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Madonna Donates $250K To Haiti!

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In the wake of Haiti's devastating earthquake, Madonna has donated considerable funds to help end the unfathomable suffering.

In a statement sent to PerezHilton.com, the singer says:

“My prayers are with the people of Haiti. I can’t imagine the terrible pain and suffering they are experiencing. Sadly the depths of the tragedy are just becoming known and the need for our support grows more urgent with every passing moment.

I have given a donation of $250,000 to assist Haiti’s earthquake victims through Partner’s in Health, one of Haiti’s leading health care providers. I urge all of my friends and fans around the world to join me collectively to match my contribution or give in any way you can. We must act now. Thank you for your support”

We're sure it will be an enormous help to the people of Port-au-Prince!

We love our Madge!

[Image via WENN.]

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183 comments to “Madonna Donates $250K To Haiti!”

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  1. 101

    To be honest, she kind of pulled a Jew move…not even 1 million, I'm pretty sure she could have spared at least $1 million, if I were in her position of Brangelina's with all of that money, I would have donated like $5 million, but that's just me. $250,000 is nothing in this situation

  2. 102

    I think its wonderful that she is donating money, but she is rich and famous. that is shit all money to her. she is mega rich. her donating $250 000 would be like ordinary people donating $1.. she should be a little more generous considering how rich and famous she is…

  3. 103

    OH GOOD GRIEF! She didn't donate until Angelina did and then only that palry amount. Angelina gave 1/2 million and Brad the other half. MaWannaBe just wants to be Angie, and Slash with the hat and Angela Bassett with the arms. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Adopt all the babies you want IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

  4. 104

    Well I think that's cheap, considering all the money she has…but…at least she donated something…even 250K can make a difference..

  5. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Love Madonna!!
    If you have $$$$$$$$ laying around like M does.. Share it!! :)

  6. 106

    i think its nice and all that she's donated this amount of money
    but i really dont see why she had to tell perez that she had done this! it kinda makes the money given less meaningful!

  7. 107

    Haiti is an african country in the carribeans.
    What is their contribution to the world society?
    Sorry i am a cynic.

  8. 108

    That amount is nothing to her, so I am shocked that she purposely advertised the amount.
    I guess I had it wrong…I always thought volunteering and donating were meant to better mankind and be done out of the goodness of your heart….I had no idea it was supposed to be done to give you good PR and get your name in the press.

  9. 109

    Brangie & Giselle both donated 1 mil and Giselle has only a quarter the money as Madonna yet Madonna couldn't even donate 500K when she is well beyond her means to donate 1 mill or more.

  10. 110

    A pittance

  11. 111

    Re: Fabu – I agree!! WTF 250k is just pocket change to her

    When you think of it 1 mil is really pocket change for Brandgelina too considering Mangelina gets like 20 mil per movie or something silly

  12. 112

    Wow $250,000….thats like me donating 25 cents. You can't take it with you Madonna!

  13. 113

    that's about like me giving a dollar. way to be generous Madonna.

  14. 114

    250 thousand? that's all? she could give so much more… o_O

  15. 115

    Yeah right she send the statement directly to PerezHilton.com

  16. 116

    Good for her….I'm glad so many people are comming together to fight a common cause!!!!

  17. 117

    Cheapskate. And it's a nice tax writeoff for her too.

  18. 118

    That's it? Stingy! Giselle donated $1.5 million, Brad and the slut doanted a million. And all Madonna could come up was $250,000?

  19. 119

    While it's important that she did donate… really? That's it? Money falls from her armpits on a daily basis and 250K is all she can manage? Cheap.

  20. 120

    What a cheap bitch! $250k is like a couple of bucks to her! Whateve….she is so overrated! And now we know she is cheap too….

  21. 121

    What a trivial amount considering all she has…life after death won't be much fun MADonna, enjoy it! Stupid cow, UGH she makes me ill.

  22. 122

    Super LOLS…you would think she would be embarrassed to admitting that!

  23. 123

    if she's gonna promote herself out of it she should at least donate an impressive amount (considering how much she has)

  24. 124

    just like this retched woman to issue a press release when she donates money that is change to her. she really is a terrible, money grubbing, step on anyone to get her way, human being

  25. 125

    Re: fuckhaterzz – A "Jew" move? STFU!

  26. 126

    it's nice how she had to tell the whole world about her pathetic donation…which is practically pocket change for her.

  27. 127

    I have never been a big Madonna fan and do not believe in her lifestyle but I applaud her for stepping up to the plate and making a donation. I don't think she should be judged in regards to the amount she pledged. I think she should be commended. And for those of you that are questioning the size of her donation….How much did you donate in relation to your income?!!

  28. 128

    All that money and she only gives 250K? People with less (Brad and Angie) have given more. Bad move Madonna.

  29. 129

    oh cmon people, atleast she IS donating and is generous enough to do so. there are sooo many celebs that still aren't donating (looks @ mr. and mrs. richest couple of 2009: beyonce and jay z).

    i'm proud of madonna for atleast chipping in and helping out. every penny counts and we should be applauding madonna, angelina & brad, wyclef (and the other celebs that donated), and the people around the world that donated.

  30. 130

    God bless her

  31. 131

    perez and everyone else, does anyone know how much money she has. I got an e-mail from her and her organization too asking me to match her donation.. It's ridicolous!!! She has so much money, she most likely has more money than Angelina and Brad who gave 1 million dollars and they are not going around bragging about it. Madonna is with her "publis statements" it's obsurd. i used to have so much respect for madonna but i really don't anymoore. I think she is full of it…she could at least have donated the money she got from the english magazine ( i forgot wich one) that published things about her and her former husband Guy Richie wich was a hell of a lot more than $250 000. it's surprising that she's not embarassed by her own actions. it's laughable actually..

  32. 132

    yep, madonna cannot donate anything without shouting it to the world.

  33. 133

    Brangelina donated 1 million, Madonna 250,000, Clooney to host a telethon,now that seems christian and moral. Republican monster Pat Robertson said the island was cursed with devils that's his christian help, Rush is just posturing and being an asshole as usual how much is he donating? Rich Warren evil televengelist just got 2.5 million from milking his ignrorant flock,how much will this scumbag give. IN history as always it's Hollywood and liberals making a change and rightwing fascists and fundamentalist scum posturing and spinning.

  34. 134

    Ditto what FABU said. I wish Perez would stop kissing Madonna's ass. I love Madonna but she is a cheap bitch. Brad & Angie gave a million. Madonna can aford more.

  35. 135

    Re: hardcandyshell – but when she is in those countries u are talking about, she is helping them with strings attached. for instance, her school in malaii has a kaballah theme attached to it. that is, u must study kaballah in order to go there. thats why she donated so much there. i gather she donated so little to haiti because she isnt whoring out one of her pet interests. gisele donated 1.5 million and she doesnt make near as much as madonna. still , at least she donated something and that is good.

  36. 136

    But what to expect of Madonna? Her donation just shows how much (LITTLE) she really cares! I hope her children won't be as stingy as her when they grow up and inherit her money!

  37. 137

    nice of her butttttt 250 k?? i think madonna could have contributed a lot more without even makin a dent in her wallet

  38. 138

    God Bless Her heart she does so much humanitarian work and has given over $50 Million dollars to help starving children in Africa and has built a school, hospital, and an orphanage in Malawi.

  39. lolli says – reply to this


    Re: andriiiiia – SHE IS JEWISH AFTERALL. OY!

  40. 140

    Re: Madonna_#1fan_4ever! – Yeah, and unlike other stars who give quietly, she releases a press statement every time she throws a quarter at someone.

  41. 141

    Re: Gary78 – because if she sends the message more ppl get aware of the situation, I know I did, and also good press for her cant blame her ;) you would do the same thing too (I know it cuz u have a Mariah pic!)

  42. 142

    Cheap whore

  43. 143

    China is fucking cheap too they donated a fucking whopping million.

  44. 144

    While I approve of the redistribution of wealth from the ridiculously overcompensated to the unfathomably denied, I have to giggle at how they all announce it to the press! The people of Haiti will benefit from the celebrity "Who's the Most Generous?" publicity contest, but can no one do it quietly? Sheesh. 'Cause really, the earthquake, you know? It was about me.

  45. 145

    Flat chested stupid sack of greedy shit.

  46. 146

    Madonnna, at the expense of sounding ungrateful here, you need to donate more.

  47. 147

    Re: Gary78 – I agree entirely. RETIRE you old cow - it's embarrassing - try and write a hit album first - then tour - Oh wait, the Maddonna Whore hasn't had a top 10 record (other than greatest hits) since the 90's - she's just out there lyp syncing and singing to back tracks for gay men now.

    We'll see the old Vadge set up in Vegas for 20 years - suckin' it on the strip a la Cher and Elton style.

    You Betcha!

  48. 148

    My guess it costs a lot to look like a cheap whore. Her cheek implants are funny looking and very waxy looking. Come on at least donate a million fucking tight wad. SHe is soo fucking vain and I hope she gets a bad plastic surgery job because it's obvious she goes every other day to the plastic surgeon.

  49. 149

    Re: giorgio85
    Kinda funny since you are talking shit to, self righteous granola cruncher get off this site then and go to fox news old bag

  50. 150


  51. 151

    What a fucking cheapskate. I'm unemployed and living off gracious family support….$10 would set me back way more than $250K would set back Madonna.

  52. 152

    i think she should give more too

  53. Sezzy says – reply to this


    maybe if she'd spend less money trying to look 19 years old she couldve donated in the 7 figures…

  54. 154

    Re: YruLame – LOL

  55. 155

    People are already very much aware of the situation and doing things about it without having had her enlighten them about it, and anyone who jumps to action solely because she did really needs to examine his or her values. I mean, does she have some special insight to the situation in Haiti that we don't know about, just like she allegedly "enlightened" everyone in the 80s about sex, AIDS, and gay rights, you know, because apparently no one ever talked about it before she came along? Yeah, right!
    End of rant…anwyay.. 250K is better than nothing, of which we would be giving her a hard time if she did nothing as well.

  56. 156

    I appreciate that shes donating at all, but for her financial status 250,000k isn't hurting her wallet. Other stars are donating 1 million +, but every dollar counts and I would rather have 250,000 donated then 0.

    Remember you can donate through text to the red cross text: 90999!

  57. 157

    OMG - What happened to Madonna's face?

  58. 158

    bitch can't take a shit without sending out a press release. seriously, many other celebs have donated over a mil - and she can't because ________ ?

  59. 159

    Wow is that it??? Brad and Jolie gave more!! What's up Madonna ???

  60. 160

    Wow! They "released a statement"? Whatever happen to the good ol' days when there was a snow storm and you would go out and shovel your walk and the old lady next doors too..? Would you make a statement to her about shoveling her walk? I mean that's great that they help so many disasters in this world, but do they have to report to the press everytime they do so? There are thousands and thousands of us Americans who help out other countries and not with just money. We actually go there and pick up dead bodies, help wounded ppl,and feed the hungry. Why are these two referred to as saints? Helping people in need is one of the greatest feelings you can have, but if you have to have everyone know how much you help others your doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Read More: Perez Hilton: Saint Angelina & Brad Support Haiti

    P.S. Good for her, why do we have to know the amount and hear about it?
    "If you have to tell everyone how "great" you are, your not that great"

  61. 161

    M asked for our help by posting what she donated so we can also donate and match her donation.
    You stupid asswipes know nothing about Madonna but claim she's so cheap.
    She deserves a humanitarian award .
    Love you Madonna

  62. @v@ says – reply to this


    250K will still help, even if it doesn't measure up to some others proportionately.
    Guy Ritchie got a lot more from her; I'd still be feeling that if it were me.

  63. 163

    That's it??? Bitch, give a million or two. Nice gesture, but come on.

  64. 164

    nice.. a QUARTER of what Sandra Bullock donated.. not to mention countless other celebs.. HOWEVER, the reason I mention Sandra Bullock is she also donated $1 million to Katrina right after it happened!!! Keep the other $750,000 for the recording studio to enhance the voice you don't have..

  65. 165

    amazing woman. thats why shes #1 most charity person of 2008 and #2 charity person of 2009. u go my queen. ur the best in everything

  66. 166

    Re: Gary78 – woriah is the queen of shit

  67. 167

    Re: Gary78 – woriah is irrelevant and shit to music industry ,THE QUEEN OF FLOPS , madonna the queen of music industry , MORE THAN 407 M GROSSED WITH HER LAST TOUR

  68. 168

    wopriah must donate money to haiti , BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK

  69. 169


  70. 170

    Re: madonna n1 – Because she's black?? Racist much??? Again LEARN ENGLISH .. We can all tell you're EURO TRASH !!!

  71. 171

    Re: Gary78 – youre so racist…. europeans made the "whites" of america asshole…

  72. 172

    Didn't Sandra Bullock also give $1 million? Madonna is well-documented tightwad. Remember, this is the same woman who gives her own grandmother only $500 a month, according to her brother's book.

  73. 173

    Madonna is a low class, trashy, HIV infested whore !!!

  74. 174

    She needs all her money for her vaginal rejuvination treatments, cause God knows she's a filthy low class no talent whore, who'll fuck anything on two legs..

  75. 175

    She is a cum guzzling gutter slut !!!

  76. 176

    just curious how much the people on these blogs donated? Chances are you couldn't even earn 250,000 in ten years never mind donate it. Shut the FUCK up guys!

  77. 177


  78. 178


  79. 179

    woriah is ordinary , looks like a bolivian prostitute, HUANACCO FACE

  80. 180


  81. 181

    Madonna is a joke. Her personal fortune is estimated at around 100 million. She could easily have donated a million, if not more. What makes me laugh about her is she adopts 2 kids from africa to make herself look like a martyr. These kids will be spoiled, turn out to be brats and should NEVER have been taken from their communities. The money she will spend over their lifetimes on excessive clothing, toys, etc could have built whole communites. Why not just donate the money? If she gave a shit about the people of Haiti why hasnt she offered a greater sum from her considerable wealth? Those kids she adopted where done so purely to make her feel the world thinks she's a good guy….. no one's buying Madge. You're still an egotistical muppet who can't sing or act.

  82. 182

    Re: tick_tock_tick_tock

    thats the whole argument you fucking retard…………….. seeing as she has so much money why has she only donated a small sum in comparison o her wealth.

  83. 183

    Re: kanyethejackass – madonna has more than 400 m , is the richest female artist in the world , 250 000 isnt so much , but madonna was the n1 star on hope 4 haiti , thanks to madonna , chsristina , beyonce , and the other stars ,they can donate more than 57 m , and with the album that is going to be n1 worldwide , these artist can help haiti more

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