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Joan Rosenberg Rivers Is Mad

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And this time, she's pissed at officials in Costa Rica.

Turns out the aging, funny lady was in Costa Rica yesterday and scheduled to take a flight back to Newark. However, she claims she was "held hostage" after airport officials wouldn't let her board her flight!

According to reports, an airport official became suspicious when he noticed her passport read "Joan Rosenberg AKA Joan Rivers."

And although she tried explaining that her last name came from her late husband, Ed Rosenberg, the official remained suspicious and gave away her seat.

Police were eventually called to the scene, but it was too late as Rivers missed her flight.

She then had to grab a hotel for another night before finally catching a flight back to Newark this morning.

Funny how the name on her passport wasn't an issue when she entered the country, just when she left.

We have a feeling someone's not gonna be visiting Costa Rica again anytime soon.

[Image via WENN.]

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40 comments to “Joan Rosenberg Rivers Is Mad”

  1. ap076 says – reply to this


    How dare they not recognize the awesome powers that are wielded by THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE, not to mention she has been a member of The Mossad since 1949.

  2. 2

    Because you just know that her photo in her passport doesn't resemble her real life face at all— THAT was the issue.

  3. 3

    come on barbara/intern/mario, you are reading the gossip slower than us. If you actually had a real job in the real world, you would have been canned a while ago. Too bad Mario has money already

  4. 4

    Getting into the US from a foreign country is going to be much more scrutinized. If her name on her passport doesn't match the name on her ticket or some other discrepancy exists, it is securities duty to question the individual. Sounds like he was doing his job… but I could use more details too.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    'Don't you know WHO I AM?!?' This is Costa Rica, honey. 'Joan Rosenberg' would have gotten you on the flight. Airports don't give sh*t, but they do if you're mysteriously sporting two names.

  6. 6

    Poor ol corpse
    Guess she was in C R to find child labor for her cheesy jewelry line,
    Wish when people reach a certain age they just slowly slip into the background

  7. 7

    Her late husband's name was Edgar. Not Ed. Do you purposely make sure every story has at least one factual inaccuracy?? most have a lot more than that.

  8. 8

    Re: ap076 – Here's a funny visual– Joan and Ivana on the same flight. Joan ripping the customs official a new one while Ivana scares the little fuckers– I mean children. Happy New Year luv.

  9. 9

    Aww that sucks! I love Joan Rivers!

  10. 10

    couldn't have happened to a nicer person

  11. 11

    Umm My point is everyone knows joan thats so stupid for her have to go thru that..I mean come on. We are getting a little crazy about letting folks in..

  12. 12

    poor rich white Joan was just a victim of profiling flyers. Anyone than has an alias is being looked at.

  13. 13

    Oh please…Costa Rica is an awesome country.

    If she is complaing she needs to grow up.

  14. 14

    I hope she called 'em a whore pit-viper.

  15. 15

    Was she with her daughter? Melissa Baboon Rivers?

  16. 16

    waa waaa waa i hate this kind of jew. i am not anti, but i know the type.

  17. 17

    how dumb was this airport official ?? joan is known the world over. … and was it necessary to call her "aging" mario ?? we are ALL aging… including you… the difference is that joan is a comedy legend and you are only a legend in your own feeble mind.

  18. 18

    Re: Marilyn Monroe – I love her too! She's so smart and funny.

  19. 19

    I want to see her puss*y!

  20. ap076 says – reply to this


    Re: G0 Ask Alice – LOL ! Right back at you babe.

  21. 21

    I saw her at the airport this morning in Costa Rica!!! They were still giving her a hard time

  22. mafe says – reply to this


    Blah blah blah, she's a crazy old lady who thinks she is entitled to everything because she's a celebrity.

    Pues que nunca vuelva a Costa Rica, si como buena costarricense que soy no nos interesa que regrese nunca más.

  23. 23

    Well, doesn't it depend on when she left the country? We all know (or should know) what happened on the flight to Detroit, right?

  24. 24

    Re: mafe – Jaja, muy bien dicho!! :) Pura Vida, mae, tambien soy costarricense!

  25. 25

    Estoy con Mafe, yo tambien soy de Costa Rica and we don't need her kind anyway!!

  26. 26

    Why didn't they keep the horrible old sow?

  27. 27

    That's why I prefer to charter. Too much muck to go through flying commercial. Joan should have the money to charter…oh that's right she's not as rich as she pretends to be.

  28. u9 says – reply to this


    What name did she use on the airplane ticket? The name on the plane ticket needs to match the name on the passport. That's pretty standard (not only in Costa Rica but elsewhere) regardless of whether you're a celebrity or not.

    She shouldn't expect everybody will know her. Aren't there female impersonators in Vegas who look just like her?

  29. 29

    HAHAHAHAH!!! OH MY GOD!!! I SAW HER!!!~!!!!1 i live in costa rica!! and i got stuck going back to college!!! OMG THAT CRAZY LOOKING BTCH WAS JONE RIVERS!!! THATS EXCELLENT!!!

    i cant believe something on this dumb site has to do with my life!! i stared at her weird face for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    thats awesome.

  30. 30

    p.s. number one person commentng on this shit: why the FUCK would anyone in costa rica recognize that bitch??? they've only become infatuated with american movie star BULLSHIT in the past 10 years. DUMB ASS.

  31. 31

    So I am Costa Rican and believe me no one knows or really cares who she is in there, it is not that she is a big of a deal here either… and anyways, they were doing only their job :) so get over it and grow up lady, its about time… don't you think?

  32. 32

    Aging? Are you kidding Perez. Look at her gut, then yours. You only dream of having a month of her career. You look like a pile of dog shit next to that amazing woman. When you are her age, no a single person will EVER remember you. Someone needs to sew your fat mexican, ugly face up. You hide behind a computer and talk shit, and your not even funny. You ride the coattails on eveyone else. Do something with your life you fat cow.

  33. Nelle says – reply to this


    ugh, they shud neva use tis pik as an example of plastic surgery….

  34. 34

    I guess people in Costa Rica have been living in caves for 70 years. Sheeeeesh!! You may not like her but you know who she is!

  35. 35

    they have to behave like this — old white ladies with tons of plastic surgery are a danger to us all while flying - who knows when we'll find the next panty bomber among them..

  36. 36


  37. 37
  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ap076 – (allegedly…)

  39. 39

    Re: kifferslady – costa rican don't live in caves…they just don't care about her.

  40. 40

    I'm tired of the false information fed to the media from Ms. Rivers and her people. The fact is that her ticket was issued under the name of Joseph Rosenberg, not Joan Rosenberg, not Joan Rivers. Why, who knows? Why didn't one of her people catch this? Who knows? How did she make it through the security screenings before the gate? Who knows? Did the gate agent do her job in denying boarding because the ticket and passport names did not match? I'll tell you who knows… the families of the victims from 9/11, that's who. If this were anyone but a celebrity, we would be applauding someone for doing the thing they are supposed to do to help protect our country. But because she thinks she is "entitled" to special status, everything should be overlooked… Give me a break… After her (false information) tirade on "The View" today, I'm no longer a fan of Joan Rivers.