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PerezHilton.com Goes Global! Translator Feature Now Makes Site Available In Over 50 Languages

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PerezHilton.com Now Available in Over 50 Languages

The Number One Celebrity Gossip Blog Can Now Be Translated Into Languages such as Bulgarian, Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese, Welsh and many many more

Forbes #1 Web Celebrity [Perez Hilton] Brings His Gossip Site To New Levels

The Most Feared Celebrity Blogger in 52 Languages
Большинство знаменитостей боятся блоггеров в 52 Языки

PerezHilton.com Is Now Multilingual
PerezHilton.com ist jetzt mehrsprachig

Los Angeles, CA, January 12, 2010–Perez Hilton “The Queen of All Media” has announced that Hollywood’s Most-Hated website, PerezHilton.com will be translated into 52 languages using Google Translator. The Gossip Gangsta, The world’s most famous blogger, P Nasty, has taken his site to a new level by offering fans around the world the enjoyment of his site in their own language. Millions of fan around the world will now be able to laugh at Lindsanity stories, gasp at Jon Gosselin, and giggle at the “braziliance” of Hollywood fame-whores in any of the 52 languages offered by Google Translator.

“My site is already world wide. But with this new tool, I’m bringing to all my fans that don’t speak or read English as their first language the ability to enjoy more than just the pictures on my site. Myself being Cuban, I feel it’s important to include everyone into my world of loving celebrities, I’m like the Mother Teresa of Gossip!” Perez Hilton said.

This new feature will be located at the top left corner of the infamous site. Fans can click on the “translate” flashing icon and enjoy PerezHilton.com in the language of their choosing. Since Launching in 2004 PerezHilton.com has become the #1 gossip blog and the go-to site for celebrity news.

Cubano and Miami Native Perez Hilton is the Internet's most notorious gossip columnist. The LA Times calls Perez, "like US Weekly, the Star, the Enquirer and Life & Style all rolled into one sweet yet snarky, sagacious yet salacious gay man." Rolling Stone writes, Perez is “The Queen of mean”, The New York Times describes him “Love him or (he prefers) hate him… [He] has become a hard-to-ignore Hollywood player. Perez was named the #1 Web celebrity for ’07, ’08 and ‘09 by Forbes Magazine and as one of the 15 most influential Hispanics in the US by People in Espanol. PerezHilton.com averages over 280 million page views and 13.5 million unique visitors per month.

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75 comments to “PerezHilton.com Goes Global! Translator Feature Now Makes Site Available In Over 50 Languages”

  1. 1

    Too bad you didn't fix what was already broken before you added more shit to break. FAIL

  2. Dawo says – reply to this


    Wow COOL :)

  3. 3

    ehmm if the translation in russian is an example of how it will be translated, than i predict a great fail… its totally wrong perez.. lol.. i dont know whether its funny or sad that this site will be screwed like that

  4. 4

    Do they know that you don't know how to spell or write in English properly?

  5. 5

    …my comments are universal…and often deleted.

  6. 6

    Yes! DUTCH! Finally :) Thanks perez!

  7. 7


  8. ap076 says – reply to this


    I would have started by getting English correct first.

  9. 9

    So now people all over the world can read cut and paste's from PEOPLE Magazine and E-News's sites.

  10. Harv says – reply to this


    Glad to hear more people can now read the shit that Perez regurgitates out there as he rips off other websites.

  11. 11

    French is a far too complicated language - it can't be translated only with Google Translator. Too much grammar mistakes, we can't understand.
    Nice try though. I thought you had a new team or something to translate everything.

  12. 12

    Perez, honey, as a translator by profession, I must express how bad the Dutch and German version are. You can see that the site has been translated by a machine…. Not the best, but it'll certainly bring more readers to your website…

  13. ap076 says – reply to this


    "like US Weekly, the Star, the Enquirer and Life & Style all rolled into one"
    That is because all your posts are taken from credited source articles from these and other gossip/information sites.
    I think team Pyrez needs to hit the streets, work some sources, spread some money around in an effort to get some exclusive information.

  14. 14

    How do you say Homotard in 49 languages????????

  15. 15

    thats not good now the whole world as to read ur lies.

  16. 16

    OMG! the translation is SO BAD!
    i tried translating it into spanish a not ONE setence makes sense, specially cuz most of the words used are slang and the google translator doesn't make sense of it…
    so don't think this is going to be a useful tool…

  17. 17

    This website along with the bad spelling and grammar SUCKS !! get paid more from your adverti$er$ may be then your website run smoother.. you Fat FUCK !!! TAKES TOO LONG TO VIEW ANYTHING

  18. 18

    Does this mean you'll be nicer?

  19. 19


  20. ap076 says – reply to this


    "Myself being Cuban"
    You are of Cuban descent as your parents were born there but you were born in America.
    You should be proud to point out that you are a American citizen.

  21. 21

    OK GREEEAAAAT, Now how about giving us a blackberry APP too….

  22. 22

    just checked it out in dutch and it's a lil better maybe cuz the gramatica is pretty similar but this translator just straslates word for word so some words don't make sense, it just translates Jordans name into Jordan the country…xD
    it's ridiculous!

  23. 23

    OMG…I'm french and the translation is terrible:the words are not in a good order, and some of the words you use are not even translated….It's USELESS….

  24. Ocean says – reply to this


    you all cry but he is the alone one on the internet to have done that!
    now he only need his online tv show with me to present it all and it wil be perfect!
    LOL bahahhaha!

  25. 25

    this way the whole world can bitch slap you!!!!!

  26. 26

    How does it translate this : You're not a f***ing artist; you're a f***ing phaggot.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    congratulations Perezito!!! O como decimos en mi pais, CHINGON!!

  29. 29

    google translates texts always in a wrong context..so thanks but no! prefering english

  30. 30

    Perez (or whoever),
    your Russian translations SUCKS and DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.
    You know what "Большинство знаменитостей боятся блоггеров в 52 Языки" means?????
    It means "Most of celebrities are afraid of bloggers in 52 language".

    Stick with english, DO NOT SHAME YOURSELF.

  31. 31

    lmao, now the whole world will know your eye fell out

  32. 32

    Unfortunately, there isn't a web translator that actually works.

    Perez find out for yourself, by translating a news item from another language into English.

  33. 33

    30 comments it says, and I can't see one of them. PLEASE fix your obnoxious issues before adding more bells and whistles to the site. I've nothing against translators and languages that aren't mine, I just think that you site is broken and it should make more sense to you to fix it before adding more crap that can be broken.

  34. free says – reply to this


    Good lord Mario, that Google translator sucks big time! I had it translate a page into Dutch and I almost fell off my chair laughing. Which is great, but maybe not the first idea you had when installing this new feature. Oh well, back to American it is then…

  35. 35

    Google Translater?? You got to be kidding me…
    I tried it. Couldn't understand it anymore, although it should have been in my 'native language'

  36. 36

    Yeah well, loose the translator, I tried it in Dutch and it stinks.
    The translation doesn't make sence at all, it even uses a O from Danmark or Sweden, we don't have that O (with the line trough it).
    It really really sucks.

  37. 37

    Good for you! You are an inspiration to everyone that would like to pursue a career or dream of their own. You have come from a small website to an international name! Let the haters hate…they are just jealous they don't have the balls to say what they feel like you do!!! I couldn't be happier for you!

  38. 38

    I speak spanish and i rather read perezhilton.com in english.. in spaniss is not as funny as is suppose to be.

  39. 39

    Re: teresita24 – hahahaha you're absolutely right! I work doing english/spanish translations and the spanish version sucks balls! i mean, "Todas las órdenes de ABC El Licenciado-Stars! " whaaaat?!?! haha FAIL!!

  40. chlyn says – reply to this


    Is the spelling and grammar going to be corrected in English first?

  41. 41

    Quasi-literate in 52 languages instead of just English. What an accomplishment.

  42. 42

    Too bad this site has not worked well for several months now.
    It is slow, takes forever to post comments, and deletes comments altogether.
    Too bad you didn't take care of all the problems BEFORE adding more features.

  43. 43

    cymru ftw!

  44. Laury says – reply to this


    I just checked out the French version of your site, and quite frankly, it's ridiculous. It's so poorly translated it doesn't even make any sense. While this initiative must be applauded, after all, not everyone in the world speaks English, if you want to truly help non English speaking readers, please Perez, find another way to translate your website than this Babel Fish shit.

  45. 45

    Wow Mario now ShiT can be translated into several languages. Your sight has gone way down hill with no posts. Epic Fail can you translate that?

  46. 46

    i thank u for that but I think in english it's just waay better :D The translation isn't that clear aand some sentences just sound stoopid in german :D I just love it in english. Waay better but thanks, bb! :*

  47. 47

    THIS IS A tragedy. LOL!

  48. 48

    couldn't you hire me to translate in italian? I really wanna see this "translator feature"!

  49. 49

    Re: laurashy – I think most the hatred are saying what they feel pretty well.

  50. 50

    nice try!

  51. 51

    So you'll have to start writing with 100% correct spelling and grammar, cutting out all the retarded words like "amazeballs" for this to even be possible right? How is it going to translate: "OMG Gagaloo is ferosh bb!".

  52. Myppp says – reply to this


    Re: PixieCullen – Да перевод говно, он чем , онлайн переводчиком что ли пользуется?=)
    totally agree…if russian supposed to be an example, than, Perez, stick to spanish only…ofcourse if you speak spanish =)))

  53. Myppp says – reply to this


    Re: acidrain – что правда то правда=)

  54. 54

    Sorry but the translation to german is so bad my eyes start to bleed - I stay with english.

  55. BD4ME says – reply to this


    I'm sorry to say this - but I tried it, and it sucks monkeyballs. Even if someones English isn't very good, believe me it's better than having half of the words translated — poorly, very very poorly. And the play on words also don't work well in translation machines - just sayin'.

  56. 56

    Hey Perezito! Ill sure hope it will work in Swedeish? Even though i like it best in english, would be fun to try spanish to :) I relly dont get all the stupid coments people bother to make. Well, just want you to know your AMAZING

  57. 57

    yayyyyyyyy!!! sweden luuuuuvz ya perez;)

  58. 58


  59. 59

    Great… now anyone can read Perez's FIRM grip on the English language and grammar… translated crystal-clear into their native language! Haha, yeah right. Wait till all your readers are foreigners…. those of us, who made you famous to begin with, will instead be reading 30milezone and r a d a r (where you get all your "scoop").

  60. 60


  61. 61

    the hebrew was so awful!! makes no sense!

  62. 62

    Can it translate your phaggy lisp pig-vomit?

  63. 63

    You should never trust the web translator, it never works well. Besides, I believe it is not necessary since most people nowadays understand English, or at least they understand the simple English used in gossips.

  64. 64

    OMG! What a fucking fail! The translation is sooo bad! Calling yourself "The Queen blablabla" makes you a female in German now….that´s the good thing.
    That is another level….down.

  65. 65

    okay…this is too funny!
    I knew before that Perez or whoever owns this site since 2007 is talking shit, but the shitty translation makes it even more shitty! SHIT!

  66. 66

    google translator? mmmkay. Idk if this is good or bad seeing as how meaning sometimes is lost trhough translation. I suppose international readers will get some meaning of the story, but not entirely.

  67. 67

    great, now more people can read this stupid crap

  68. 68

    Awesome this must be good for google. I wonder when other sites will integrate this feature as well I guess it depends on the translation itself. If google did the job right then the translations will be good. I take it your a test site for them? This should be interesting.

  69. 69

    "The world’s most famous blogger"

    Oh really?!? What "world" are you referring to, ’cause it sure as hell isn't Earth!!

  70. 70

    too bad it won't translate your spelling mistakes and stupid phrases into normal english that real people read!!

  71. 71

    WOW ! congratz…

  72. 72

    That's great - now you can be illiterate in a variety of languages.
    Does the translator also secure your misspellings when it converts the original text from English to French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, etc.?

  73. 73

    P.S. "Myself being Cuban" - really?
    That is grammatically incorrect, FYI - not that you would care.

  74. 74

    An automatic translator wouldn't be able to give the same meaning to all complex sentences. Even Google translator can't translate normal everday sentences correctly.. So either form a team to translate the site for definite languages such as German, Spanish, Turkish etc, or forget about it; cause noone would use the feature apart from fun making purposes;)

  75. 75

    Re: da next big thing – yeaah i know it just translates word for word, the order of the words comes out sooo wrong in spanish, and most of the words don't make sense at ALL, google translator just doesn't work…