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Coco Will Need To Clean His Mouth Out With Soap!

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Sadly, the NBC-bashing on Conan's part will soon be over!

Sources say NBC will be including a "liquidated damages clause" in his contract that'll forbid the funny man from trashing the Peacock after he parts with NBC!

The agreement allegedly states that Coco will have to pay a "predetermined amount of money" if he pokes fun at the network.


Don't take it so personal, Jeff Zucker!

You guys screwed him over - not the other way around!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Coco Will Need To Clean His Mouth Out With Soap!”

  1. 1

    Guy had 7 mos to build an audience (against others repeats for many of the first few Lenoless months) and will pocket $30 million. That is quite a screwing he is taking.

  2. 2

    nbc screwed him over??
    the ungrateful firecrotch made hundreds of millions of dollars!!!

  3. 3

    Leno screwed over everyone. Conan is the best!

  4. 4

    Leave the bashing to the rest of us. NBC just blew it big time. Jay will never recover his ratings to where they were before this nonsense went down.

  5. 5

    Unfortunately he will be forced to agree to that . I Hope NBC goes under .

  6. 6

    How come everything on your site is a day behind all the other blogs?

  7. 7

    Don't worry, Conan. Other people will bash NBC for you.

  8. 8

    Zucker needs to be fired. Look at what he has done to NBC. He is scum. If anyone of us messed up on our jobs and got the results he has gotten for the past many years we'd have been fired seventeen times already. I think Zucker is a beast to throw Conan under the bus. I also don't like it that because they kept Leno around he didn't really give Conan a chance. Leno should be the one looking for a job, not Conan. Oh,well. This is a blessnig for Conan. He will land on his feet and do good. No point in trashing Zucker. Everybody knows he's a Grade A ass! Don't look back, Conan! Go into the light!

  9. 9

    Oh stop calling him Coco. No cute knicknames here. He's still raking in the money while his staff won't be. He didn't have the talent to succeed in the spot. I watched him the first day of his new show and it was an embarassment…and I still felt the same last week when I watched again. 15 minutes of that stuff and I'm off to channel surf…elsewhere.

  10. 10

    Sucks. FUCK YOU LENO. FUCK YOU ZUCKER. Tonight show was this guy, any comic's dream. It was doomed for him from the start with that stupid Jay Leno show.

  11. 11

    Hey Perez, the liquidated damages clause means that if Conan says something that *acutally* harms NBC, then that clause will kick in and determine the the punishment ($$$). It's not just Conan saying something, then immediately writing a check for each time. The parties would still have to duke it out in court.

  12. 12

    Don't feel sorry for any of them. If Conan was the chaffeur for Jeff Zucker and got summarily fired, I'd feel sorry for him. He was hired at for huge compensation to deliver the goods. He knows the game completely. He is represented by Ari Emanuel. He failed. Jeff Zucker should be fired by his board for the incredibly bone headed moves around the Leno/Conan fiasco and the complete destruction of value he was able to achieve in a short 7 months. Unfortunately, failure is rampant and the only cost will be to the shareholders and most unfortunately, the scale workers that have neither the clout or resources of Bosses or Talent.

  13. 13

    This entire thing makes me inclined to NEVER watch NBC, no matter what or who is on. Jeff Zucker sounds like a total horse's ass and I find it appalling that they would actually call Conan O'Brien names after what they did to him (Ebersole). What a bunch of asses.

  14. 14

    Re: Mad Dog – Because MARIO and SCUMBAG others here just copy news , they dont break it.

  15. JET says – reply to this


    It's too bad COMCAST's purchase of NBC from GE hasn't been finalized yet. The solution to this problem is so simple for COMCAST. First fire Jeff Zuker for supreme incompetence and without any Golden Parachute. Then give Conan and everyone on his staff a 25% raise for "pain and suffering" plus Fridays off at full pay. T…hen hire Jay Leno as the substitute host for Friday's "The Tonight Show with CONAN O'BRIEN"

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Isn't this clusterf*ck over at Ego Central over yet? All of these people have obscene amounts of money. I feel sorry for none of them. Welcome to the jungle.

  17. 17