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Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????

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We are in absolute shock.

Actress Brittany Murphy passed away on Sunday morning in Los Angeles at the age of 32.

People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes!!!!!!!

Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.

Murphy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest and her husband, Simon Monjack, mom immediately called paramedics to save his wife.

Murphy was announced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after paramedics and doctors could not revive the 8 Mile actress.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time.

Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note: that could have been YOU!

[Image via WENN.]

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864 comments to “Brittany Murphy DIES! Did Drugs Lead To Her Demise????”

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  1. 701

    Re: amela – Congratulations, you're as retarded as Mario. Go predict how many times it's going to take you to repeat the 3rd grade, you douche

  2. 702

    Damn….you called it. So young, so sad. RIP

  3. 703

    OMG ! r u serious shes dead? I dont believe it .. :S

  4. 704

    wow. way to have respect….

  5. 705

    OMG i am in shock! RIP Brittany! you are too young to die… :(

  6. 706

    You were taken far too young. May Hecate guide you to a better place. Blessed Be.

  7. 707

    So hilarious how Mario spent the last weeks and months ripping the Jordache Junkie a new asshole and is now saying how sad this is. Then he re-writes his old post to be more catty. It must be hard to be so bitchy all the time, huh Mario?

  8. 708

    Omg RIP, this is so sad and tragic.
    Perez you should feel so much shame for being so terrible, and you didn't see it coming so stfu.

  9. 709

    i hope you feel like a complete heartless moron now perez! maybe this will be a reality check that the celebrities you talk about are real people, with real feelings and real mortality. your just some 2 bit wannabe fame whore you makes a living out reporting on other peoples success's and failures.
    she might have been a 'hot mess' in your words perez, but she was still a person and this is such a tragedy. rip miss murphy, i hope you are a peace.

  10. 710

    so sad specially around the holidays .. may she rip

  11. 711

    way to show some respect, perez.
    i'm a fan of you and all, but stfu, honestly.
    i just read through your previous posts about her,
    you bash her like fucking insanity,
    and now you're acting like she's your best friend?

    and why does everyone think drugs killed her?
    she has a history of diabetes, think about it.

    don't judge her or call her a crazy crackwhore or whatever the DAY she fucking dies, it's making me sick.
    i'm 14 years old and i'm more mature than you.

    RIP brittany, i remember watching you in uptown girls.
    me & my friend are going to watch clueless and uptown girls as a tribute, as you're one of my friend's favourite actresses.
    you're way too young to go like this ♥


  12. 712

    'We saw this coming'? Are you kidding, Perez? You are an asshole. If anything, it is people like YOU who contributed to her death with your constant criticisms. If she did die from a drug overdose - and we don't know if she did - you have blood on your hands.
    On another note, that sentence where you cross out her husband makes no sense (not surprising).

  13. 713

    I am watching her in uptown girls and still can't believe this! I can't understand why people take drugs! i have never took drugs in my life, i have been close to them but I never accepted even when when i had issues, DRUGS ARE NEVER THE ANSWER! THE ANSWER IS YOUR FAMILY!!!!

  14. 714

    Or how about "Lohan and Love this should have been you." Brittany had much more to offer than those two ever will.

  15. 715

    and perez you saw that comming how????

  16. 716

    This is so sad!
    You shouldn't say you saw this coming!
    RIP Brittany

  17. 717

    Re: wowmarlee – You're 14 years old and already 100x smarter than Mario who is supposed to be old enough to know better.

  18. 718

    So Sad. Too many people we had lost this year. Some famous and some not famous. Brittany and everyone else that we lost this year and past years, Rest in Peace.

  19. 719

    loved her. may she rest in peace.

  20. 720

    i just watched clueless last night! :(

  21. 721

    Thats so sad :(
    I knew someone who when she was 22(now shes 27)
    she used to be addicted to speed and her dealer would also
    sell to brittany murphy here in orange county, she quit
    by i hope Brittany dropped the nasty habit as well.

  22. 722

    Re: theboneranger
    in your brain asshole

  23. 723

    Since when did you start referring to yourself as "we" Perez?
    Getting a little high on ourselves aren't we.

  24. 724

    Re: theboneranger – im rick james bitch

  25. 725

    It is sad that she died. But why bash the perez. If you dont like perez then stay away. By coming to his site you add to his numbers which make him popular. I guess you wanna say what you have too but in reality you are helping and not hurting him.

  26. 726

    R.I.P XXXX

  27. 727

    I was just watching uptown girls when I heard bout it .. really sad

  28. 728

    Don't even act like your thoughts are meant to be sincere. I hardly think her family would beleive you if they even bothered to read this post, after all the years you shit talked about the poor girl. Shame on you Mario, you worthless fuck.

  29. 729

    Mario you are pathetic. You bash people and then try to capitalization on their tragedies. Weak and disgusting. You have no character or integrity. Bye Bye motherfucker.

  30. 730

    Our father, who art in heaven,
    Hallowed be thy name.
    Thy kingdom come.
    Thy will be done,
    On earth as it is in Heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    But deliver us from evil.

    Rest in Peace, Brittany!

  31. 731

    R.I.P. Brittany Murphy.

  32. 732

    If there wasn't drugs involved, I suspect it might be due to an eating disorder like anorexia. Karen Carpenter was anorexic for many years and also died at SAME AGE as Brittany from heart failure that was caused by anorexia. How sad.

  33. 733

    Oh my god, when I heard the news, I was like, well, S H O C K E D! I mean, I literally had chills run down my spine. R.I.P. Brittany Murphy.

  34. 734

    & Perez, I hope you start calling people by their names & not nicknames you come up with yourself. What happened to Michael Jackson? You used to call him "Wacko". & now you're all being nice and stuff. I remember a while back how you were talking bad about Brittany.

  35. 735

    all that shit you have said about her i doubt you even feel bad.. you suck

  36. 736

    Re: xomnrxo – I AGREE!!

  37. sonic says – reply to this


    isnt it funny how u have made fun of her these years and now she has died you have become all concerned and pretend to care. It is even worse that u claim to know the cause of her death and say that u saw it coming. its hard to believe u really care

  38. 738

    I will miss her and her work in films.
    Poor kid.
    Way to young to die.

  39. 739

    As usual Perez's sister is a bitch just like him.

    A person died…have respect.

    When you die…we will all dance on your grave!!

  40. 740


  41. 741

    "Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note: that could have been YOU!"

    So when they die will you start being nice to them as well? Pass on your condolences to their families?

  42. 742

    remember hoe karen carpenter died?? "Karen Anne Carpenter (March 2, 1950 – February 4, 1983) was an American singer and drummer. She and her brother, Richard, formed the 1970s duo The Carpenters. She suffered from anorexia nervosa, a little known disease at the time, and died at the age of 32 from heart failure, later attributed to complications related to her illness.Karen Carpenter's drumming skills were considerable, but it is for her vocal performances that she is best remembered."

  43. 743

    Re: Captain Canuck – could not have said it better myself

  44. 744

    Re: Captain Canuck – could not have said it better myself

  45. 745

    whathefah?! how saddening..she was one hell of am actress, i gotta say. RIP Brittany, you will be missed terribly..so, who's next on death's list?

  46. 746

    Completely disrespectful, and you should be ashamed of yourself for not only the title, but the blog itself. No matter what the cause of her death was, you have no right to throw out your thoughts when you don't even check your sources. Maybe she didn't mean anything to you, but I can garuntee that there are more people out there that care about her then they do you. I am so sad for her family and friends. Whatever the true cause may be, we lost a talent, you obviously had some problems, but everyone does. At least we can learn from her life. That's all good and fine if you like/support Mario, but this is truly appalling.

  47. 747

    i am very saddened by this loss. we have lost many celebs this year but this one hit me the hardest. i loved her as an actress. she was a beautiful soul with a gorgeous smile and a contagious laugh. i enjoyed watching her movies and thought she was a very talented person. one of my favorite actresses. it's sad that she's gone. i'm still in total shock. she talked about wanting to have a baby. she had a whole life ahead of her. R.I.P. brittany murphy, you will be missed.

  48. 748

    "We are in absolute shock."
    "We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming."

    Make up your damn minds.

  49. 749



  50. 750

    sad sad sad sad…

  51. 751

    That's so sad. Her poor family…I wonder what caused this? I really hope it wasn't drugs. That would make it even worse!

  52. 752

    I cant control my emotions my tears are rolling down :( this is the saddest news ever R.I.P britt was a angel

  53. 753

    I said that I wouldn't comment on this site anymore, but have to this one time. Fox News is reporting that she died of natural causes. Better retract what you said Perez before it comes to haunt you like the crap you said about Michael Jackson when he died!

  54. PAH says – reply to this


    Yeah, I bet you knew her personally, NOT!!! Since you always talked bad about her. I am sure she didn't really give 2 shits about you. You didn't see this coming, nobody has a crystal ball to see in the future you fucking DB!!!!!!! Oh and by the way not a very nice status to start this blog off, you have no heart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. 755

    Shocked! RIP sweet girl. Prayers to her family.

  56. 756

    Mario the new just said it was natural causes!!

  57. 757

    The NEWS Reported it to be natural causes!

  58. 758

    oh meh goshhh!!!!!!!!! :'( thats so horrible!!!!
    ahh i loved her sooo much she was so great! RIP
    i bet SNL feels shitty

  59. 759

    Perez has the balls to say what we're all thinking, and retaliating against him is just your Freudian attempt to forget all the things you KNOW you've thought about her. Stop making Perez your whipping boy and take a good hard look at yourself.

  60. 760


  61. 761

    That's a horrible thing to assume Perez. You should at least have the respect to wait for the cause of death. If her death has nothing to do with drugs i hope you feel horrible about it.

  62. 762

    you're such a piece of shit. you've made fun of her and bashed forever and now your "thoughts are with her family?" yeah fucking right. you're such a fucking joke.

  63. 763

    WoW! What a shock! I remember when clueless came out! I hope they investigate this further because people don't die of natural causes in their 30's!! RIP =(

  64. 764

    Re: Idiot_Mario – Billy Joel, its time to put down the bottle.
    Im so shocked to hear about Brittnay, my heart goes out to her mom. I do think her husband was no good for her, he just seems soooo shady. Brittnay peace be with you, love.

  65. 765


  66. 766

    I heard she was diabetic, and struggled with anorexia, so, there may have been NO drugs involved at all people…….such a tragic early age to go, I always liked her.

  67. 767

    How do you know that people 'don't just typically die from natural causes at 32?" Let's be a douchebag asshat to people who have just died. Seems like a great way to remember them. RIP Brittany Murphy. Perez Hilton is a jackass who has to write bad things about people to feel better about himself.

    P.s. Hearts can stop for ANY reason at ANY time. So yes in fact you CAN be 32 and die of natural causes.

  68. 768

    u should be nicer to these troubled girls. mocking them on ur site only makes them use more drugs. rip brittany.

  69. 769

    Yeah, just wanted to tell you, you're a jerk

  70. 770


  71. 771

    Re: Honk_If_You_Hate_Perez
    And yet you have a Perez log in, and quite obviously check his blog on a regular basis. Grow up and get yourself some contact with some real people. Does ragging on someone who does not give a SHIT bout you and your opinion make you feel like a better person? Do something about it! Create your own website, and get what you think are authentic sources.

  72. 772

    I'm really disappointed that you changed this story. Originally, it was a lot better. Now the title is INSANELY disrespectful. RIP Brittany

  73. 773

    Re: t1ao_karma – totally agree! Everytime I own that fuck somehow it doesnt show up on the page. honestly my guilty pleasure is this site, not to read about old news EVERYONE else has reported on (including the mags he talks about being liars and he still steals info from) but actually to read the comments from epople talking shit about him. I would like to see a website that all celebrities and the world can go on to pick him apart. See how the scum of the Earth feels after that. And to all you losers out there I dont care what you have to say to me about "cut that out, get off his site then, I love perez" Well just like I say about Carrie Prejean, its freedom of speech bitches!

  74. 774

    And what the fuck do you mean this comes as no surprise? Ugh the more I read how you've changed this the madder I get. It's all so disrespectful.

  75. 775

    Re: LovelyLayla – Couldn't have said it better myself.

  76. 776

    My heart rate has been almost high enough for a heart attack before, I had seizures instead and my nose was in distress too.

  77. 777

    say no to drugs celebrities!!!

  78. Keixi says – reply to this


    I don't buy the whole "natural causes" thing. I think the autopsy will reveal something….maybe some sort of health condition, but I'm betting it's more likely drugs or something to do with her shady husband…….

  79. 779

    Everyone knows…..

  80. 780

    was she a druggie too?

  81. 781

    We saw this coming?
    Really Perez. Someone just died. Not cool.

  82. 782

    How can you say "we are so shocked" then turn around and say "we saw this coming".. that's called contradicting yourself my dear.
    And frankly, it's quite rude to automatically suggest drugs, or assume otherwise about her death. I think you bashed her enough when she was alive, respect her!

  83. 783

    How in the hell can you be "in absolute shock" and say that it "comes as no surprise"? That makes no sense. Ur retarded.

  84. 784

    thats so sad. seriously the other celebs and other people out there DO need to take note and work on that. She was a ray of sunshine. I never disliked anything she was in…

  85. 785

    this is so sad i love brittany murphy she was funny and a very good actress how tragic is this rip but okay perez wtf is ur problem you should be ashamed of the the things u say really u make ur ppl look bad think twice before opening ur mouth ur such a fat moron

  86. 786

    Wow… I love how you're advocating for Courtney Love and Lindsay Lohan to go to rehab, and yet you sell "Fuck Rehab" t-shirts. Perfect example of "hypocrite". I'm glad no one actually takes you seriously… You're the biggest joke on the internet right now.

  87. 787

    perez, you make it seem like you know brittany did illegal drugs or something when you know NOTHING. all they found in her house were perscription medications, and she had the flu last week. for all we know the girl coulda had an undiagnosed case of swine flu and died! YOU DONT KNOW and for you to say to lindsay lohan it should of been her, it shouldnt have been ANYONE. Youre an asshole.

  88. 788

    The mother found her because her husband was fucked up too. He was rushed to the hospital from LAX just last month because he got off the plane incoherent. As far as this Jewish business, and that being a defense against an autopsy being performed–that's lame. That would be like saying if a Jewish girl is found dead in my house, I can tell the police, "Hey guys, it was natural causes. And anyway, you can't perform an autopsy to find out if it was a crack cocaine overdose because she's Jewish!" Like I said, that's lame. This is a suspicious death. There will be an autopsy. Claiming religious affiliation ain't gonna get it. How in the hell are they going to rule out criminal activity or culpability without finding out the cause of death. Those of you who keep hollering about them being Jewish are looking for an excuse to protect you from finding out the truth. Her husband already knows why she died. The police are going to find out how she died. And he's not going to stop that. Somebody dropping dead at age 32 is not normal.

  89. 789

    Firstly rest in peace Brittany Murphy.

    Secondly, I think that the only death of 2009 I would like to see would be Perez's. I think he should be ashamed of himself firstly with his carrier in general and more specificaly with the whol MJ incident. Give the girl some respect and hold your guesses of how she died atleast until after her funeral. You truely are scum Perez and you really are talentless. We are glad you were punched, and it's what alot of us would do if we saw you in person. What you do on your blog to people is much worse than giving a few punches, and in your case you deserved worse.

    Do us all a favour Perez and try to bring the mood of 2009 up slightly by finding the time in your busy schedule of bad mouthing people you don't know, to kill yourself before the end of the year. It would bring a smile to the faces of many to know that you're in hell where you undoubtbly will end up.

  90. PAH says – reply to this


    Re: Annabelle Lee – Hey, I take a good look at myself every fucking day and I still don't think like that, and not every normal person does… only DB's like Perez!!!! Plus I never thought bad about her, I don't live or breathe these celebs like this fucking DB does, who makes a career out of being disrespectful and down right mean to people? Perez does;-( He pretty much is just like those reality stars/z-listers, who became famous for having NO TALENT WHAT SO EVER!!!!! How did Perez come famous, oh that's right by blogging about celebs… WOO HOO!!!!! His mother must be PROUD!!!!!!!

  91. 791

    beautiful girl,www.mywebbags.com

  92. 792

    Perez I will feel sorry for you if it's natural cause. You were extraordinarily cruel in regards to her. I used to love reading your celeb gossip but lately it's out of hand and gross.

  93. 793

    Such a sad and tragic event… I've followed Brittany's career throughout the years and she truly was an amazing artist. I hope shes in a better place now, without any pain or insecurity's. R.I.P. Brittany, you will be missed.

  94. 794

    You all can pretend that it was some other cause…but we're all adults here, you know in your heart of hearts, this was drug-related. Why lie about it? You can lie to yourself. That doesn't change the truth. Anorexia…diabetes…natural causes…yada, yada, yada… There isn't one person on here that thinks it anything but one kind of drug or another. Another thing…Prescription drugs…illegal drugs…what the fuck difference does that make? Is it more noble to die as an Oxycontin abuser than it is as a crack head? A junky is a junky…it don't make it any different because one has enough money to pay some quack wearing a $5,000 suit to get his/her drugs, and the other has to buy his from Heavy D in the ghetto. Every time one of these "celebrities" OD on drugs they say it was "prescription medication". "Prescription" or not, if it's abused and used for the purpose of getting high…a drug is a drug. And the result is the same. Stop clouding the issue of drug abuse by saying it was "prescription." Michael Jackson's was "prescription"…tell that to the undertaker. Dope kills.

  95. 795

    Wasn't just last week that you were spewing hatred and nastiness about her. You see, your hatred is seen by those that you mock….I am sure that she was aware of your hate. With so much negativity and distaste that we have to endure, wouldn't you be better off not whoring yourself to hollywood by hijacking them with fear? You do realize that those personalities that befriend you do so out of fear? Your Mama must be so proud. You must be so proud.

  96. 796

    So sad i got to meet her and she was so nice

  97. 797

    perez, you don't even respect the dead?! you say you saw it coming? seriously? is this the time to say something like that. honestly, you have no morals. and when you die. people are going to spit and pee on your grave.

  98. 798

    RIP Britney…. Gone too soon

    And Perez…. Quit acting like you care mate… everyone who frequents the pages know that you were really, really REALLY nasty with your comments.

  99. 799

    you heart less son of a bitch no wonder well i am punshed your ass in the face at first when you talked about people it was funny to make a joke about the death of one of the sweetiest people in the world i hope you get punshd in the face again

  100. 800

    you heartless son of a bitch now i understand why will i am punched you in the face to make a joke about the death of one of the sweetest people in the world i hope you get punched in the face again stupid bitch

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