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Courtney Love Countersues AmEx!

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Earlier this year, American Express sued Courtney Love claiming that she owed $352,059.67 in unpaid bills.

Now she's countersuing the credit card company due to their alleged sloppy business practices! Courtney claims that AmEx issues 104 credit cards in her name without her knowledge or consent and that she never made any of those charges in question.

She is suing for unspecified damage and interest, while continuing to claim that she should have a zero balance.


[Image via WENN.]

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24 comments to “Courtney Love Countersues AmEx!”

  1. pomme says – reply to this


    crazy woman! she's a shopping addict! several years ago,she went in a french antiquarian shop(in south of france), she bought some stuff and she never paid

  2. ap076 says – reply to this


    "She's suing AmEx for unspecified damages, as well as interest. Even if she wins, she won't get 18%."

  3. 3


    like we believe anythang that u say:l

    how bout tellin the truth about ………

    [[my Kurt]], then maybe we'll believe U☻

    I WANT MY KURT BACK……………………

  4. 4

    Totally insignificat. Like seriously, does she really matter to anyone these days ????

  5. 5

    But, honey, you DID spend all that money…On drugs, remember … ? Oh, yeah…you can't. Get thee to Re-Hab, has-been !

  6. 6

    i guess all that bad karma for killing her husband is comming to bite her on the ass.

  7. Ammie says – reply to this


    What a role model!

  8. 8

    Yeah, I'm sure she paid for all that botched plastic surgery with cash!

  9. 9

    Ewwww look at her mouth…or what used to be her mouth….

  10. 10

    It takes a lot
    of money to get
    that fresh fish face look.

  11. 11

    i am a fraud investigator for amex and believe me there is NO WAY 104 cards could be opened up with out her knowledge! no friggin' way ! i lmfao over her stupid comment. just pay your bills,b*tch !

  12. 12

    Zero balance? Hahahahahahaha

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Too bad the judge only has civil remedies as a possibility in this case … if only he/she could order Courtney into crackie-rehab.

  15. 15

    Y'know though - I agree with her - maybe not the she didn't know about them and is not responsible for the charges but no credit card company should be issuing ANYONE that many credit cards.

  16. 16

    Oy s'iz shver tsu zayn a Yid!!!

    How in the f-ck was she supposed to know that all those charges were appearing on her credit cards? It's not like the companies send monthly bills or anything. I feel so bad for her- just like those poor folks who gave Bernie Madoff millions of $$$$ after meeting him on a golf course for ten minutes and then losing it all :(

  17. 17

    you guys can't say this woman is not entertaining, she's always up to funny stuff!

  18. 18

    Never thought i would side with Courtney Love, but AMEX sent my son a valid, no limit card when he was 14 years old that took me forever to get closed. And, I had up to this year been a customer of theirs for 28 years. Lost my job, only owed $700, called them, explained situation, and told them I would pay in two payments, they cancelled my card. Another friend of mine owned his own business, had never paid late, had a high limit and they lowered his limit for no apparent reason. They suck to death!!!!!! Will never ever do business with them again in any way, shape or form!!!! Cancel your cards!!!! Hope she wins!

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    Good. Credit card companies everywhere need a real kick in the ethics.

  20. 20

    This is the woman who didn't even bother to show up in court for the final hearing when her daughter was taken away from her. Now that she's got the brat off her hands, she has time for really important things like contesting her AMEX bill. Pardon me while I go throw up.

  21. 21

    For got to say the reason why she's probably doing something about AMEX is that they cut her off until the bill gets settled, speaking from personal knowledge.

  22. 22

    Re: miss hot mess – you are exactly right.

  23. 23

    Re: neraki13 – I had a mess with AMEX that made me feel just like you! The AMEX card I carry know is set up so I am a name at an address that has absolutely nothing to do with me-ha, ha, ha. If there is ever a problem let them try to figure that one out! I consider Courtney Love to be like something you'd scrape from underneath the bottom side of a barrel so as much as I dislike AMEX, I think you are mistaken siding with her on anything..

  24. 24

    Courtney is one of the greatest female artists of all time. She is so beautiful, and brilliant. She has helped so many young people with her music. Please stop writing about her and stating opinions when you know nothing about her or her personal life.