    haha nice try covering your tracks but i suspected you'd do that and already got a screencap.


  16. 516

    keep on deleting perez it wont make a difference, we all think the same. You are so unbelievably disrespectful its disgusting, u need to issue an apology asap before this spirals outta control. Good luck sleeping tonight, try not to think about all the misery you spread.

  17. 517

    2009 has sucked. Think of all the people the entertainment industry has lost due to drugs - crazy. I loved her films and her music. What a shame.

  18. 518

    when i first read this post I thought of lindsay lohan too. young hollywood doesnt take care of themselves

  19. 519

    combination or bullemia, cocaine and prescription drugs isn't too healthy for your heart. I am willing to bet that this combination is what killed her.

  20. 520

    This is sad. She was a troubled girl. There were always rumors of her drug use and eating disorders. Plus I think her sketchy con-artist husband was a bad influence. You could tell she went on a downward spiral after she married him. She was also really beautiful before she went and got all that plastic surgery. Another case of Hollywood corrupting a young person with tons of potential. RIP.

  21. Ditte says – reply to this


    okay… i'm shocked.

    rip brittany.

  22. 522

    OH MY GOD.
    At first I thought you were kidding!
    OH MY GOD.
    I just keep thinking,"What if this happened to me as an actress?"
    I cannot say "OH MY GOD" enough times to express my disbelief.
    My thoughts are with her family and friends at this time!
    Her, of all people!

  23. memei says – reply to this


    Even if you knew she had problems, saying I told you so now is not justified. You were overly rude about her.

    At least she can RIP now. You should be ashamed of yourself, sometimes you need to let some things go.

  24. 524

    its hugely inappropriate that you are asking the question about drugs so early on. the news only broke, what, an hour or so ago? its not a question for you to ask. just let people grieve. everyones really shocked right now. your being insensitive and disgusting.

  25. 525

    this is terrible sad..god bless her and her family…i was super shock..rip

  26. 526

    Of course you're not shocked. You publicly humiliate these people with no regards for their state of mind. You contribute to celebrity suicides on a daily basis.

  27. 527

    you are in shock, but this comes as "no surprise"? don't pretend to care, you were awful to her.

  28. 528

    Oh my gosh… I'm shocked…
    It was way to early for her to go :(
    R.I.P. ♥

  29. 529

    Geesh! Five days before Christmas too :( RIP Brittany.

  30. 530

    OMG. Bad and sad news ! RIP.

  31. 531


  32. 532

    STOP DELETING POSTS perez. If you cant handle what we have to say about your insensitivity then maybe you should stop being so insensitive…you get???

  33. 533

    Really?? I didn't expect that! I loved her in 'dont say a word' and '8mile'. Poor woman.

  34. 534

    How did she die? I'll never tellllllllll.

  35. 535

    She was my favorite actress… :(

  36. 536

    If he's deleting comments he obviously knows he's being insensitive. Perez you're a douche bag. You took it way too far this time.

  37. 537

    She plays the drug game and end up dead and we are supposed to feel bad for her? Give me a break!!!!! She had everything going for her and it wasn't enough. What a Dumbass! Looks like someone isn't going to be able to make it to her next movie premier……"tear".

  38. k-lee says – reply to this


    omigosh. she was way too young to die of cardiac arrest. :( i'm so shocked.

  39. 539

    Rest in peace Brittany.

  40. 540

    So sad and Perez why did u change the title to the story!! U should just be respectful for a day!! So sad…and crude….I love ur website but sometimes u are a bit extreme!!

  41. 541

    What a disrespectful way to recognize the death of a person. Couldn't you just leave out your speculations about the circumstances of her death and just wish the best to her family? They're obviously hearbroken enough without you using a headline "WTF BRITTANY MURPHY DIED?!?!?!??!?!!!!!!??!?! DRUGS?!!?!??!?!" Learn some respect, seriously.

  42. 542

    I sort of had the impression that not only did she have a drug problem, but that she was also anorexic. Maybe her death was a combination of the two?

  43. 543

    This is what you post? Why are you such a scumbag? THe girl died..what the fuck is wrong with you. Anyone at any age can die we dont need to hear your nasty remarks. I wish it was you that died. God forgive me for saying that but you have to much hate, misery and bitterness to live. I guess that's why you are still living. God doesnt want such hate near him.

  44. 544

    That is so sad. May she rest in peace and may her family and friends be comforted in this awful time. Poor girl :(

  45. 545

    This is unbelievable, I can't believe she's dead! :(

  46. 546

    this is sooooo sad. clueless is one of my favorite movies. you are such a dick, you should be ashamed saying that her death comes as no surprise because this is a surpirse because she is soooo young. you need to learn some symphay you fucking asshole.

  47. 547

    what do u expect. the girl did some heavy drugs and everyone knew about it. Then she passes and its a shock to lots of her followers. i cant believe some of the comments u guys are making.

  48. 548

    I am watching a whole generation of undeniable God given talent die right before my eyes! When is this industry going to belly up and realize they have a huge problem before them. This is tragic, shocking and a wake up call. Life is far too short. We have to start loving ourselves enough to want to change and the people around us have to start loving us enough to tell us NO. Brittany Murphy is the exact same age as I am. I am addicted to food and pot. If I don't change I am going to end up like her. I don't want that for my life. RIP Brittany I hope that there are others out there that you reached with your talent and are going to do something to change themselves today. You were one of a kind and will be sorely missed. My prayers are with your family and friends and all the others out there that are struggling with addiction too.

  49. 549

    Re: in10zty – That's pretty much what I just posted. After all the hateful comments what should be said in the post was "sorry for being such a dick all these years". Like I said, god doesnt want such ugliness in his heaven which is why Perez is still here.

  50. 550

    perez as much as you LOVE being right about things this is NOT something that you should be proud to be right about! this is absolutely horrible and devastating. you shouldn't be gloating about being right about the fact that she was probably using drugs. have some respect for her, her family, and loved ones

  51. 551

    Take a look back at all your older posts about her perez. Maybe you should have been a little nicer to her instead of constantly making fun of her. You should feel like such an ass.
    RIP Brittany

  52. zagal says – reply to this


    wow, so sad. totally in shock, rip Brittany. She was such a great actress oh my God :(

  53. 553

    right on perez. fuck all these nignogs who are saying you're beiing mean. you're brutally honest. they should thank you. but please, lady gaga has to gogo.

  54. 554

    This is the rudest announcement of someone's death ever. You should be a ashamed of yourself Perez… Who cares how she died? This isn't about that its about morning the death of someone. Saying that "this comes as no surprise" is disgusting. Don't use a death announcement to stand up on your soap box. I look at your website every day and you sometimes push the envelope, which is great. But this was just trashy of you.

  55. 555

    i hope you feel bad for talking all that trash you piece of shit! maybe you should keep your mouth shut about poeple. Even your post

    Especially because this comes as no surprise!

    You're a douche bag loser! Get a life you fat BITCH!

  56. 556

    omg i am in shock. she was such a great actress and will truely be missed. Perez is such a dick for being mean to her, its people like him giving her a hard time and putting her under stress. Perez = DICK

  57. 557

    no way! i'm so sad!

  58. 558

    Fuck off you worthless kunt. It didn't take long for a vulture like you to start circling the body. You a lying and phony douchebag who could care less about her death after all the nasty and hateful things you said about her over the years. Your mom is a kunt for raising a pig like you. Weren't you a meth junkie at one point in your worthless life? Too bad you didn't kick the bucket, the world would be a better place.

  59. 559

    When you feel bad inside, you want to fly away from the pain. It might be one heck of a ride, to the point you no longer wake up. Who is going to be next, Lohan? Someone would have to press the STOP-button right now, because Brittany how good of an actress you were, people forget.

  60. 560

    this is so shocking and upsetting.

  61. 561

    So upsetting…
    What's even more upsetting is the fact that people are too focused on what she did wrong in life,to take note of what she did wonderfully. Everyone makes mistakes,and everyone clearly needs a wake up call.
    RIP Brittany

  62. 562

    Your first write up was a little more professional. This one is just bullshit and barely sincere.

  63. 563

    wow! r.i.p. i always liked her! was hoping to see her do more movies since she's been m.i.a. so sad :(

  64. 564

    Perez - all you've done is knock this girl for the past few posts, while it was pretty clear that something was very wrong in her personal life. Now you wanna talk about how your thoughts are with her family? You're right - It was obvious that this was coming. No need to help and usher the process along. You can be very cruel to people.

  65. 565

    wow. perez hilton.. you should really really be ashamed of yourself. you make fun of celebrities for a living and once one dies you all the sudden feel a rush of sadness and empathy? please. do us all a favor and be real. If you hate the celebrity and get such a good feeling from making them look terrible, continue to do so. Why don't you make fun of how skinny her corpse is?! What a jerk. Complete asshole, you should be ashamed.

  66. 566

    Oh no thats horrible!

  67. 567

    Brittany, I always Loved you. May you rest in peace. Too shocking that I think this is soooo surreal. So sorry that you were taken so soon. You will be missed and remembered, Always.
    Perez!!! It took 441 comments to be posted until I could actually successfully download the comments. And you were very harsh with her. When I first read your headline, I thought you were being ghastly horrific to dig your knife into her again. So sadly disappointed that you were actually being honest. Really, I don't think she cared what you had to say because she was caught up in her own life. All the same, you have much to beg forgiveness for. Could your vain Heart ever be so humble???? I hope your wishes for her now are, at the least, genuine.

  68. 568

    White pills and dieting wont go hand in hand.

  69. 569

    So sad!! So young and full of life. I guess we won't know the results of her death until the next few days or weeks. But how does a young vibrant woman die of a heart attack at the age of 32?? Could it be drugs or anorexia?? Hope we find out soon. My prayers go to her family and friends. Brittany u were a GREAT Actress and Singer!! May god bless u!!

  70. 570

    I've been reading through these 400 plus post to find, 'its not true, it was someone else with the same name.' I'm in tears. That's 'Clueless' Britney. Quirky little Brit. I never knew drugs were involved because she was alway a little silly. Rest in peace sweetheart.

  71. 571

    RIP :(

  72. 572

    WTF i cannot believe this

  73. 573

    Perez, you need to take down the "did drugs have something to do with it/this comes as no surprise/saw this coming" bit. You have NO right to make those kind of presumptions, or to be such an ass about a young woman dying. She just passed! There hasn't even been an autopsy report or official statement released and already you're ramping up the sensationalism for headlines. When socialities are falling down drunk at clubs or a Disney star's spotted going to a strip club, gossip away, but when somebody DIES, have some goddamn respect.

  74. 574

    How sad! I'm sure it's devastating for her family, especially this close to the holidays! RIP Brittany

  75. 575


  76. naima says – reply to this


    Omg i am shocked i just watched "just married" few days ago and she was one of my favorite actress. My condolences to her entire family and friends Rest in Peace Girl!!!

  77. 577

    am so shocked

  78. 578

    God bless her.

  79. 579

    what the fuck?! people, take note, be more careful with your fragile lives!

  80. 580

    Oh, eat it, Perez! You spent how much time bashing her for losing her job and now this? Make up your mind you asshole!

    And bullshit speculation, especially after someone DIES is unwelcome. It's tacky and classless. Give your condolescenes and save the rest until you've got facts to match. Jerk.

  81. 581

    This is so sad :( I really liked her…

  82. 582

    Brittany Murphy died today of a 'heart attack'…I feel compelled to tell everyone that she was anorexic and therefore died of heart failure due to malnutrition…FYI :(

  83. 583

    Are you really THAT DEVASTATED PEREZ? Don't you recall your previous stories about her? Try being a little less insensitive and keeping your personal resentments to yourself.

    R.I.P Brittany

  84. 584

    Wow I am shocked! RIP Brittney Murphy! This is sad!

  85. 585


  86. 586

    That's just awful. I hope you feel awful since you been bashing her the past few weeks, you hypocrite.

  87. 587

    so so sad. gonna pop in clueless right now.

  88. 588

    Whomever Perez paid to write this artical is trash. What a tasteless way to report the news - granted that's all this site is (tasteless) — but come-the-fuck-on.. A GIRL JUST DIED! She's a beautiful/wonderful person, and maybe people shouldn't be speculating until they get the full scoop. Hearing THIS type of trash talk makes me never want to return to this site.

  89. 589

    geez the only reason you come up in searches is because you make stuff up. Does it really matter how somebody dies? Scum of the earth.

  90. 590

    I find it funny that Perez was just talking sh*t about her and now he's full of sympathy and grief. This happens everytime. You can't put someone down Perez and then be there best friend when they die!!!

  91. 591

    that 's so sad!she was too young to die.May God rest her soul.and some people should stop making fun of drug addicts.it's not funny at all.think that this could be your sister or your best friend.Britanny Murphy R.I.P.

  92. 592


  93. 593

    OMG !!! RIP

  94. 594

    It's still sunday ^^^ heart attack dub ass

  95. 595

    I'll mourn her! Truly sad.

  96. 596

    Re: muscledit – exactly what i'm thinking too. anytime someone dies its terrible regardless of circumstances.

  97. 597

    Perez, You have to be feeling pretty terrible after all the rotten things you've been saying about her the last few years. Especially after she got fired from that film in P. Rico. I doubt her family is going to appreciate your sentiments. Maybe this incident will help you to be more mindful of the effect your words have on people's lives.

  98. 598

    im in shock! such a wonderful actress and had so much for her in the future. She will b missed! RIP

  99. 599

    None of us want to die. It´s just a cause when we think we can live forever and nothing cant harm us.

  100. 600

    Why are you guys bashing Perez/Mario? If you are so disgusted get off his site. He said he knew her personally and knew she was on drugs with her husband. If thats a fact, I don't consider that bashing. In all of his posts describing her messiness and her downward spiral he would always end it with "get it together" or something similar… the same way he does for Lindsay. If this chick was a junkie and died of an overdose like DJ AM, Ledger or MJ then oh well. If you are on drugs then you know what can happen, I only feel bad for the family and folks that loved her, but she did it to herself just like all the others.

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