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Bye, Bye Rob Lowe!

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He's over it!

It has been confirmed that Rob Lowe will be leaving his ABC gig Brothers & Sisters at the end of this season.

Sources say that the actor felt like he was being "underutilized and asked to be released from his contact." Course, the same source says that Rob would behappy to come back if they gave him his own series to headline.

That's pretty low, Rob. Leaving them in the lurch in hopes they give you your own show!


[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Bye, Bye Rob Lowe!”

  1. 1

    He's one of the worst actors ever! VERY overrated.

  2. obama says – reply to this


    He always leaves a good gig early. maybe that's his secret to a very long and successful career

  3. 3

    Wow, not smart in a recession that's for sure.

  4. 4

    Do we all remember how he left "The West Wing" (I think that was the show with Martin Sheen as the president) thinking he was above it all and leaving the show would make him more famous NOT…. Just a reminder to everyone… he's always been that way…

  5. 5

    good. i didnt like him too much on the show anyways…his character seemed to have the least amount of personality.

  6. 6

    He did the same thing at 'West Wing' - felt like the Martin Sheen role was overshadowing his role, which wasn't the original plan, Martin Sheen wasn't supposed to have anywhere near the amount of screen time he ended up with. The show was supposed to be all about the staff, with a cameo by the Pres.

  7. 7

    didn't he leave West Wing that way, too?

  8. 8

    i'd write something for u lowe.

    i have a great idea. u need to run a show. u're too good for 'brothers & sisters'.

  9. 9

    He's pretty much a has-been. Should be happy for any work he can get.

  10. 10

    Didn't pull a similar move by leaving West Wing a few years ago? I must admit, I had a huuuuge crush on him back in the day when I saw him in the move "Class!"

  11. 11

    Thahow he got out of West Wing gig. Didn't like NOT being the focus of the show. He an egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….egotistical douche….

  12. 12

    "underutilized"? You got a job, Asshole, unlike a lot of people in this country. And if you're so "undertilized" then you just have more time to do more and various work, right? I see gueststarring on "Dancing with the Stars" in your future. You ain't 25, hot, and in demand anymore Grasshopper.

  13. 13

    I love Rob Lowe and I'm a big fan of the show, but his character is a little boring. In the show he's always in the shadows, he's not part of the brothers and the sisters. Nevertheless, he'll be missed.

  14. 14

    Rob was great in Wayne's World!

  15. 15

    Hey Rob! The show IS called "Brothers and Sisters" not the "Brother-in-law"!

  16. 16

    Dude, look at his face. This guy has had more surgery than Heidi Montag.

  17. 17

    hes hot

  18. 18

    I can´t believe it!!!! I love Brothers and Sisters and he is NOT the best actor at all!! How can he leave?? I guess writers will kill his character…

  19. 19

    funny, cause I watch the show and have felt for a while that he (along with Calista) dominate waaayyyy too much screentime of this show.

  20. MP says – reply to this


    NOOOO! I love Brothers and Sisters! Ugh. First Tommy, now Robert.

  21. 21

    OMG This asshole did the same thing on West Wing. What an egotistical Jerk.

  22. 22

    Actually, Rob is a very nice man in "real" life (and I don't just say that because I'm family). :)

  23. 23

    GOOD for the show!!! He sucks and his part is BORING!!! I will like it better without him.

  24. 24

    Don't let the screen door hit yo azz on the way out……….!

  25. 25

    Fuck you Perez. That show sucks anyway, only fucking fly over states watch that garbage… he's better than that.

    ROB! You go man, you'll be F I N E.

    Besides, WHY would he want to stay if he has to kiss Calista Skeletor.

  26. pj88 says – reply to this


    Not surprised… Rob never likes to play second fiddle, and its the women who steal the focus on this show. I think Rob would be a great match for the new show The Deep End or perhaps a new addition to Greys Anatomy.

  27. 27

    this asshole did the same shit on West Wing

  28. 28

    He should join "Cougar Town."

  29. 29

    he is still SOOOOOOO damn hot

  30. 30

    Noo I like him on B&S dammit!!

  31. 31

    I have watched Brothers & Sisters since it's debut and I can honestly say his departure won't matter. His character was really dry and void of an really depth or personality. The rest of the cast is so strong and has so much chemistry and drama. Although he is a good looking guy, I think that character could certainly be recast or done away with all together. Adios Robbie!