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Liv Tyler's New Man: British Hottie!

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Could there be some romance going on between cutie Liv Tyler and Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam?

The two were spotted yesterday leaving a movie theater together in Hollywood.

Liv and Charlie arrived together, but after the flick they left the theater in a rush to avoid the papz.

So could it be? Are these two a new couple or just friends?

We're betting on the couple.

[Image via Coqueran/Fame Pictures/Fame Pictures.]

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59 comments to “Liv Tyler's New Man: British Hottie!”

  1. 1

    I like him better with short hair. He was so hot in "Green Street Hooligans."

  2. vlm says – reply to this


    Jeez I love him!

  3. 3

    Does he look like Kurt Cobain–or are my eyes playing evil tricks on me.

  4. @v@ says – reply to this


    Even famous people date.

  5. 5

    What?!!?? He's British? Huh, did not know that. Anyway, he is so freaking hot. Love The Sons. Best show eveeer. ♥

  6. 6

    Perez, Charlie is a MUCH bigger celebrity than Liv is. And if they are dating she is one lucky woman because he's beyond hot!

  7. Thor says – reply to this


    @GO Ask Alice….No your eyes arent playing tricks! I was just going to say the same thing!!!!! Wow!

  8. 8

    First of all Sons of Anarchy is the best show on tv. Perez you should watch it. You wont be sorry. Second, Charlie is a great actor, and lastly if he was dating Liv they would make a cute couple.


  9. 9

    I remember him from the british version of Queer As Folk as the "Justin" character

  10. 10

    Wow….who is this cutey. He reminds me of Kurt Cobean.

  11. 11

    Wow….who is this cutey. He reminds me of Kurt Cobean.

  12. 12

    oh my mighty lord he is a sexy piece of ass!!! I started watching S of A because of him!!! i can go on and on! i could stare at him for hours!!!

  13. 13

    Omg!!!!! He is SOOOOO hot!!!! Love him on SoA!!!!! I would loooooove me some jax!!!!!! Lucky bitch!!!

  14. 14

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – lol oh my goodness! he does!!! i've never seen it before. i think cause on the show this last season he had more facial hair, which i dont really care for. But with this picture he's clean shaved and DOES look like Kurt! (FYI: lol i was just listening to Nirvana earlier today while cleaning the house lol)

  15. 15

    Love, love, love Charlie Hunnam! Sons of Anarchy is definitely by far the best show on television right now, and he is a fabulous actor-not to mention absolutely smokin hot! Wouldn't be such a bad thing IF they were dating, but man I wish I could have him instead haha

  16. 16

    Re: ThorRe: obbie doobie! – I thought that looked like a familiar face I miss seeing.

  17. 17

    Perez, Check your facts, this is not the same Charlie Hunnam. there is a british one, but this is not him… this guy is on sons of anarchy… check him

  18. 18

    Please, please, PLEASE Perez - find us naked pictures of HIM! *drool*

  19. 19

    i was wondering what was taking you so long to have charlie on your site, now if you could please make him a regular i thank you. he is going to be sexiest man alive in no time. he will de-throne brad pitt

  20. 20

    hes australian i bel;ieve if u look on u tube there are interviews and the aussie accent makes him even hotter if thats possible

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Re: Honnziva – He is too British you idiot "check your facts"

  23. 23

    Damn she's lucky! Charlie is gorgeous!!!!!!

  24. 24

    Re: Honnziva – Charlie Hunnam is indeed british. Check him out on Queer As Folk (the british version) or Undeclared. There you can hear from his accent that he is very british.

  25. 25

    He's a friend of our families and is one of the most humble and genuinely nice men I have ever met. Liv should consider herself blessed.

  26. 26


  27. 27

    Re: G0 Ask AliceRe: G0 Ask AliceRe: G0 Ask Alice – SORRY!, YES HE DOES KIND OF LOOK LIKE HIM

  28. 28

    I must agree with you all. He is all that for sure. Those blue eyes. Dayum. SOA is a great show too.

  29. obama says – reply to this


    He is handsome, but he's with LIV TYLER! He needs to take his hands out of his too- cool pockets and show the world he gives a shit. A real man walks close to his lady and holds her hand.

  30. 30

    I am soooo jealous. I love Charlie. And am an SOA fan; it's a great show. I guess he broke up with that blond girl he was dating for years….go Liv!

  31. 31

    Hes SOOOO hot! Love Sons of Anarchy!

  32. 32

    Man, I love that guy!!! He is mmmmm hot!!! Way to go Liv!!!

  33. 33

    MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! God he is ridiculously hot. I love SOA, and he is an amazing actor. I noticed the other day that he looks a LOT like Kurt.

  34. 34

    LOVE this show, my hubby & his riding buddies have been watching it since Season 1, I just started watching this past season b/c of Katey Segal's phenomenal acting, and now I'm hooked and have caught all the rest. Charlie is great, really brings his character to life, as is the whole cast, hats off to Kurt for bringing us such a GREAT show! I really felt for Jax on that pier, can't wait til next season to see SAMCRO put a hurt on that Irish SOB (cute couple btw - hope everyone will leave them the hell alone enough for them to actually do their thing)

  35. LDD says – reply to this



  36. 36

    Oh my god Go ask alice, I love you name! I love that book!. By the way I love this guy he is super hot And I can not wait for sons of anarchy to come back on! I am dying!!!

  37. 37

    Aw, cute! Good for them.

  38. 38

    He is so Hot! Hooligans and that gay serie was good ones too!

  39. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: obama – I like that. You must admit, though, it could have just been one moment, of thought, or whatever. Maybe they're just starting out.

  40. 40

    Love SOA best show on TV and Charlie Hunnam is addicting. Good actor and seems humble. Good for him in choosing Liv, she seems real compared to a lot of Hollywood actresses.

  41. 41

    Her sis tweets about his show all the time. Now i know why.

  42. 42

    haha Charlie Hunnam austrian! lies!! he was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in England his first appearance on tv was in Byker Grove hes a fantastic actor love love Sons Of Anarchy and Green St!!!

  43. 43

    He's a bit greasy in Sons of Anarchy, but he was very hot on Undeclared.
    Re: bucky2be – He does do an excellent job on the show. I didn't realise who it was until I finally went to IMDB - he does a great American accent, I was shocked to find out he was from Newcastle.

  44. 44

    Re: tisharella78 – I agree… fantastic show and I can't wait for next season! I am so sad, I just found out about it and watched the entire two seasons in just 3 days last week.
    My only issue is the Scottish guy that is supposed to be Irish… He's from Glasgow, which is very apparent from his accent, but he's with the IRA? I suppose he could have left Scotland to join the cause, but it seems they're trying to pawn him off as Irish on the show! Oh well… still love it.

  45. 45

    I LOVE LIV !! She's the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, period.

  46. 46

    Had a crush on Charlie… in the Queer as Folk days…. very yummy

  47. 47

    YES YES YES YES!!!!! this is such an awesome couple. i hope it's true!

  48. 48

    WOW - He looks a bit different to the kid in Queer As Folk / Green Street.

  49. 49

    He SO looks like Kurt Cobain!!

  50. 50

    yea they make a very cute couple! he is Hot and she is beautiful

  51. 51

    Love Liv, and he is Delish!!! Good luck to them!!

  52. 52

    If they are a couple, I TOTALLY approve!! So glad he'd be with someone like her, and not someone like Lindsay Lohan lol

  53. 53

    Gaa!! I am so jealous! Charlie Hunnam is my dream boy. You'll be vegan and gay soon enough, Charlie… and then you'll be mine! MINE!! mwaaahhaha!

  54. 54

    HOLY SHIT!!! It's Kurt Cobain, she's so hot she would raise the dead!

  55. obama says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Yea. I looked at the photo and read the post again after I wrote that. If they don't want people to know they're dating yet maybe he was just keeping his hands to himself. I scanned it and didn't realize that they might not even be dating.

  56. 56

    kurt cobain lives?

  57. 57

    I hope they're a couple. soooo hot, both of them.

  58. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: obama – I've done that on here a few times; but your original thought is astute, imo.

  59. 59

    Charlie hunnam is austrailan not british…