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Sex Tapes From The Jersey Shore?

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We already know that none of you are surprised.

Life & Style Magazine has just released an in depth convo with the cast of The Jersey Shore (well, as deep as their hair gel saturated brains could handle,) and we've learned that there could possibly be a sex tape leaking in our near future.

When the cast was asked if any of them had a sex tape, two of the them fessed up, but both swore they wouldn't release them.

The offenders: Ronnie (aka the guido behind bars) and Snooki (aka the guidette who got decked for all of YouTube to see.)

What's really dumbfounds us is not that these losers actually have sex tapes, but that there is a market for them. In Snooki's case, one distributor said her tape could go for $1-3 million.

Holy fist pump that is a lot of dough!

Regardless of the price, for now, both say they won't be releasing their intimate moments. Snooki even insisted: "I don’t want people to watch me doing that. It’s a private thing.”

So instead, tune in to The Jersey Shore to see her dry hump anything with an orange tan and slicked back hair. That will have to do for now!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Sex Tapes From The Jersey Shore?”

  1. 1

    No thanks

  2. 2

    that would be interesting to see but….how does the poof stay in place during the rollin around?

  3. 3

    oh.. we get it. so she's also a prostitute…. that makes sence now.

    What's the different of getting paid to suck a dick and sucking a dick on cam and selling it for $$ ??? none.

  4. 4

    How tall is Snooki? And who the fuck would want to watch her having sex? Hang on, why film yourself doing it if you want no one to see it? Do they, like, get off on watching themselves?

    Haha. Yay questions!

  5. 5

    where do they find these people!!!

  6. 6

    Getting punched
    in her fugly orange
    face was the biggest
    career boost for
    this annoying little

  7. 7

    how come every day it takes longer and longer for comments to post. this website is shittier every day. are you reeling over your epic fail cartoon?

  8. 8

    i would love tapes from them

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Cover your eyes.

  10. 10

    Did Ronnie go to jail?

  11. 11

    Snooki or whatever your fucking name is, please go drown in a swamp and let the alligators tell us how good you were.

  12. 12


  13. 13

    This is getting on my nerves please blog about "ACTUAL" celebrities with talent…..

  14. 14

    I know many disagree with me but i find snooki endlessly entertaining. I would absolutly watch her sex tape. Shes this crazy little orange thing obsessed with pickles. its just funny.

  15. 15

    Ummm, do they have a sex tape TOGETHER? Because isn't he supposedly dating Sammi?

    More details, please!

  16. 16

    Will they PLEASE get a new pic for these LOSERS????? I can't taking looking at the same pic of that mushroom hair styled MIDGET anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17

    Okay, this has got to stop. The press dares to indict these young adults for the "crime" of being ethnic and provincial. What's the big deal? I remember the show "Amish in the City," and no bloggers or writers attacked them for being Teutonic. Why bash these Italians? Is their crime how they look? Because their behavior is not so extreme, y'know.

    And BTW, Alec Baldwin uses as much hair gel as these kids do, so what's the diff??

  18. 18

    Re: PreTTy*n*PinK – That's very limiting.
    Hmmm…let's see. Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts…
    What I'm getting at is that talented artists sometimes behave and are VERY DIFFERENT from, say Andy Dick.

  19. 19

    Is anyone surprised that this idiot has a sex tape? I'm not.

  20. 20

    Re: caroaber – they look so fake, and no i am not Italian, but they are a bad representation for Italians. Duh.

  21. 21

    you should of wrote FIST HUMP

  22. Low says – reply to this


    Ronnie looks best out of all of them…

  23. 23

    Someone with an oompa loompa fetish is very excited right now.

  24. 24

    She should cash in now while people are actually interested. The only hope for her future is possibly an I Love New York style dating show - full of chlamydia.

  25. 25

    I wouldn't mind seeing a sex tape with "The Situation" in it… he's hot…

  26. 26

    Um, Snookie has to be the last person I would want to see naked.

  27. 27

    caroaber, it's not about them being ethnic. the point is that this is a total misrepresentation of how REAL italians act or people from jersey for that matter. if it was true, i don't think it would be a big deal, but it's bullsh*t. this is how scummy people act, not italians. and the fact that they call themselves guidos just shows the utter disrespect for their own race. it's almost as bad as black people using the n word on themselves. it's not right and it's only going to make everyone look at that race in a bad light.

  28. 28

    Re: LexieMA – I agree with everything you just said, except to point out that Italians are not a race, they are just a nationality. Not to mention that this show, despite it's name, has little to do with New Jersey since all of the cretins on it are from Long Island.

    If (and let's all pray it never happens, but we all know it will as soon as their fleeting fame starts to wane) these horrible tapes ever get released, Ipecac will finally have to bow down to it's successor.

  29. 29

    Re: caroaber – True but there were people with talent like Lindsey Lohan, Misha Barton, and all those people who are actually famous for something not like these LOSERS!!!!

  30. 30

    Perez I cant believe you gave that whore her own section. Madfais. >:O

  31. 31

    Those guys are disgusting. All four of them are disgusting for that matter, and we all know they're reading this so lets be merciless.