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Nick Jonas Shows Up On Gay Photo Site????

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This has to be a joke!

Did Nick Jonas upload his own picture onto the gay-friendly photo site, Guys with iPhones (NSFW!)?????

Jonas - purity ring and all - popped up on the site this week, but the photo of Nick was mysteriously taken down on Tuesday after the picture of the 17-year-old JoBro went viral.


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201 comments to “Nick Jonas Shows Up On Gay Photo Site????”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    Re: theresaxann – no if its a mirror picture.

  3. 103

    Uh DUH?! Hey u know how this 'purity' fanatics are, they think taking it up the ass, giving it in the ass or sucking cock doesn't violate their chasitity vow. Hello look at the behavior of Catholic priest!

  4. 104

    OMG peresz you are really dumb and blind! have you heard of photoshop? that picture is photoshopped! just look at it!

  5. 105

    Re: lc0501 – But ALL the brothers being gay is just statistically unlikely. Sorry.

  6. 106

    some jonas hater did this and I'm going to kill the one who did it!

  7. 107

    ok first of all this isn't photoshopped, and second, this is a veryyyy old picture that i've seen on photobucket so someone else most likely uploaded it…

  8. 108

    How come all the fans are saying "this photos is really old" AND "it's photoshopped"…ummmm…which is it? Pick ONE evasion.

    So someone obviously pulled a prank with his picture, who cares. He's so boring, anyway. If this was Joe, it would be intriguing. AS ALWAYS.

  9. 109

    this is a real photo, but it was taken like 3 years ago. Someone must have uploaded it themselves. (besides nick jonas)

  10. 110

    his purity ring is on the wrong hand..
    what a dumbass.

  11. 111

    perezzieee, i was a die-hard jonas fan, and this picture was taken circa 2007, if i recall correctly(: (yeah i used to be really obsessed) soo, this is obvs false

  12. 112

    Re: Ginja_Ninja – HAHAHA. Sooooooo true. And so fail.

    The world needs more Jooooooooooooooe. Not Nick.

  13. 113

    okay, this is not the first time i saw this picture of him. The very first time i saw this pick was about maybe a year in a half to 2 years ago. And you can totally tell it's photoshopped and look at nicks hair in this picture it's messy and shaggier than how he has it now. That's the hair he used to have a long time ago when he was like 15 or something and Nick looks way too skinny in this pic he's a lot buffer now. It was probably just some idiot poser that made a fake profile looking for attention.

  14. 114

    Re: JoeJonasluver – Joe does have effeminate tendencies at times…but honestly they all do. That doesn't make them gay - I've known and dated plenty of "soft" hetero guys. I think Nick is the most testosterone fueled of the guys…and I think that's what makes him such an arrogant jerk.

    As for Joe, he is more ambiguous. I LOVE HIM insanely, but I wouldn't be any more shocked to find out he was gay than that he wasn't. Maybe a little disappointed, but I'll be equally disappointed when he hooks up with and marries someone other than me anyway. He'll be attractive and awesome no matter what he is. Straight ladies, there is no shame in being attracted gay guys!We're all just people!!! And "gay" comes in all kinds of packages, as does straight.

    Why do we worry and get defensive about these things? It's all good!

  15. 115

    that picture is sooo oldd! i don´t think he uploaded it. maybe a jonas hater did, but reallythats an old picture he is NOT GAY

  16. 116

    sooo not him. one thing- his ring is on the wrong hand. he wears his on his left hand…. and if it isnt photoshopped… its definately old

  17. 117

    HE purity ring is on his LEFT handdd, and i saw this pic like 2 years agoo,
    idk but love you nick(:

  18. 118

    Hhahahahah dude, this picture has been out since like 2007. Nick obviously didn't post those.

  19. 119


  20. 120


  21. 121

    that pic is old as life.
    && someone apparently has no life && decided to waste they're time putting the picture up.

  22. 122

    Re: jessie_justdance – This is the most photoshopped pic that I have ever seen.

  23. 123

    SO UGLY!

  24. 124

    That picture is from like 2 years ago,someone obviously did that to cause a controversy.

  25. 125

    this picture is outrageously old, lol. :P nicky wouldn't do something like that anyway!

  26. 126

    Hahaha I knew it hahaha!!!!

  27. 127

    i knew it! lol

  28. 128

    You must be a fucking idiot to believe this pic is real.its obviously photoshopped you shit for brains!

  29. 129

    no its not photoshopped, its a really old pic he took. He took that pic around the time he first started going out with Miley Cyrus. I'm guessing someone uploaded that picture because everyone assumes they're gay.

  30. 130

    dis pic is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay old! of course perez wud b lukin on "Guys with iPhones"

  31. 131

    dude this photo has been up for years. and not on that gay site. somone obviously did it as a joke. get your shit right. jeeze

  32. 132

    this is stupid this is a OLD pictures of him xD

  33. 133

    this is him, for sure.
    purity ring,
    dog tag, (which is actually his diabetes awareness necklace)
    obviously he took it, but somebody else uploaded it.

  34. 134

    you dumb shit. his purity ring is supposed to be on the left. thats the right hand in this pic. PHOTOSHOPPED

  35. 135

    It's fake, and even if it wasn't, you CAN be gay AND christain at the same time.

  36. 136


    E’nuff said.

  37. 137

    this photo is soooo old. this was when he was still dating miley. he fer sure didnt put it up

  38. 138

    this is BULLSHIT.

    **** I remember when this photo was taking , a couple years back.

  39. SBOSG says – reply to this


    We knew one of them was going to be!

  40. 140

    This picture is really old. He didnt upload it to this. This picture was taken a long time ago its been floating around the internet for a loooong while.

  41. 141

    its ok nick, i support ya ;)

  42. 142

    Re: Ch3ll0 – Why is Nick obviously not Gay?? More things point to him being Gay that straight, besides, you will never know as long as he is making money off of stupid female tweens. Keep giving him all of your middle class money….then he can come out and get fucked by a Brazilian stud like Madonna. US girls are soooooo fucking stupid.

  43. 143

    i wouldn't blame him going gay after dating miley cyrus

  44. 144

    this looks like a failed joke. since one: the ring is on the wrong finger. two: he looks twelve here.

  45. 145

    that picture is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old, i have it in my computer since may of 2008 i guess or something like that, anyone could have uploaded it. Every jonas fan has it in his or her computer.

  46. 146

    omg. NOT real. this picture of nick is YEARS old.

  47. 147

    this picture is OLD and has been on the internet for a while ….. anddd clearly some dork uploaded it to the site…. obviously NIck wouldn't upload the picture himself… specially KNOWING that the public and sites like this would rag on him!!!!!

  48. 148

    And so what if he was gay?

  49. 149

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – The phrase is queer as a three dollar bill, there's no way gay works with how you said it. No offense meant, just letting you know. :)

  50. 150

    although people are saying this is an old picture.. Look at the shoulder strap of the tanktop.. It is obviously photoshopped

  51. 151

    wow so photo shopped…this pic is so old and someone who has no life put it up

  52. 152

    this is three years old & leaked back then.

  53. 153

    Thats really him. Its just really old. He was like 14 or 15 when he took that. Its been on the web for years.

  54. 154

    You are so behind buddy. First off this pic was from years ago when he was with Miley, and second they have already said it was someone who just got it off the internet and posted it.

  55. 155

    Not to mention it has been edited, the ring is on the right hand here, I am not sure exactly how it was changed (other than the fact it is flipped) but there is something not right about the pic (the original is online somewhere…

  56. 156

    this picture is old as dogshit.

  57. 157

    I mean there are pics of David Henrie on there too (Justin from Wizards of Waverly Place)… if they find a hot iphone pic of anyone really famous they are gonna put it there (which sucks for the stars but w/e)

  58. 158

    WTFFFFF WHAT IS THIS BULLSHITTT!? about Jobros r so 2007 used to b cute hot but now is OVERATED

  59. 159

    FAKE! thats a crappy photoshopping job

  60. Low says – reply to this


    He would be more intersting if he were gay.

  61. 161

    you know when i was younger i didnt think lance bass was gay… and hey look at him now…. i just love how upset girls get because they think little nicky is gay…who cares

  62. 162

    This photo is EXTREMELY old!

  63. 163

    Are you fucking retarded, Perez? Do you seriously think a teen star would have the time to find a gay website and upload his own photo?! Are you getting dumber everyday, because there's no way in hell he would do that. There are plenty pictures of him out there, and someone could have easily copy and pasted that bitch. You seriously are fucking mental, you fat fuck!!!!!! Keep wishing he's gay you sick bastard, every one knows how much of a pedophile/rapist you are.

  64. 164


  65. 165

    People who are saying his ring is on the wrong hand, take a look at the photo idiots! Its obviously a mirror picture which means it looks like his ring is on his right. geez common sense.

  66. 166

    terrible photoshop
    nick has wayy broader shoulders than that

  67. 167

    Wouldn't surprise me. You have to be gay to where such tight pants, lol

  68. 168

    Um excuse me ?! This picture is sooooooooooo old ..
    Its NOT photoshoped and Nick isnt gay ..
    If he was he wouldnt date miley,selena e.t.c..
    jealous,jealous people :(

  69. 169

    yeah this is an old picture

  70. 170

    are you fucking stupid? THIS PIC IS SO OLD! IT'S NOT NEW ! I have it on my fansite and I have for 2 years. -.- and OF COURSE IT'S PHOTOSHOPPED! THE PURITY RING IS ON THE RIGHT FINGER AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE LEFT!

  71. 171

    Re: Moimeme – maybe because it is old AND photoshopped! trust me, I know, it's old cause I've had it on my myspace for two years and it's photoshopped because the purity ring is on the right finger and it's supposed to be on the left, DUMBASS!

  72. 172

    I always had a feeling one of those boys is gay and the one who would be the most likely candidate is Nick. Even though this picture is fake, Nick is gay……us gay men know our brothers!!

  73. 173

    This picture is extremely old and any way it SOOOO looks photo shopped :) x

  74. 174


  75. 175

    thats SO Photoshopped its not even funny! He wears his purity ring on his left hand and more muscular, Not smart!

  76. 176

    LOL. fake or not. nick is gay.

  77. 177

    Maybe someone else uploaded it..

  78. 178

    This pic is soooooo old, and someone obviously has no life OR looks and put it up.
    He was like, 14 here. Grow up, Perez, did you not stop to think someone put it up?
    Better thought for everyone: why were you even LOOKING on that site? Too fugly and shallow to get people to like you for real?
    As I said, grow up.

  79. 179

    lies obviously

  80. 180

    well THAT is not surprising

  81. 181

    Re: MrsLambert – Lol!

  82. 182

    I saw this picture like three years ago. it's an old picture…if it was posted by him it would have been out and about when he first posted this

  83. 183

    Not to sound like a Jonas freak, but I see some problems.
    First of all, they wear purity rings on their left hands.
    And second, Nick has a Blackberry.
    Hahaha, I definitely sound like a freak.

  84. 184

    this picture is really old!

  85. 185

    wow how surprising

  86. 186

    Re: Moimeme – Disagreed I think Joe is the most masculine, way back he definitely was overly metro (I thought he was gay) but times have changed. He is the only bro who will wear a tee and jeans with sneakers. No MURSES, FUGGO HATS, GRANDPA LOAFERS, LOUIS VUITTON anything, you get the point :P I SO agree though I kind of want Nick out of the spotlight already! The only reason why Joe is out is because theres no doubt about it that he's the brothers that draws the most attention!

  87. 187

    It's totally a joke! First of all, that picture's old. Second of all, the purity ring on this picture is on his right hand, their purity rings are on their left hands. Photoshopped.

  88. 188

    this picture was taken like two years ago. grow up people.

  89. 189

    Very photoshopped looking. Obviously someone else put it up

  90. 190

    Alright first of all if you look at the left strap of his tank top you can see the bad photoshop job. Also, the picture was taken so long ago, a long time before Nick even got his iPhone. just because the hand has a ring on it doesn't make that hand Nick's. People need to stop making fake pictures that ruin the reputations of others!

  91. 191

    No ves que es un montajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Mirale la manga de la camisa y el cuello!

  92. 192

    If you think im going to belive that u need mental support and noe . hes so hot and he deffinatly likes girls he is not GAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 193

    Re: Marie_C – What r u saying?

  94. 194

    this isn't nick.
    1st of all the purity ring is on the right hand.
    2nd of all, it's very photoshopped, and it's somewhat obvious.
    3rd of all, sure, he might have put it up for publicity, but don't you think that nick jonas has more class than that?
    &4th of all, this has been on the internet, for a long time.
    i love your site perez, just so you know, :)

  95. 195

    GGGEEEEEZZZ the ring is NOT on the right finger! Its a mirror photo idiots! Which means it is on his left hand, obviously you guys are stupid enough NOT

  96. 196

    GGGEEEEEZZZ the ring is NOT on the right finger! Its a mirror photo idiots! Which means it is on his left hand, obviously you guys are stupid enough NOT to realise it.

  97. 197

    i honestly don't believe this for a minute.
    the purity ring is on the wrong finger. it goes on his left hand. on his wedding finger. duh. it just looks photoshopped.

  98. 198

    As hilarious as I wish this wud have been true, it looks photoshopped. Oh well. props for trying :/

  99. 199


  100. 200

    I am a total fan of he jonas brothers butlets face it nicks only ever publically been out with 2 girls in like 17 years AND he did upload it himself so maybe he's off the market for the girls but totaly lukin for sum cute boys

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