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McPhee's Banging Bod!

| Filed under: Katharine McPhee


Katherine McPhee looks mayjah hot on the cover of February's Shape Magazine.

The American Idol finalist, who struggled with an eating disorder, says she's come to love her body and has taken on a healthy new lifestyle.

Damn girl.

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91 comments to “McPhee's Banging Bod!”

  1. 1

    wow, hot bod! but wayyyy better as a brunette… blonde looks awkward on her.

  2. 2

    damn i want a photoshop like that …

    anyways she's really different…

  3. cfp14 says – reply to this


    girlfriend needs to do something bout them brows

  4. 4

    Her body looks great, but her hair was so beautiful before. She was stunning as a brunette now she doesn't have that same effect.

  5. njlou says – reply to this


    Doubt it. I bet she's back to her old eating disorder ways. That body is not natural for her. She looked much better when she was on American Idol.

  6. 6

    I think she is gorgeous, but not digging the short blonde hair

  7. 7

    holy shit. that's one of the most photoshopped pictures I've ever seen.
    that is BAD. It looks like they put her head on some anorexic airbrushed cartoon models body. very unnatural looking.

  8. 8

    She looks wicked!! working out and eating right can solve alot of these issues…

  9. 9

    She looks great! Her new album Unbroken came out last week and it is AMAZING! She's my favorite ever from American Idol! Glad to see such positivity from you, Perez!

  10. 10

    you just know that eric the midget has stapled that cover to the pillow he humps every night.

  11. 11


  12. Manay says – reply to this


    woah!! i forgot hse went blonde.
    she needs to come out with some new music!

  13. 13

    why do u say that ppl u dont like are photoshopped but the ppl u like arent photoshopped? Because this is WAY photoshopped :/

  14. 14

    How much of that is photoshop?

  15. njlou says – reply to this



  16. 16

    um i love her but her bellybotton is so fucking high up WTF

  17. 17


  18. 18

    Grow your hair back, and stay dark!!!

  19. 19

    ha the belly button !!! nice photo shop

  20. 20

    I wish she would go back to her natural dark hair it looks so much better. I think she is a really beautiful girl though.

  21. 21

    More like "banging" airbrushing.

  22. 22

    Hm…She looks skinnier now than she did when she had her eating disorder….

  23. 23

    is it just me or is her belly button really high???

  24. 24

    I am so glad to see that other people agree about the blonde hair. Blonde doesn't work on everyone, and Kat looks much better as a brunette.

  25. 25

    she's way cuter brunette.

  26. 26


  27. girl1 says – reply to this


    Why the heck the magazine had to use that massive amount of photoshop?

  28. 28

    wow, can we say photoshop??? She looks waaaaaaay better as a brunette, short or long.

  29. 29

    hate the hair tho

  30. 30

    That looks photo shopped. Look at her thighs, they don't look natural at all. Don't get me wrong, she looks great. What pisses me off is the need for editors to make pictures look so perfect. As long as they keep doing this, it sends a false message to women. Go Jen Hawkins!

  31. 31

    Sup y'all! I'm Katharine's trainer and nutritionist. Just wanted to set the record straight. Katharine has worked her butt off or should I say been dropping it like it's hot with my workouts to achieve the photo you see. Buy the mag and you'll see the type of stuff we did to get her this way. Airbrushing?! Please. I was there at the shoot AND this cover is hot but doesn't even do her justice. Kat is da bomb. Congrats Kat. — G

  32. 32

    No doubt she's got a great body, but that photo is sooooo airbrushed. No one is that flawless!

  33. 33

    Photo shop much..duh

  34. 34

    she looks really good..her bellybutton is wayyyyyy up there!lolstrange

  35. 35

    nice airbrushing..wtf?

  36. 36

    So obviously photoshoped, why even bother taking the picture?

  37. 37

    Good for her… looks A LITTLE photo-shopped though. What is up with the belly-button?

  38. 38

    She may still be a little too thin. It looks like they had to airbrush her ribs out of the photo.

  39. 39

    She's a cute girl, but her body is ridiculously airbrushed.

  40. 40

    Yeah tahts what happens when your diet plan is your 2 fingers! I HATE Mcflee

  41. 41

    she works out at my gym, I know her trainer, they gave her a tan the body is hers and she works hard at it.

  42. 42

    ok really? hey Shape magazine, this is why i do not buy or support your mag, because you put bulimics on the cover of your magazine!!

  43. 43

    Gee! thanks…but I would rather she the BEFORE PHOTSHOP PICS!

  44. 44

    The wonders of photoshop! No wonder most of America's teenaged girls have eating disorders.

  45. 45

    You know Perez, you point out any other photo shopped/re-touched pic, so why not this one. I mean, you can clearly see that her thighs, especially her inner thighs, have been re-touched! I'm sorry, but since when has a photo that falsely displays the subject's body, 'bagging'? I'm sure Katherine does have a 'naturally' beautiful body but re-touched pics like this is what causes eating disorders, LIKE HER OWN!!!!!!! I would have rather seen a nicely lit pic of anyone, than a pseudo perfect pic of Katherine.

  46. 46

    Re: Corefighter – YEAH… Whatever. I guess you need clients. Stretching the truth to the limit about Kat's body should lend you a few more clients.

  47. 47

    Re: xqueenx

    Hey y'all. Just wanted to set the record straight. I'm Katharine's trainer And nutritionist and we spent crazy time in the gym to get her body like that. Photoshop?! Please!!! I was at the photoshoot and this cover on Shape isn't even close to the vest pictures she took. Kat didn't need Photoshop! THAT is her. Way to go Kat! You da bomb — G

  48. 48

    Re: njlou
    Re: xqueenx

    Hey y'all. Just wanted to set the record straight. I'm Katharine's trainer And nutritionist and we spent crazy time in the gym to get her body like that. Photoshop?! Please!!! I was at the photoshoot and this cover on Shape isn't even close to the vest pictures she took. Kat didn't need Photoshop! THAT is her. Way to go Kat! — G

  49. 49

    Re: xqueenx

    Kat's not the only Ive helped get like that. Hard work and persistence paid off for Kat. You guys should try it. She also eats a protein Shake called "About Time" that helped get that body tight.

  50. 50

    Now that's how you get rid of an eating disorder! Photoshop the hell out of yourself to give a false sense of perfection to other young girls, so they'll catch it!

  51. 51


  52. 52

    This makes me SO ANGRY. She's a TOTAL HYPOCRITE! Saying the media pressure contributed to her eating disorder, and then she goes out and displays her body and puts the same pressure on other girls out there. Someone with a history of an eating disorder should know better than to pose like that on the cover of Shape - a magazine subscribed to by many individuals with ED's. FURTHERMORE, she only is happy with her body now because it meets the societal ideal…if she were back to her idol weight (which I think she looked best at, by the way) she would likely not be happy.
    Shame on her! What a hypocrite!

  53. 53

    no talent.

  54. 54

    This chick can't sing and she's not that good looking.

  55. a says – reply to this


    WOW! the blond hair really brings out her crazy eyes.

  56. 56

    photoshopped hag!

  57. 57

    does anyone else think the blonde hair makes her look wayyyyy older, like in a bad way older??? she needs to embrace the brown hair God gave her haha

  58. 58

    Uh she looks extremely airbrushed and the hair looks like a WIG ! Go back to brunette sweety blonde does NOTHING for you!

  59. KCL says – reply to this



  60. 60

    Re: mfost9
    Right on! This pic is bs, she doesn't even have lines, or an outline for that matter. She's a hypocrite big time. Oh and shitty hair.

  61. 61

    She looks good az a blonde but I was feelin the brunette look better on her. Now she look like every other bimbo in tha industry.

  62. 62

    shes too skinny

  63. 63

    That over airbrushing is too distracting. Way to much photoshop. Shape is so natorious for that.

  64. 64

    Nice bod, FUCKING HIDEOUS hair color :/

  65. 65

    that damn photoshop works exellent !

  66. 66

    whoever told her to cut her hair that short and dye it blonde should be slapped. it makes her look older.

  67. 67

    wow the blonde hair looks like SHIT … way better as a blonde … but now she will make it even more in the industry …. you looks like every typical skank now

  68. 68

    Überphotoshopped. It's like a painting lOl

  69. Nuria says – reply to this


    it looks totally photoshopped, I don't believe it.
    is she that desperate to sell records?
    if you're a good artist, you don't need this kind of publicity!!!

  70. 70

    Lose the blonde hair

  71. 71

    That girl SOOOO doesn't eat…And even if she claims she does, she shouldn't have gotten her picture photoshopped like this.
    It's not exactly a way to be a rolemodel to other girls with eating disorders,pics like this encourages eating disorders if you ask me…

  72. 72

    Her hair looks so awful. Looks like a cheap blonde wig. Weird.

  73. 73

    just photoshopped. nothing real.

  74. aris says – reply to this


    Perez my love the majority here agrees! BLONDE HAIR IS HIDEOUS!! She looks old from the shoulder up! And as for the 'great figure' puuuhhleeese! She was a stick figure before! Not hard to shape something that had no shape to begin with! Show me someone chunky with shape and NOT PHOTOSHOPPED and I will praise them! Shame on Shape for putting her on the cover! Aren't we over trying to make young girls feel this is right?

  75. 75

    She's obviously in good shape, but, hello Photoshop!!!

  76. 76

    I think it's hypocritical for her to pose in a bikini while saying she is in recovery for an eating disorder, those magazine covers are what make women and men feel inadaquite about their bodies.

  77. 77

    What has she done to her previously beautiful hair?? She looked very tranny on the Today Show recently.

  78. 78

    She is airbrushed all to hell.

  79. 79


  80. 80

    I am GREEN with envy… her body is sensational! Right on girl for dealing with your demons the healthy way…. you look awesome. I am sooo jealous, inspirational!

  81. 81

    PHOTOSHOPPED TO THE HILT! Please, do we have to endure this trainwreck a-gain?

  82. 82

    OMG, it's an avatar! Hilarious photoshopping. I would be embarrased to death if I were Katherine!

  83. senna says – reply to this


    oh no…doesn't look like that's been air brushed at ALL!

  84. 84

    and you really think she looks like that???????? i saw her two weeks ago and unless she put on 20 pds overnight..come on get serious who is paying you perez?

  85. 85

    She seriously needs to dye her hair back to brown and grow it back out. She looks horrible with blonde hair. And I agree with whoever said her bellybutton is too high. The airbrusher did a horrible job, especially with the bellybutton height.

  86. 86

    its funny how when she appeared on the Today show (i think) with hoda and piers morgan filling in, he was like keep the blonde, you are much better that way X) , let's see if she gets the fame like when gaga turned her hair (love em both! )

  87. 87

    Hey McPhee - not everyone can pull off blond okay? You need to go back to being a brunette, BLOND DOES NOT SUIT YOU AT ALL! It's a terrible look.

  88. 88

    she's shooting on NBC's Community right now! She's playing a love interest of Joel McHale and also happens to be Chevy's daughter! yay can't wait!

  89. 89

    Re: njlou – Learn your facts reatrd. She had bulimia which caused her to GAIN weight.

  90. 90

    Eating disorder or not, yes the girl looks good. Yet when I met her years ago, she was hardly pleasant. On the wheels of american idol fame, i wish her the same humbleness- in the like of Lady Gaga. Gaga is one mecca of successful but she is humbled at least.

  91. 91

    can you say photoshop? And it's not hard to be fit when you have nothing else to do but work out…