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Brittany Murphy Was Very Ill Before Her Death!

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Actress Brittany Murphy was reportedly experiencing and taking prescription medication for flu-like symptoms for several days before her tragic death.

Prescriptions were found in her home not only for her but also for husband Simon Monjack and her mother. An insider reveals, "There were a lot…a lot of prescription drugs in the house."

Brittany began vomiting early Sunday morning and after collapsing in the bathroom she ended up in the shower surrounded by mass amounts of vomit.

The police did not find any illegal drugs in her home, but numerous prescription meds which may have caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

We will know more after the autopsy which IS being performed on Monday or Tuesday, despite her husband's request for no autopsy.

Brittany was also living with type 2 diabetes, but it is not believed that the illness caused her death.

So sad.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.]

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64 comments to “Brittany Murphy Was Very Ill Before Her Death!”

  1. 1

    She lived the life she was born to live, and she couldn't stay with us for too long.. She was a star that shone too bright, the strength of her soul would have made us all go blind … :( RIP Brittany..

  2. 2

    It is sad that people will assume the worst about something so tragic. I understand her husband not wanting the world to have privey to their personal family issue. Shame on those who accuse him of killing her or thinking there is some sort of foul play because of his request. I hope her family does not read the trash posted on this site about her. She is missed, loved and deserves some respect, right?

  3. 3

    really, really sad.
    so sorry :-( (

  4. 4

    so sad how u bashed her … ur guilt must be eating u alive…

  5. 5

    Glad you put a cuter picture of her up.

  6. 6

    loves her.. shes "rollin with the homies" in Heaven

  7. 7

    you must get a hard on posting the sadistic details

  8. 8

    Why do celebs take mass amounts of medication like this??

  9. 9

    Diyng in a pool of vomit… God this is too much. I'm still waiting for someone to say this was all a sick joke. I think I'm gonna buy the Little Black Book DVD for Xmas… Poor Brit, she wanted children and died without having any. The Universe has a twisted sense of humour. I believe in God but these things really make you wonder…

  10. 10

    THEY SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT ANNA NICOLE SMITH "SHE WAS EXPERIENCING FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS BEFORE HER DEATH" Hmmmm… Also, maybe he didnt murder her but since she has been with him, she always looks drugged up. Think Britney Spears circa Sam Lufti, Anna Nicole with Howard K. Stern. He may not have murdered her, but their drug use may have contributed to her death. We will know soon enough. My prayers to her family.

  11. 11

    Copy and paste much you fucking moron?!?! You suck!!! You can't report on news yourself if someone dropped dead right in front of you. Fuck tard

  12. 12

    Oh and Perez stop posting this under drugs!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    You're not sad, only people with souls can be sad.

  15. 15

    This sounds horrendous and really strange…

  16. 16

    i said on another post - the coroner has confirmed illeagal drugs were not a factor in her death. i was reading an interview with her from just a couple of weeks ago and she was talking about how she wanted kids and starting a family was her new years resolution. its just heartbreaking. so much future that will never happen. her parents will never have those grandkids, her husband will never have the child they were planning. insted they have to go to her funeral, have dicks like you bashing her publicly and claiming he killed her. i really hope they sue you for what youv said in the last 24 hours.

  17. 17

    Hey, why on Earth would we wait for professional medical reports to be released?
    Isn't speculation, sensationalism, and over-dramatization the best way to report .. again and again??
    Unbelievable. So sad for the families

  18. 18

    sad story.. she was super funny!

  19. 19

    Even though no illegal drugs were found, remember that you can get killed by taking too many of them… I know it's a sad news, I really liked her work, but drugs are drugs whether these are legal or not. Sad news… hope she's resting in peace somewhere.

  20. 20

    Are we sure it was type 2 diabetes??? Usually type 2 is people over 50 who are overweight…maybe it was type 1 also known as juvenile diabetes? regardless, truly saddening!

  21. 21

    First…Take down that tickertape…its rude! Have the respect for her in death that you didnt have for her in life. I suggest all of her fans that havent seen it check out Love and other disasters. Its darling. She is so cute in the movie. She truly could have played Audrey Hepburn…She is a lovely woman with a charming voice ..Happy Feet lol… My heart goes out to her family and friends.

    It is not odd for someone who is vomiting and suffering from the flu or flu like sypmtoms to be in the shower. Truth be told it is easier on your body to throw up on all fours in the shower than bent at a toilet…Not to mention more sanitary.

    Poor baby must have felt terrible. I have to side with Ashton and say yes we have lost a little bit of sunshine…

  22. 22

    Where is your apology or acknowledgment that you were wrong Perez? You made allegations that she overdosed yesterday. If she took prescription drugs that led to her death, then she is in the same boat as Heath Ledger, and you treat him like a saint. Will you do the same for Brittany?

  23. 23

    Why the fuck is this tagged under DRUGS you fat moron? Do you have no respect or were you allowed to do a pre-autopsy autopsy to determine whether it was drug related? I know that a lot less people will feel sorry when you are found chocked up in your own vomit half eaten by your ugly dog days after you're dead

  24. 24

    I have lots of presciptions all the time but that doesn't mean anything, I'm not a drug addict. Everyone is assuming, they don't know a damn thing. Diabetes could have caused cardiac arrest. Plus, her husband is JEWISH, if he doesn't want to go against his religion he shouldn't have to. Eitherway, they are doing the autopsy anyway, I can't fucking wait to see you eat your words Perez, your a fucking JOKE. I also hate how people are calling him shady based on his looks, doesn't matter what you fucking look like, you can't tell if someone is shady based on looks.

    "Type 2 diabetes puts you at risk for many complications. There are those that progress slowly and those that can strike without warning. Cardiovascular complications can put you at risk for heart attacks, cardiac arrest and strokes. These are serious complications that require immediate emergency medical treatment."

  25. 25

    More crack reporting!! Read this several places last night !! Just remember Perez Karma is a Bitch, and you are long over due for a visit!!

  26. 26

    …Karen Carpenter died of cardiac arrest at age 32 after years of suffering from anorexia nervosa.

  27. 27

    so perez, do you feel the least bit of remorse after all of the horrible statements you have made about her in your previous posts?….you remember the ones about washed up career, out of work actress and so forth? Maybe now before you cut someone down, make snide hurtful remarks, you will remember this. Most likely not, but maybe. I think she was a very good actress with a bright future. She will be missed.

  28. 28

    perhaps it's swine flu, i don't think you should be suggesting that it cannot be natural causes because she is 32. speculating in the wake of a death as to the cause is rather crass.

  29. 29

    omg i can't believe it ………………… so sad !

  30. 30

    Re: karencarpenter
    I loved karen, too.Re: Canadiana* – She sure is pretty, huh!

  31. 31

    Man, dis wuman had talent!Hands down.Beauty is nice but you gotta have the talent to go wid it.I was at mickey d, munching on a stupid burger when i read the bulletin on a monitor and i almost choked on them stupid fries!Sad, very, very, very sad indeed…

  32. 32


  33. 33

    don't try to be nice now, jerk

  34. 34

    Some may find Perez Hilton infuriating - and he bills himself as having Hollywood's most hated website - but Perez Hilton does know Hollywood and the players within it. Including Brittany Murphy.

    According to NBC San Diego, Perez Hilton appeared on the morning radio show AJ in the Morning earlier in December. Hilton was asked if there would be another celebrity death "headed in the same path" as Michael Jackson.

    His response was "Brittany Murphy, maybe."

    According to the same NBC source, Murphy was said to have an eating disorder earlier in he career and that some believed it was tied to an alleged cocaine habit. Murphy denied these allegations in 2005.

    On his blog, Hilton hinted at this with his first post on Murphy:

    Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton wrote:

    Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise! We, and those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.

    Stay tuned.

  35. 35

    Re: jsommers222 – I read that when she was working on a movie some years ago she requested a peanut butter and jam sandwich be delivered to her every hour. It sounds more like hypoglycemia, with frequent small meals and all.

  36. 36

    The only prescription med you should be taking for flu is Tamiflu. And just because drugs she had were prescription, doesn't mean she didn't OD. The circumstances are pretty consistent with an OD. In fact, ODing on prescription meds seems to be the new black for celebrities. We haven't heard about a good, old-fashioned heroin OD in ages.

  37. 37

    age dosnt really mean shit now a days
    all these young people dying this year :[
    im gonna go watch drop dead gorgeous now
    and then just married
    i think her acting was genious her face had soo much emotion but she was very underated :(
    now hopefully people will realize what a talent we lost
    R.I.P Brittany.

  38. 38

    OMG, I was so shocked… poor girl. My prayers go to her family :(

  39. 39

    How was she a type 2 diabetic? She was never over-weight. Unless her diet sucked and her pancreas couldn't use insulin properly (or it wasn't making enough). Poor thing. I'm a type 1 diabetic and I know how hard it can be :/

  40. 40

    Re: karencarpenter – Sadly…"It's yesterday once more" both too young to die.
    Re: Pocahontas – she sure iz !! And so are you..

  41. 41

    Brittany Murphy was a well know presciption dug abuser/addict and it looks like it finally got the better of her.
    It's sad anyways.

  42. 42

    god, she was so beautiful, so young, so talented. i felt like i actually knew her, which sounds stupid, but she has such a warm persona. RIP Brittany;

  43. 43

    Omg you people are morons. Whoever said you have to be over 50 and overweight to have Type II diabetes should really go get yourself educated before you open your mouth.

  44. 44

    You were making fun of her, talking trash about her, etc. a few weeks ago, now you're "sad" that she's dead? What a fake. I hope you're proud of yourself. Please just take the money you've made and go away. Quit being cruel.

  45. 45

    You're running way behind the pack, Mario (or whoever's writing this site now). In fact, you should fire whoever's writing for you these days. The initial reaction on this site to Brittany's death was every bit as classless as was the initial reaction to Michael Jackson's death.

  46. 46

    Sounds like fat boy is hiding something. She was such a beautiful girl. She really married beneath her by marrying Simon Jackoff. That is one ugly mo-fo. She could have had anyone. He must have had some hidden assets/talents. I do hope they find that she died of natural causes but is Jackoff did have something to do with it, I hope he pays. A LOT!!!

  47. 47


  48. 48

    weight is just a risk factor for type 2 diabetes - thers a lot of other factors and causes including plain old genetics (stress can sometimes be listed as a trigger) as well as the ones that medical science just doesnt understand yet.

  49. 49

    Perez you soul-less fuck. YOU KILLED HER!!!

  50. 50

    it is so hard not to assume foul play because of Michael Jackson's death….it very well may not be foul play, but there had to be something that led to her death and by right the doctors should find out what it was that caused it

    too many deaths have been reported this year….2009 was not a good year at all hopefully 2010 people will have a happy and healthy year because this one sure wasn't

  51. 51

    Re: gardenwitch – Lol.

  52. 52

    you need to fact check… no way she was type 2 diabetic… and for the person who said genetics could be a factor… yes genetics can be a factor in type 1 or type 2 but in type two the genetic factor would be your disposition to be overweight and insulin resistant.

  53. 53

    Can't believe that companies actually pay good money to be associated with this piece of shit. I am not buying a single thing from them ever again!!!

  54. 54

    Re: sunny2
    In rare cases people in their 20s and 30s can get Type 2 Diabetes…happened to my husband at 27 and after 2 years progressed to Type 1 where his pancrease literally shut down. Healthy, perfect weight, no family history…

  55. 55

    It's under the category drugs because its a DRUG related death! It doesnt mean we dont like her any more or less. But the truth is what it is.

  56. 56

    First lets get a few things straight….
    1) Perez are you sure you mean Type 2 diabetes?????? VVVVV.unlikely (although not impossible) in a slender 32 year old. Type 1 much more likely.
    2) They HAVE to do an autopsy. NO ONE knows what killed her. It is a legal requirement to do one. Jewish or not, there is no choice in the matter.
    3) It is far far to early for the coroner or who ever it is to completely rule out drugs. Detailed toxicology will need to be done as part of the autopsy (which has not taken place yet) and take several days-weeks to come back with the results.

    My prediction is that she may have been hyperglycaemic (if she was type 1 diabetic) if she had been unwell and messed up her insulin. Whether this is because she did so to lose weight, or becasue she was unwell, or doped up to the eyeballs, who knows yet? Time will tell.

  57. 57

    1. Brittany Murphy had been fired from her last film, the horror film “The Caller,” just two weeks ago. No reason was given for her replacement.
    2. She "lost consciousness" during shooting on the set of another film that she’d recently completed.
    3. Sunday she suddenly dies of cardiac arrest while in the shower.
    4. Those familiar with her life say they saw warning signs were visible that she was on a dangerous behavioral spiral.

    Now, I ask you, if she was as "ill" as it is now being reported she was, why didn't she or someone around her, not seek medical treatment before she keeled over and died?
    The only "prescription medicine" a person would take for flu-like symptoms would be some form of Tylenol or an antibiotic. And if she were sick with the flu, why would she be trying to work and getting fired for "losing consciousness".
    Her husband must have had "the flu" when he suffered his little episode of "incoherency" after deboarding a plane at LAX last month. Yeah…right.

  58. 58


  59. 59

    I thought Britney Murphys performance in girl interupted was even better than Angelina Jolies. I thought she deserved the Oscar.

  60. Imy says – reply to this


    Poor, poor girl. Very sad that she felt the way she felt about herself. RIP darling.

  61. 61

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  62. 62

    She was living with Type II diabetes, I don't see how that can instantly be dismissed. I understand that most people assume Type II only happens in over weight people or later in life because in many cases it does. But Type II is basically the pancreas "freaking out" and not being able to regulate insulin correctly, this can happen for many reasons. If it was believed she was anorexic, that can cause Type II on occasion… not to mention so many other complications that occur with depriving the body of nutrition. However I know for a fact though that my husband's mom developed Type II diabetes resulting from cirrhosis of the liver, and she passed away weighting about 90 lbs. Granted it was from a life of heavy drinking but she was only 40 which is still fairly young.

  63. 63

    Another thing people might want to consider is a low blood sugar. Coming from someone who is a Type I diabetic, a hypoglycemic episode can be a scary and potentially deadly thing. It can cause vomiting, seizures, confusion, blurry vision, severe headaches and of course uncontrollable shaking… in some cases strokes or heart attacks (high risk scenario for many people living with both types of diabetes.) Not to mention all the medications that go alone with such a condition, which can explain the many prescriptions of her's.

    So maybe she wasn't living a great life style, but be a little educated before assuming everything is 100% "shady business." It is sad that she is gone and we can all learn a lesson to take care of our bodies. For once, can't we just assume the best of people rather than the worst?

    RIP Brittan Murphy

  64. 64

    Re: lunarosa – Absolutly- it just makes me think she was a type 1 - type 2 isn't usually 32 year old thin people (maybe complications with the eating disorder (was it anorexia nervosa, bulima or a mix of the two?) regardless can seriously screw up your electrolytes and cause cardiac arrest. What do you think?