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Artie Lange To Be Fired?

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This isn't good.

Sources tell us there are whispers that Sirius XM is going to let Artie Lange go, but they're waiting until he's in stable condition to break the news to him.

We're also told that Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin has already informed host Howard Stern about the news.

Not the greatest information for someone who just tried to take their own life, but our source also revealed that Artie asked to see Dr. Drew and they had a visit together.

That's promising. Hopefully Artie gets the help he needs to get his life back on track!

[Image via WENN.]

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44 comments to “Artie Lange To Be Fired?”

  1. ap076 says – reply to this


    He can't be fired after a suicide attempt, that would be a legal nightmare. He is more than likely going to be held off the air until he seeks the help he needs. For that show I doubt he ever had a morality clause in his contract, so prior drug use and drinking can't be held against him. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and not on VH1.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I hope this isnt true. : (

  4. 4

    wow this is mind bogglingly irresponsible - even for you. the guy just tried to kill himself and you are releasing sensitive info while acknowledging why his own bosses havent told the guy. i mean are you seriously about to let a traumatized guy and his family find out hes lost his job through a gossip website? was your new years resolution to see if you could actually cause someones death this year? i mean you came pretty close last year.

  5. 5

    Well, I'm sure he'll be hearing long before then, douchebag! Get a heart….AND a life.

  6. 6

    The rumor is that he was fired in December and that is why Howard is acting so weird talking about the suicide attempt on the air.

  7. 7

    No need
    to whisper
    anymore. The
    cat is out of
    the bag now.

  8. 8

    this absolutely sucks.

  9. 9

    B.S. SternFanNetwork has ALL the breaking news about fARTIE Lange *ugh*

  10. 10

    That's obvious. KC was let go from the show because they saw signs, that indicated that he wasn't right in the head, so they let him go so he could get help. This situation is way worst, so him not returning to the show permanently is not a surprise.

  11. obama says – reply to this


    good of you to report this news

  12. 12

    I hope this isn't true. He's my favorite part of the show. I hope he gets help and gets better. I know he's not reading this but Hang in there and stick around we need you to make us laugh now more than ever, Plus I just renewed my subscription for a year .

  13. 13

    That would be one hell of a lowdown thing to do, fire him. And I can't imagine the legal mess that may start as well.

  14. 14

    when artie actually shows up for work he makes the show great. however he often sleeps at work or flat out calls in sick once or twice a week. if any of us did that to our jobs we would get our asses fired. i like artie but it seems he doesn't take his job seriously. lots of people would love to have a job where they can do nothing but talk and joke around to get paid big bucks even if it meant getting up at 4:30 in the morning

  15. 15

    It is all very sad, ya listen to the guy he is like a friend, you know all that he has gone thru in the last year, and then to have this happen, I sooo hope he gets the help that he needs, and if that means leaving Howard, although it w/d be painful almost devastating, I would rather have a talent like him alive than dead

    There are too many funny/entertaining people who have died, and I don't want Artie to join that list

  16. 16

    I hate artie. He is such a big mouth loser. I would be so happy if he never comes back.

  17. 17

    That sounds like something leaked by one of Artie's people to try to stir up the fans. If Artie hasn't been fired for all the drug-related shit he pulled over the years (i.e., taking days and sometimes weeks, off for his heroin benders — or snorting heroin at work), his *suicide* attempt (which seems more aimed at making a big mess to make his mom — who he knew was coming over and would save him — even more miserable and to show Sirius for making him take a leave of absence and to show Howard for not calling him) doesn't seem to fit what the corporation would need to get out of their contract with the unfunny, homophobic, misogynist racist bigoted fat fuck.

  18. 18

    I don't understand the reasoning behind this? Kicking a man while he's down? I always forget that Howard Stern has a boss too…

  19. 19

    this is so goddamn sad I really hope it is not true. artie is troubled no doubt but why now fire him, why not all the other times. and what is the reason now…because he tried to kill himself. if they do bring on jim bruer I will cancel my subscription.

  20. 20

    That's so wrong — if it's true.

    Don't do it Howard! Support Artie!

    I guess this would be a good out for Howard (to not sign an extension)

  21. 21

    it's time for artie to leave the show. it's too much pressure for him. he need to not work and just concentrate on getting himself together.

  22. 22

    He won't be fired

  23. 23

    drug abuse and mental illness are ADDA protected status………… Firing him is not an option. Not sure of NY employment law but…in most states he wil be allowed to use all his sick and EPTO and then have an addtional 12 weeks Leave and his job will have to be held for his return. After that they can fill his postion. They can also temp fill the postion but must return him to work at same job at pay rate upon DR clearance for return to work.

  24. 24

    Perez, you are a fat slob of a man and your sister is a whore.
    Again, how can you post this? Do you have a caring bone in your body? (a dick in your mouth or ass does not count)
    Who is your source? Where are you getting this information from?

  25. 25

    I hope you fuckin die for posting this fuck story you pig fuck! no more howard for you, you pig!

  26. 26

    Howard 100 News just called BULLSHIT on your story, heard it 2 minutes after reading this. Artie would NEVER call Dr. Drew for help

  27. 27

    Steve Langford just reported on Howard 100 that this is COMPLETELY FALSE. He specifically said that Perez Hilton is reporting this, and Tim Sabian said himself that this is BS, and that Artie will forever be a part of their team. Check your sources dumb*ss.

  28. 28

    Howard100 news just reported that this is NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    man yous guys are brutal! this is not funny or fun. like him or annoyed by him on the stern show, the guy is obviously tormented enough to stab himself. what would it take for any of yous to be able to stab yourself to death? my point is- the guy is obviously desperate to rid himself of pain. hey guys, how about A LITTLE compassion? stop trying to be a twisted version of howard's personality. the show is for entertainment, not a reason for YOU to be an a$$hole.

  30. 30

    and a "baba booey" to y'all.

  31. 31

    Yat b

  32. 32

    Come on Perez. Howard has had you on so many times in the past year and now your shitting out this BS. Way to burn your bridges DUMBASS!

  33. 33

    hey, who wouldn't want to employ a dripping piece of lard who thinks he's smarter than everybody?

  34. 34

    just have to say again to perez pig fuck…go to hell…. All artie fans, please call in the show send emails, get this fuck to never come in again…queen of all media….is he kidding me??? go suck more shit pipe!

  35. 35

    Hey peoples,
    Listen there was just a news report on Sirius 100 about Perez's report. It's completely false. Artie IS NOT fired at all. Mel Karmazin and Tim Sabean are the big bosses that call the shots at Sirius.Plus Howard himself said he will not make an statements or decisions until he speaks with Artie about this personally. Howard loves Artie and is devastated about this very sad turn of events. Personally, I'm a major fan and supporter of Artie and LOVE Howard Stern and the show. So,,FYI..Artie's healing emotionally and physically first. Then in due time. When and if Artie comes back will be decided. It's Artie's call. Thanks and Peace.
    Patty :-)

  36. 36

    Perez, you are an asshole for spreading lies. Who is your source? Howard 100 News had to make a special "Breaking News" comment to counter your lies. Douche. And it was a suicide attempt, you might want to correct that on your other post.

  37. 37


  38. 38

    I wouldnt doubt if he was going to be fired before the attempt, but they can't let him go if he gets better now. You got something mixed up somewhere Perez

  39. 39

    I would quickly write a retraction before you get blacklisted from the Howard Stern Show.

  40. 40

    "Enabling" Stern will never let Sirius pull the switch on Lange. Doesn't Stern see how sick he's bocome too throughout Lange's addictions?

  41. 41

    O_o wow. The most heartless employer since Ebenezer Scrooge?

  42. 42

    I doubt they would indeed fire him for this but they may just keep him off the air until they can determine if he's ok to go back on. Better hope he doesn't read your site though! I just hope he does get help since stabbing yourself is such a horrible attempt. OD's and other methods are bad too, don't get me wrong, but how determined do you have to be to die that you repeatedly do that? Once is hard enough, twice would be unbelievable difficult so to get to 6 or 9 times? Wow….he's got some serious issues.

  43. 43

    Years ago, I introduced myself to Artie at his show at Carolines comedy club. I told him Im the guy who sings song parodies {Robins Squeeze Box} for the show. He gave me a big hug and told me he loved my songs. That night (Dec 2008) he took me to the Sirius Xmas party at the Hard Rock cafe. When he plays locally, has me on every guest list to his shows..When my mom died last year, he gave my dad and me front row seats at his show at the Borgata in A.C. He even hooked us up with a room…The man has a heart of gold and is a lovable Teddy Bear and this whole thing is very upsetting…….Love you all…….Bobby….theCHORIZOguy@aol.com

  44. vince says – reply to this


    Don't make me call Will.I.Am Perez