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Kate Gets A Makeover!

| Filed under: The Gosselins


Oh, boy.

Kate Gosselin sports her new look on the cover of People magazine proclaiming that she's starting over.

First order of business — hair extensions!

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167 comments to “Kate Gets A Makeover!”

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  1. 101

    OMG–HAHAHAHAHA! How desperate and pathetic! I'm embarrassed for her. What? Is she a "sweet young thing" now? Why is she still getting magazine covers?!!!

  2. Dxxx says – reply to this


    Even bad hair extensions are a far cry better than that dyslexic mullet she had. I don’t get how these reality stars, and I use the word Star loosely i.e. the hills, Kardashians that have no discernable talent have a strangle hold on the public. I can endorse the 18 and Counting Crowd because they are freaks removed from society and reality, a small cult if you will… and everyone likes a freak show but watching Khole Kardashian morph into a line backer more and more each episode is hardly entertainment. And the only entertaining aspect of Kate Gosseling is that she is a horrible mother whose livelihood is to pimp out some of the ugliest children on the planet.

  3. 103

    I think she looked better with the short 'do. She looks like she has a mullet now >.

  4. obama says – reply to this


    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!! It's a miracle.

  5. 105

    Her hair looks like shit. It also pretty obvious they airbrushed the hell out of this photo. Kate is a haggard mess.

  6. 106

    she looks ridiculous.

  7. 107


  8. 108

    What a cheap looking weave!
    You can still see the shape of the dead possum that's hiding underneath that shit!

  9. 109

    i dont even know what to say
    i hope this is not for real.

  10. 110

    she was very attractive before and looks awesome with long hair, U go Kate! Jon eat ur heart out, your ex wife looks hotttttt!

  11. 111

    wow… A homelesss person could find better extensions than that!!! Did she get them from a barbie? ugh.

  12. 112

    I thought it was Tara Reid at first…

  13. 113

    pretty face but Britney needs her nasty ass extensions back.

  14. 114

    Wohoo, who is dis hawt mess she's been hiding under that flab of a husband?! Better watch out, better nawt cry… O wait - that holiday is over!

  15. 115

    Does nothing for her wonky eye.

  16. 116

    Holy shit! It just hit me… she looks like Joe Dirt!!

  17. Lucas says – reply to this


    ICK - grey extensions or wig over her blond hair. Fire her stylist!

  18. 118

    If this woman cared about being a good parent and postive role model to her children half as much as she cares about convincing the world how great she's doing post divorce and getting "made-over" she'd be saint material…

  19. 119

    She looks good.

  20. 120

    Looks like Joe Dirt….

  21. 121

    About muthafuckin' time she got rid of that fucked up rat ass hair cut! But damn, she followed up w another fucked up 'do, that shit looks just as bad as Britney's old weaves…the shit doesn't even match her own her. She's a hot mess! OH YEAH NOBODY GIVES A SHIT WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE THE BITCH HAS 8 KIDS, THAT'S THE LEAST OF HER WORRIES, SHE SHOULD SPEND THAT MONEY ON FOOD AND SANDWICH MEATS FOR HER LITTER OF MUNCHKINS.

  22. 122

    Those extensions are totally shiteous!!! They must be from Jessica Simpson's line of fake hair. Does anybody even care about her or Jon anymore? NO!!! Yuck. She is only concerned about money and fame—blah!!

  23. 123

    She looks great!

  24. 124

    Her extensions look TERRIBLE. They arn't even the same color as her died hair. All chunky and fake. Ew god.

    She needs to be with her kids. It's so obvious she just loves fame.

  25. 125

    I don't understand why People mag would submit a god awful BAD photo for the cover. The extensions are TERRIBLE they look incredibaly fake and stupid, they don't even match her top hair! Her face is all different colors of pale from the airbrushing. All around this photo is laughable, and I can't believe People would allow her to go on looking like that.

    She needs to go back to her kids. She had her time in the spotlight…… It's over. She's looking stupid and pathetic, like she's trying to hang on just for a bit more fame.

  26. 126

    they could have done a better picture… because you can see where her short hair really is… but its definitely a better look than that have porcupine have downhill slide swoop look she had… yuck!

  27. 127

    She looks AMAZING! I bet Jon Gosselin regrets leaving Kate now.

  28. 128

    Ha ha is this part of her plan to seduce Tiger Woods? Looking like a trashy whore? Well I guess that's what she is. Every minute this dumb bitch spends on her hair is a minute her brats will have to spend with a psychiatrist in a few years. Someone ought to punch her right in the face.

  29. 129

    Looks like a cheap Halloween wig. It looks better than what she had, but get real hair.

  30. 130

    Long hair doesn't look bad on her, but these extensions are horrible. It looks like she has a mullet.

  31. 131

    How appropriate - fake hair for her fake new image. When is this woman going to stop putting her kids' business out there and give those kids some privacy?? Stop with the utter nonsense Kate and BE A MOTHER! Nobody wants you be the celebrity you are desperate to be.

  32. 132

    she looks bizarre w/long hair

  33. 133

    omg WOW she looks SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! before she looked old, fat, and butch…now she looks younger, thinner, and feminine

  34. 134


  35. 135

    sadly…i actually think she looked better without this. if you're gonna get hair extensions, at least get some volume in there too. :(

  36. 136

    Oh, dear god. She looks ridiculous. Can this woman just go away? How come she thinks she is "someone"? Go home and take care of your kids you loser. Like someone else said — you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. Go home to your trailer park you came from.

  37. 137

    As stupid as the other haircut was, short hair suits her so much more. She looks like an older Tara Reid here - NOT good.

  38. 138

    Hey… mother of eight kids. And, ex of another. She deserves a little pampering.

    I just hope she tones down the bitch.

  39. 139

    You young effers need to realize that if she had not been a total nag to that no good lazy overgrown child—-NOTHING!!!!! would have ever gotten done. REAL WORLD! Somebody had to take charge! (if they would have lasted a bit longer-Kate would have eased up as the litter got older-less responsibility!)

  40. 140

    I thought she was crying broke! I guess the best way to spend your kids money is to buy something for yourself Kate!! WRONG!! WHAT A LOSER!! A PHOTO SHOPPED, FAKE HAIR, FAKE BODY ETC. When will she just go home and take care of her kids? Guess your kids aren't your first priority Kate. Your first priority is you Kate. Always was, always will be. Sad……….

  41. 141

    hubba hubba baby ,looks GREAT

  42. 142

    Wow! Could those ratty, badly-colored extensions look any more fake or skanky? Then again, look who's wearing them.

  43. 143

    Cute! :)

  44. 144

    Wow, hottie mommy!

  45. 145

    Does anyone think that this cover looks like one of those fake "upload your face on a cover" things from an online "fun" photo editor or something?

  46. 146

    Nice photoshopping!!! ;P

  47. 147

    she looks great! i don't understand all the negative comments–?? in this pic she looks like she has several hair shades going on but i saw it on tv and it looked all the same color–so i don't know what that's all about. i don't think she should start dating yet. i think she should wait a bit so the kids don't get all confused. in the real world it would be hard for her to get a date with eight kids but in her world some guy would love the publicity. she's gonns have to sort through all of that. i wish her the best because i do think she's a good mother. she was living with nine children–not eight children and a husband.

  48. 148

    thought it was carrie underwood for a moment anyway thats what she will look like when she gets to kates age anyway….

  49. 149

    i work at a grocery store and every friday they put out the new rags to read and was it just me or was anyone upset that non of the bigger magz like people even bother to give brittany murphy a full cover….they put sorry jonas brother wedding on the cover and it was the jonas that one cares the lest for…ok is the only one that put her on the cover…lame

  50. 150

    Oh my! This looks plain silly.

  51. 151

    I like it! she looks really good either way to me! Im glad she is trying to atleast start over. Everyone should just leave her alone. She is trying to atleast be the mom of 8 while jon doesnt even really try or he never really tried at all. GO KATE!!!! :)

  52. 152

    No one ever looks good with extensions. They're always scraggly and unkempt looking. I wish women would stop wearing the stupid silly things.

  53. 153

    Some makeover! A bunch on weaves?

  54. 154


  55. 155

    she looks soooo much better

  56. 156

    Re: duelastar – I agree. That hair with the smokey eyes looked great.

  57. 157


  58. 158

    What did they do…take Britneys weave straight off her head and attach them to Kate?? This is the most god-awful hairdo I have ever seen! Extensions are nasty anyways. they alwasy look fake and ratty. Girl…if you want longer hair..just grow it out! it will look much better than that rat's nest on your head! Ugh!

  59. 159

    nice weave

  60. 160

    Her hair looks like Bret Michael's hair! LOL

  61. 161

    She kinda reminds me of Chris Croker in this picture.. just sayin'

  62. 162

    She is from Sweden where i live. Before everything happened they bought a house nere the place where i live, called Saltsöbaden. She will do so much better without tiger.

  63. 163

    she's very pretty maybe it will show more that she has a better hair cut???

  64. 164

    those extensions are horrible! It looks like she has a mullet! Whoever did her hair should be embarassed!

  65. 165

    Those are some cheap looking hair extensions. ew.

  66. 166

    Those look so cheap. They couldn't even photoshop them to make them look good!

  67. 167

    i hate perez hilton idk why he talks smack even though he the creepiest guy alive and he not even a celebrity and he just jelous that hes not a star and he needs a life

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