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George H.W. Bush Heckled!

| Filed under: Politik


Former President George H. W. Bush was heckled in a restaurant and that's actually quite the understatement.

This guy is pissed and tells George exactly how he feels!

Watch the clip above to hear what he has to say!

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147 comments to “George H.W. Bush Heckled!”

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  1. 1

    Idiot. He's lucky the Secret Service didn't beat the shit out of him.

  2. 2

    Wow, that took some balls.
    His name is on more than one list now.

  3. 3

    I love this guy…he had the balls to say what many want to!! I agree with him all the way.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    He is responsible for some and now Obama will be responsible for more and in the future there will be more men and women that will have blood on their hands too, that is part of running this country and trying to keep up safe.

  6. 6

    That guy heckling George Bush is a real class act. First of all, George Bush is not the only one involved with the huge debt America is in. He was voted in twice and the whole government is involved, not just the President. That's why this country is a democracy. That guy needs to learn history himself and stop being so classless and vulgar to a former US president. I love how Americans just want to blame other people for their problems. I'm an American too but at least I don't blame people for my own problems!!

  7. 7

    Sweeet! He needs to get used that shit. He's as guilty as they come.

  8. 8

    Marvelous. Simply marvelous.

  9. 9

    wish that guy would have said more than killing millions. looks like bush sen was in a mcdonalds lool

  10. 10

    Fucking conspiracy theorist.

  11. 11

  12. 12

    That guy is right, Bush is a piece of shit and he doesn't deserve any respect.

  13. 13

    i really don't care what your views are… no one should be treated like that! when we disrespect the former leader of our country in that manner, i really believe that it makes america look weak. i don't agree with everything that's going on with obama, but i still support him. this is especially unnecessary since h.w. hasn't been president of the United States for almost 20 years. this "heckler" isn't bringing one of those lives back and probably doesn't even know the whole story like he seems to think he does.

  14. 14

    Regardless of his opinion, that language in a public place is totally uncalled for. What if there were children in earshot? The heckler just ends up sounding ignorant.

  15. 15

    dats d truth

  16. 16

    war criminal!

  17. 17

    LOL….Dude was damned straight!!!!

  18. 18

    maybe your comment levels have sunk so low because none of the comments show up until you've screened them and determined whether they are to your liking. this post said it had 9 comments, so i click to read them and none show up. so sad that you can't take the negative comments like a man, mario. just let em flow, or you're going to fast lose what you too quickly gained. gandhi said that wealth without work is one of the 7 deadly social sins. think about it.

  19. 19

    awesome! take the power back, people.

  20. 20

    i agree with TheWench thats why they need secret service. Jackass

  21. 21

    I thought it was free country,you could have freedom of speech,you Americians changes the rules when a dictator gets rattled,love it

  22. 22

    His mother should be so proud, what class.

  23. 23

    Someone pat that guy on the back…
    The reason the secret service didn't do anything is because they know he's right! Can't hurt a guy for telling the truth.

  24. 24

    George is in the early stages of dementia, so he ordered a big mac and ate peacefully. Which he would have done anyway without the dementia.

  25. 25

    Re: perez___1 – Um … H.W. was only voted in ONCE as President; it's his loser son W who was voted in twice. I couldn't tell in that short clip which Bush it was, but if it's H.W., then he's the one-termer.
    I agree with you that we should take responsibility for our problems (and actions). But the people we elect (the corrupt people we elect) get us into situations and do stupid shit, and the majority of us are too apathetic (and/or too stupid) to make our government accountable and make them the servants they're supposed to be. Shame on US.
    Should another human being be treated like Bush was? No. But the Bushes have a lot to answer for (more W than HW).

  26. 26

    STFU is what I have to say to the man who filmed this

  27. 27

    This guy needs to shut the fuck up and research his comments. Go and heckle our current government administrators, who are trying to dismantle our Constitution.

  28. 28

    What an idiot. Here we have a president (Obama) who want to be king of the world and he's worried about someone who's been out of office forever…..what a joke……it's all a joke.

  29. 29

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! More people need to do this to make politicians accountable!

  30. 30

    lol. the Bush family are a joke. Fuck 'em

  31. 31

    It's called Respect and this guy does not have it and it's called knowing the time and place, which this is not the place. Personally I LOVE the Bushes, our country would be better off right now if George W. Bush was still President, instead of this Mr. Obama who doesn't know what the hell he is doing and is running our country into the ground!!

  32. jham says – reply to this


    I think it's disgusting to speak to a former President that way. You don't have to agree with somebody's policies, however, there is a way to say things with some dignity and respect. I'm a democrat, however, I understand that Presidents of both parties are faced in situations and have to make decisions that we will never in our lifetimes be presented with.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    God Bless the hero with the camera!!!!
    Bush deserves every ounce of that very accurate description of his murdering, criminal, disgusting "leadership". What a Nazi. Congrats America, you almost outdid Germany's Hitler. Almost.

  35. 35

    This was disgraceful and shows the complete pattern of a lack of respect and no shame. I hope this person is proud of their behavior…and the forum it's on.

  36. 36

    Why would you give a rude bastard like that publicity?

  37. 37

    Some of you people are so stupid and blind. What about all the innocent people murdered on 9/11???? So you would have rather the US sit back and let these people just come to our country and kill our people??? Because thats mostly what your saying when you say Bush is a murderer. You immature idiots need to lay off the pot and realize life isn't fucking rainbows and tree hugging. There is never going to be peace on earth as long as there are people like the Taliban alive. Im sure all you idiots would have felt different if Osoma had been caught asap.

  38. 38

    hahahahaha..k not sure "millions" have died, but it is funny!!

  39. 39

    Re: jham – well said-bring back George W. Bush

  40. 40


  41. 41

    The accent says it all. The stupid-ass southern shit for brains.

  42. 42

    I'm no George Bush fan–particularly not of the younger GW Bush( who is NOT in this video.) That being said, I think the douche who took this video and provided the voiceover is totally out of line. What the hell is he talking about?

  43. 43

    Idiot comments don't understand that father is being confused with son. I'd love to know how Bush 41, also known as George Herbert Walker Bush, killed millions.

    If what we have now is "change" and "hope", I say bring back the Bushes.

  44. 44

    i dont like Bush but have some fuckin respect for a former president u fuckin assclown

  45. 45

    The Bush family should hear this type of message DAILY…every last one of them including that dweeb Billy Bush.

  46. 46

    That's really awful. You shouldn't even put videos like that up. How is treating a former President like that okay? Somehow I doubt you would feel the same if someone walks up to President Obama in a few years and talks to him like that.

  47. 47

    Millions of deaths? Thousands maybe.

  48. 48

    dont be surprised if this guy "disappears"…..

  49. Swami says – reply to this


    Perfectly apt. Daddy Bush is a murderous, zionist, illuminati -controlled piece of shit.

  50. 50

    Really rude. There's nothing wrong with questioning authority or critiquing their policies but really… that sort of crap doesn't contribute to anything.

  51. 51

    Re: LincolnLounger – lincolnlounger-great minds think alike. batkiss- you're ignorant uberbling- you have class

  52. 52

    Re: MandiBee – You're totally out of your mind. You can disagree with the current administration, but don't say the world would be better with Bush. He was the worst president we've had in quite a long time and did more damage to our country than could be imagined. Don't be ignorant.

    And you, as well as many other people, have said there's no respect on the part of the man filming. However, I want to know how much respect the Assface who shouted, "you lie" to the CURRENT president, during a national address, had. I agree, there should be a level of respect for ANYONE who ran or is running the country, but I find it really hilarious that people feel it's Ok to yell during the first non-white president's speech. And, yea, I made it racial, that's because IT IS!

  53. 53

    Re: UberBling – uberbling- i meant that in a serious way

  54. 54

    This video is a fake. That's not H.W. Furthermore, when the guy mentions "new world order", it indicates that he's a wacky conspiracy theorist. Lastly, Bush 41 isn't responsible for the deaths of millions of people. He initiated the first Gulf War in which about 20,000 Iraqis died and a few hundred coalition forces died. And remember the Gulf War started in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

  55. 55

    Re: MimooBaby – I think the people of Kuwait don't feel that way!
    Even though this guy is a tool just goes to show we live in a free country and the common man can have his say and not get killed!

  56. 56

    Re: ohpleaz86
    You dumbfuck if Bush really wanted to hold the people of 911 accountable he would have gone to Afgan in the first place were Osama was instead of Iraq for oil…oops I meant justice.

  57. 57

    I REALLY dislike GW Bush, but HW Bush was actually a decent President. He inherited a lot of crap from the way Regan poorly ran things…although he was Vice President during that time so he shoulders some of that responsibility. If this was George W. Bush, I would think this would be totally appropriate. It seems like he is taking his anger out at the wrong Bush, though.

  58. 58

    THIS IS MY VIDEO!!! Well, part of it. It's too bad someone can put themselves out there and risk who knows what, then spend hours editing the piece, only to find part of it stolen and republished elsewhere for someone else's gain. PLEASE WATCH THE ORIGINAL VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. My user name is LIVEMUSIC. PLEASE WATCH MY ORIGINAL, FULL 3-minute edit and RATE AND COMMENT THERE! THANK YOU!!!

  59. 59

    Uh, too bad he got the wrong Bush.

  60. 60

    No problems with it because he's a republican huh, Perez?
    However, if it was Obama in his position the guy would be a racist and an "stupid republican."
    Hypocritical bastard.

  61. 61

    Re: SWEETPIECE! – Ya no shit, he'll be lucky if when he takes a trip out that he's allowed back in. lol

  62. 62

    Re: JujuBean114 – You wouldn't be saying that if your child was killed in war.

  63. 63

    That made my day, thank you. Both Bushes, father and son, should be judged by the Internation Tribunal in The Hague for war crimes, just like Milosevicv of former Yugoslavia was. They are both criminals and responsible for millions - yes - millions of deaths. And to think they still have fans says a lot about the americans, how ignorant they are.

  64. 64

    A TRUE AMERICAN HERO! (Bush is a traitor)

  65. 65

    "That's unnecessary" Erm, maybe it was a bit forward, but freedom of speech, man…freedom of speech.

  66. 66

    Re: perez___1 – You're rambling on about the wrong George Bush lol. The video shown is George H. W. Bush, George Bush's father. Loves it.

  67. 67

    That heckler is a disgrace to America. He should be thrown in jail. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Absolutely classless. Even if you don't agree, that doesn't mean you have the right to harass someone needlessly.

    This really makes me sick.

  68. 68

    Re: ohpleaz86 – FYI, 9-11 happened when W. Bush was in office, we're talking about H.W Bush, his father who had nothing do to with 9-11. Like invading Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11…

  69. 69

    OMFG. That guy's my hero! You don't know HOW long i've been waiting for this to happen xD

  70. slaq says – reply to this


    Wow…what a moron! There's heckling and then there's this…verbal ABUSE…of an ex-president! The "left" should be even more embarrassed than before!

  71. 71

    OMG! This is at Fuzzy's Pizza in Houston. It's Daddy (George H.) Bush's favorite place for lunch….i've seen him there several times before….and judging by the voice of the guy screaming at him, i know who that is too but i wont say his name on here, but wow that is crazy!

  72. 72

    That was great! why would you give respect to a murderous rich family who is infamous for catering to corporations demands, and killing millions of people, which made them richer.
    they are a disgrace, and an embarrassment to the democratic system.
    I'm only disappointed Bush Jr. wasn't there. I'd pay money for someone to call him a piece of shit to his face… but Colbert (at the correspondents dinner) did a pretty good job with that…

  73. 73


  74. 74

    The rest of the video just proves you're a complete nutball. And, you conducted yourself like an idiot who isn't out of his teens. Talking about truth, why don't you have the guts to post the negative comments that I'm sure you're receiving on your YouTube video. Amazing how the ones there all seem to support you, and many are anti-semitic, which you leave up. I'm not a Bush supporter, but this kind of one-sided publicity stunt doesn't make a hero, and you aren't brave. You're a whiny little bitch who can't articulate, nor based on your video, think for himself.

  75. 75

    How disrespectful and inappropriate!! This was totally uncalled for. What about Obama's total lack of transparency? There's much more to complain about there!!! How sad Obama is our President.

  76. 76


    …of course if anyone went up to Obama and did this they would be called a racist immediately. By killing some, he saved millions from persecution and annihilation. I wish all these people who commented before me realized that he signed the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Clean Air Act. Also, realize that during the Gulf War he chose NOT to continue to push the Iraqi troops into Baghdad for fear that they would overthrow Saddam Hussein and there would be major losses from both factions. I hope these people realize how great of an American this man is. He helped to instigate the Madrid Conference that was designed to iron out problems between Arab-Israeli countries. President George H W Bush will go down in history as a great president.

  77. 77

    pshh thats all he said i would have had a whole list for the things he fucked up

    bush is a fuckin disgrace he deserves to be yelled at and possibly worse

    i give this guy his props…kinda off subject but were the hell were they eating at?

  78. 78

    barking up the wrong bush

  79. 79

    not cool… can't stand radicals who go around doing that shit. lame.

  80. 80

    Re: ocreamsicle – why should he be thrown in jail its called free speech he didnt attack him he just told him how he was feeling there is no law against that

    i mean if thats the case the tea baggers would also need to be in jail am i correct?

  81. 81

    that guy is fucking stupid. know history? obviously he doesn't know shit. id that to see that piece of shit try and run a country. so fucking classy. i wish he got the shit beat out of him

  82. 82

    Re: ocreamsicle – I agree with your comments except for the jail part. Don't be a hypocrite. It's as equally un-American to punish someone for exercising their freedom of speech.

  83. 83

    Uhm, I could still excuse (not condone) this type of behaviour if he was talking to junior, but H.W.? I thought he was a pretty decent president actually. Probably the best we've had foreign policy-wise…And even if he wasn't, the heckler just sounds like an ignorant fool. I'm sure he could've found a better, more educated way to make his point…But I guess this type of behaviour perfectly mirrors the state this country is in: the fringes dominate. There's no room for moderates (like George H.W. Bush). The looneys of both left and right (influenced by dweebs like Michael Moore & dangerous ools like Palin & George W.) have to put everyone in the 'for us' or 'against us' category…Look at the flack Obama's getting for the left for not being a dogmatic leftists like they thought he would be (they would've known he wasn't had they payed attention)…Not that I particularly care for Obama, but that's a different discussion altogether…

  84. 84

    I think this is embarrassing to be posting on your site and to be using "!" points to show how happy you are with it. Like him or not, he was still the president of the USA.

    Second off…. I don't think many people here realize the difference between George W. Bush and George HW Bush. To blame HW for what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is laughable. How can you blame a guy that LEFT office over 17 years ago!!

    Since he has left office we have had 8 years under Clinton and 8 years under W. Bush and a year under Obama. I also want to point out that George HW Bush pulled troops out of Iraq after 2 and a half of combat because he wanted to MINIMIZE causalities!!

    This guy who shot this video is an idiot and knew he could make a quick dollar and be praised by idiots like Perez Hilton.

    I invite everyone to google Perez Hilton and see how he calls people f*aggot… or google how he acted like a little baby on KTLA. Perez you are the biggest bigot and loser out there. I think a lot of people are getting tired of this crap on your website. It's not fun anymore like it use to be… it's mean.

    I imagine you aren't making as much as you once were. I imagine you are blaming the economy. I haven't seen those full page ads as much as I once did. I am sure a lot has to do with the economy, but I am sure a large part has to do with people getting tired of visiting a hate site… I know I am.

  85. 85

    Re: ocreamsicle – You don't realize you are referring to the Bush Crime Family, do you? Go watch the original video on YouTube (user/livemusic) and you can get the information to research that pissed this guy off.

    He's a patriot for calling this criminal out … not the other way around.

  86. 86

    Re: justme09 – you're such a hater…..get a life

  87. 87

    Re: dinkle – The man who shouted "You Lie", was Joe Wilson. He was telling the truth, when noone else would. It might help if you read the legislation this Democrtic Congress and Senate are trying to pass, you might open up your eyes and agree.

  88. 88

    Very inappropriate language. If you have to resort to swearing, you're fairly worthless. I laughed anyhow though.

  89. 89

    Re: TheWenchRe: TheWenchRe: TheWench – you're the idiot!
    he deserved that and WAY more…. he's lucky he didnt get beat? you're lucky you're ass is sitting comfortably writing on a gossip page while my husband is handicapped for going to fight a war that HE started and that takes the lives of thousands of soldiers so you can keep doing whatever your lazy ass does!

  90. 90

    Re: TheWench – you're the idiot!
    he deserved that and WAY more…. he's lucky he didnt get beat? you're lucky you're ass is sitting comfortably writing on a gossip page while my husband is handicapped for going to fight a war that HE started and that takes the lives of thousands of soldiers so you can keep doing whatever your lazy ass does!

  91. 91

    So disrespectful. He should be thanking the brave men and woman fighting overseas for his right to trash the President. And to the people who are applauding this clown, really? You may agree with his message, but his manner of conveyance was extremely inappropriate, rude, and classless.

  92. 92

    I'm sorry if I get so passionate about this subject, but because of THIS man and HIS son, I deal everyday with the aftermaths of a young Marine soldier going into the military before 911, getting injured over there and til this day has difficulty walking, and dealing with all of it. Its still hard for him to even understand why we had that war…. Thats my husband, and if I ever had the chance to say something to one of those "presidents", I don't even think you can call them that, maybe puppets, it would be even worse….

  93. 93

    it was former President George H.W. Bush dumb asses. you dont even know the difference in the two, so why should your stupid ass comments matter.

  94. 94

    That's hilarious!

  95. 95

    That did take balls. Good for him! The Bush's are responsible for some major evil.

  96. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't think I would be too quick to call out a former Director of the C.I.A., apart from the fact that G.W. is a senior with dementia now, or at least is rumored to have, so what would be the point if he didn't understand angry dude's rancor? Video boy needs to do some reading, just saying.

  97. 97

    It's always nice to see someone stand up to these lousy politicians. Bush and his sons are 3 of the worst. What horrible genes in that family.

  98. 98

    Re: Samantha07 – I think you, and many others in these comments, are confusing the latest George W Bush with his father, George HW Bush) who was the one heckled in this video. Get your history straight people!

  99. 99

    reguardless, he is still deserves respect, he could have told him the same things without the vulgarity!!!

  100. 100

    WOW, HE'S MY HERO!!! Fuck you both, Bush Senior & Junior. War criminals, that's what they BOTH are. Bush Senior's economic sanctions killed more than 750,000 iraqi children and Bush Junior's absurd, fictitious, anticonstitutional and illegal war on terror is killing even more people, iraqies, afghans and nort americans. Wake up, people (or should I say sheeple…)

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