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Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????

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We are in absolute shock.

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning in Los Angeles at the age of 32.

People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!!

Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.

Murphy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest and her husband, Simon Monjack, mom immediately called paramedics to save his wife.

Murphy was announced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after paramedics and doctors could not revive the 8 Mile actress.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time.

Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note: that could have been YOU!

[Image via WENN.]

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864 comments to “Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????”

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  1. 601

    perez you are a heartless bastard

    she died have some respect

    RIP brittany

  2. 602

    I really am appalled you said "no one dies at 32 of natural causes" that is complete bull. Maybe she died of natural causes, maybe she didn't. My nephew died two years ago at the age of 29 - OF NATURAL CAUSES. He had an undiagnosed heart condition (not unlike John Ritter) and just dropped one day after jogging. It happens all the time. You are so ignorant and rude Perez.

  3. 603

    This is very sad news, regardless of the cause of death. Even though I'm not totally shocked I'm sadden. RIP May GOD Bless you and your family in this very sad time. Brittany was a real talent who's time on this earth was cut way too short. GOD SPEED!!!!

  4. 604

    How devastating to find a daughter in cardiac arrest
    Such a tragedy for a young life to be cut short
    I feel that either A] She was not getting proper physical exams {EKG} OR
    B] She looked way too thin {anorexia}in photos & may have dabbled in drugs

  5. 605

    that is pretty cold even for you Perez. We know very very little at this point. It is inhumane tomake such nasty comments

  6. 606

    Omg…I can`t believe this!! I was just watching Just Married last week thinking to myself, "Wow, she is so talented! I love her."
    And now I can`t believe it..
    Rip, Britney Murphy.

  7. 607

    OMFG im soooo fucking shocked =O

  8. 608

    How can you speculate about this poor woman's death. You do realise that her family can read this as well? Your almost as bad as Jan Moir.

    I also think you'll find that cardiac arrest can affect young people as well. www.c-r-y.org.uk Have a read idiot.

    I can see getting punched in the face (which you deserved) has killed the few brain cells you had. You are the a human parasite.

  9. 609

    Whoa crazy. She wasn't looking too hot orginally and obviously was on something, but whoa that is just sad sad sad. Hollywood did not have a good 2009 and just before Christmas too.

  10. 610

    I never liked her husband. What was a pretty young thing doing with such a beast? Okay, looks aren't everything, but I heard he was a con artist. I'd take a closer look at him before I looked for drugs. And if drugs were involved I bet he was her provider.

  11. naima says – reply to this


    Perez, i do love yur blog, but i have to agree with lots of people here bout yur headline, its an insult to her memory. Even if indeed she did die because of her drugs use, it still dont make it right for yu to post dat breaking news headline. Believe it or not young people die suddenly of natural causes, and drugs or alcohol or sort of medication are not necessarily always involved. Believe me. Noone knows wat killed her and noone cant go around speculating. And until an autopsy reveals da causes of her death, Please respect dat poor girl memory.

  12. 612

    Fuck you,Mario! You're a fucking hypocrite! You bash her and now that she's dead,you feel bad? Karma is a bitch and you'll be getting YOURS!She was a good actress! No matter what she was in,I loved her as Tye,in Clueless,the best!
    RIP,sweetie. My thoughts DO go out to your friends and family,SINCERELY!

  13. 613

    Are you really THAT DEVASTATED PEREZ? Don't you recall your previous stories about her? Try being a little less insensitive and keeping your personal resentments to yourself.

    R.I.P Brittany

  14. 614

    Re: Tash20 – shut the fuck up! yeah they are doing it to themselves but that doesnt mean you have to talk SHIT. She just passed on. Nothing about drugs needed to be said. Im sure your parents wouldnt appreciate if after you passed they said "well she deserved it because…." DUMB ASS!!

  15. 615

    How do you dare making fun of her passing? Haven't you made fun of her enough when she was living, asshole?

  16. 616

    You just completely changed this story. She died and you're more or less saying ”we told you so” the other/first one you wrote (before you changed it) made you seem respectable. Have some class

  17. 617


  18. 618

    Just when I think you can't sink any lower you prove me wrong. This poor girl was repeatedly bashed by you when she was alive and now you continue even though she has just died? Have you had a autopsy report? Do you have definitive proof she died from drugs or that her husband was involved? You need to shut your mouth and put your poison pen down. Did you learn nothing from your disgusting Michael Jackson slurs? You are such a disappointment.

  19. 619

    Perez, you are absolutely disgusting and the biggest hypocrite to ever live. How many times have you referred to Brittany as "wacktress" and joked about her taking pills? Now you call it tragic. I hope you get hit by a bus. It might take two buses though because you're so fat and nasty. Go die you piece of shit. The world won't miss you.

    PS - Stop saying people were "announed" dead. It's pronounced dead you illiterate fucktard.

  20. 620

    you are a fucking insensitive fat bastard Perez…. let her be in peace, stop throwing out rumours until we know the truth!

  21. 621


  22. 622

    so shocking and sad
    RIP Brittany Murphy :(

  23. 623


  24. 624

    Re: hurleysebas – I don't mind if you find me callus or call me "dumb ass" but if someone takes drugs and dies, didn't they do it to themselves? I never said she deserved to die, I said "oh well" because users know good and well what can happen. Its still sad and horrible.

  25. 625


  26. 626

    dont be so unkind perez, dont insult a dead person of drugs on the same day she died. Thats just hard. Maybe she did die of drugs, but have some respect perez.

  27. 627

    Anorexia, ladies and gentlemen, pure and simple.

  28. 628

    Perez, it could have been drugs or anorexia or both…but it could also have been an aneurysm, embolism or a myriad of other things too. Why not wait until the toxicology and autopsy come back?

  29. 629

    Re: EmmaLester – Perez will NEVER have class. Biggest p.o.s. to ever slime his way into the world.

  30. 630

    32 is SO YOUNG, & she was so beautiful. This is heartbreaking. Rest in peace, Baby Girl.

  31. 631

    Who is she? I've never hear of her. She is terribly thin and if you all are so crabby about Perez, why in the world do you read his blog?

  32. 632

    Gosh so many people are dying this year. This was completely unexpected. I love her movies. Especially Clueless, Uptown Girls and Girl, Interrupted. R.I.P Brittany Murphy.

  33. 633

    People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes! - Really! My Mum died at 32 because of breast cancer. But obviously there is no 'natural causes' because you think anybody that died under the age of 50 has obviously been invoved in drug overdose.

  34. 634


  35. 635


  36. 636

    stfu respectless fool. lots of people die early of natural causes. GET FREAKING EDUCATED or at least wash your mouth with soap and apologize

  37. 637

    OMG, so sad-and shocking…I always liked her work. Favorite movie is girl interrupted. Rest in Peace–prayers with the family.

  38. 638

    This is so sad. RIP Brittany. And Perez, I know you are just reporting the news, but you should lay off some of these young girls with mental issues.

  39. 639

    RIP Sweetie :(

  40. 640

    horrible. wow.

  41. 641


    And perez, shouldnt remind YOU to stop bitchin about lindsay, courtney and all the others like that, and please stop lying to yourself

  42. 642

    and please stop bitching about other people…we're all gonna die, and only god decides when, no matter how old..you just prove your ignorance..dont you know about BABIES dying.. GET A LIFE!!

  43. 643

    very sad story so so young…and you guys fail to understand that yes Perez has said awful things about people but that dosent make him less of a person we all do what we gotta do to make money and whether we like it or not this is whats made him famous..everyone needs to understand that this is what WE crave drama & more drama and he gives it to us..im sure not everyone takes it so serious and just sees it as fun. I highly doubt he HATES all these people he is still human if someone passes away especially so young and full of life he's going to feel bad and you guys are no one too say his feelings arent true!!
    plus if you guys are perez haterss keep moving!!
    rip brit :(

  44. 644

    Don't think it was cocaine or street drugs. More like diet pills, thanks to, and agitating, her anorexia. She was actually talented. Hell of a singer and a good actor w/ comic timing. She should have been on Broadway, her movie career never really took off.

  45. 645

    um, when they met some people were warning her to stay AWAY from him because he was a con-artist…..

  46. 646

    All you Perez haters need to lay off Perez. I know y'all love to hate him but saying that he helped drive Murphy to the edge is just an irrational and stupid claim. He's just a blogger among many other bloggers that report on celebs in a snarky manner. As for Brittany, I hope her family is able to get through this tough and tragic time. RIP Brittany Murphy.

  47. 647

    fuck off there as not been a cause of her death, so fuck off with this BULLSHIT JACKASS

  48. 648

    wow and to think that micheal jackson took the icing for the most shocking death of 09 guess not i hope this is a terrible joke because i cannot believe it!!!!remmeber her on clueless!!!!oh god and her on uptown girls!!!!oh please god thius girl did not deserve it micheal jackson was expected but not her

  49. 649

    Oh wow. This is terrible.

  50. 650

    My ex died at age 28 and his was was ruled natural causes. He had a history of drug use and other health problems he grew up with. However, he got clean and was living a good life. I think his body was just worn out and couldn't take anything anymore. So yes, young people CAN die of natural causes.

  51. 651

    so sad :( and how awful for her family, especially since its the holiday season :( R.I.P!

  52. 652

    wait a second perez..i just noticed that you contradict yourself in this article. first you say you're shocked then you say you saw it coming. pick a side and stick to it. you're either shocked or not you can't be both.

  53. 653

    Re: Tash20 – go to hell you self righteous ass hole people like you make me sick people have drug problems it does not make them dying less tragic so some fucking repeat fucking nazi

  54. 654

    Irresponsible to speculate that drugs killed her when an autopsy hasn't been done yet.

  55. 655

    You know, you could have reported this a little less snarky. At least wait until they say if it was drugs to say things like that.

  56. 656

    You were always a dick to her, Perez.

  57. 657

    You know,you should have just left it at Brittany Murphy Dies, the rest was really disrespectful and unneeded.

  58. 658

    Tash - can you blame people for bashing you? Saying 'oh well' to a death like this, doesnt scream compassion does it? And besides, no one even knows for sure it was drugs. Im a mental health nurse, and id say it was more likely anorexia.

  59. 659

    You are a piece of shit! And when roll over and die I kinda hope someone pays you the same respect that you paid Brittany. Maybe we'll just have a party and do the electric slide on your grave.

  60. 660

    How do you sleep at night when you tear people to shreds day in and day out????I guess its an insecurity thing, Perez….Maybe if you didn't show that ugly little "pink" monster inside you so often maybe people might actually like you…God rest Brittany- way too young to pass…Just a few weeks back you tore her up and now she's dead…Happy now, Hilton?

  61. 661

    OMG she is so young…that is so sad
    i really liked her movies.


  62. 662

    So sad! My prayers are with her friends and family.

  63. 663

    Oh Fuck you Perez. You never had a nice thing to say about this girl on this site. But now you're "shocked" and earlier you claimed to be "devastated." Right. You didn't give to shits about her, don't pretend to now. 75% of what you post is just cutting people down. Were you picked on a lot as a kid?

  64. 664

    Re: bich45 – why was michael jackson expected? it's sad when anyone dies and unless they have some chronic sickness it's usually unexpected

  65. 665

    You don't know what happened. Please have some level of human kindness

  66. WhOrE says – reply to this


    Yes people DO die of natural causes at 32 you dumb fuck! Don't know if that's the case in this situation, but I bet you're laughing just a little on the inside since you've made fun of her forever aren't you Perez?

  67. WhOrE says – reply to this


    And for you to speculate at this time is HORRIBLY wrong and disrespectful! Hope it WAS from natural causes and you look like the complete ass that you are!

  68. WhOrE says – reply to this


    Re: jackrose – Let's just hope that when Perez dies that people speculate and say the KIND things Perez has been saying all these years, and that it doesn't effect his mother and family the way it does these celebrities families! KARMA IS A BITCH PEREZ! :) Celebrity blogging and entertainment reporting is one thing, saying horrible and mean and hurtful things deliberately everyday is another. It's all the self hate that he has for himself.

  69. 669

    how on earth can you be such a dickhead by even wanting to make gossip out of ones death!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my god.. RIP Murphy, you were one of my favorite actresses!

  70. 670

    so so sad…do u really feel bad perez??? u were always mean to her, anyway there is nooo way she was on the same level as lindsay & courtney, this girl was sooo much better

  71. 671

    i think we should give her some respect and stop assuming….no one really knows why she died…she was always skinny….but now its a big deal???? i think people need to have more respect these days….rest in peace brittany

  72. 672

    Re: Tash20 – okay and how do you know what he says is true???? u need to learn RESPECT

  73. 673

    "this comes as no surprise" YOUR A FUCKING DICK HEAD PEREZ! GET A FUCKING LIFE!

  74. 674

    People, young and old, die of natural causes all the time.

    Insensitive jackass.

  75. 675

    Oh Perez-go crawl back under the rock where you belong. The stuff you've said about her and her marriage is awful. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  76. 676

    this fuckin sucks! i really liked her she was so underrated :(

  77. 677

    You are an ignorant, un-educated piece of shit Perez, MANY people die of natural causes in their 30's. Wish you would

  78. 678

    Re: tiffy918 – yeah exactly this is the only reason why he is famous…meaning he has no talent so he has to stoop down to the level to talk shit about someone who just passed….i mean come on now…is there no morals anymore?

  79. 679

    Re: TheodoreBear – You must be living underneath a rock then.

  80. 680

    I'm so shocked… R.I.P.

  81. 681

    I cannot stand the hypocrisy. Luckily, when YOU die, that is right, YOU perez, there will be no hypocrisy.Everyone will talk about the slime that you are. First the Alexa Joel suicide, then the Brittany Murphy death, you little piece of SCUM. I swear, just retire already, you already cannot get out of the trailer you live in without needing a forklift. Maybe that is why you are so late on your "gossip." Asshole.

  82. 682

    Re: jhurley74 – i qgree

  83. 683

    perez ur an asshole who made fun of her constantly… RIP BM… u were definitely a talented actress!

  84. 684

    This just makes me sad….I think wow she will never drink juice again never brush her hair never hear a new song or see another movie or have the chance to be a mother or learn a new skill etc the list could just go on and on. God bless her poor mother and may God be with her and her family!!!!

  85. gloom says – reply to this


    have some respect dumbass

    no one knows what she's died of yet.

    It's hard to believe that even after people die you continue to bash them.

  86. 686

    Such a sad loss. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers. I was just thinking about how much longer it would take for something like that to happen to Lindsay…just plain sad and a waste of human life.

  87. 687

    I think an old eating disorder she probably had and visibly recovered from could have done it's damage.

  88. amela says – reply to this


    I'm soooo sick of everyone who comes on here and makes fun of Perez. If you don't like him then why do you bother wasting your time??? Nobody cares if you have a negative comment to make about him…especially him! He knows he is fabulous so nothing you say will change that. Find something better to do with your time. RIP Brittany…you will be deeply missed.

  89. 689

    Mario, I wish you had died instead of Brittany. You insensitive retarded piece of shit. She was a beautiful talented very young woman who was taken way too young, and you have the nerve to try and make a sensationalistic headline out of the situation? Acting high and mighty, you stupid asshole. Do you realize the whole world hates you for doing this kind of shit?

    If I ever see you on the street you best believe I'll have to be restrained to keep from popping you in the face. But it won't be because you're gay, I could care less about that. It would be because you're a worthless ugly sack of shit that has to tear others down to feel better about yourself.

    You've taken it past schadenfreude. You're an actual sick fuck. I hope you die today.

  90. 690

    Wow, this is so sad! Complete shock :(

  91. amela says – reply to this


    And another thing…tons of people said "you can't go around speculating about how she died". Anyone can do whatever the fuck they want!! It's Hollywood…and all of your negative and rude comments to Perez won't change a thing. Perez will tell it like it is. Which I love love love! He predicted drugs in the Ledger and MJ cases…and guess what? He was right.

  92. 692

    Re: amela – im sorry but he is not fabulous….ur stupid for thinking that just because he spends his time in front of his computer talking shit….you just dont talk shit about people that die thats just wrong

  93. 693

    When you get back to the States, are you going to do a dance and take a crap on her grave, Mario?

  94. 694

    Oh, you saw it coming, what a fucktard you and your lackeys are Mario.

  95. 695

    rip brittany murphy… loved u in uptown girls and wish i could c another awesome movie from u… rip

  96. 696

    Perez some people do die of natural causes at 32! She could have had heart problems, that maybe ran in the family or stress! It isnt always about drugs! Many heart problems go undetected! So you have no idea! Think before you say something that IGNORANT!!

  97. 697

    Nothing is ever for certain. While I'm aware of her past drug use, I had a former college friend die of a heart attack from a bad heart at 22. I've worked with kids who needed transplants at 12. Things happen. Let's not judge too quick, we don't know anything for sure at all, and it's heart private life being hammered by those who don't know.

  98. 698

    You will be missed Brit! Her movies were and still are a big part of my life! Clueless was insanely good! And Uptown Girls ..Wow! I still cannot believe this has happened! My heart goes out to her husband and family!

  99. 699

    And if you post anything nasty about Alexa Ray Joel again I'm going to find you, and you'll wish that you only came away with a black eye and a whiny youtube apology like last time.

    It's going to catch up to you Mario.

  100. 700

    I love how everyone thinks automatically that it was drugs. It could have been any number of things. I am the same age as her and I have a heart condition…..did anyone think that it could be an actual medical problem that was never made public? Wait to get the facts before you judge the poor girl.

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