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This Is Hugh Jackman's Wife!

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Just saying…it might be time for a peen pussy upgrade!

Hugh Jackman took the family to Rio de Janeiro this week while he was shooting a commercial for Lipton Iced Tea. The script called for him to suck face with this hot little number in the yellow dress, actress Ana De La Reguera.

Meanwhile, his son and wife watched on from a distance. Little Oscar Jackman seems in awe of his father (as well he should be), but frumpy Deborra-Lee Furness must be wondering how the hell she got so damn lucky!

We are wondering the same thing!

[Image via WENN.]

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288 comments to “This Is Hugh Jackman's Wife!”

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  1. gloom says – reply to this


    that was possibly the worst, meanest, cruelest thing you have ever said on your website.

    You have very bad Karma coming your way..

  2. 102

    You know she used to be quite attractive. It seems like she's really let herself go. I mean you can get old and still keep your looks up. Whether you're married to Hugh Jackman or a Joe Nobody, you should still take pride in your appearance. I think that he is super duper in love with her, which is great…or she's a beard.

  3. 103

    I thought you where a pretty cool guy Prez and now I think you are a mean little man that is just so RUDE!! my god she is a 40 something women how dare you cut up anyone like that! MEAN!!~!

  4. 104

    What the fuck Perez? Some people just aren't as fucking shallow as you are.

  5. 105

    Because he's GAY! Everyone knows this! I have a few friends that work on movies and have worked with him - and its all arranged…the 'wife' but he has a lover too! He thinks he would totally lose his status and movie roles if he came out.

  6. 106

    Re: YummyYummyScrewScrew – you're as dumb as perez.

  7. 107

    I think she's his beard.

  8. 108

    You think she's not pretty enough? Have you looked in the mirror recently!? You make her look like Heidi Klum!!

  9. 109

    My opinion of Hugh Jackman just went up in a major way. Didn't trade her in for the trophy wife. Luv it.

  10. 110

    That was a terrible thing to write Perez. He and his wife should be admired for staying together.

  11. 111

    i love how perez is jealous of every straight mans wife or girlfriend, Perez just HATES it when he realizes that he will never be fucked bareback by either Hugh Jackman or Zac Efron or even David Beckham, lifes a bitch huh hun?

  12. 112

    You are absolutely horrible. She is beautiful for a 55 year old woman and I'm sure he is in love with her..besides looks aren't important in a relationship…but I guess you wouldn't know that since you're not in one.

  13. 113

    I guess people would say the same thing if anyone ever dated you!

    Imagine if everyone had your mentality and left their spouses when they became old and "frumpy" or lost their looks due to illness or accidents. You obviously confuse love with being attracted to someone, or infatuation.

    What if everyone said "Teddy was a cute puppy, but now that he is older he isn't cute anymore and you should go get another puppy"? Think about it.

  14. lolli says – reply to this



  15. 115

    According to you, Sienna Miller is a home wrecker and a ho, but Hugh Jackman should leave his wife because she is not attractive nor young…
    So you are once again the arbiter of what is right and wrong…
    And in that case, people like you and your mamasita should never be permitted to marry as you both are frumpy and unattractive…
    This was not gossip - just plain cruelty!
    You really are better than this even if you don't know it…

  16. 116

    Prick move on your part Perez! I guess it explains why you are such great friends with shallow people like Paris Hilton.

  17. 117

    Asshole move Perez!! I'm sure his wife is a wonderful lady and Fuck you for being so superficial!!

  18. 118

    you are an ASS!!!!!!! he LOVES her and he is not basing his relationship on shallow things like looks. she is the most gorgeous woman to him and that is all that matters. obviously he is perfectly happy and doesnt need your stupid shallow ass comments. in this moment i officially hate you.

  19. 119

    you are a fucking piece of SHIT to say such a thing you fat fuck, Mario

  20. 120

    God. Where is Will.I.Am and company when you REALLY need someone to get another punch in the eye? You are retarded Perez..

  21. 121

    Ur a FAT PIECE OF SHIT!!!! for that comment about his wife being frumpy un call for ur no FUCKING BEATY QUEEN

  22. 122

    u r a f-ing CREEP mario… telling someone to upgrade cuz his partner does not meet your vicious skinny anorexic model standard… but little ex-fatty mario in the same breath makes fun of skinny girls and tells them to eat a cookie please.. let me see…are we damaging any young girls that may have their esteem so f-ed up by mario's yoyo standard ? check.. YAY another perfect day at the laptop - Mario scores

  23. 123

    I met his wife at TIFF screening in 09 and while its unfortunate that the photo shown here is not very faltering, she is a beautiful women in person. Oh and Perez, you should protect your glass house, you know what they say about people who live in them!

  24. 124

    wow you're rude.

  25. 125

    Wow Mario, you've made some retarded comments before but this one takes the cake. This woman is hotter than you could ever dream of being…and she's married to Hugh Jackman! Something else you'll never accomplish in your lifetime, and not just because you live in a country that won't let you marry another man (and with good reason, given that it's you, since you suck). Get a real job and leave all the happily married famous couples in the world alone…crap, just leave the human race alone while you're at it.

  26. 126

    Perez is just his cranky little self because Hugh is married and will not go out with him. Go pout in your corner, "Perezzers!"

  27. 127

    i thought that was his mother! props to her!

  28. 128

    Ana de la Reguera!! I loved her in "Capadocia," on HBO.
    She's Mexican, not Brazilian, and smoking hot. You go, chica.

  29. 129

    ewwww this makes me sick. that fat cow dosent deserve that perfect peice of art.

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    Shallow is as shallow does. Yes, it's all about looks, ladies and gents. Step right up and read the amazing bearded column, where love, character and bearing children are secondary to fake mammaries, tanning beds and peroxide.

  31. 131

    Mothers should be celebrated - sure some days some Mom's look a bit worn (don't we all), but she obviously is an intelligent beautiful woman to have such a handsome husband. People don't support mother's enough for all they do and when they don't look like supermodels then look what happens - Perez if you really want to get the last word in then say "sorry"!

  32. 132

    i think your right on perez. hugh jackman is hot shes not and all those people taking up for her are probably fat too.

  33. 133

    You are so messed up!! I think its cool that he doesnt give into a "Hollywood" version of reality!! Dont be such a doche! So she doesnt live to empress the world why should she she already has HUGH!!! Have you ever thought I dont know? maybe he likes her for being herself!! Jezz I guess that doesnt cross a she boys mind does it? AZZZZ!!!

  34. 134

    Wow that hurt and I don't even know the woman. She was galmorous and more popular than Hugh when they first met. They've been married over 10 years. And they're in love. She toned it down but I think she's beautiful. There is a couple I know of, the guy is cripple and in a wheelchair. By the looks of things he was born that way. His arms and legs are disfigured and guess what? He has a beautiful christian wife and a healthy son. There's someone for all of us Perez. Don't hate on true love.

  35. 135

    You've got to be one of the biggest douche bags on this planet. You look like shit. Dont run your mouth about a woman, mother, and wife just because her face isnt bursting with botox and silicone.

  36. 136

    The boy is wearing a pink speedo. AND?! I bet ALL your speedos are pink Perez. And guys are wearing pink these days. Did you check out the T-Mobile uniform? Get over it.

  37. 137

    SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU PEREZ!!!!! Its nice to see that he has a normal wife who isn't some stick figure, and you piss on it.


  38. 138

    Um Perez you lost a little weight so what you are still fug! She isn't trying to be a celebrity she is just some normal woman on an average afternoon.
    You should be taken off the internet. People's constant abuse of their first amendment right is just revolting. It wasn't created so you could be a dick.
    You are just in reality jealous of her because you think her man is sexy which he isn't but whatever

  39. 139

    give me a fucking break!! you people are so fucking STUPID!! that woman, his 'wife' (and i use the term 'wife' VERY loosely), is nothing more than a beard, and jackman is an enormous fudge-packer. open your fuckin eyes!!

  40. 140

    i have signed up just to add my two cents. i thought that your comment was pretty shallow. you my darling are no pink posie. i'm not really sure how someone who has your looks can say that about someone. has your face taught you anything?

  41. Low says – reply to this


    It's nice that Hugh cares absolutly nothing about looks in a mate … a b s o l u t l y n o t h i n g!

  42. 142

    Um Perez you lost a little weight so what you are still fug! She isn't trying to be a celebrity she is just some normal woman on an average afternoon.
    You should be taken off the internet. People's constant abuse of their first amendment right is just revolting. It wasn't created so you could be a dick.
    You are just in reality jealous of her because you think her man is sexy which he isn't but whatever She's 55 13 years older than hugh I think she looks great she looks better than madonna

  43. moho says – reply to this


    this is soo rude…he has a normal family life. tellling him to upgrade is wrong on so many levelss…your just as "average" as her.

  44. 144

    ok yea she looks terrible, but lets be fair if you google her, she is actually pretty for her age. she probably is just bumming it and it was taken at a bad angle.

  45. Preno says – reply to this


    This is the worse comment you have ever made!!!! Take it back! I agree with everyone here, why would you say such a horrible thing about a natural women?? We wonder why women have issues about their weight?? Now I know why…… It's YOU!!!! Fark YOU!

  46. 146

    Uh can you say beard??? His kid looks mixed too, cute but his kid looks NOTHING like either of them!!!! She looks like Rosie O'Donnell, daaaamn

  47. 147

    I agree with the above: mean, rude and hateful.

  48. 148

    Re: cs1234 – enjoy that fake bubble world you must live in. I never said that she is a bad person and I never said she was a bad wife or mother. I DONT think that Hugh should leave her because he obviously is HAPPY and IN LOVE with his family. Good for him. BUT I'm not going to lie and say that when you look at his wife in comparison to him that she's the kind of woman you'd expect someone like him to be with. Good for her i wish I could fuck hugh jackman. But seriously look at her she's frumpy thats not a lie thats a fact. She's not on his phsyical level thats not a lie THATS A FACT. You can call me stupid but that wont change THE FACTS.

  49. 149

    Since you obviously don't know her personally, you just spew your hate. Everyone that knows Deb adores the woman. Everyone that knows them as a couple knows SHE is the personality and spark of the two. She's one of those women that walks into a room and makes YOU feel right at home and comfortable. There are people out there that just shine. They light up the room and keep you coming back for their wit and presense. That's Deb. Hugh is lucky enough to have her. (and he's smart enough to realize it too. ) ;) Seriously Perez, re read all of these comments. She is the genuine thing. Swallow your pride and apologize.

  50. 150

    The most hilarious comments. I personally don't think she cares what anyone says about her as she is married to Hugh and you aren't Perez. Jealous, jealous little boy…

  51. 151

    fuck off perez. firstly about half of your stories are about people who are completely insignificant, both in America and internationally. This mtv jersey shore bullshit is unnecessary, and the fact that you post about 10 pages worth of stuff a day and have only about 5 interesting posts mixed in with that is bullshit. You just advertised yesterday that your site is available in 50 languages or something of that sort, how do you think your irrelevant commentary on z list american celebrities is going to draw in a wide audience?

    In regard to this post, what gives you the right to criticise his wife like that? She is not a celebrity, and deserves privacy. Whenever you like someone, be it robert pattinson, zac effron or in this case hugh jackman, you criticise the hell out of their girfriends/wives/boyfriends. None of these stars like you, so get the fuck over yourself and give them their privacy. Who hugh jackman is (happily) married to is none of your concern.

  52. 152

    you are a very shallow person! it's called true love.

  53. nuage says – reply to this


    you are such an asshole perez. maybe the word "love" isn't in your vocabulary. who are you to call her frumpy? atleast she has somebody. don't be bitter you, jerk.

  54. 154

    Re: YummyYummyScrewScrew – Your gonna be her age with kids one day and let me tell you honey, the last thing your gonna be worried about is how you look…You live and learn..

  55. 155

    Like Hugh Jackman would ever take Perez' advice. Perez is a fucking idiot, but so are the rest of you who think that Hugh is gay and needs a "beard." Why would he need a beard in this day and age? There are lots of actors who are out of the closet and they're doing just fine.
    I don't remember this website being so incredibly mean in the past. It's okay to gossip about fame whores like Paris Hilton and the stupid Kardashians, or that husband-stealing skank Angelina Jolie. Don't say anything about a lady who's never done anything to you.

  56. 156

    For a long time I didn't mind this site being my guilty pleasure. Even though at times you have been crude; I felt if it was towards a celebrity they knew what was coming by choosing the lifestyle, but this is too far even for me. Instead of looking at the beauty in her and applauding the couple for being together so long, even after he became so famous, you bash what some (you) might not think as beautiful. This is the last time I came on your site. Best of luck with life though, watch out for karma though.

  57. 157

    He's famous guys, she should at least TRY to look cute. She's looks terrible.

    And I think Ana de la Reguera is HHHOOOTTT! Lucky Jackman!

  58. 158

    I used to always joke that this site was my guilty pleasure, and I didn't mind when you were rude or crude because I felt they're celebrities and they knew what they were getting themselves into when it came to fame. But instead of pointing out the beauty in Mrs. Jackson and applauding the fact they've been married so long, even after the fame, you poke at the parts some people (like you) might not find attractive. You've finally gone too far. This is my last time on here, good luck with your life though, but don't forget, Karma's a bitch.

  59. 159

    I used to always joke that this site was my guilty pleasure, and I didn't mind when you were rude or crude because I felt they're celebrities and they knew what they were getting themselves into when it came to fame. But instead of pointing out the beauty in Mrs Jackson and applauding the fact they've been married so long, even after the fame, you poke at the parts some people (like you) might not find attractive. You've finally gone too far. This is my last time on here, good luck with your life though, but don't forget, karma's a bitch.

  60. Punki says – reply to this


    no shit. i look better than her, ditch her and take me!

  61. 161

    He could do better? I cannot even find strong enough words to express how sick a statement like that is. We don't know anything about his wife. We know nothing about their relationship. We have no business saying he could do better. What exactly is better anyway? Anthoer peroson we know nothing about. You think maybe Brittney Spears or Paris Hilton would be "better" for him? A nutjob or a shallow ding-bat?

    His lifstyle choices reflect his depth and intelligence. It is refreshing to know that he's not just another pretty face.

    Be nice to this woman. You say that people choose to be in the spotlight and deserve whatever criticisms they receive when they choose that for themselves. She has chosen to let him pursue his dreams, has the confidence to sit-by and watch, and in NO WAY tries to get herself out there.

    Leave her alone. She has done nothing to merit any attention at all. Let her be.

  62. 162

    Re: rcktgrl88 – I have a right to my opinion. I love that Hugh doesn't care what others think but sorry I do have an opinion that needs to be respected. At least I'm not mean like Perez. I was just stating my opinion in a nice way! So apparently u need to grow up and go pick on someone else that cares!

  63. Punki says – reply to this


    nice or not, she should be keeping up on her looks better, especially being married to him. the way he looks, what he does, the money he makes - i'd be making damn sure there was nothing at all that would make him want to leave.

  64. 164

    You should really look in the mirror before u go on about other peoples looks. anyway she is gorgous and they have an awesome relationship. he loves her for who she is, im sure he wouldnt care at all what she looks like

  65. 165

    DAYM! That bitch us fugly! Poor White women dont age well at alllllll. How old is this bitch - 80? Someone mentioned she looks like a normal 40 year old? Are you fuking kidding me?? This old wrinkled hag looks like she is in her 70's!!!

  66. 166

    I think his wife is really beautiful.

    But is it really still a secret that Jackman is gay?

  67. 167

    its a shadow durrr

  68. 168

    I love you Perez but this is pretty low. Deborrah-Lee Furness is a lovely woman and a talented actress, and Hugh himself has said that HE is lucky to have HER in his life!

  69. 169

    As a few people have mentioned here, Deborra-Lee was far more famous in Australia than Hugh was when they got together.

    You choose to post a bad photo of someone and then criticise them?. Having seen Deborra-Lee up close in real life, I can assure you that she is a naturally beautiful woman - at any age.

    They clearly have a very happy marriage, and this should be applauded, not criticised.

    Hugh is indeed the lucky one to have her as his wife.

  70. 170

    Dude… SOMETHING is UP with your blog recently… I don't know if you have overly stupid interns, or since you don't write for it anymore, the people you've entrusted to write it (your sister) are effing up big time… I don't know, but… Whoa… Look, I loved hearing the info from you first, but now, with posts like this, there are other blogs creeping up to take your spot… and fast… this is pathetic… Every post has to do with your homosexual staff jealous or swooning after dudes!! It's… unnecessary/annoying… I bet your office is a shit show…

  71. 171

    poor perez! you obviously do not know a thing about love.
    hugh jackman is a loving man with a family that you can see he just glows about his love for them.
    something you will never have perez if you continue to think like this and write about this.

    if shes older/younger, gorgeous/of frumpy as you say ( i beg to differ) who cares! you're a complete asshole!!

  72. rmn26 says – reply to this


    I always thought he was gay seeing his wife i know for SURE he is gay. that kid is adopted! he's hottt tho hugh jackman that is! i aint gonna hate on her i wish i could be his beard she is taken care of tho

  73. 173

    Perez please! Look at her and look at you! Keep dieting and excercising baby, she still looks better than you. And looks are not everything. Funny how you call people whores, homewreckers and shallow, yet you encourage the man here to "upgrade"? Idiot

  74. rmn26 says – reply to this


    i hope those are swim trunks that kid is wearing and not underwear!

  75. 175

    Please - his "wife" is really a beard, anyway. She could be Heidi Klum and it wouldn't matter to him. She's merely a cover.

  76. 176

    What the F*** is WRONG with you Perez?? I usually put up with your sh*t but when I read this post I just HAD to create and account and say, that it takes a total egocentric as*hole to say something like this about a woman, who's probably worth so much more than a selfobsessed b*tch like you. I hope he is very happy with his wife and continues to prove that there are men in the world, who, unlike many, care about inner beauty. It's wonderful that she is not intimidated by girls who have the whole make up team running after them and she can walk around in shorts, knowing that at the end of the day her husband will still love her. Cheers for her, but for you? Hope you stay single forever, douche…

  77. 177

    In reguards to the comments but Jackmans wife she is an average looking woman of her age. However, as much as we love Jackman there in the past and present have been rumors of their relationship being a total sham to hide his true sexuality. So what…Guess she she wasn't expecting a kofak moment but when is she ever this chic needs to remember she will always need to he camera ready and not looking like a bag lady theb we wouldn't be critizing her looks.Have fun peeps.

  78. 178

    Deborra-Lee Furness is amazing, why don't you do some homework and see she is so cool. She is perfect for and with him. That photo is rubbish…shame on you perez.

  79. 179

  80. 180

    isn't that his mum?

  81. 181

    Asshole Perez!
    leave her alone

  82. 182

    well shes not the prettiest of women but its still sweet that he loves her and not some mega famous girl whos fake and obnoxious. at least hes faithful and he loves his kids.

  83. 183

    If I hired someone who wrote such an idiotic, tastless, usless and gratitiously cruel post like this I would fire him (or her) in a second.

    this is not funny or witty in any way…it's just pathetically superficial.

  84. Bevi says – reply to this


    Cmon Perez. Why not go one step further? All of us normal looking WOMEN might as well go out and shoot ourselves because there are better looking and younger women than us out there? Men deserve better than us? We aren't good enough? I have nothing but respect for Hugh (gay or straight) for not trading in his wife for a better looking specimen. And by the way, I think that is just a bad picture of her as she is a pretty woman. AND let's look at the very many men who have cheated on their BEAUTIFUL trophy wives! They have what every man can only wish for and they go ahead and cheat on them anyway. Yes Perez, encourage Hugh to break up his family like Tiger has his. And so many others before him. And like so many others will do in the future.

  85. 185

    OWWWWWWW Deborra-Lee - 1 : Perez Dickhead - FAIL. Hugh Jackman is just one luck guy - and I think he knows it.

  86. BD4ME says – reply to this


    I wonder where his ”business manager” was.

  87. 187

    I am sure it would be greatly appreciated by anyone (and God) who reads this if you would STOP pointing out little kids privates. FREAK.
    Fcking pedophile.

  88. 188

    By the way, we have all seen your "wifey".


  89. 189

    What is up with you lately, Perez? I used to laugh at your snarkiness; your clever tongue-in-cheek comments. Now you just seem so cruel. If this is a new ghost-writer over the last few months, they're doing a really shitty job. And it makes you look like a complete dick. You're losing fans here.

    Plus they can't fucking spell. How lame.

  90. 190

    The fact that his wife is a dog only says one thing: Beard.

  91. 191

    everyone is shallow so wtf , really stop, youre simply lying to yourself…

  92. 192

    I'm sure you wish Hugh would dump her because she's not thin.

  93. 193

    All these posters reacting all offended and are defending this mess are probably frumpy, fat and old THEMSELVES.

  94. 194

    Perez, seriously, you've really stooped low this time. So she's not 5'10" and a size 0. Does it matter? Hugh is very obviously deeply in love with her, and that's all that counts. For those who made comments about the kids, they are adopted, which is why they don't look like their parents. And if you've ever seen or met them in person, you would realise that their relationship is real, not some scam or cover-up. They are happily married, which is a lot more than you can say for most Hollywood celebrities.

  95. 195

    hahaha couldnt agree more!

  96. 196

    WTF. Perez you say alot of mean shit about alot of people but this is by far one of the worst. Maybe you should take your 'frumpy' arse and fuck off!

  97. 197

    You're an ass, Perez. He's married to the same woman forever, no cheating scandals, has a happy family life - wtf are you trying to do? Just because she's not a fucking supermodel is no reason to pick on her. You've obviously never been in love, Perez, or else you'd understand that the heart is way more important than the mind. I think you owe all of us who were offended an apology.

  98. 198

    Re: suzieq2 – You say Perez should be ashamed of his "average" looking self? You flatter him.
    Looks aren't everything, but they do matter … to a lot of people. I wouldn't be caught dead with Perez; he's just too ugly. He's repulsive physically, emotionally, AND morally. Consider Mario a three-bagger.

  99. 199

    Now I remember why I haven't been here in months and won't be back again.
    What a disgusting post and completely offensive to the 98% of the world who happen to be normal looking people.
    Are you so bitter and catty that you would try to take away from a beautiful marriage by being completely superficial? Apparently so.
    Deborah-Lee is actually a gorgeous woman, don't you have hideous photos of yourself that you hope will never see the light of day?
    Get a little perspective Perez, how about celebrating a happy relationship rather than trying to tear down the joy of a loving family.
    Oh and for those who haven't realised, the children are adopted.

  100. 200

    dear perez-the-douchebag, i hope that you'll never find true love… No wait, i do, and when you find that special someone, i hope that they dump your fat ass for some nice hot guy… Coz, let's be honest, you are fucking ugly, fat, shallow, dumb and self-absorbed turd.

    We ALL are thinking the same thing!

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