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Kelis Vs. PETA: Round Two!

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PETA is calling bullshiz on Kelis!

The singer posted a lengthy entry on her MySpace blog the other day, claiming the organization sent her a nasty-gram for wearing fur, but PETA says it isn't true!

We've gotten a hold of the letter PETA sent to Kelis, and, well… just see for yourself!

Dear Kelis,

I hope that this finds you well. I'm writing today because we've been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from folks alerting us to photos of you wearing a fur hat and coat while out in London over the weekend.

Please know that animals killed for their fur endure immense suffering. Foxes, minks, coyotes, and rabbits—and even dogs and cats—are bludgeoned, strangled, genitally electrocuted, and even skinned alive for their pelts. We hope that you'll take a moment to watch an undercover exposé of fur farms, hosted by Eva Mendes, at http://www.peta.org/FeatureEvaMendes.asp.

If you enjoy the look of fur, renowned designers, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney, and Vivienne Westwood, couple fashion with compassion and use only faux fur in their lines. We hope you found this information helpful and will join countless celebrities, like Charlize Theron, Khloe Kardashian, Nia Long, Kid Sister, Pink, and Michelle Obama, in publicly swearing off fur.

Warm regards,


Whose side are U on???

[Image via WENN.]

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270 comments to “Kelis Vs. PETA: Round Two!”

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  1. 101

    Re: Loewenstein – NO you're the loser, just posting your negative trash, doing NOTHING for the world but spread your hate for animals!!! Why don't you grow up and and pick you enemies wisely. To have PETA as your enemy speaks volumes for your character, AGAINST IT!!! You suck.

  2. 102

    Re: Beach Bum – You're RETARDED. Who do you promote? KFC or something? You're spreading ridiculous lies and everyone has heard that false one a million times! Duh. Try actually doing some research, but then you obvsiously have an agenda to promote, such as fast food I'd imagine. All the naysayers on here think they have the animal lovers fooled, we know who you work for and what you're trying to spin and nobody is buying it. Nobody would hate an animal promoting organization unless 1.) they had a personal vendetta against animals, say if their mom was killed by lions or a pittbull or something OR 2.) they're tied in with the meat industry. You're gig is up! You've got personal interests that most people can't related to. So keep spinnin. I'm just glad PETA IS UP IN YOUR FUCKING FACES.

  3. 103

    TEAM PETA!!!!!

  4. 104

    Peta should mind their own damn business.

  5. 105

    Re: Girlsetsfire – Okay Ms. Fur industry!! We know who you're working for!

  6. 106

    PETA can kiss my ass. I'm all up for the safety and well-being of animals. But PETA takes shit wayy to far!

  7. 107

    Well I am a huge animal lover. HOWEVER PETA (on some matters) take things too far. I am against fur. I don't believe in killing animals for seeming no reason. I think you are cruel and heartless if you believe that wearing fur is OK. I am for what PETA believes in. I don't know Kelis but she's coming across very ignorant and cold.

  8. 108

    I wear fur. Vintage fur. The way I see it, the animals would have been dead by now anyways….

  9. 109

    wow shes a moron. that letter wasnt rude at all, simply a nice suggestion.

  10. 110


    I hope she quit to use fur if she really wearing.

  11. 111

    I am on PETA's side. No animal deserves to be treated like that. If you have ever watched the videos of animals getting beaten, skinned alive, or electrocuted then you would never ever want to wear fur again. It doesn't matter how good fur feels on your skin. In some instances people have actually gotten diseases from wearing animal fur. Why does it even matter if they are rodents or not? I was never a fan of this kelis person and i didn't even know who she was but i will never be a fan.

  12. 112

    Re: Lervecelebgossip

    Um, they do

  13. 113

    PETA, fur is fucked.

  14. 114

    i don't know who the hell kelis is and what she does but… she's fugly. i eat meat but i'm with peta on this one!

  15. 115

    I'm with PETA — but would you really expect more from Kelis? I mean.. come on.. as I was reading this, I imagined her down doing the skinning herself. Thems good eattins.

  16. 116

    Most fur clothing are ugly anyway

  17. 117

    PETA wins hands down.

    Kelis is a no talent, obnoxious joke. every time she opens her mouth stupid falls out.

  18. 118

    Re: grace-e – The reason PETA exists is to protect the rights of animals. They only go against people who use fur because animals are electrocuted, skinned alive, and beaten to death. PETA does speak out against people who wear uggs and leather. Obviously you have never been to a PETA website or listened to one of their speakers. Also why would PETA kill animals and go against the very thing they represent? By the way you spelled organization wrong. It has a z not an s.

  19. 119


  20. 120

    PETA…I'm not sure I have words for Kelis' response to this informative, well written and sad letter.

  21. 121

    PETA!!! we have options in what we can wear that's ridiculous to wear fur knowing how these animals are getting killed.

  22. YUCK says – reply to this


    I love fur it's so luxurious and beautiful, I detest PETA I dare them to EVER try and throw anything on my coat, they will end up worse than the animal on my back

  23. 123

    I love their maturity. That idiotic girl makes herself look pathetic.

  24. 124

    I'm not team Kelis or team PETA. I'm on "team" animals. Kelis is heartless for wearing fur, but PETA is all ridiculous expensive advertisement and no change. Lots of naked models, less dead animals. However, in this case PETA seems to be behaving itself and Kelis is just a being a rancid turd. If you know anything about the fur industry and you still choose to wear fur there is something wrong with you.

  25. 125

    Team Peta !

  26. 126

    Anyone who thinks wear real fur is ok should be skinned alive themselves to let them feel the immense pain the animals do then you would change your mind, or maybe we should us your pet dog for Kelis' next coat how would you feel about that?

  27. 127

    Hunt it. Kill it. Eat it. Wear the fucking pelt. EABOD, PETA!

  28. 128

    I'm on no one's side. I really don't give a damn. PETA are some assholes anyway.

  29. 129

    I don't like PETAs stunts and offensive ads, but this letter is not offensive.
    And she looks terrible in that photo. Her hair and make up are so unbecoming.

  30. 15min says – reply to this


    How does PETA show that they care more about animals than humans? Is it because without animal fur people wouldn't be able to stay warm, especially people that can afford fur? Also, if… I repeat if PETA kills more animals than they save, is it because they are humanely killing animals that won't be able to find homes or who are abandoned by people who can't take care of them? Hmmmm…maybe it would be better if they just let those animals run around starving, catching diseases, spreading diseases, and getting hit by cars.

  31. 15min says – reply to this


    Re: petey plastic – How does PETA show that they care more about animals than humans? Is it because without animal fur people wouldn't be able to stay warm, especially people that can afford fur? Also, if… I repeat if PETA kills more animals than they save, is it because they are humanely killing animals that won't be able to find homes or who are abandoned by people who can't take care of them? Hmmmm…maybe it would be better if they just let those animals run around starving, catching diseases, spreading diseases, and getting hit by cars.

  32. 15min says – reply to this


    Re: grace-e – How does PETA show that they care more about animals than humans? Is it because without animal fur people wouldn't be able to stay warm, especially people that can afford fur? Also, if… I repeat if PETA kills more animals than they save, is it because they are humanely killing animals that won't be able to find homes or who are abandoned by people who can't take care of them? Hmmmm…maybe it would be better if they just let those animals run around starving, catching diseases, spreading diseases, and getting hit by cars.

  33. 133

    Team PETA.

  34. 134

    PETA. yah you love animals.
    but you arent gonna change someones lifestyle. THEY HAVE TO WANNTT, WANTTT, too.
    im aware she knows how fur is made. some care, some dont.

    thats that.
    your not gonna change the world and what ppl WANT to wear. they will change if they WANT too

  35. mp23 says – reply to this


    PETA even hit her with "warm regards". doesnt sound like the crazy organization we know and love. but it does sound like some crazy as bitch that got offended over a suggestion by PETA. kelis is a nasty person. im not condemning you for eating meat. but to be so insensitive about that is horrible.

  36. 136

    Re: JackWad – My life work is to promote sustainable agriculture and ecosystem development. This includes changing the role animals play in farming as well as the prevention of ecosystem destruction. PETA shows double-standards and has poor strategies for addressing and changing the current status of domestic and wild animals. On a social level, PETA's behavior isn't considered legitimate by society as a whole because many people see they are more destructive than helpful–therefor, PETA's success is limited to their attraction of a specific group of people dedicated to ending animal deaths for fashion, rather than attracting a large audience that targets the larger threats to animal welfare globally. Their goals will never be accepted as legitimate by society.

  37. jhjkk says – reply to this


    wtffff. that video with eva nearly made me vomit!! so disgusting. TEAM PETA.

  38. 138

    Re: petey plastic – Yeah, so what?

  39. 139

    Re: Lervecelebgossip – Well if there wasn't a consumer there wouldn't be a demand for fur. That's just basic economics. Come on!

    Sometimes, the ignorance of people on this blog astounds me.

    And let's be honest, even if you detest PETA for their previous actions, her reaction to the dignified letter they sent her was completely ignorant and uncalled for. That is the point to this post. Had she been intelligent and responded kindly, this would not be an issue.

    I do not agree with the wearing of fur for "fashion" but I also do not agree with lack of compassion. Her letter reflected that. For those who say it "feels" better than faux fur, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't but the fact that an animal must be skinned alive for you to "feel" better about the texture of your coat is just pathetic on your end. You have no compassion for the life of other creatures as it is not your own and that makes you selfish.

  40. 140

    After all the crazy shit that has come out of Ingrid Newkirk's mouth….PETA can go fuck a goat….but i guess that would be cruelty to animals….so how about a faux goat.

  41. 141

    i'm not takeing sides because both sides or wrong and right. kelis can wear whatever the hell she feels like wearing its a free country just like peta can voice their opinion. it is wrong to kill animals and fur is not something we need those animals should be able to live, but peta needs to understand its not just the fur they should be worried about their are other animals we kill to, i'm sure they are wearing leather, snake ckin, and alligator..those are also animals

  42. 142

    Re: Ü!!!SEMICOLON!!!bergeist – being a stupid asshole should be illegal…but i'm not gonna hold my breath.

  43. 143

    Re: lululemon – was that really the best user name you could come up with? lululemon? lululame.

  44. 144

    Re: Jessicajk – yeah, cause i give a shit what eva mendes has to say. i say skin em all! how's that for a blanket statement?

  45. 145

    I don't know. I mean that isn't necessarily the letter that PETA sent to her. They aren't exactly subtle when they come to bashing people who wear fur and I don't get why it was so subtly worded. She has said numerous times that she loves wearing fur she loves how it feels and she has no intentions of stopping. I don't think, with this knowledge, that PETA, people who throw red paint on fur wearers, would write her a letter as the above. Anyhow, I believe everyone has a choice. I eat meat, I don't wear fur and I don't want to be judged for doing either. According to a post I saw higher up, if there was someone who made us stop doing the things we enjoy because they dislike it, we wouldn't be able to do anything at all. At the end of the day its her choice. Leave it be.

  46. 146

    In closing, go sway someone who is more receptive. If someone refuses to adhere to your ideals then move on.

  47. 147

    i'm on the side of the animals. people like Kelis and JLo are fucking assholes for wearing fur. they have everything they could possibly want, they're so rich, why do they need to wear another living creatures skin - that's just so fucking ego-maniacal. any actor/singer/etc who wears fur automatically loses my entertainment dollars.

  48. 148

    Re: annetagonistic – Do you eat mean? If so, you're heartless as well. =/

  49. 149

    This is rediculous. How can you even DEFEND the abuse these animals go through? It's not a matter of who you are as a celebrity, it's about who you are as a human being. Also, it is not a matter of what organization is questioning the choice to wear fur, it's the matter that at lease someone has the balls to do something in defense of the defenseless. Who CARES how fur feels? That doesn't make it right. I think babies have the softest skin. Let's skin them and make coats! Sound extreme?? It is. Skinning anything ALIVE is an extreme, expecially when it is not a necessity. I'm all for being your own person and having a choice, but there's a limit. I'm not religious, but I do believe in not treating something in a way you wouldn't want to be treated, and an eye for an eye.

  50. 150

    PETA!!! and apparently I'm in very good company also…

  51. 151


  52. 152

    YAY PETA !
    i dont agree w/ everything peta does but their hearts are in the right place.

  53. 153

    If you've ever seen a videotape of minks being skinned alive, then subsequently bawled your eyes out for over an hour you would realize that there is really no discussion here….

  54. 154

    With the animals. Peta sucks and Kelis sucks harder. No animal deserves to ever be killed or skinned alive just for the benefit of people. FUCK YOU KELIS, SHUT UP AND START EARNING MONEY FOR YOUR CHILD. PETA, stop being celebrity ass kissers and start helping animals the right way.

  55. 155

    I urge anyone who is diffident on this issue to watch the video mentioned in the letter. It is very, very disturbing. Totally agree with PETA on this one.

  56. 156

    This is not about wanting to wear fur or not. This is about killing animals for vanity. Who gave us the right to do whatever we want with animal life?? There is a big difference to killing for meat and killing for vanity. Wake up people. Having been born with a higher intelligence…we should all thrive to use it for the better good.

  57. 157

    If I kill it I eat it!!!

  58. 158

    I'm always on team Peta's side. I thought that after first reading Kelis's response that the letter must have been nasty and overbearing, but the complete opposite is true. Like in true Peta fashion, they reached out to a celebrity, gave them facts and resources, and kindly pleaded the celebrity reject ignorance and to become aware of what really happens to animals killed for their fur. I am quite offended by Kelis having been so defensive in her response to Peta. How unclassy.

  59. 159

    The real crime is all the aborted babie, 50,000,000 in the US alone!!

  60. 160

    Hmm Well I still like my leather Uggs, my Leather jacket and Suede Jacket… So TEAM KELIS. mainly Cuz PETA people are closed minded jerks

  61. 161

    i think there is no right or wrong answer
    what's the difference between someone who wears
    fur and someone that eats meet that comes from
    slaughter houses?

  62. 162

    Kill the B**** in the same way do people kill animals!

  63. 163

    people that wear fur are disgusting

  64. 164

    I do not necessarily believe in using animal fur, but the vegan terrorist organization get no sympathy from me. Still supporting Kelis in this case.

  65. 165

    The world is dying anyway.
    What difference at this point?

  66. 166

    Those who have to wear dead animal skins to make them feel they look "good" or "fashionable" have problems. If you really have any sense of personal worth, value, self confidence, you do not need to hang the skins of tortured animals on your body to make that statement. Fashionable people do not let their clothing "wear them, rather they wear tasteful, natural fibers that are elegant and tasteful and classy. THE INDIVIDUAL is the statement, not skins of precious innocent animals that were mistreated and tortured to "satisfY" the false ego and selfish indulgence of putrid human beings.

  67. 167

    By the way, the woman in this picture is a mess….she looks like a clown.

  68. 168

    Re: Beach Bum – you're a complete idiot for saying something as idiotic as this. dumbass.

  69. 169


  70. 170

    To anyone who has any sort of decency in them; no matter how much you love kelis or how much you hate PETA, there is no justification for electrocuting, beating, strangling or skinning animals alive for the sake of wearing fur. FACT.

  71. 171

    have you heard how immature you sound????? this isnt about 'ideals' this is about an animal being strangled, beaten, drowned or skinned to death. It is irrelevant how you feel about PTEA, if you took a minute to see what these animals go through i would hope ypu would change your opinion

  72. LDD says – reply to this



    People are selfish fucks, I would take an animal over a person any day just so I wouldn't have to deal with the SICK BULLSHIT people cause everyday…

  73. 173

    Re: curiousred – I suppose they stage all of the videos they have too righT?

  74. LDD says – reply to this


  75. 175

    I'm definitely team PETA. There is no excuse to wear fur. As PETA says, "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, or experiment on." You like the way fur feels on your skin? Adopt an animal and pet him!

  76. 176

    Re: Girlsetsfire – I'm not buying the propoganda and the reasons behind it that you are selling-nice try. :) I'm also very happy that you're wrong. PETA and the revolution that they are sweeping across the globe in opening human's eyes to the heartless levels of commercial consumer decline in the name of fashion and economic gain, is positively breathtaking. We shall fight the likes of you with your weird and loaded hidden agenda's until the day you are no longer. Sort of like cleansing you with humane flame!

  77. 177

    Go PETA! Kelis is a washed out, ugly, ignorant insensitive being.

  78. 178

    you know what? FUCK PETA! they're all about name dropping and putting naked "stars" on magazines and in ads but what have they done???? i think they need to shut the hell up until they actually put a stop to it. if they're so caring and passionate maybe they'd stop putting so much of their money into really fucking disgusting demonstrations and advertisements. those fur farms aren't going to shut down while PETA is busy off doing photo shoots and commercials.. i think PETA is full of name dropping shit. maybe if one of their precious celeb faces was skinned, maybe then they'd get off of their pretentious asses and actually do something.

  79. 179

    I think that's the nicest letter I've ever seen PETA write. I seriously thought that right after "I hope this finds you well" would be a death thread, because that's the kind of people PETA includes. I think Kelis can wear whatever she wants without being threatened, that's her choice. There are far more important things to worry about. It'll be a long time of PETA being civilized before I'd ever take their side (even if I agree with the idea of not wearing fur or eating meat).

  80. 180

    I side with PETA in this one. Wearing fur is wrong. Animals are tortured for their fur and that is horrendous. Personally, I think anyone condoning it should suffer the same fate as the animals they wear.

  81. 181

    Fur is ugly and it makes women look fat!!!

  82. LDD says – reply to this



    People who use ABORTION as a method of BIRTH CONTROL should be put out of their misery… If you can't fucking take care of a child USE PROTECTION or DON"T HAVE SEX. I can understand extreme cases such as rape.

    I hate it when I hear "I'm too young to be a mom" well guess what fucker, IF YOU"RE TOO YOUNG DON"T HAVE SEX! Poor little babies…The Human race is a disgusting thing. I am ashamed that people behave this way, it's disgusting.

    You want to hear something really sad…. As a nurse, you know this world is fucked up when a young girl comes in every couple of months to get an abortion and acts like it's just a normal thing like "time to get my hair did" ….

    I am sad for this world. I am sad for the poor children who suffer in this world and those children who don't get a chance to live.. and I am sad for the poor animals who are abused at the hands of human beings …..

  83. 183

    I'm for Kelis all the way… PETA is a bunch of extremeist. If they don't want to wear fur they shouldn't but leave those of us who do the hell alone…

  84. 184

    Team PETA. Kelis is a c*u*n*t.

  85. 185

    Re: curiousred – Since when is VIDEO PROOF "false information"? You speak of ignorance as if you know the meaning, do yourself a favor and check out that video link.

  86. 186

    First and foremost, I don't like PETA, but I don't agree with wearing fur until the fur trade treats these animals better. I have seen videos on how these animals are killed, and yes, in many cases they are skinned alive. A Swedish organization actually uncovered how these animals are killed, in China. I was heartbroken to see these raccoon dogs, slammed against the ground, then have their paws cut off, and then skinned alive, many still conscious afterwards, thrown in a pile to die. Ugh. I just made myself nauseous thinking about it. I'm going to go puke now.

  87. 187

    Yes, you're right, Kelis - nobody has a right to tell you that you can't cause pain and suffering to another living being! How dare they! What uneducated lowlives her and those who agree with her are! Anyway, it doesn't matter what anyone says - karma is truly alive and well. IF you cause pain and suffering (whether directly or indirectly) to a rat or a human - it WILL come back to you. If I were her I'd be careful riding in a car. By the way, why don't YOU do something about womens' suffering around the world and stop telling PETA what they should focus on.

  88. 188

    Are you kidding me. Kelis and anyone who would wear fur is heartless and in humane. She said she would want Chinchillas destroyed. Honestly she is a ghetto piece of trash. Maybe someone should stick an electrocution rod up her ass and see how she likes it. I used to be a Kelis fan but now I would spit on her. What a dumb Bitch.

  89. 189

    That letter from PETA is pure sarcasm to gain peoples respect for them……they don't really care. They are all about the money and promotion.
    Team KELIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But if they really wanted some promotion PETA should have gone after the real MULTIPLE fur wearing offenders with a higher scale of publicity like YOUR PRINCESS RIRI a.k.a Rihanna a.k.a the fail version of Kelis.
    Team KELIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 190

    Wearing fur just dates you back to prehistoric times when that was all there was to wear..Just fur and skins. Get real, the Flintstones are over….There are some things like wearing fur or butt fucking a monkey, that are just 'passe'…We don't do them anymore because we are more civilized now and past that point in history that it was necessary or accepted…. So, Kelis, time to embrace a nice cotton polyester blend…and Rezzo, get off that monkey!

  91. 191

    im in none, killing animal for pure fashion is bad but is not as if the woman kill the damn animal. yeah she bought it, but what shes not the real person killing them instead of ganging up on a person why dont they go and protest in those places where they kill the animals.

    PETA can cry, judge, gang up on people but they are just wasting their time.

  92. 192

    I don't wear fur that is my choice. But I understand Kellis's point, Peta acts like the gestapo and try to publicly shame people into following their agenda. Ironically I bet most Peta supporters are pro abortion.

  93. Elph says – reply to this


    Team PETA. The letter was nicely written to help educate without being pushy. This ignorant bitch needs to keep her mouth shut and get some class.

  94. 194


  95. 195

    check out www.activistcash.com for the truth about peta………they spend pennies on animals for promotion of their other agendas……..don't be fooled folks.

  96. 196

    who is Kelis?

  97. 197

    shes such a dumbass

  98. 198

    Um … I would not consider that a "nasty gram." Exaggerating much, Kelis?

  99. 199

    Yes, Team Peta. Kelis is such a bitch.

  100. 200

    Kelis is a Ugly, vile bitch…who thinks the suffering and killing of animals is ok as long as it feels nice on her skin, really she needs 2 start thinking with her head instead of that thing she calls a face O.o

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