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Uber Vintage Gagaloo!

| Filed under: Lady GaGa


So cute!

This adorable child would one day grow up and rock the world!

Check out these precious photos of Lady Gaga before she was Lady Gaga. (above)

Loves her!

[Image via Seth Poppel / In Touch Weekly .]

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178 comments to “Uber Vintage Gagaloo!”

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  1. 101

    She looks like a little Italian demon in the middle pic.

  2. 102


  3. midi says – reply to this


    re: njpaul129 - stop with the ignorance. what do you care who has sex with who anyway, as long as it isn't with you? please. we are animals, not rigid robots who breed for the pope.

  4. 104

    i think she was cute when she was a kid. i dont really know about her now. she needs to go back to this look and stop looking like a drag queen. and perez, you really have your head up her ass. dont you?

  5. 105

    she's beat now just as much as she was beat then.. her music sucks too

  6. 106

    GOOODDDD, could you stop obsessing over this Lady Gaga??!!!!! she's just another "star", who will dissapear in 1 or 2 years. I admit, she is talented in writing lyrics, but has no voice, she is uglier now that years ago, and she is using idiotic clothes and attitude to attract attention.And don't tell me this is the way she expresses herself, this is bullshit. She is not confident on her looks and uses stupid clothes for people to notice her. I can't wait for her to dissapear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 107

    Re: Taffernoodles – i completely agree with you, some people just don't get. They take honesty+truth as jealousy.
    she is very…
    unfortunate looking though.

  8. 108

    Re: idevenn – i never knew you could look into the future? well done thats quite the talent indeed

  9. 109

    One word: adorable.

  10. 110

    I am a huge Gaga fan. But this is getting beyond annoying. This isn't news. I don't want an update every time she sneezes or takes a shit. Enough Perez! Does she ever even talk about you?! Seriously, it makes me embarrassed for you. She probably tells her real friends how creepy you are.

  11. 111

    oh my god! she ones looked like a human being! so … normal! *gasp*

  12. 112

    before she was Lady Gaga?…well perez, according to her she's "always been Lady Gaga" - the 2 of you need to get your heads sorted out

  13. LDD says – reply to this


    Re: Zombie Hitler – I AGREE… she's fucking over rated..

  14. LDD says – reply to this


    Re: festus11 – HAHAHA dorsal fin.

  15. 115

    Lady Gaga is Beat.. Cute then, BEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAATTTTTT Now..

  16. 116

    GIVE IT A BREAK ALREADY…. She sucks and no way is she 23!!
    She is using u for pub.. Your the best PR person she could have..

  17. 117

    There is no such thing as something being forced down your throat. Just as Perez posts something about Gaga everyday, he posts something everyday about Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's dad, something TWILIGHT related, Madonna or Jesus Luz whenever they so much sneeze, Susan Boyle, etc. Perhaps the hatred toward her stems from Perez giving Gaga a free pass whenever she does something he condemns other people for doing. Don't worry..we all know how Perez is, and her time is coming, too. Still, no one is forcing you to open the link to a Gaga story, just like PH is not the end all of all gossip sites.

  18. 118

    Was def cute but same homely nose. Perez-get off her stick.

  19. 119

    Love the second one down. We all have days like that.

  20. 120

    aawww cute overload! :) ))

  21. 121

    You realize she's using you for the publicity, right? You fat piece of shit.

  22. biscu says – reply to this


    weird :) )

  23. 123

    was better looking as a girl and as she grew she became hideous.

  24. 124

    Re: OhBeeotchPlease – HAHA! So true!

  25. 125

    LOL she looks cute

  26. 126

    Ugly child…

  27. 127

    Wow.. some of you are so freakin' mean. Thanks for sharing her childhood pic… I, for one, enjoyed seeing her younger!

  28. 128

    GET OVER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 129

    Pez you better let her know how much free press she's getting from you so you can get paid you freakin' GooGoo For GaGa GaNetian GaGaWannabe GaGaloofruitcake GaGaGayBoy……….:) and the next time you are on my show I want you to bring Lady GaGa

  30. 130

    Zombie Hitler is the reason I go to perezhilton.com

  31. 131

    zhez gorgeouz♥♥
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxRe: lexilan
    honee…no one elze doez
    EXIZT…when zhez around…and zhe doez
    walk on H2O….k?>?
    zhez my luv 4/ever♥

  32. 132

    Dawg, I want to be her doggie and sniff sniff her butt her tits and her hair and her whole beautiful body. She looks like a little Drew Barrymore in that second picture. I want to sniff her butt, too! lol

  33. 133

    Once a tranny, always a tranny. Parent dressed IT up as a girl at a young age I see

  34. 134

    She was so cute and adorable!!!! But now she's Lady Gaga… although it's just a created persona, not many people could see it and understand it.

  35. jovan says – reply to this


    are you a part of lady gaga's payroll perez???

  36. 136

    I think Pez has wet dreams about finding out that his Lady GaGaroyle is actually a gay boy that loves overweight men with green hair…….

  37. 137

    Only the first photo is cute. The others, average. She's replaced Madonna in your heart, right?

  38. 138

    One day, I want to take her deep into the woods and keep her for my babydoll. I love her so much. She was a beautiful child.

  39. 139

    Re: jesyrene – asshole this post is not about madonna the queen. its about a tranny named gaga. madonna is the immortal queen with millions of hits and the most sucessfull female artist ever,gaga is not even on the countdown. madonna is right next to beatles that is toping the chart.
    gaga will never will be as big as madonna. shes not even bigger than shitney. hey loser gaga is so bad that had to redesign her first tour cause the critics are so bad.sorry my dear but the press are saying her tour is a poor imitaion of madonna.MADONNA IS THE GENIOUS,THE UNIQUE HERE.GAGA IS JUST RIPPING OF MADONNA, EVEN IN HER INTERVEIWS. GAGA HAS NO IDEAS.AND EVEN PEREZ KNOWS THAT CAUSE HE SAID NOONE WILL BE BIGGER THA MADONNA

  40. china says – reply to this


    what do we learn from this? ugly children grow up and become even more ugly grown-ups. *yawns*
    why doesn`t she go to rock a beauty clinic? by now it has turned from ugly to disgusting.

  41. 141

    wow, she's acctually a girl.

  42. 142

    Oh look, another Gaga article. What a surprise. Boring….get over her already

  43. 143

    Oh dear god….get over it!!!!

  44. 144

    so little talent, so much press.

  45. 145

    Re: njpaul129 – Merry Christmas to you A$$hole

  46. 146

    Some of you people seriously need to get a f*ckin life.

    What is the point in coming to a site that obviously features lots of GaGa..and then go postal about it?! If you don't like her, then why waste your time bitching about GaGa?

    As if she cares anyway. She's laughing her strange ass all the way to bank while the rest of you cry about the shitty jobs you have.

  47. 147

    Cute kid! She looks identical now!

    You can tell that that kid was destined to be a superstar.

  48. 148

    Re: dreaming_aloud
    Wow, you are actually a girl. STFU jerkboy, she's more than you'll ever be. dickhead

  49. 149

    she had a fugly face even as a kid.

  50. 150

    Even as a child she was ugly. Perez what do you love so much about her/him?
    She's a stupid illuminati satanist whore. Hey guys maybe if we stop commenting every time Perez posts a blog over someone who makes us all GAG, maybe he'd stop writing about her so much. Just a thought.

  51. 151

    Re: TaRoTLuVr – @ 33 - that's beyonce, not gaga…….

  52. 152

    please stop. I agree with some others. she's not that interesting. stop trying to force her down our throats. People hate her because of your non stop promotion. Let her be. Your "Perez brand" is polluting her career. Back away…

  53. 153

    Perez you geek… get over this infatuation with GaGa… you look stupid and clingy - almost desperate. Also - Ms. GaGa smokes… I love it that you are such a dink about smokers, and here your "wifey" smokes… too damn funny!

  54. 154

    you know she kinda looks like Blossom in the bottom pic!!!! Do yall see that?

  55. 155


  56. 156

    shes groose.
    who the eff cares what she looked like when she was normal.

  57. 157


  58. 158

    LOL at the last picture.
    Nice first communion. so obviously Italian and Catholic. I went through the same process, being Irish and Catholic.
    She seems most like her current self in the middle pic.

  59. 159

    Re: MadonnaMADGEsty
    "hey loser gaga is so bad that had to redesign her first tour cause the critics are so bad."
    Really. Is that the truth or is that what you believe to be the truth? The reviews have been mostly favorable.

  60. 160

    this bitch will not be here in 5 years she is a faze in music she has no staying power. i predict her next album will flop.

  61. 161

    so ugly

  62. 162

    Awww! Gaga looks SO cute! Love u Gaga!

  63. 163

    she is almost as fug as adam sandlers kid, remember what you said about her?

  64. 164

    Hay Mariomoron SADA'S back!!!Move over Gag Gag and all you other posers!!!!

  65. 165

    gaga flavor of the moment.. she wont last

  66. 166

    shes adorable, and still very pretty so wht if her outfits r tots out of the world- literally most of the time thy r. and shes a good singer

  67. 167


  68. 168

    she's never rocked my world nor do i consider what she does "rock"or anything remotely awesome interesting. its nothing short of attention seeking.

  69. 169

    How Cute!!!! xD

  70. slip says – reply to this


    Rock the World? I had never even heard of her until your homo ass could not shut your cocksucker up for one second about here

  71. 171

    do you love her because she loves gays ?

  72. k-lee says – reply to this


    Fck you and your Lady GaGa obsession.

  73. 173

    I don't get it. If people either don't like her, or are tired of reading about her, then why, exactly, do they bother to click on her stories and then read them and then take the time to comment?

    It's like people are going out of their way to to be hateful. Why? what's so fun about being hateful, to go out of one's way to expose oneself to something that will give them an excuse to spew their hate on the rest of us?

    It's sad, actually. you all need more love in your lives.

  74. 174


  75. 175

    awww thats cute in the 2nd pic you can see the fake angry face she uses now when shes on stage

  76. 176

    i love gaga adorable picts

  77. 177

    zheezh, you haterz, i think zhez adorable, take it out on perez, not gaga

  78. 178

    She was cute as Stefani.. she is still strangely beautiful as GaGa.

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