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Heidi's New Boobs Are HUGER Than HUGE!

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Heidi Montag was a cute girl, but now she's donning DDD chest rocks atop her rib cage. For such a small person, those things are massive!


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579 comments to “Heidi's New Boobs Are HUGER Than HUGE!”

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  1. 201

    you really need to get a better server/system/host. I am sure I am not the only one that cannot read the comments. By the time they come up, I have lost interest. sad, considering most of your stories are old to begin with. Shell out some of your money to get better hosting. After you donate to Haiti.

  2. 202

    She looks awful! I thought she was much more beautiful BEFORE all the surgery.

  3. 203

    … I don't understand. They claim shes obsessed with looking 'perfect'… but she looks absolutely horrible! God I feel sorry for people like her. All we can do is laugh.

  4. 204


  5. 205

    i still cant believe this.

  6. 206


  7. 207

    i used to just laugh at this girl…but now i feel really bad for her. this just makes me sad : / she was pretty before, now she looks alien-like…

  8. 208

    She looks 10 years older and those eyebrows looked crooked. She's a fucking joke to think she looks better now than she did then. I mean honestly does she think that by having those nasty huge tits she's better looking now? Ew ew ew!

  9. 209

    please don't make this seem okay. it's sending such a horrible message. how sad.

  10. 210

    I don't want to leave a comment. I want to read the comments!

  11. 211

    She's much better before….less plastic…more real

  12. 212

    the hills are too huge

  13. 213


  14. 214

    she looks ridiculous and scary… i wish i could slap her across the face

  15. 215

    It's called no self esteem.

  16. 216

    OK so can anyone eles see that she is starting too look like spencer??? this is getting really creepy.. after her last facejob, I was like OK spencer had a hand in this, and NOW OMG

  17. 217

    i need to see the after… on film and not pics cuz im sure that the pics are photoshopped. it doesnt really look like her anymore.

  18. 218


  19. 219

    EW! what happened to that girl? ugh her face looks massivley deformed and wtf she looked better before

  20. 220

    that is DISgusting.

  21. 221

    She had a brow lift, ears pinned back, chin reduction, fat injected to her lips & cheeks, butt augmentation, another nose job and boob job, lipo in her neck & lower body etc……its in People…..a total of 10 procedures AT THE SAME TIME. AAAAND she wants more! She has no self esteem and needs to see a psychiatrist PRONTO!

  22. 222

    Those things are absolutely ridiculous. If she weren't so annoying it would be sad.

  23. 223


  24. 224

    She looks like a TRANNY!!

  25. 225

    She was way prettier before. Those facial changes were for the worse.

  26. 226

    O nooo. I liked the cover I saw in the first place and I could understand that she wanted to change her face and I like how it turned out. But I'm so dissapointed about these balloons, she had such a sexy cleaveage with those smaller implants. Whyy.

  27. 227

    Why can't people be happy for who they are?

  28. SV says – reply to this


    This chick is not perfect at all she looks a mess fake and plastic!!!!!! bitch has no talent she makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. LDD says – reply to this


    I thought plastic surgery was supposed to make someone look younger… she looks about 15-20 years OLDER now…

    what a mess, sad sad girl.

  30. 230

    Shaunna Sands in the making right there.

  31. 231

    Omg they're huuuuuge =|

  32. 232

    As annoying as her and Spencer are with all their publicity stunts she was definitely a beautiful girl with a great body, now shes on her way to looking really creepy! Hopefully she realizes this was too much and stops now!

  33. 233

    But that's not actually BEFORE picture, that is the MIDDLE picture……..

  34. 234

    Re: honey97431 – Absolutely right!!! I bet she and Spencer cooked this up for attention. Bet they're pissed that an earthquake in Haiti took them out of the headlines!

  35. 235


  36. 236

    She looks terrible…really fake and plastic

  37. 237

    Wow. It's too bad People magazine are focusing their cover on this delusional sorry piece of a human being. I understand that she's probably doing it just to keep herself in the tabloids, but come on now. This is just a tad bit overboard. In the words of Stewie Griffin: "whatever helps you sleep at night bitch."

  38. memei says – reply to this


    wow i am so surprised she went further into this route. she is lost. she went to far

  39. 239

    Poor mixed up little girl has no self esteem…and she has Spencer of all people as a husband/manager and surely that cannot help.
    Will no one save her before its too late? It sort of looks like it already is.

  40. 240

    heidi is a disgrace to all women.

  41. 241

    i think she looks fabulous..

  42. 242

    I think she is very pretty before she got all that done. She still is pretty but I hope she doesn't keep it up, because she will end up looking like jocelyn wildenstein. But it is her face, her body she can do whatever makes her happy.

  43. 243

    She's 23?!? Get a therapist, sweetie! Feel sorry for you.

  44. 244

    That's just a mess. The problem with a big chest is that it can look like fat. Case in point, Mariah Carey. There's a thin line between pulchritude and pudge.

  45. 245

    I believe she seriously screwed herself over. She doesn't even look the same!

  46. 246

    WOW… I really think plastic surgeons need more regulating in this town. I was in line behind a women yesterday in Santa Monica that was just plain scary with plastic surgery. Heidi doesn't even look like the same person in a country where they tell Fast Food companies where they can places stores because Americans can't figure out children should not eat every other meal in a fast food joint you would think they could regulate surgeons who will do whatever a person wants if they pay.

  47. 247

    she looked way better before..eww

  48. 248

    She looks awful!!! I don't know why women thing that this is beautiful… it's not. It's fake and plastic and not in all cases, but certainly in this case seems to display a complete lack of self-esteem. It's sad and awful!!!

  49. 249

    She looked way better before. Now she screams "slut."

  50. 250

    this is such a shame, she looks like well i dont have a word for it ….

  51. 251

    my thoughts? she looks like a tranny. and looks disgusting and sick…she didn't need those things..now they just look fake…

  52. 252


  53. 253

    she is gonna look like MJ in a minute… if she's not careful…she'll have people screaming when they see her

  54. 254

    She is still damn ugly on the inside. Now she can pole dance when her 15 minutes are up.

  55. 255

    she is still FUGS!!!!!!!

  56. 256

    Horrible. It's a travesty what women do to themselves and also how far doctors are willing to go to mutilate people. She looks sick. She had a fabulous body before any surgery.

  57. 257


  58. 258

    talk about being photo-shopped. as if it is a coincidence that her body is in the EXACT same pose in both photos. and on top of that its like they took the photo off the front of the cover and removed the dress. totally freaking fake.

  59. 259

    Does she want to be Kim Kardashian? All she needs is a brown wig and she could pass. It is sad….she was the pretty one from the hills….

  60. 260

    she is still FUGS!!!!!!! she looks like an "Inflate a Date!"

  61. 261

    when is she going to realize we're all laughing at her???

  62. 262

    she looked wayyyyy better in every way before. shes a gross barbie now.

  63. 263

    She looks better in the picture on left. She looks like a man with huge tits on the right. nasty

  64. 264

    F**ing Disaster..what a mess

  65. 265

    What happen to her face…its so full and she looks so old. She was so pretty before…now she looks like a clown whore. Heidi, I know you read this…stop it cause you look liek an old lady and a butterface

  66. 266

    She fucked it up with her boobs.
    its true she looks just like every other blonde in hollywood :(

  67. 267

    btw, your boobs make u look fat

  68. 268

    she looks like fucking shit. she looks like a blonde octo mom

  69. 269

    gag me with an implant. that's fucking nasty.

  70. 270

    I think she was perfect the way she was. It makes me sad that she didnt feel good enough.

  71. 271

    And I thought she was ugly before…

  72. 272

    she looks so ridiculous- a joke! and noooo im nooott jeeaalloouuss. she really does look idiotic. her music sucks about as hard as she sucks spencers prick, she is ugly.

  73. 273

    that is what you get for having spencer as a husband …. she should really stop she looks so ugly and she is only 23

  74. 274

    Horrifying. Who the fuck wants boobs like that?! She needs therapy. Stat.

  75. 275

    so much better before!

  76. 276

    I blame Perez for this atrocious surgery. It is his behavior on this blog that causes weak women like Heidi to change themselves in an effort to meet the impossible standard he sets. Little do they know, that Perez will draw semen on the face of even the hottest woman in the world if she doesn't invite him to her parties. These women tend to die young. This fact essentially makes Perez and his six supportive fans, killers of young women. Sad.

  77. 277

    what a waste of money jeeeez

  78. 278

    i meannn… there was probably a lot of pressure from her betrothed to make everything bigger and better- I can only imagine:

    spencer: get a boob job so your tits will be as big as my 7-head
    Heidi: ok.

  79. 279

    omg shes stupid

  80. 280

    Why do people spend thousands of dollars to look like drags?
    (not that i have anything against them)

  81. 281

    shes ugly

  82. babyg says – reply to this


    this is ridiculous ! she was actually beautiful before, now she's hideous ! i can't believe she thinks this is beauty ! she ruined herself !

  83. 283

    she was such a pretty natural girl… this is too much

  84. 284

    The first boob job was good one, but this is just ridiculous!

  85. 285

    What the FUCK did she do to her FACE!?!

    and her boobs? oh god somebody HELP her!.

  86. 286

    WTF?! Her face looked way better before!!!!!! (even after her first enhancement…).

    She looked like a nice, cute girl before ALL the plastic surgery. Even with her original nose, was a personal thing… Now she looks like… she is, actually.

  87. 287


  88. 288

    also she has a man face now…

  89. 289

    Looks like Boy George

  90. 290

    Can they make her hands and feet smaller?

  91. 291

    She may not be the brightest bulb in the pack…but Heidi's old bod was hot. The new knockers are too big. She looks silly.

  92. 292

    She looks VERY VERY Fake!!! What a horrible decision..be happy with what God gave u!!

  93. 293

    So sad!!!!!! I feel sorry for her. She was such a pretty girl - what was she thinking? Now she looks SO trashy and fake and I think she looks alot older as well.

  94. 294

    she's uuummmm…whoaaaaahhhhhh!!! dramatic ass change!!! She doesn't look better in my opinion. Those boulders on her chest are rediculous! I have boobs that big naturally.I'm a large woman. My back still hurts! good luck holdin those puppies up!

  95. 295

    OMG!! i dont know, im not a Heidi fan, but maybe the bikini top was like a push up one?? if its not shes krazii!

  96. 296

    How very Christian of her.

  97. 297


  98. 298

    She looks like a totally different person — always a BAD thing for a "celebrity." I don't get it at all. She was beautiful in the before. Stunning really. I mean, how many people are born looking like that? And she wanted to change it? Really really messed up. What an idiot! She's going to regret it.

  99. 299

    As in Nip/Tuck make me beautiful, a perfect face, a perfect life and a perfect LIE! She looked better in her previous picture. Shite how could someone do that. I have family members who wish they can get a reduction. Those puppies hurt your back over time. Trust she will have problems down the road.
    Too much too soon. But, good luck girlfriend you will need it.

  100. 300

    She is a pretty girl (NOW N BEFORE). I don’t think it’s her making these decisions. I think her man is! Hopefully, she will get the point soon. All he is doing is looking for attention. Everyone goes bout their live how they want, all we can do is support her and stop criticizing. People who do will only be pushing her into more plastic surgery.

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