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Dr. Drew Slams Heidi!!!

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Say what you really feel, Dr. Drew.

We can't think of too many people who are standing behind Heidi Montag's decision to butcher her face and body at the tender age of 23 and there is a good reason:

There was no good reason for her to go through with it!

Well-versed in celebrities and their addictions, Dr. Drew has stepped forward to give his take on Heidi's procedures and his theories are unnerving.

Dr. Drew seems to think that this "outlandish" course of action resulted from some deep-rooted issues with "self worth" and "emotional regulation." More so, Dr. Drew is concerned that Heidi's motivation to get these surgeries was not so much about getting attention, but getting the medicines that follow.

Yikes! We hope that is not true!

Dr. Drew continues to explain his theories, saying:

“But what I call this is female cross dressing. In other words a woman that over accentuates her femaleness – who becomes a Barbie doll – that always really concerns me. That suggests some significant trauma. And rather than treating that, making her go through all this…I’m glad she’s satisfied with it – God bless her – I’m glad she’s happy but this is not going to be the end of it."

He also sends out a warning to Heidi of her relationship with husband Spencer Pratt, saying:

“I think the first you are going to see is the destabilization of the relationship between her and Spencer – that’s the first thing you’re going to see – that relationship is going to unwind. I don’t know how so, how it plays out, it’s always different, but usually when this kind of thing goes on the primary relationship unwinds. And then we will see what comes next.”

And if we know Heidi, we'll get to see it alright - on every magazine and TV show that will have her!

[Image via WENN/Pacific Coast News.]

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107 comments to “Dr. Drew Slams Heidi!!!”

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  1. 1

    I saw Dr. Drew
    shirtless on a beach
    wearing just swim trunks…
    What's under that suit
    is very pleasantly

  2. 2

    Dr. Drew you exploiter of pain, you should be ashamed of yourself. turning peoples pain and suffering into your own profit. disgusting.

  3. 3

    Way to go Dr.Drew! Heidi looks like a Tranny! (No offense, to Transexuals)

    She needs to disappear!!!! And Perez, you need to STOP TALKING ABOUT HER AND SPENCER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    die Dr drew just die. god, dont you have REAL patients to deal with?

  5. 5

    I think her and Spencer are idiots. I do think she looks better now.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    it is ironic. Heidi CLAIMED outright that childhood teasing about her looks affected her self image and made her do all this and yet she says she is BALANCED about it. THis is the text book definition of someone NOT doing it for themselves but a deep rooted sense of low self worth. Perez, HOW can you be friends with Speidi and be dignified at all? You've discovered talents like Katy Perry, Gaga, championed undiscovered, untapped bands/artists and given them exposure. Speidi does NOT need your attention. OR you butt kissing. The girl is clueless. Esp. likening her album to THRILLER. All that Jesus loves you stuff was one thing, but is she REALLY this delusional about her place in society as SIGNIFICANT?

  8. 8

    Check out on Youtube the new "Hitler finds out"…..

    It's hilarious
    copy in search field:

    Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat

  9. 9

    Re: tonybotz – completely agreed. he is a parasite and a weirdo- is it any surprise the man is like 65 and has never had a real girlfriend or relationship?
    WEIRDO to the max. . .
    there is something SERIOUSLY OFF there!

  10. 10

    Dr. Drew is an opportunist.
    Honestly, I'm tired of his opinions about fellow celebrities, based on pure conjecture.
    He draws conclusions, and publicly makes "diagnoses" without even having a doctor/paitent relationship with that person.
    Irresponsible and maddening!!!

  11. 11

    I think Spencer and Heidi are both touched in the head already as it is.

  12. 12

    Of course the fame-ho known as Dr. Drew has to get his two cents in. He and the other annoyance, Dr. Phil, both need to both STFU and please please, go away - forever!!! Heidi's face will settle in once the swelling goes down in about a year. I like her new chin - beats the big Rumer one she had before.

  13. 13

    He's right one on the spot of her relationship with her husband. She has no respect for her husband or how he feels about her, he loved her as she was before and didn't wnat her to do this, but she doesn't give a rats ass what her husband thinks. And unfortunatly it will go down from there, he has always been attached to her in every interview because he has supported her, but now he is being silent about this, a clear sign that he doesn't stand by her this time. I feel bad for him, i really do, it must suck to be in a relationship where your wife loves herself more than she loves you.

  14. 14


  15. LeBon says – reply to this


    Dr. Drew is a prick for speculating publicly about this, even though he may be right. Fuck that guy.

  16. 16

    shes trying to be holly madison so bad…im all for surgery but not a total body makeover to the point u look like someone else…i cant even believe she had her ears pulled back…she is so pathetic no wonder she has no friends!!! must feel so ugly inside no surgery will change that

  17. 17

    I see it already, Celebrity Rehab "I'm addicted to plastic surgery" and Heidi can be a patient and Spencer can come and see her and make rude remarks to her.
    He probably talked her into getting the surgery.
    WTF is she gonna look like in 10 years????? By the time she is 50 she should be down right scary thinks

  18. 18

    He's right on the mark. She's only 23. She was fine. She definately has major issues to do what she did; especially at that age.

    Plastic people . . . LA is filled with them. So sad they have no self worth or self esteem.

  19. 19

    Blah Blah Blah I am tired of seeing this chicks face

  20. 20

    She better not think shes beautiful now… she looks disgusting! like a man trying to imitate the late Micheal Jackson. (No offence to MJ God Bless his soul)

  21. bobo says – reply to this


    Hey, she looks stoned as hell in that picture. Maybe it was for the drugs … or the money for the drugs ????

  22. 22

    Wow, that Dr Drew is a genius! An attractive 23 yr old gets a dozen different plastic surgeries and he proclaims "self worth issues"? Never crossed my mind. Not when Michael Jackson butchered his face either …

  23. 23

    ok so really,why at 23 would you want to look 30 years older.For crying out loud she looks like Nicolette Sheridan.Theres nothing beautiful about someone who did what she did..its sad and the girl needs help or to get rid of spencer..hes just as gulity as she is.if this is the only way to be famous….thats not it….

  24. 24

    she must have told her plastic surgeon "please sir…. i want to look like a young faith hill"


  25. 25

    SOOOOOOOOOOO, sick of her, like years ago already .
    dumb bitach .
    add to that stupid and talentless, why do we care ? we dont .
    she lied and said she almost died in recovery of the surgery, she did NOT at all.
    she is giving her surgeon a bad name and bad rep . i hope he tells her to FOKK off .

  26. 26

    why is dr drew the bad guy, NO WAY , the only person would be saying that is specer the big pratt , pratt by name and nature , the biggest fool in hollywood and the most annoying too ………..SOOOOOOOOOOO, sick of her, like years ago already .
    dumb bitach .
    add to that stupid and talentless, why do we care ? we dont .
    she lied and said she almost died in recovery of the surgery, she did NOT at all.
    she is giving her surgeon a bad name and bad rep . i hope he tells her to FOKK off .

  27. 27

    i think she looks like a plastic version of herself and she is still ugly.
    looks like a wax dummy,,,,,,,,DUUUUUUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28




    LOOOOOOOOOOOOSER !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29

    He is right

  30. 30

    Kind of like dr drew and kind of don't like heidi montag. I never met either and I don't know either, but I just recalled a phrase - reading this blog right now of - if it takes one to know one.

  31. 31

    I can't stand her or Spencer, BUT!!
    Why are people slamming her for something that is the norm in Hollywood? They were talking about it on Extra today and the woman who's on that show (forget her name) has very obviously had more work done to her face and body too and she looks hideous!
    I know that Heidi is only 23 but I can tell you as a make-up artist, anybody who's in the public eye gets dissected viciously under the guise of PR and it takes it's tole, especially on young sensitive young girls. I've seen beautiful young models being told that they're too heavy or their skin is bad or that they need to move aside for the younger prettier model to be photographed in their place etc…

  32. 32

    Geez, Dr. Drew talking out his ass again. I think she looks okay. If anything, she'll leave that turd of a husband because she's much too pretty now for him.

  33. 33

    OK…on a weird side note….when I first saw this picture I thought it was a platinum blonde version of Shenae Grimes

    She doesn't look like her old self at all.

  34. 34

    Im so sick of hearing about 'Dr.' Drew and his half-assed 'diagnosis'.

  35. 35

    What some people do for attention. Wow!! When is Spence getting his fix? He could use it more than her. Perez, you keep giving her what she wants. WTF?

  36. 36

    What a slut

  37. 37

    This fucking "thing" of a human being will do anything it takes to be in the media & limelight. I wish her & that no-balls, spike-haired anus-drip would just GO AWAY! That is the only reason this TWAT is coming out with all the plastic surgery stuff. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish, upon anything, that her & douche bag breath would disappear! What the hell are they even famous for? Posing for retarded, fake pictures? Perez, quit featuring these two morons on your site immediately, so they'll disappear!

  38. 38

    i've had a crush on Dr.Drew for awhile now. He's one of those hot gray haired dudes…very sexiiii. :)

  39. 39

    I think that stepfather of heidi's back in Colorado at the Timberline restaurant was WAY to concerned about her in not a father daughter way. How he talked about Heidi's frienships and how they run their course is none of his business and he shouldn't have divulged so much info. to Spencer like that. I do believe she was sexually abused by prolly one of the many men in her mother's life could have been that creep he looked high and creepy for an old fart.

  40. 40

    I have nothing to say but that I have a t.v. crush on Dr. Drew.

  41. 41

    Reading about this chick is so fucking depressing

  42. 42

    WHERE IS SPENCER?????????????????????????

  43. 43

    Re: coqauvin – DUDE if that's true i owe her a HUGE apolygy W0W! did not see that coming damn! Do u really believe that? wow! if that really comes out ill ditch this website and all the comments for good! God i really hope thats not true for her sake :(

  44. 44

    I really want to feel sorry for her but everytime i do she says something in such a shallow way it makes me dislike her..

  45. 45

    SEPARATED AT BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!! Heidi Montag and Sharon Tate. Seriously!!!!!!! creepy.

  46. 46


  47. 47

    Re: luvstotango – OMG that is the FUNNIEST SHIT I've seen in a while! lol.

  48. 48

    Shut Up she looks Great the real Lunacy was to choose to go into the sick show biz world to begin with. Once you're in screw it all bets are off. Good Luck girl let em eat their hearts out and they will.

  49. 49

    who the he** writes this shit! Get your FACTS STRAIGHT! He said he DIDN'T think it was an addiction, because that's when a person would do it to get the pain meds afterwards. As a mental health professional, I agree with his statements, and disagree that he's an opportunist…Access Hollywood asked his opinion and he gave it, simple as that.

  50. 50

    Re: baloneytitties
    Who are you talking about. Dr. Drew's been married for years and has 3 kids

  51. Merab says – reply to this


    well, she didn´t need those operations..no doubt about it…but honestly she doesn´t look that bad at all as people describe..

    she got emotional and psychological issues …but physically she looks better than ever …kinda pretty I would say…

  52. 52

    i think she made herself look older

  53. 53

    heidi is maadd ugly NOW…if u watch the old episodes of the Hills she's looks so natural n pretty now she's hit.

  54. 54

    Re: Yellow Peeps – I enjoy reading your comments! ;)

  55. 55

    Re: mizsassyfras – well then maybe he should focus on his family instead of diagnosing ailments in people HES NEVER MET, let alone talked to for an extended period of time. he is a worthless famewhore desperate for attention and is completely irresponsible and pathetic!

  56. 56

    Y'all crack me up on here! She looks like so and so …no she looks like so and so! For real, they all look alike. I'm telling you it's all the same person. The BLOB is attacking Hollywood. Dr. Drew and Dr.Phil please…can't wait ’till some dirt comes out on either of those "educated" fools.

  57. 57

    I think he just pulled the term "female cross dressing" out of his ass. It doesn't make sense the way he describes it, anyways. "Cross" implies opposite, and dressing super feminine is not the opposite of feminine.

  58. 58

    I totally call Pratt and Heidi breaking up. The surgery aged her, he is all about ego and will start thinking she's less popular and they will break up. And since she had no identity of her own, this is going to affect her badly. Kind of sad really. Look at her now and say she looks 23.

  59. 59

    Anyone who took psychiatry seriously wouldn't be making public mental health diagnoses of people who aren't even their patients! What an ass! His comments were unprofessional on SO many levels.

  60. 60

    Don't get me wrong, Heidi has problems, but Dr. Drew is NOT a mental health professional, and should not assert his opinion as though he was.

  61. 61

    I will stand behind Hiedi. I can't stand the woman but this is her choice and I think its ok. If it makes you feel better or better about yourself then do it! And and if you can do it all in one day so you don't have to go through multiple times of painful recovery then I think thats not such a bad thing. Plus I think she looks great. Her face needs to relax and soften a soften a little which it will and she'll look less stunned more normal. I think before the surgery she had an ugly horse like face, and now she is a beautiful woman. I think its a huge improvement. I also agree with all of you who says Dr Drew needs to shut his mouth and mind his own business instead of talking about people he doesnt know and who arent his clients just to get some press.

  62. 62

    Hey Dr Dew I am condemning your comment. Heidi is not blessed by the God as she has been blessed by her surgeon (as she thinks).

  63. 63

    She looks a bit better, but why is she never smiling now. She looks so unhappy in every picture i've seen of her since she's had it done…..Also, wheres Spencer been….I haven't seen him in any with her of late.

  64. 64

    No, Dr Drew, if she was having plastic surgery for the drugs she would've had ten separate procedures not just one. That's what Michael Jackson did, he'd go in for any kind of surgery that would give him the drugs. Elvis did it too, one of his guards said on one occasion Elvis dug a scarily deep hole in his leg and said "this ought to get me some really good stuff" (not exact quote but was something like this). Heidi has probs with self-image, don't think it's drugs.

  65. 65

    Heidie is religously touched just like her family. Spencer has drank the purple koolaid as well.
    I am not down on religion. But the kind of religion they are embracing is an enabler to steep themselves in denial and never deal with issues like Trauma that Dr. Drew has referred to.
    Heidie's physician who performed the surgery needs to lose his license.

  66. 66


  67. eewww says – reply to this


    Hate Her. Never been a fan and never gonna be. Fame seeking, no talent whore. However, if you take a really good look at the pic she kinda looks like Faith Hill in a plastic, mannequin kinda way

  68. 68

    He's right on target sadly. No balanced 23 year old, who is relatively pretty, would do this.

  69. 69

    Re: baloneytitties – Ummm…he's married with kids and has been for a long time.

  70. 70

    In my book anyone who chooses to get surgery is f&*&ing nuts. I have had cancer twice. I am 34. Surgery sucks, my friends. It makes you feel AWFUL, and some of the painkillers that they give you will make you projectile vomit. It feels like shit. They stick a tube down your throat, and it HURTS. Heidi is glamorizing something that should NEVER be glamorized. Love the skin your in. I am starting to get lines in my forehead, and you know what? I am proud of them. They show how thoughtful I am. My body is not perfect, and I don't care. I am absolutely amazed by what my body has allowed me to do in life. I really appreciate it. Heidi should have waited for the wisdom and self confidence that comes with experience. There should be laws against young women doing this to themselves. Any "doctor" who would agree to this shoud have his or her license revoked. She should have been referred to a shrink. Plastic surgery is for the poor folks that become disfigured, not for perfectly beautiful women that want to look like Barbie dolls.

  71. 71

    Heidi is a vapid, vacuous, stupid, untalented cun*t. She put her CD out and no one bought it. Isn't that enough for her to realize that she is a loser? Go away Heidi.

  72. 72

    you idiots dissing dr. drew what the hell can you come up with? nothing. go back to your mediocre, boring jobs. stop lashing out at someone who has sense bcz you don't. everything he says makes sense, and i learnt something.

  73. 73

    she make look different, but it's all the same when she opens her stupid mouth! She should've thought about a lobotomy!

  74. 74

    why, heidi, why?!?!?! it looks so awfull i could cry… before all the plastic surgury she used to be so pretty, but now she is just horrible

  75. 75

    Re: Yellow Peeps – Cosign.

  76. 76

    Re: imadjanation – wow she does like her.. weird

  77. 77

    I think Dr. Drew is just as bad as the rest of them. The second anyone in Hollywood does something like this or starts acting a bit off he's right there to give his "two cents" about the situation. I think that his "it's about the meds after the surgery" claim is a bit ridiculous…there are MUCH easier ways to get pain meds than by spending thousands of dollars on permanent plastic surgery. That is ridiculous and seems like a claim made purely to start more drama that he can no doubt weight in on again and again. Pathetic.
    Heidi looks awful, but I think this is a case of BDD more than anything, trauma definitely, but I think saying it's about the meds is hilarious.

  78. 78

    She never smiles anymore. Always has that cold plastic look on her face.

  79. 79

    I haven't seen Spencer with her VERY STRANGE. I think they will break up. He was crying when she went under and he was 100% against it (or so she says). However, I think she will put it in his head that they are a brand and they will make more money if they are together. For that reason only they may not break up. I hope they don't. I like them together.

  80. 80

    Who cares!!! Speidi are just trying to get attention!! Ban Speidi Perez!! E! did it!! No one wants to hear her blame others for her being dumb and marrying that douche! We all have self esteem problems.. but were all not mutalating ourselves! PLEASE PEREZ LET PEREZHILTON.COM BECOME "Speidi-Free" PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. 81

    Well, I actually think she looks beautiful and i've never even liked the girl. She looks very classy now, but yes, older. Just think though, if she naturally looked like this and we didnt know about the transformation everyone would think she was beautiful - i guarantee it.

  82. 82

    Dr. Drew is H-O-T; however, it's really none of his business. He's going to give one too many unsolicated advice and get himself into a mega lawsuit one day, probably soon.

  83. 83

    OMG, she DOES look like Faith Hill - weird! That being said, Faith Hill is beautiful so that's a good thing.

  84. 84

    Dr. Drew is by far more, disturbing than Heidi. The fact that he sees someone that is in obvious pain, has mental issues and decides to comment on them, to bring more attention to himself and his exploitative "crisis reality" shows just proves that he has his own addiction to fame-whoring. Anyone who has seen those rehab shows knows he needs his medical license revoked.

  85. 85

    Re: Beach Bum – LOL, I'd eat his ass-corn. That man is too fine for his own good!

    And Heidi needs to check into a psychiatric ward ASAP if she thinks being called an ignorant, brainless, plastic, insecure fool is worth being on the cover of any magazine. What a sad, pathetic little girl. She'll ALWAYS be ugly on the inside, which is why she'll never stop fucking up her outsides!!!

  86. 86

    1) all the surgery she had would of cost more than #30,000 a lot more !!!!!!

    2) who paid for it ? did the dr. give her a discount for all the hype ?

    3) she asked him to make her the next sex blonde bombshell

    4) she has no sexual attraction at all as she is ugly on the inside and a liar
    5) i hope she disappears of the face of the earth
    6)she did not NEARLY DIE X 2, SHE said she did in the jungle, liar, she said she did after surgery , liar,liar .
    7) she cant sing at all to save her life
    8) respond to this is you hate her as much as i seem to
    9)she and her husband are so obnoxious
    10) he should of had the surgery but look at his forehead, he obviously has too much bottox .

  87. 87

    she looks like annie from 90210 with those eyebrows

  88. 88

    Re: VelvetStaccato – ass corn? That just reminds me of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers going 'I didnt have any corn' xD *Cringe*

  89. 89

    dear heidi - the dove self esteem fund is a wonderful cause to donate to. maybe they can help you as well. you can't get all these plastic surgeries and decide to be ignorant to the emotional turmoil they will have on you later in life. you're not yourself anymore, and if that's what you want, good… but like a tattoo, this is a change you will have to live with for the rest of your life. did you think about that?

  90. 90

    Maybe she'll see this and go make an appointment with Dr. Drew. We can only hope.

  91. 91

    Getting comfy in my chair to watch this happen. Spencer is going to dump her so fast! He's just looking for an excuse, and her being "needy" is exactly what he has been waiting for. Drug problem, possible. Just another excuse for Spence to dump her butt! This is going to be fun to watch.

  92. 92


  93. 93

    This is just so sad. That girl is headed for disaster. She has already gone too far, and she probably reads these websites and sees all the commenting. Maybe she can brush it off for a while, telling herself everyone is jealous, but eventually the day will come that she realizes the irreversible damage she has done to herself. I don't envy the pain she has ahead.

  94. 94

    she just wants attention, she is in fact living in the most SUPERFICIAL place out there, and surrounds herself with SUPERFICIAL people, the title of her album is SUPERFICIAL, and she doesnt know anything else except being in the media, she thinks it is good to even have bad publicity, hey, if people are talking, then that must be a good thing….she is living in a fake world. when she first started the hills, wasnt she going to fashion school or something? now she is waiting to sell her next interview to the next gossip trash show, site, magazine…

    she needs to get back to reality!

  95. 95

    she looks a lot like nicollett sheridan. Wonder how long it will take spencer to start producing porno starring his wife.

  96. 96

    Well, well, well Heidi. I sure hope you are reading these comments cause this is the reality.This is how most ppl see you now. It is truly sad that you now look like a regular pornstar ! It's even more sad that you kind of blame the rest of the world for doing these surgerys in the 1 place! Even blaming the doctor for the Demerol overdose. Seems that you are doing everything possible to get attention. Congratz on becomming a cheap low class bimbo with lack of intelligence what so ever. Damm you must be so dumb! Well said everyone about not giving her more attention!!!!!
    Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Heidi

  97. 97

    Well, well, well Heidi. I sure hope you are reading these comments cause this is the reality.This is how most ppl see you now. It is truly sad that you now look like a regular pornstar ! It's even more sad that you kind of blame the rest of the world for doing these surgerys in the 1 place! Even blaming the doctor for the Demerol overdose. Seems that you are doing everything possible to get attention. Congratz on becomming a cheap low class bimbo with lack of intelligence what so ever. Damm you must be so dumb! Well said everyone about not giving her more attention!!!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Heidi
    ….she might be hooked on Demerol and Morphine after all these surgerys. Hmm she will proably start using that too as a reason for getting undeserved attention..

  98. 98

    she needs help. Her marraige is not gong well n she's putting on a face for the cameras's. I think she has some emotional problems that made her get that many surgeries

  99. 99

    She's messed up. More of half the little starlets in Hollywood are messed up. I think her fail was getting the surgery after she got whatever passes for her fame. No one wants her now because she's a joke. So where's that asshole she is "married" to lately? Does anyone else think he's already been kicked to the curb?

  100. 100

    Love, love, love Dr. Drew! Everything he says is always so right on. I'm sure there are haters on here for him, but I respect a man who is not afraid of the media and what he says about celebs. He's not her dr so he's not breaking any rules. Just giving his opinion on it since I'm sure he was asked. You RULE Dr. Drew!! ;)

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