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Brad Pitt 'Very Interested' In Sherlock Holmes 2!

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After seeing mayjah success over the Christmas holiday, Sherlock Holmes 2 is already in the works.

With Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law signed on to reprise their roles, Guy Ritchie is looking to bring on Brad Pitt for the role of Professor Moriarty.

How could he say no after the movie proved to be a huge box office hit!?

According to a source:

"The director, Guy Ritchie, loves Brad. He has worked with him before and thinks he is one of the most underrated actors working today. Guy knows that everyone thinks of as a Pitt as a pretty boy and can't wait to turn him into the world's greatest supervillain. It will definitely make the sequel a must-see."

But will he commit?

The insider goes on to say Brad is "very interested in taking on the role and happy they aren't considering his kick-ass partner Angelina for the part."

His "kick-ass partner"?


Would U want to see Brad in the Sherlock sequel???

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47 comments to “Brad Pitt 'Very Interested' In Sherlock Holmes 2!”

  1. 1

    I want to see Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes 2.

  2. 2

    after that Benjamin Buttboy shit, old Brad is grasping at straws
    funny how he was "the king" prior to meeting that hooker of a wife of his…and has done SFA since - methinks old Ange would not allow Brad to have more "success" than her. Ever. Ironically, this will cause Brad to loose his "king of hollywood" title which is the only reason Ange had him in the bombsights to begin with

  3. 3

    Wow … Amazing. Once Guy dumped that old hag donna.. he actually is doing good. I mean look at his work! It's #1! Told ya, that useless mandonna is nothing but a man eater.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    tired of brad.

  6. 6

    Keep the homewrecking whore Skeletelina away from this franchise. BP as Moriarty doesn't seem plausible. I'd prefer Christopher Walken or maybe Val Kilmer. But now that Guy Ritchie has rid himself of that millstone around his neck (Madge the Vadge) I'm sure he could make a go of it.

  7. 7

    It amazing Perez, it seems like you ave something against Cameron. AVATAR continuous to be # 1 at the box office with another 75 million while Sherlock Holmes come in second. Now, u comment on this movie being a hit, but say AVATAR is a great dissapointment. Check you numbers and stick to what you know… the gossip. Thanks!!!

  8. 8

    Please keep Pitt-stain away from any future projects Guy.

  9. 9

    No Brad Pitt he is a movie star and NOT an actor, he will ruin it!

  10. 10

    Brad really really needs the work!

  11. 11

    FUCK. NO. No way in hell is that douche bag going to be in SH2. He's not needed there, not anywhere!

  12. 12

    The sooner the better!

  13. 13

    Johnny Depp should play Professor Moriarty.

  14. 14

    "brad pitt is underrated" ???? WTF he's one of the most famous actors on the planet and has done tons of non pretty-boy roles like Snatch, 12 Monkeys, etc.

    whoever the fuck this source is sounds like a moron. i'm so over Brad anyways, Angie's sucked the hot outta him.

    going to see Sherlock tonight, love me some RDJ!

  15. 15

    the question is who WOULDN'T want to see brad as a villain?

  16. 16

    Brad Pitts parents love Jennifer Aniston!

  17. 17

    Brad is an incredible actor, no matter what they say.Go check back Fight Club & Se7en.He didn't have enough opportunities , with all the people "smacking" him down with their comments.Brad Pitt is amazing & Sherlock Holmes is one of my favourite fictional characters.He would be so great in such a movie!

  18. 18

    hell to the yes!! Brad and Robert Downery Jr is a total dream pairing! Brad would make the BEST villian I think. Bring it!

  19. 19

    Re: ba-buttons – Do you really believe the bullshit you type or what? You don't know them personally but boy do you assume a lot about their lives based on what? Articles you read on a gossip site? Give me a break.

  20. 20

    What about Johnny depp? I realize that he's always thrust into those corky roles. But I caught the end of that movie "The Libertine" (no clue if it was any good), but at the end Depp is all leper-esque. And it occured to me that he should play more villian roles, cause quite frankly I wouldnt want to run into any of his crazy characters in an dark alley.

  21. 21

    Brad Pitt's underrated??? He's one of the most successful and respected A-list actors around.

  22. 22

    I hope not! Fans of Sherlock Holmes and the Arthur Conan Doyle novels will not agree that Brad Pitt is a good candidate for Moriarty. I would like to see a dark haired Christopher Walken or Crisin Glover in the role.

    Moriarty was supposed to be dark haired, sinister and a bit geeky, but very sly and intelligent. Just downright dark all around and Brad Pitt is not that!

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Now, that would be acting. I just can't mentally envision Brad Pitt as Professor James Moriarty.

  24. 24

    great, cant wait to see his crappy english accent. he would ruin the film!!

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. 27


  28. 28

    I love Jennifer Aniston!

  29. 29

    Ojalá que sí los contraten a los dos para que acaben de hartar a todo el mundo. Una película así pondrá sus deficiencias a la vista de todos, por no mencionar que si Brad obliga a la producción a contratar a Angelina, va a caerle mal a toda la industria y a sus fans también.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Michael Vartan would make a better Moriarty than Pitt. Hell, even Alec Baldwin might make a fine Moriarty.

  31. 31

    Wasn't this already denied months ago on both sides

  32. 32

    NOOO brad gets everything he wants i am sick of it.

  33. 33

    I'm so tired of Brad Pitt! He's a lousy actor, famous only for squinting and pouting and being buff. How about Jason Statham for Moriarty? Or the really bad British guy from the Guy Ritchie movies, the older one?

  34. 34

    uggg. i hope they don't put brad pitt in it. keep it jsut the way it is.

  35. 35

    What a surprise…another yank stealing a traditional British role.

    And they wonder why it is so difficult for British actors to make it big in the US - because they can't even get roles set in their own country, nevermind anywhere else!

  36. 36

    HELL NO!!!

  37. 37

    Brad is so fucking full of himself. Cannot act. If he did not have that pretty face he would be pumping gas somewhere.

  38. 38

    OMG! OMG! Saw Holmes today, and i loved it!!! So glad the sequel is a go! Mixed feelings about Brad though…wouldnt Johnny Depp play a better villain?

  39. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pierce Brosnan would make another great Professor Moriarty.

  40. 40

    Please don't let Brad Pitt ruin what could be a really fantastic sequel! PLEASSSEEEEE! Brad Pitt can't do brit nor can he do clever. Pleeeease Santa save the movie from Brad!

  41. 41

    that could work, Snatch was a hit, but still Brad has American accent and he doesnt seem to be capable of doing a good English accent…. BTW seems like Guy is having a good use out of Madonnas money from their divorce, giving up the kids for money sure works for something!! pay attention sucky fathers all around the world!

  42. 42

    Oh God please don't! What a waste of money..

  43. 43

    brad pitt can't act. Downey and law can. Pitt would be a freaking terrible choice.

  44. 44

    RDJ's British accent is APPALLING! I dread to think what Brad 'pretty boy but can't act worth a shit' Pitt, will sound like. Horrible I am sure. Also, in general, this movie has nothing to do with Robert Louis Stevenson, or any other Holmes ever portrayed. Really, its just a typical Guy Richie 'action' film.

  45. 45

    oh great. so now they want to completely destroy sherlock holmes with big name actors. we all know brad pitt is never in anything clever or intellectual (as a sherlock holmes film should be) so I foresee a fail.
    I hope they get rid of Rachel McAdams and Watsons fiancee for the sequel. they were the weakest part of the movie.
    why not johnny depp, cate blanchett, kiera knightly, kate winslet, Jason Isaacs?

  46. 46

    i think the best actor to play PM would have to be Johnny Depp. he is incredibly versatile. he seems like he can play anything. the time he puts into creating his characters and the fun show through and i think that helps the audience to accept the characters he plays as "real". he helps to suspend our reality and inter the world of the movies he is in. hence Depp would, in my mind, be the best choice to pull off PM in the sequel

  47. 47

    I would love to see Tim Curry or Christopher Walken play Moriarity both men can play evil in their sleep. Especially Tim Curry. Robert and Curry or Walken would play very well off of each other. Robert doesn't need Brad Pitt to have a hit movie anyway. Pitt needs to stay acting someplace else. It is only a supporting role anyway, much as M