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GaGaloo Teams Up With Polaroid

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Smart move on Polaroid's part!

In an effort to bring back the popularity of instant cameras, the camera crew has hired Lady GaGa as their new creative director and inventor of speciality projects!


Though the official announcement will be made tomorrow at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Gagaloo is already speaking volumes about what she plans to do with her new job. She says:

"The Haus of Gaga has been developing prototypes in the vein of fashion/technology/photography innovation - blending the iconic history of Polaroid and instant film with the digital era - and we are excited to collaborate on these ventures with the Polaroid brand. Lifestyle, music, art, fashion: I am so excited to extend myself behind the scenes as a designer, and to - as my father puts it - finally have a real job."

Exciting! We'd be happy to be your guinea pig, wifey! Bring over any fun gadgets and things for us to play with!

[Image via WENN.]

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60 comments to “GaGaloo Teams Up With Polaroid”

  1. 1

    …Polawho? Good luck with this marketing campaign.

  2. Manay says – reply to this


    she's a mess.

    i love the song bad romance (thats the only song of hers i can listen to over and over again).
    ….SHE TRYING TOO HARD! bleh!

  3. 3

    love this bitch!!!!!!!!!♥

  4. 4

    She knows as much about Polaroid as she does about fashion and singing.

  5. cdv says – reply to this


    Seriously, as tight as you claim to be with your so called wifey, you get this from another site and not an official press release? This goes to show how you rate with her and how unprofessional you truly are.

  6. 6

    not genious. desperate .both

  7. 7

    polaroide guys may be genious but gaga is not genious.its easy to copy somebody else. she has no ideas of her own.sad and her songs are terrible ridiculous

  8. 8

    Nothing says class like electric tape over your nipples. Trailer trash!

  9. 9

    It's about time you show our beauty queen. Love the shirt, love her.

  10. 10

    Yeah. This cow is as qualified to do this crap for Polaroid as Cindy Crawford is in designing furniture for RTG.
    I wonder what ad agency employee came up with this bit of marketing fluff, and how long he'll keep his job when this "venture" fails.
    Seriously, Mario … we're not all as in love with horse face as you are.

  11. 11

    The trashy black tape across the nipples is a nice, fashionable touch.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    she probably secretly despises you, using you as a publicity tool…….

  14. 14

    She is a sellout and I so hope that her 15 minutes is up soon. As for you, Mario, get off her nutsack, it makes you look like a 15 year old girl and a douche bag at the same time. Actually, nevermind that's about right.

  15. 15

    I just want to lick her brain and her face. yum

  16. 16

    This perfectly illustrates the difference between a pop music performer and someone who's life is dedicated to music. She's into establishing a brand, making money, and distracting people with art and fashion rather than focusing on what musicians generally focus on. Which is, um. Music. Yeah, I'll stick with the bands that aren't as into themselves and a manufactured image.

  17. 17

    WOO HOO GO GAGA!!!!!

  18. 18

    RIP Polaroid

  19. slip says – reply to this


    Yeah I would just run to my local walmart to pick up a KAKA inspired polaroid camera. What would it look like? Would it be shaped like her COCK?

  20. 20

    She sucks…And you must suck her off!!!

  21. 21

    'X ' always marks the spot don't you know!!Arghhhh!!!

  22. 22

    Re: Trancelike – Yeah, but she sold out the minute she realized that being a plain Jane brunette behind a keyboard sounding like an Alanis fan wasn't gonna get her any sort of recognition, and that in order to be noticed she had to "shock" us with partial nudity, fake blood, and force sexuality down our throats in order to be a star. Neat, right. I think Madonna did it better twenty plus years ago.

  23. 23

    Once again, she has a great style and a sense for what is visually interesting, but that doesn't make her a designer any more than Lindsay Lohan.

  24. 24

    Exciting! We'd be happy to be your guinea pig, wifey! Bring over any fun gadgets and things for us to play with!

    How about a cordless drill for your asshole buttboy?

  25. 25

    shes awesome :D
    shes going to make a retro futuristic camera

  26. 26

    in order for her to step inside your place you would have to promise her 3 posts a day for a week.

  27. 27

    exactly where the tranny belongs behind the camera not in front ugly ass bitch

  28. 28

    Since she's so artsy-fartsy and all, I'm going to assume the X in tape over her nips represents the X on a pirate's map where you dig to find a sunken chest.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    How is it genius in the digital camara world we live in fat ass?

  31. 31

    madonna with her confessions on a dancefloor sold 15 million copies all over the world in 2006. most sucessfull album in billboard at 2006

    gaga is 6 million bahhh in year

  32. 32

    Re: crotchrocket – tranny queen darling.queen of pop music is madonna dear. if gaga only sold 6 million of her first album its terrible.imagine gaga in 4 years. the world will be tired of her and she will only sold what 1 million?? llolol terrible,.madonna confessions album sold 15 million copies

  33. cdv says – reply to this


    Re: Big Black Dick

  34. 34

    SPICE GIRL were the 1st and only celebs to have their image placed on a polaroid ever! just sayin… im not surpised that their protege lady gaga would get the same kind of attention the spice girls did… girl power!

  35. 35

    Perez, just because you're her hag, don't assume the rest of us share your obsession with Gaga.

  36. 36

    what's so impressive? they stopped making the film itself in '08, so clearly this is nothing but a marketing ploy. this bitch is selling out faster than a free fried chicken giveaway in Harlem. and to prove it, she's going to be on that shitty show, "Launch My Line" on Bravo tomorrow. jeezus, even Madonna wouldn't have done that in her prime.

  37. 37

    Thats why she/he's holding a nikon right….

  38. 38

    Good god. Pull your head out of her ass.

  39. 39


  40. 40

    Gaga is awesome, and I am sure she will do amazing with this project.

  41. 41

    There's no stopping the Queen of Pop. Everybody wants to ride on her Fame.

  42. 42

    lmao, nice nose, get in the way of the camera much?

  43. 43

    This is terrible news!

  44. 44

    Re: whutwhut – Exactly.I can't stand her and her gimmicks.It's not only that she's so superficial,she has no vocal range,power,or presence.It's just a bunch of sing-talking droning along with with a bunch of synth tech beat trash.Visualizing her covering Alanis. ROFLMFAO.

    "How are all my little monsters tonight?." F**k Off.

  45. 45

    hahaha! her gonzo nose is too big to fit behind that camera…hahahahha!
    god that bitch is talentless and cliche'! Go brown nose some more, Perezee…Maybe, she'll let you suck her cock! hahaha
    J/K I still love you Perez but that bitch sucks!

  46. 46

    Re: JigSaw – Hahahahahahahahahahah

  47. 47

    Wow..selling out already?? hmm..I see why you like her. Instead of sticking to what made you "famous"..your site is taking the toll..the only reason I even come here anymore is to read the comments other people make..they are far more entertaining. Didn't Avril do something with cameras too?? Gaga is so stupid.

  48. 48

    Jesus. Anything she's touched, I'm not going near.

  49. Eilee says – reply to this


    enoughhhhhhhhhh wit the gaga foolishness

  50. 50

    she's such trash! she should have used more tape around her nipples cause well you can see them! but then again she probably likes the attention!

  51. 51

    UUUMMMM, IF SHE KNOWS WHAT'S good for her (and sometimes she does not, hanging out with the likes of that Mika and that Sliiimy queen) she will NOT photograph Perez for promotion. She would shoot herself in the foot doing such a thing. Her integrity is already in question being seen in his company so many times.

  52. 52

    Re: HeavenOBliss – Avril is the face of Canon Canada and soon to be Asia.And yes that is an absolute sellout.But Avril also spent 5 years rocking the planet b4 being lured into the corporate web.To this day she retains her privacy,her dignity,and her unwillingness to cater to the likes of this guy.That's why Mario hates her for you noobs.Mario has never had one iota of proof of anything that he's constantly accusing her of.

    Sorry,this was about who again?

  53. 53

    Re: cripbabe111
    "evRe: MadonnaMADGEsty – e
    How the hell could it have been the most successful album in 2006 Billboard? It only went platinum in the US, and it didn't sell no friggin' 15 million copies worldwide, either.

  54. 54

    Smart Movie GaGa smart move!!!!

  55. 55

    just bring back the original polaroid camera…thats all the company has to do. There is a high enough demand for it. They could have saved a couple million with signing Gaga- just make it in a couple colors… do a pink "Lady Gaga edition" or what have you….and ta-da: sales.

  56. 56

    perez, i am so beyong FUCKING SICK of you licking her ass EVERY FUCKING DAY. so, she has some catchy songs, GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND STOP LICKING HER ASS EVERY FUCKING DAY

  57. 57

    it says; bring over fun gadgets for us to play with. wonder what that means. haha.

  58. china says – reply to this



    but as long as she`s BEHIND the camera i think no harm is done and we can happily forget that we ever heard about it.
    a true wonder that this father`s still alive. i would kill myself if my daughter (?) was known as the epitome of ugliness and bad taste.

  59. 59

    Good luck Gaga xxx.

  60. 60

    I love Polaroid cameras. I remember when the Spice Girls had one out. I think thats pretty cool.