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Michelle Duggar Protests After Giving Birth!

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Overachiever or just plain crazy????

Mother of 239049 19, Michelle Duggar reportedly staged a protest in Arkansas against a mini mart that applied for an alcohol permit!

In case you forgot, Duggar prematurely gave birth to her 19th child only two weeks ago!!!

Where does she find the time…????

Michelle was reportedly "in tears" when she brought her case to the ABC Control Board, stating:

Personally, I don't think alcohol needs to be convenient. I think it needs to be placed in a place where adults can get to it and they will have a choice to get to it. But our children should not be bombarded with that. It's so close to home.

And they bought it!

The ABC Control Board rejected the local mini mart's request for a permit to sell alcohol, and Michelle Duggar returned home to her birth control-free abode to spend time with her newborn.


[Image via TLC.]

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204 comments to “Michelle Duggar Protests After Giving Birth!”

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  1. 1

    OMG! This Duggard MOM of like 40000 kids is CRAZY! it's not like ur kids r gunna go and hit up the store 4 some beer!! Leave it alone Duggard Mom, just leave it alone.

  2. 2

    I respect the Duggars, even though I am an Agnostic myself, and if she wants to protest something, that is her right as an American.

  3. 3

    well honestly I kind of agree! Im anti alcohol myself and can see where she is coming from. Never thought I'd say that. lol

  4. 4

    THOUGHTS? My thoughts are, this woman has NO BUSINESS telling other people how to live! I have some thoughts on her lifestyle (hint: I find it disgusting!) but to each their own! She needs to keep her mouth and her legs SHUT.

  5. Nesa says – reply to this


    This family get a TV show for pushing out a bunch of children and making the older kids take care of them.
    That whole thing sound staged for the TV show to give Michelle media attention.

  6. 6

    what a psycho!!! mini marts should be able to sell alcohol cuz it brings them more money!!!

  7. 7

    There is no way her baby is at home yet. She is still in the hospital. She would have to be around 5 lbs and breathing on her own before she can go home. So, she is doing this rather then spending time at the hospital with the baby.

  8. 8

    If that is her opinion, and she feels strongly about it, than more power to her. Her children will see her as a strong woman that knows how to fight for what she believes in! Alcoholism is a problem amongst teenagers, and its a dangerous substance. I think its great she stood up for what she believed in, and with that many kids, I'd be concerned too.

  9. 9

    fucking crazyyyyyyy she needs to chill

  10. 10

    If that mini market received their liquie license, I would be HIGH tailing there to pick up my JD and Coke if I had to watch over 20 kids. OY! And does she think she is going to protect her brood from alcohol, drugs, porn, etc. Nice thinking mom, but it's not reality.

  11. 11

    This bitch is motherfucking stupid. First of all, kids are gonna find away to get alcohol. We aren't in prohibition anymore either. And secondly if anything everyone should be protesting her vagina.Sorry excuse. You have 19 fucking kids bitch. You have important fish to fry. Try closing your sorry redneck legs while you're at it.

  12. 12

    i hate these freaks.

  13. 13

    wtf who cares if theres alch there

  14. 14

    Okay that's really stupid.
    Isn't it the parent's job to let kids know about the rights and wrong about booze? Oh right sorry, the older kids are the ones raising the little ones anyways.

  15. 15

    sorry but this familys fucking weird as hell

  16. 16

    Same woman who thinks the earth is 6000 years old and denies her kids proper knowledge… another form of child abuse.

  17. 17

    this from the same woman who is a christian and her and her whole brood doesnt dance??? im ashamed of her to be part of the same faith as me. And as for the alcohol permit, she needs to mind her own damn business. If she raised her kids right they would know better.

  18. 18

    I personally think that being on a reality tv show is worse than alcohol….

  19. 19

    She's the ultimate selfish person. I'd worry more about bringing all these kids into a messed up world of which all our resources are being depleted by people procreating TOO MUCH. Who the heck is she to judge anyone? She should look in her own backyard. Her, and people like her having too many kids using all our resources should also have to help pay for their use of our planet.

    I'm just one, I pay for people like her and her husband to school their children, etc.

    She needs to look deeper into her own values.

  20. 20

    I think Michelle is nuts…just like her counterpart, Angeline who is only a few kids behind, and still manages to make movies but everyone gets enough special time…right!

  21. 21

    She has every right to do that and I applaud her for doing it.

  22. 22

    I respect her opinion… I don't think alcohol should be in convenience stores either…. this isn't something we have to worry about in Canada though. Good for her for standing up for what she believes.

  23. Suze says – reply to this


    what about cigarettes? maybe those shouldn't be convenient either….or perhaps condoms (ohhhh…birthcontrol = BAD) LOL. I get her point…but it seems misguided.

  24. 24

    I think she is right, alcohol should not be placed in convenience shops. She is an amazing woman, wife and mother who fellow woman should look up to! Kepp it up Michelle!

  25. 25

    Honestly, she should mind her own fucking business.

  26. 26

    Shes fu*king with people's money!!! You dont do that!

    I'm with the mini mart!


  27. 27

    Sick STUPID ppl!! Not about the alch., just anyone that has 19 kids and only the money they make off being a circus show have no intelligence! I feel so sorry for those kids, they don't get to be kids just another babysitter so mommy and daddy can put $$$$ in their pocket and not even buy some decent clothes for their kids! Disgusting!

  28. 28

    Just as it's her choice to give birth to as many kids as she chooses & then make the older kids "help" take care of HER younger ones, it's the Convenient Store's choice to sell alcohol. It's HER JOB to keep alcohol away from her children. It also says that she doesn't have very much faith in her own children's ability to not drink. Freedom of choice is a fantastic thing. Maybe there should be a board to sew her up & take her choice away; for the "safety" of the children of course. Save them from raising the other kids she & Mr. Humper, I mean Duggar chose to create…

  29. 29

    her daughter was born extremely pre mature and she's concerned about alcohol being sold at a mini mart??????

    , its alcohol…great for your health if drank in moderation! and LEGAL to use if you are of age…find a bigger cause to be concerned about lady..

  30. 30

    This lady gets under my skin. Not because she's populating enough children to start her own country, but because she thinks the world revolves around her. Puh-leeze.

  31. 31

    Re: duelastar
    Lmao good one!

  32. 32

    Why is this in a "celebrity" gossip blog?

  33. 33

    Mini-mart should protest her and good old Jim-Bob for having so many kids. Anybody named Jim-Bob should really be nuetered.

  34. 34

    Salt of the Earth…..leave her alone.

  35. 35

    Moral Mormans that have pop tarts 24/7 and parade them on tv? She has morals?

  36. 36

    SHIt these ppl piss me off if they are so god fearing why do they have a tv show to broadcast their family all ove rthe world making it seem like a publicity stunt…. she needs to get her tubes tied…. and stop exploiting her children the commercial for the damn nuva ring is on during their show GET OFF TV and get out of our faces you crazy bitches… and lay off our booze!!!

  37. 37

    This dumbass needs to move into the 19th century.

  38. 38

    Wish to hell they sold alcohol in corner stores in Canada. It's a major pain in the ass driving 20 miles just to get a few beers.

  39. 39

    I think she shouldn't have a say on this. I mean, adults buy alcohol too and "kids" would need a ID to buy it. I don't think she's that smart to at least understand that and she look like she wants her kids to live the "barney the purple dinosaur" lifestyle

  40. 40

    Bravo to her for making a positive difference. Giving birth recently does not mean she cannot continue to support things she is passionate about.

  41. 41

    i live in northwest arkansas, which is really nice….rivals any mid-size city that i've been to. i'm tired of the duggars perpetuating an unfavorable image of the state. they are an anomoly!

  42. 42

    She is standing up for what she believes in. Nothing wrong with that

  43. 43

    what the fuck is her problem??

  44. 44

    I love these people. What is she supposed to be doing? Sitting there, staring at her baby the whole time? That tot is in good hands now. She'll be home with her siblings really soon. And as for her mom, she just did what she felt was right. That's it.

  45. 45

    That women should shut her month,and there someting else she should shut, you have enough rug rats…..

  46. 46

    why is everyone so offendedby her? its her life and if she wants to have 20 kids its not affecting you so back off… go read about hitler or someone that has affected your life …

  47. 47

    She needs to shut her mouth as much as she needs to keep her legs closed. If she was so concerned about children, she would have opted to adopt instead of SELFISHLY springing forth 19 children. True Christians put their money where their mouth is, and only having a couple kids of their own, and then do the right thing and take in children that NEED homes.

  48. 48

    so tired of people pushing their morals on me. i don't send you messages about sterilization lady. take care of your kids so I and the state don't have to!

  49. 49

    How nice that she is allowing her beliefs to affect someone's business and livelihood. I personally would be pissed if I lived there that I would have to travel further to purchase alcohol because she feels that by making it inconvenient for me that it would be preventing her precious children from drinking. She should read up on Prohibition and think about teaching personal responsibility as opposed to inflicting her views on others.

  50. 50

    I don't agree with her stand on booze but protesting is a patriotic cause,right Mario?
    Hey didn't you you protest Taco Bell after you gave birth to a 10 pound turd you named Mario Jr.?

  51. 51

    a store should be able to sell alcohol. its illegal for kids to buy. she should stick to taking care of her house and leave others alone. how annoying!

  52. 52

    This stupid crazy bitch is just looking fo attendion. Go away and wipe some more diapers you crazy bitch.

  53. 53

    WOW! isnt it about time for you to strap that mattress to your back again because that seems to be the only thing your good at!!! You and your clan make me sickkkkkkk!!!

  54. 54

    She did not return home to be her baby, her baby was born 1.5lbs and will be hospital for weeks if not months!!

    I admire her for standing up for something that is important to her, more of us should be willing to make more noise about what's important. And why would any of you slam her for taking a stand?

    I live in Canada where alcohol is not nearly as accessible and we love coming to the US where we can basically get it anywhere, very convenient, however just as I have the right my opinion, she does too!! Kudos to you Michelle for being able to have so many apples in the air and still show up for this event!!


  55. 55

    She's an irresponsible example to those less fortunate, and should be spending the time she tries controlling the environment around her, to shaping responsible people out of the brood she has.

  56. 56

    The state of Arkansas needs to put a ban on Michelle's uterus having contact with Jim Bob's sperm instead of wasting their time listening to the idiot who says she'll have as many kids as "God gives her", and can't take the hint from God to STOP having babies when her last two almost didn't survive.


  57. 57

    Really, I don't care if the mini-marts sell alcohol.
    I'm not going to buy any, and it being there won't push me to…
    Michelle Duggar is entitled to her opinion, but it is a bit of an over reaction.

  58. 58

    Um, she just had a preemie @ 25 weeks gestation, a NORMAL pregnancy is 38+ weeks. That baby is MONTHS away from coming home. You really are stupid.

    And a previous poster was correct in saying that she'd rather spend her time protesting instead of spending precious time with her baby in the hospital. But hey, nurses are taking care of her baby (just as her kids always do) so she kind of has the same freedom post-partum.

  59. 59

    WTF. Who the FUCK is SHE to protest that shit. She just took someones livelihood and flushed it down the drain. She is set cuz her freak a zoid husband is a cheap mother fucker and is getting paid HUGE to display their kids on tv and have the older ones raise them. She needs to shut her face and her vajaja and worry about raising her kids and let other people alone.

  60. 60

    I think she's so self righteous and she disgusts me! She's out protesting because her OLDER Daughters are home taking care of the children! I can see helping but RAISING the younger children is ridiculous! I'll laugh the day her crusty ass needs a hysterectomy!

  61. 61

    personally, I think vasectomies should be legally mandated after 2 biological kids.


    her kids will turn to all kinds of substances, given how neglected they are.

    and no, I don't drink, and I liked Prohibition just fine.

  62. 62


  63. TVTim says – reply to this


    Good Lord 19! All she had to do was sneeze and the 19th probably slid right outta her…

  64. 64

    Re: Zombie Hitler – That's hysterical.

  65. 65

    I love the Duggars! We need more white babies. If the darkies become the majority this country will be in deep trouble. Do you want America to becme trash like Mexico? Think about it.

  66. 66

    Ok, while I am for her right to freedom of speech and all. I will not take that away from her, She lives a lifestyle that the majority of Americans find appalling and controversial. And she and her husband have a reality TV show for it!!!!!! There are some things I feel people should be quiet about. And this woman should not be protesting Alcohol when she has 17 kids at home and 1 in the ICU barely alive!

  67. 67

    fuck sakes instead of worrying about alcohol maybe she should worry about closing her legs once and awhile….neutering would work best for this "cult family"

  68. 68

    Bish needs to stop worrying about that and get a damn hysterectomy already. Either that or start some therapy to figure out what issue causes her to feel the need to be preggo 24/7..

  69. 69

    We all have our opinions and I see nothing wrong with something like you feel strongly against. I really commend the duggars for standing up to what they feel. I watch there show and they are good people with great values and alot of well rounded kids. As for there large family I think that is between them and God…My prayers for baby Josie too.

  70. 70

    You know what the sad thing is, i bet most of her children will have issues when they are older and easily fall into substance abuse because there will be something missing in their lives, they are now just numbers with no proper identities in the publics eye —-.
    This couple are the most selfish people i have ever seen, why do these children have to suffer such a life because their parents just can't be happy with what they have. —-
    Bring on the booze, because these kids will need it when they get older.

  71. 71

    Maybe Michelle is joining a protest because her hubby is already trying to make another baby! Put that pelvis to rest, Mr. Duggar.

  72. 72

    1. this lady has serious problems.. she can't stop having babys.. shes probably afraid of something… like them all moving out and her being alone forever..
    2. her kids are so sheltered.. when they go off on their own they won't know what to do with themselves.
    3. if you don't like seeing booze on the shelves dont take your 19 fucking children there…. its not like they can purchase it anyways… are your kids even allowed to leave your sight for more than 20 seconds anyways?
    seriously. lady needs to lighten up… and get a puss reshaping.

  73. 73

    Ridiculous. Especially because it came from only one person & that person just so happened to be her.

  74. smodo says – reply to this


    Personally, I don't find it cool to people having 19 kids. I would like to see my tax dollars going elsewhere.

  75. 75

    breeder sow

  76. @v@ says – reply to this


    In Europe, liquor is not verboten, and the incidence of alcoholism is way lower. Kids have a sip of wine with their meals, and when they mature, they don't drink booze through a hose to the point of unconsciousness because it's never been forbidden. Tell a teen in America that they can't have something, and you know what they'll do. It should be no big deal. Moderation should be the rule of the day.

  77. 77

    I am very familar with the town they live in. You're talking about an area that very religious. They do have alchohol in Tontitown, a predominantly Italian community. It is a very small area (one signal light). The entire area surrounding that area is still dry - no liquor. The Duggar's probably did not keep the liquor out as much as the region itself. There would be a majority of people there that hold the same opinions. FYI - They had MOST of their kids BEFORE their TV show, "spizwak". How many kids they have is entirly their business, as they DO NOT take ANY government money. They also pay CASH for everything.

  78. 78

    They left the TV cameras and the kids at home for the appearance. Some of the board members were mad it was just the parents.

  79. smodo says – reply to this


    But, is that a reason to procreate? Maybe if you stuck to 3-4 kids, that's fine. But obviously, the more you have, the more problems they'll have. Poor Josie, being brought into this world for personal purposes. Like the Gosselins, they whore themselves and their chiildren. Shame on them.

  80. 80

    I serioulsy think she is addicted to having kids as some are to alcohol.

  81. 81

    Re: smodo – how are they effecting your taxes? they are not on welfare?

  82. 82

    I lived in Arkansas for the last year and a half. This is how a lot of people are. They believe alcohol is sinful and evil and should be as difficult to get as an illegal drug. Its pitiful. If you don't want your children to drink teach them that its wrong.

  83. 83

    It's too bad you don't need a permit to have kids.

  84. 84

    She needs to stay home and take care of her kids and let her older girls stop babysitting 24/7. She's the one fucking Jim Bob not the older girls! This was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  85. 85

    Re: Spooge – I couldnt agree more

  86. 86

    Just like Jon+Kate & American Chopper…the Duggers will come to an END like ALL who tread upon TLC's family related tv serie(s)…sorry but its true…in a few years Dugger family member will be on Intervention for our entertainment and then we'll hear the true horror's of the Duggar Cult!

  87. 87

    Are you serious? What the hell does she think will happen? It's not like a five year old can just walk in and buy a Jack Daniels! Shouldn't this lady be busy, I don't know, taking care of her NINETEEN FLIPPING KIDS?!

  88. 88

    Just like Jon+Kate & American Chopper…the Duggers will come to an END like ALL who tread upon TLC's family related tv serie(s) have come to a demise…sorry but its true…in a few years Dugger family member will be on Intervention for our entertainment and then we'll hear the true horror's of the Duggar Cult!

  89. 89

    LAME! Who seriously takes time out of their day to try to keep a little business from pulling in more revenue by selling alcohol to adults? Shit, even your local Applebee's does that. Everyone has the right to protest, but first of all, I can't believe they listened to her, and second of all, what a stupid thing to protest. I'm sorry, selling alcohol is not a big deal. Cigarettes are worse, and all convienent stores sell those. Alcohol, like red wine, can have POSITIVE effects on the body, but the same cannot be said for cigarettes. Protest THEM.

  90. 90

    as much as i love their show and the duggars….they should slow down on th kids….how old is she antway???! but the way she is raising her kids they wouldnt just go but some beer….anyway the world doesnt revolve around the duggars

  91. 91

    I agree with #4. She doesn't need to tell other people or businesses how to run their lives/business. If she doesn't like a store having alcohol for sell, then she needs to not shop there. Go away and take care of your irresponsible-sized family and let others decide for themselves.
    I wish someone would catch them doing something immoral. Just ONCE!

  92. 92

    I think its nice!

  93. 93

    Please, there's liquor stores on every corner in latino/black neighborhoods & no one seems to care or do anything about it. But because she's a white woman people listen to her, she's crazy!

  94. 94

    no one tells her to stop having sex and popping out kids, stop telling people not to drink. It's not your job to tell people how to live!!

    also…i'm so glad i live in new york state and not arkansas or whatever backhills place they live in. Lol i just drove 1/10th of a mile to the gas station and bought a 12 pack. Glad my freedoms aren't trampled on by bible thumping women with clown car vaginas.

  95. 95

    Nothing worse than a Bible-thumping, self-righteous, baby-making machine trying to tell the rest of the world how to live.
    God help and protect us from conservative radicals like her.
    Mrs. Duggar has every right to protest, but she loses all credibility when you realize what she stands for. I will never respect a word she says.

  96. 96

    For fuck sake can't people do anything better with their time? Oh yeah maybe look after their kids!!! It's not like they are selling it at a candy store. Anyway who cares, Perez you are awesome on the Stern show!!!!!

  97. 97

    Okay, I am from where she pulled this shit at!! and to be honest i don't care if they sell beer at a gas station or not… my problem with the situation is that there were NUMEROUS other places in the same city that received the liquor license and this ONE station was denied b/c she didn't want it so close to HER home…. what about the people who live near the other places?? what does she think they are not as important as her 5 million children she doesn't even take care of?

  98. 98

    My heart breaks for MR. Duugger…after 19 kids isnt it pretty much like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!?

  99. 99

    The Duggars are creepy….. they sort of remind of the Stepford Wives or the whackjob group in the little 'cult' in Texas where they make their own clothes and sleep with the daughters…. vile!

  100. 100

    She's right.

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