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K-Fat Takes The Boys To A Photoshoot The Playground

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Well played Kevin Federline.

You have our attention after weeks of not giving a shit by exploiting your adorable children on the day you pretend to be an attentive dad. But to be fair, we would have cared much more if Britney had taken them.

Daddy K-Fed took his little guys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, for some fresh air yesterday. Rather than shielding them from the photog attention, he had them work it for them!

Bonding at its best!

[Image via GSI Media.]

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70 comments to “K-Fat Takes The Boys To A Photoshoot The Playground”

  1. 1

    they are adorable!

  2. 2

    i'm glad both boys look so much like Brit and nothing like that loser bastard.. thats all i have to say

  3. 3

    Little Jayden is a spitting image of his momma!!!!!!! Adorable!! Sean Preston looks a lot like her too. Such cuties! :)

  4. 4

    I don't get it. He ALWAYS takes them out. And so what if they're nice to the photogs.

  5. 5

    K-Fat? He's chubby, but he still looks cute.

  6. 6

    Good god, can't this dude dress properly.
    He always looks like a wigger trying to be a Mexican gangbanger.

  7. 7

    Poor little buggars…they never stood a chance

  8. 8

    where are the other kids he spawned?

  9. 9

    Something just doesn't look right about Jayden… Never has. His face looks like Britney didn't know she was pregnant soon enough to change her lifestyle…

  10. 10

    Hello Kettle its Black calling.. Perez you are NOT one to be able to call people FAT. That is the most fucked up shit.. HOW ignorant you are.

  11. 11

    Who are you calling fat, tubby?

  12. 12

    Why are you even commenting on it, if your so sick of him getting the attention?

  13. 13


  14. 14

    JJ is adorable. He is the spitting image of Britney.

  15. 15

    Man u gotta chill with the fat "jokes". you were way fatter.

  16. 16

    I still think he is a good Dad and cares for those kids more than Britney does.

  17. 17

    they are adorable!!

  18. 18

    i like him and all. i think he's really turned around, but why is he ALWAYS with the boys. He has 4 kids not 2. geez, take the daughters out sometimes!

  19. 19

    it's funny when people with a weight problem criticize other people with weight problems. makes you sound petty and ugly inside. not a fan of kfed but oh please queen you are one to talk about others being fat

  20. 20

    Aww, those two kidss are soooo cute. They probably get it from their mom considering their dad looks like shit. =D

  21. 21

    so adorable

  22. 22

    Cute kids!

  23. 23

    Awwww they are reallllly adorable for being Brit and Kevin's Children ! Who would have thought?! LOL

  24. 24

    I love how they look like their mommy, soo much like her :)

  25. 25

    I didnt think this was legal?? With the paparazzi laws!

  26. 26

    How nice the sperm donor takes his offspring to the park where is the kids half brothers or sisters?

  27. 27

    Glad he is spending time with his kids. They are cute. I love them with the short hair. Looks like they are having fun.

  28. 28

    Gee Perez, who was there for the boys when Britany had her meltdown?!? You couldn't stop bashing her back then, now you buds?!? WTF?!? Lay off K-Fed, he IS THE BETTER PARENT!!! BACK OFF!!!! Britney's a nut job….PLEASE STOP KISSING HER ASS!!!!!

    Team K-Fed!!!!
    Team K-Fed!!!!

  29. 29

    Ugly children! They both look like "special needs" kids…..

  30. 30

    RE: MonstaMash- I agree…Jayden has never really looked "right"…he's always being carried, and when he's not crying, which is rare in itself, he looks like he's just taking a break…swollen eyes, etc.

  31. 31

    They are so cute!

  32. 32

    Those little guys are too adorable.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    What an ass!!! Just cant stand this guy. Wonder how much he got paid.

  35. 35

    thos kidslook so dumb and vapid–just like their parents. what a waste of babyfood

  36. 36

    THOSE BABIES ARE A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E SO SO CUTE they r going to grow up to b good looking kids

  37. 37

    dancer? NOT…more like the impregnator!!! lives off women he impregnates. he knows he was in it for the money and never loved brit. in that regard he is a hanger on. like i have no respect for him professionally cause i know he is a MOOCHE. but as a spectacle…funny. he's a JOKE.

  38. 38

    he's a USER. LOSER USER.

    kids are soooo adorable. too bad they have an idiot for a dad.

  39. 39

    Re: Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD rescinded – I was just going to say that . . . You beat me to it! Especially that younger one, though.

  40. 40

    first off-he's not fat anymore. actually perez is fatter. anyway–those boys are adorable!!! OMG the little one looks just like britany. how can you take a situation of a father taking the kids out to play and turn it into something not good. warped!

  41. 41

    Re: MonstaMash – your a crazy ass. that boy is adorable.

  42. 42

    Re: nofreakinway – i really got a good laugh at your comment!

  43. 43

    WTF are you talking about?? Although he takes them places all of the time, he never takes them out for a photo op. Brit has them on the cover of People and more recently Vogue with her for christs sake….like an accessory. Only on this moronic website would anyone take the side of the self absorbed and drug addicted parent who isn't allowed legally to raise he children on her own over the stable parent. Ppl always look for something wrong with this guy. he is just being a Dad. When you see Adam Sandler out with his kids, he doesn't get this type of bs.

  44. 44

    Re: Leebabi – comparing to adam sandler? lol what drugs are you taking? since when is adam a mooche. palease!!!!

  45. 45

    STFU tard-o! WTF are you talking about? Is he NOT allowed to take his kids to a park? Get over yourself Pizz head Perez. You must have issues with K-Fed. Atleast he's taking off some of his weight, look at yourself piggy

  46. 46

    Why do we never see him with his other two children by Shar? Are they not famous or important enough to this sorry excuse to be at the play ground with their half sibblings?

  47. 47

    awww how cute

  48. 48

    Why doesn't he ever take his other kids out anywhere? He does have two more!!

  49. 49

    I can't stand this ignorant fat douche bag. He was able to smooze his way into Hollywood but the lazy no talent dumb ass can't find nothing but a fat greasy losing weight show to do.
    I feel sorry for those two boys because their greasy fat fucking dad will never be able to give them an example of a real man that work to take care of his family.
    I feel sorry for Shar's kids, she don't have enough money for K-fat-fucker to take an interest in her kids. Shar's kids won't give this Fat ass enough media attention this loser crave.

  50. 50

    Photoshop a pack of Marlboro's and an empty bottle of Sunkist in the last two photos and it will look like they were with Britney.

    Keven Fertileline seems to be more attentive with the kids but who really gives a shit? Those poor little guys will need therapy no matter who takes them to the damn park.

  51. 51

    Damn, Perez. Why is is "adorable" when Jennifer Garner takes her kids to the park but when Federline does it you rip him? He may not be perfect, but we must remember he was pretty stable during the big Britney meltdown. I really haven't seen him do much of anything to deserve your poison.

  52. 52

    Those kids are adorable, by i have not seen him with Shar's kids in a while, what he dont see them anymore.

  53. 53

    I have to ask - What in the world has Kevin Federline ever done to Perez Hilton? Seriously, this guy seems to be ok; he's always with his kids. The other kids probably don't get photographed b/c they are not Britney's kids. Shar is not on the same fame radar as Britney obviously so that's why the photogs are always shooting pics of Jayden and Sean. This guy seems to be a good father, so leave him alone already. And who the F**K is Perez to be calling anyone fat?! That is really being a hypocrite.

  54. 54

    it's sick that the paps can get that close to those kids. i honestly think k-fed called them himself.
    is he getting fat again already?

  55. 55

    They are precious! At least the man is taking time to spend with his kids…

  56. 56

    Give the guy a break. Let him grow, as all (wait a minute…) of us have ! Adorable and healthy looking kids.

  57. Bmas says – reply to this


    On the bright side, they did make some beautiful babies… Heart-Breakers to be!
    What happened to Jaimie-Lynn's baby? Haven't seen any of (her)?

  58. 58

    What I'd like to know is where are Korey and Kaleb? When was the last time we saw K-Fed with THEM????

  59. 59

    Perez, only your stupid ass would talk shit about a man taking his kids to the park and demonstrating what a good father does. Shut your FAT ass up, dumb fuck

  60. 60

    Are you kidding??? Shitney is the one that ALWAYS farms her children out to the paps. Kevin has never done this. If you are trying to paint him as a bad father, try again. The ONLY HORRIBLE PARENT to those boys is the woman that gave birth to them and caused the younger one to suffer from FAS. BRITNEY SPEARS IS A POS.

  61. 61

    JAYDEN HAS FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. It's never looked so obvious as in that last photo!! How can anybody deny it? It's as much of a no-brainer as saying the sky is blue!

  62. 62

    Re: msmontreal – ugh, go get a life jerk! Jayden is perfectly healthy and normal and such a happy little boy! you dont kow a THING about his life besides the sad things gossip networks write, so who are you to say that? just to get you informed, when Britney had her breakdown Jayden was almost ONE YEAR OLD! seriously, i have to lol so much of all of you sad haters! they are just little KIDS, GET A FUCKING LIFE! When Britney was pregnant of Jayden she was already married to that moron if you didnt know, they got divorced when Jayden was 2 mo. shame on you people

  63. 63

    They are so cute

  64. 64

    one more thing, he never takes Kori and Kaleb about because he simply doesnt care :) they are not his cash-babies

  65. 65

    how in the world can you consider somebody that makes money of his children, settle up a photoshoot so he can pretend to be a real good loving dad, a model to anyone, even more a kid? he has fooled you idiots so good :) thats what he wants you are falling for it! WAKE UP PEOPLE

  66. 66

    I read that the reason that Federline isn't seen so much with Kori & Kaleb is that their mother, Shar Jackson, does not want them exposed to the public, or pictures taken of them by the papparazzi. So the lack of publicty of Kori & Kaleb is not all Kevin's doing.

  67. 67


  68. 68

    Sham of a so called dad. More like a leach.

  69. 69

    Re: poosie – You can’t call him a leach when he was the one who looked after the kids during Brit mental breakdown. Just like women get child support so should some men. Let us not be hypocrites. Anyway he pay check is over soon; well at least half of it after brit gets a joint custody or maybe full.

  70. 70

    Re: Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD rescinded – You’re truly evil; calling kids ugly is not even funny. Both look cute. Don’t be jealous of those kids. Britney is fab!!