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Don't Believe The Rumors

| Filed under: Brad PittAngelina Jolie


Silly rumors originating from unreliable outlets have been circulating around the Internets, claiming that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were separating.

We didn't believe it. And, now, those silly stories have officially been squashed by their rep.

A rep for Brangelina says they are NOT breaking up.


Brangelina forever!

[Image via WENN.]

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326 comments to “Don't Believe The Rumors”

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  1. 1

    homewrecker angelina!!!! go to hell, whore!!!!!

  2. 2

    homewrecker angelina!!!! go to hell, whore!!!!

  3. 3

    homewrecker angelina!!!! go to hell, whore!!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    homewrecker angelina!!!! go to hell, whore!

  6. 6

    I hope they ARE TRUE!

  7. 7

    Yeah, cause we all know how reliable reps can be. How many times have you posted stories about celebs' reps who firmly denied rumors and were then proven to be liars?

  8. 8

    I just hope they dont bring all those Haitians over to take all our jobs and land! All respect for Obama will be lost..!

  9. 9

    "Silly rumors originating from unreliable outlets" Funny because the National Enquirer was an outlet that published this story, yet you used them as a source in your Nick Lachey post, even though you just said they're unreliable…. Interesting

  10. 10

    Hmm…I think they are, just want to get everything finalized b4 a formal announcement is made.

  11. RPORC says – reply to this


    You are such a suck-up, Perez! When there's smoke, there's alway fire. Remember when these 2 were rumored to be having an affair while making that stupid movie. Like you, Maniston didn't see it coming and unfortunately, US magazine had to spell it out for Jen.

  12. 12

    Of course their not breaking up AJ tied himdown w/ 3 little black market ugly kids and 3 REAL beautiful ones He has no choice he cant leave and neither can she!

    Zahara is the most ugly and then the other two freax

  13. 13

    Helllllllooooooo, and Vadge and Gay Ritchie also denied that they were breaking up…until they did so. Can't wait to see you with egg on your face over this one, since you luuuuuuurve "St." Angie so much.

  14. 14

    Glad it's not true!

  15. 15

    LOL "unreliable outlets"…like the one dumbass who reported FIDEL CASTRO'S DEATH…YOU. Haha you're never going to live that one down piggie, that was to embarrassing to forget, you were the joke of the news lol

  16. 16

    Haters always want them to break-up. Leave them alone.

  17. 17

    Re: longjewishlegs – is that a picture of kate gosslin?

  18. 18

    Jennifer Aniston - is boring —– after watching Mr & Mrs Smith - you know why Brad left her!

  19. 19

    Not buying this BS.

  20. 20

    Bradd Shallow idiot!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21

    This is like the 50th story over the past few years saying they are splitting.

  22. 22

    Bradd Shallow idiot!!!!!!!!!

  23. 23

    no, my picture is of victoria beckham!!! I do like her but i'm poking fun of her perfectionisim!

  24. 24

    "Silly rumors originating from unreliable outlets"? Do you mean 'The National Enquirer' where YOU extract your sources from? LOL

  25. 25

    Um, Perez dearest, it's the Times of London who reported it first. Then picked up by the Daily Mail and latterly the New York Post. Unreliable? Really? As someone below said, as if the "reps" are the reliable source. She's a nutjob, and a controlling one at that. He tried to make it work, it's ova.

  26. 26


  27. 27


  28. Laury says – reply to this


    You're so gullible Perez, it's almost sweet. Do you honestly believe that everything is perfect between these two? The only reason they're still together is because they have a gazillion children.

  29. 29

    Evidently, the London Sunday Times is reporting they signed a deal to split their $330 million straight down the middle, with shared custody of the children, although they would live with Angelina and Brad would have full access. Stories like this have been brewing for awhile, so it wouldn't surprise anyone if it actually happens.

  30. 30

    The fact that their rep denied they were breaking up means nothing, silly Perez. It's only a matter of time before it happens….thank goodness!

  31. 31

    this woman is a psycho path. remember when she used to keep a vile of billy bob thornton's blood around her neck??? shes a total narcissistic egomaniac!! why is she famous?!

  32. 32

    shes just another insecure actress who didnt get enough love from daddy.

  33. 33

    i think brad pitt has one working brain cell.

  34. 34

    Various sources are reporting that Brad and Jen Aniston were together at the Haiti telethon Friday while Skeletelina was in New York. By the way, Jen looked resplendent at the Golden Globes and even wore Angorexia's trademark black (dress) with a mile-high slit. WOW!!

  35. 35

    I also think she cheated on him…what comes around, goes around…

  36. 36

    yo, comment number 12 "He's Innocent". You are a damaged human being, ugly from the inside out. How shameful to speak of a child in this manor! No child is ugly, and your comment only reveals your true self. Keep idolizing sicko's like Manson loser. You are a wicked, hateful soul. Enjoy hell.

  37. 37

    Only a matter of time….

  38. 38

    I love how some of you (aka thismustbeajoke) talk as if you've actually met (or even SEEN) Angelina and Brad before. Even if every newspaper in the entire world reported they were breaking up, would that make it true? If every newspaper in the world reported that Perez was hot, would that make it true? No.

  39. 39

    Didn't Madonna's reps deny they were splitting right up until the moment she was packing her bags?

  40. 40

    perez i usually agree with with you but you have your priorities all mixed up in this case brangelina is god awful and should be dunzooooooooo so for-freakin-get those two! that homewrecker and cheater should move on

  41. 41

    Re: lala land bitch

    Yeah, comment no. 12 is an A-hole.

  42. 42

    'Rep's are about as reliable and Mario is at staying true to himself and his beliefs. Reps are paid to shoot down rumors, true or not- so to say that a rep said it's not true means absolutely nothing. In fact, it can almost guarantee that it IS.

  43. 43

    They'll split. Good. Angelina sleeps around and doesn't care who she hurts. She is a whore. Team Aniston all the way.

  44. 44

    I agree with pretty much everyone below…Reps ALWAYS

  45. 45

    I agree with most of you… REPS ALWAYS DENY… Same with when he and Aniston broke up… DENY DENY DENY… I hope it is true. He looks horrible and I think there is something seriously wrong with her…

  46. 46

    whats- im glad they are breaking up. Angelina is a homewrecker and brad pitt is a cheater. they are both equally as gross, but angelina is worse.

    she is finally facing the outcome of being a homewrecker! i feel bad for the kids, since they have no fault in this, but what goes around comes around angelina.

    team aniston!

  47. 47

    he has aged terribly, his discomfort shows in his face and demenour. noone can be the salvation to someone's obvious problems. ange, use this to confront your borderline personality disorder. if you want brad, then face what it is that has torn your apart. you can do it.

  48. 48

    So odd–first thing I thought when I read this info in News of the World tonight was, "I wonder how Perez is going to deal with the ugly truth of St. Brangelina."
    Sorry, P-Nasty.

  49. 49

    FuCk No I wAntEd TheM TO bE DoNE….ThIs is JUst gOd daMn …I HaTe AnGie anD bRad n THe

  50. 50

    I hate these two together….She is such a HOMEWRECKER and they both committed adultry…that is so wrong on so many levels…can't wait until these rumors are true and they do break up…So shoud you Perez…will give you something to write about!

  51. 51

    Re: longjewishlegs – Stop believing tabloid LIES, gullible FOOL! It was proven long again that the affair was a TABLOID HOAX! Just because YOU are a whore, don't accuse innocent good women like Angelina of being a 'homewrecker' (there is no such thing) or a whore, just because you are scum.

  52. 52

    Jennifer Aniston is smoking hot, way hotter than Skeletor Jolie. Brad is FUG.

  53. 53

    The Sunday Times of London makes reference to the National Enquirer story saying that Brad staged an intervention to persuade Jolie to get psychiatric help. Someone should do it.

  54. 54

    Re: fire on the mountain – Wow, you are the immoral one, wishing a FAMILY with inncoent CHILDREN would break up, what a vindictive, hateful piece of SHIT you are!~ For your information, gullible tabloid-believing FOOL, there was NO adultery! So sorry that you missed where it was

  55. 55

    Re: fire on the mountain – Wow, you are the immoral one, wishing a FAMILY with inncoent CHILDREN would break up, what a vindictive, hateful piece of SHIT you are! For your information, gullible tabloid-believing FOOL, there was NO adultery! So sorry that you missed where it was PROVEN as a TABLOID *HOAX*! Calling an innocent woman who DID NOTHING WRONG a 'homewrecker' (btw, there is NO such thing; only the wife and husband can wreck their own marriage, Jen did that perfectly) shows that you are immoral and a piece of shit who wishes harm on children. Go TO HELL, you maggot!

  56. 56

    Re: WiseOne7 – Why would you 'hope' that? Are you so full of hate, bitterness and vengefullness, that it escaped your mind that they have innocent children? You would wish a FAMILY splits up? How LOW are you? You slimy MAGGOT! You haters are so evil and so slimy and immoral, its sad that you have so much hate, all due to a WITCHHUNT, when Angelina was PROVEN to be INNOCENT ALL ALONG! You people wishing their children suffer, are maggots! I hope you sleep well at night!~ And I hope the next Haiti comes to you!

  57. 57

    Re: RPORC – Newsflash, you are a bit behind. There WAS NO AFFAIR. Any normal stable and rational person knows that NOW.

  58. 58

    Brangelina forever

  59. 59

    Re: jhoove – Ironic! You can't move past the 'homewrecking' (which there is NO such thing, and which never even happening, JEN ruined her OWN marriage by BETRAYING BRAD) and 'cheating' (that was PROVEN to ahve never happened, and was one big TABLOID HOAX), and yet here YOU are, telling THEM to move on? You are so stuck on (what gullible fools like you 'thought' happened) 5 years ago, that you need to move on from that and get over it like the haters who hate Angelina based on something that DIDN'T happen 5 years ago. Why are people so full of hate 5 years on, even though they now know they were wrong in their judgment? Why is it only ANGELINA, out of the Hollywood people, that gets this much hate? Its clearly becuase she is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood currently, and you bitchy women are SO JEALOUS, you can hardly breathe!

  60. 60

    Re: tonybotz – YOU are the psychopath! It was never a vile, a was a MERE PINPRICK of blood in a LOCKET, like many people have a lock of hair of their children or partner in a locket, if you never heard of the practice dating back a couple of centuries, its no wonder you are completely ignorant and shallow. Angelina is famous for her humanitarian work, something you would need a dictionary for, to know what it means. Go to HELL, you uninformed backward psychopath!

  61. 61

    i read on both times online uk and daily mail uk about their break-up. not surprised, yet juicy stuff. i feel sorry for the kids 4 sure.

  62. 62

    Re: longjewishlegs – when I think of perfection I must say Victoria Beck is no where near the list… she's got one fukced up face and shes toooo skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63

    Re: Phibes – Its so sad that Loonifers are so caught on Jen, they have to hate Angelina FIVE FKKING YEARS LATER! Get over it! And NO, FATiston showed off her FAT CHUNKY THIGHS in that dress, and now its been all over the media about people talking about all the weight she has gained! Hahaha, that dress, that Angelina blew the world away in, showed up Chinnifer FATiston with fat chunky thighs and nobbly knees, and now she is getting SLAMMED for that dress! Hahaha

  64. 64

    Re: VeronicaVolta – WHY is it, that FIVE FREAKING YEARS ON, its only the team LOONIFERS that continue this? Why don't you GET OVER IT, and GET A LIFE? As for 'whore', that is WHOREIFER that sleeps around, Angelina is monogamous, has never slept around, and has never done anything but GOOD to people, whilt Jen plays the pedophile by stripping naked for a children's movie (thank god the SLUT isn't a mother!), letting Mayer urinate on her during orgasm, and even said, and I QUOTE: "to make it in Hollywood, you need to be fkkable". Thanks Jen, for PROVING you slept your way to the top! Aniston is the greasy slimy SLUT.

  65. 65

    Re: Assbleep – You are blind! Chinnifer MANiston the FATiston is a fat nobbly-kneed, chunky thighed ball of masculine fat. There is a reason why Angelina is considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Brad upgraded, and you're just jealous.

  66. 66

    Re: Cokie_ – excuse me , but how did jen betray brad? i'm really curious. and FYI there is such a thing called homewrecker. of course in the first place comes the husband or wife, they should be found guilty but angelina knew those two were married. ok, whatever, it happend, bla bla, but the thing is, with angelina it's very nice of her that she cared about those kids and has adopted them. but after 2,3 kids i think she's overreacting, she is so frustrated with her life or at least childhood, that she thinks she can turn back time and make things right.

  67. 67

    Cokie - Sorry to hear of your breakdown.
    Calling every person you disagree with a "maggot" doesn't make you right.
    No one believes Angelina didn't pursue Brad during Mr & Mrs Smith.
    Brad and Ang denied being together right up to the photos in Africa (oops!)
    Brad and Ang showed how low they could go when they did that W photo shoot. I canceled my subscription and don't watch their movies.
    Ang is no beauty. She looks like Vampira and has a forehead the size of a football field.
    Ang has used her Mia Farrow act to resurrect a reputation that included wearing vials of blood, professed self-harming, brother kissing, fiance stealing (Laura Dern) the list goes on.
    In truth, I don't care about Ang. She has enough nannies to make sure the children are taken care of and I'm sure there's a part of her that is sincere in her efforts. But I also don't buy into her image at all. We all saw her weirdness as it was happening and all the making out with her brother which was mind-numbing.
    Enjoy your righteous indignation. Signed, maggot.

  68. 68

    I wish they would! Do you see how UGLY Brad has become since meeting that dumb whore? (what's with that nasty beard???) ANGELINA MADE OUT WITH HER BROTHER ON THE RED CARPET!?!? She is gross!!! If anyone else did that thier career would be runined!! Perez it makes me sad that you support adultery!!!! Brad should never have left Jen for that TRASH!

  69. 69

    oh, and angelina is very stupid. i mean,ok, adopting those kids was very thoughtful. but the fact is that she has so many of them, of different ages, and different needs, that both of them can't take care of the kids. a child should have a family of course. i don't know how many kids she has, but kids shouldn't have a mom,a dad and 10 nannies. that's just stupid. if you want to help kids, just do what you're already doing, donate money and that's a very nice thing. stop adopting kids if you can't be there for them!it's very selfish

  70. 70

    Re: Ariadna – Regarding children, Jen PROMISED Brad that she would concentrate on starting a family when Friends ended. Instead, she signed up for 6 (SIX) movies back to back, and Brad had to learn about 2 of them from Variety. She LIED to him, and that betrayal was the straw that broke the camel's back. There is NO SUCH THING as a 'homewrecker'. Please, understand that./ ONLY the 2 IN the marriage, can wreck a solid home and marriage, no one else can. Angelina had nothing to do with Brad's marriage, and she has been vindictated.

  71. 71

    I bet Zahara has some sortof african desease!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty sure one of the ugly 3 does… Gawd those kids are fug. LOL they belong in the crumbs of Haiti! lol

  72. 72

    Re: longjewishlegs – oh know jen is back. jen delusional assiston. bitch youre crazy, u and all the jen followers. SAD let go- brads gone. he been gone… pain in da ass stalkers!

  73. 73

    doesn't she ever think what will her kids think of her when they found out how their mommy was back in the day?of course, the blood, the kissing the brother,but also wrecking many relationships?you know what? ok, maybe brad and angelina fell in love on the set of that movie. i accept that,because sometimes you just can't help who you're falling for. that's fine, that happens.but the decent thing brad could've done, was to tell jen, look, i think i'm falling for angelina, so maybe we should break up. and after that you can do whatever, but don't cheat and then act like nothing happend, you're a nice person

  74. 74

    Bullshit - when the UK press comes out with the details…I called this one a years ago - I knew he'd fold up shop when it dawned on him.. sure she can suck cock like a true hollywood wacktress - she'll do anal like no ones business - but this bitch is bat-shit-crazy! I bet he sleeps with one eye open.

    Besides, we all knew she'd end up as a dyke in the end - we'll be reading about her new lesbian partner shortly to help her raise the army of bastard offspring.

  75. 75

    Don't really care if he gets back with Jen. But Angelina Jolie is a freakin whore who justifies every action because it's what she wants … therefore it's ok. She's gone after multiple boyfriends, fiancees and husbands of other women, and now she's found out to be cheating on Brad with someone from her movie? When are people going to knock this woman off her pedestal? First of all she's not that good looking - unusual yes, but not gorgeous. If this is how she's going to teach her daughters to behave I would not classify her as good mother material. I for one hope the rumors are true. Brad deserves better. And trust me - it's out there.

  76. 76

    Saying Brangelina is so 90s Perez

  77. 77

    Re: Cokie_ – i understand what you say, it kind of makes sense. so what you're basicly saying, is that even if angelina would've made a move on brad, she's not guilty, because he is, cause he should've said no. yes, i understand, i kind of agree with you. i slightly disagree because, since her dad cheated on her mom, she should've known better not to follow his footsteps. in this case she's a hypocrite.she broke the relationship with her dad because of the cheated, but still she does that. of course brad takes most of the guilt, but she's also guilty. and about that promise jen made to brad, maybe while filming friends she really thought that by the time it ends she will be ready for kids. you cannot force someone to want to have kids. she wasn't ready then for kids.if she would've made a kid then, it's a 50% chance she would've hated that kid, or become traumatised.

  78. 78

    Re: WiseOne7 – Nope, no breakdown, just correcting ignorant hate-filled people like yourself who spout many-times-over DEBUNKED LIES (such as your lsit that EVERY angelina fan has seen, and SMASHED), you Loonifers will stoop at nothing but spread already debunked LIES. lets go through the list, that I've seen at least 2 and a half thousand times. Although, with the advent of the internet, why you can't RESEARCH THE FACTS, is beyond me. Malicious lying, clearly is your forte.
    1. No one believes Angelina didn't pursue Brad during Mr & Mrs Smith. Only gullible, malicious tabloid-believing people like YOURSELF believe that. And more gullible fool for you for believing it. That is the forte of gullible tabloid airheads.
    2. Brad and Ang denied being together right up to the photos in Africa (oops!)
    The photop, was for the movie. At LEAST get your facts straight.
    3. Lying about Hollywood's most beautiful woman because you are personally 'outrageod' over something she never even did, doesn"t make you any less JEALOUS of her beauty than you are.

  79. 79

    Re: WiseOne7Re: WiseOne7 – 4. "Ang has used her Mia Farrow act to resurrect a reputation" No, the ONLY ones clinging to something that happened 15 years ago, are her haters. Angelina, has proved people grow up. YOU won't let the past, be the past. And of what past is that? As I said above, unlike your LIE about vial'(s), she had one pinprick, in a locket. THERE WAS NO VIAL! You truly DO believe everything you read, don't you? Wow. There is NOTHING unusal about a centuries-old practice of having hair, or a pinprick of blood, in a LOCKET. Clearly you led a sheltered life. So she cut herself when she was young? So? Have you never heard of children having problems? You act as if that is something to made fun of! If you friend started cutting, would you think they were evil or something? You are so narrow-minded. Cutting, which she grew out of, and its sad that you have to desperately reach back to something she did when she was FOURTEEN YEARS OLD (for goodness sake, THINK), that is as common as anorexia and bulimia and doesn't mark someone as 'evil' for life.

  80. 80

    hmm are you sure they haven't broke up?? i agree with what other people say about reps and madonna etc..

    also it is all over the news down here in australia

  81. 81

    Re: WiseOne7 – 4. "Ang has used her Mia Farrow act to resurrect a reputation" No, the ONLY ones clinging to something that happened 15 years ago, are her haters. Angelina, has proved people grow up. YOU won't let the past, be the past. And of what past is that? As I said above, unlike your LIE about vial'(s), she had one pinprick, in a locket. THERE WAS NO VIAL! You truly DO believe everything you read, don't you? Wow. There is NOTHING unusal about a centuries-old practice of having hair, or a pinprick of blood, in a LOCKET. Clearly you led a sheltered life.

  82. 82

    Re: WiseOne7 – Brother kissing - Oh god, this has been done many times over: she gave her brother a QUICK greeting kiss ON the lips! There was no 'making out, as your sick and perverted mind WANTS to believe, it was simply a thing many cultures do, and that is kiss their relative ON the lips. Its called culture. Look it up. Stop putting your sexual hangups on other cultures. Laura Dern - timeline readily available on the internet, PROVES that BBT and LD were over LONG before he a married Angelina. That was yet another silly tabloid hoax, which facts and timelines, which if you had even BOTHERED, you would have known, prove Angelina, yet again, innocent. You don't buy into her image, because you DON'T WANT TO. Despite the fact that she has been doing humanitarian work LONG before she and Brad even got together, I have no problems with people who just don't like Angelina, but when they use LIES to prop up their unfounded hatred….you have to reach back as far as when she was a 14 year old CHILD, to get any dirt on her. You are so sad, and yes, you are a small-minded and malicious maggot.

  83. 83

    Re: KAJ221 – Sigh. What is it with people with dirty perverted minds? The reason it didn't ruin her career is because she didn't 'make-out' with her brother on the red carpet. I feel so sorry for you that you are such a perverted deviate.

  84. 84

    COKIE….listen up for your information, before you have a complete spaz over this story and start having mental fits, let me just inform you that it's been recently reported that Jen did keep true to her promise and did try to have children with him, she had two miscarriages,one just before brad split with her. It's reported the grief drove them apart and he ran into the arms on ange-hoe-lina as this was just when he started filming mr and mrs smith. The asshole ditched the poor girl! And it's not Jen who goes on about this bloody break up, it's the damn media, she's had quite alot of romances since than, including john mayer who admitted what a damn nice girl Jen is and is had trouble getting over her, despite being the one who ended it. As for Angelina, can't see anyone of her exs who speaks fondly of her whoring ways! It's not even a surprise that this would be true, she looks as cold as her pale skin and clearly the stress of this relationship is evident on brad's crap aged face. Nothing good ever amounts out of a relationship built from cheating!

  85. 85

    Hate the homewrecker of "st Angie" that woman is sooooo unstable with all her past and present…
    sorry Perez but fuck off brangelina not for soooo long!!!!!!!!!!

  86. 86

    Re: Ariadna – Here we go AGAIN! Doesn't anyone READ the previous posts before replying? There was no 'blood' as such, nor any vials. It was a TEENY TINY PINPRICK of blood, in a LOCKET, for christ sake! Ever heard of parents or fiances having a lock of their precious' hair in a locket? Probably not, you've been too sheltered. Its a NORMAL ritual that goes back centuries. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. Only with the uncultured xenophobic people that FEAR things that are different.
    She never 'made out' with her brother. AGAIN, simply becuase you are uncultured and narrow-minded, doesn't mean that many cultures that kiss relatives ON the MOUTH such as Italians, are wrong. Nor are New Zealanders, who great TOTAL STRANGERS, by RUBBING NOSES. I bet you are so racist and bigoted, you think that is (in a 6 year old voice) 'ewwww'! The one with the problem, is YOU!
    And, she has not wrecked (not that a total outside person can, in the ADULT world) one single relationship. Put down the tabloids, read a book, let go of your sexual perversion, open your mind, and stop judging innocent people, and deal with your own hatred, AND self-loathing, and you will be a much better person.

  87. 87

    Re: Ariadna – No, you are still not getting it. You are still working under the mis-assumption that there was an affair. THERE WAS NO AFFAIR! That tabloid hoax was debunked long ago. I am saying, you are attacking Angelina and Brad, for something that DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN. Jen and Brad split. Jen moved on to Vince Vaughn (AND the photos on the net are proof; she was caught dry-humping him 3 weeks after they announced the split - hmmmm whom really cheated on whom?), and AFTER Jen moved on with V V, only then, did Brad and Angelina get together. There was no affair. Why can't you accept that?

  88. 88

    Looks like the NY Post story is true, if you read it. We will see.

  89. 89

    Re: digital_girl – lListen up yourself! The RUMOURS of 2 miscarriages were just that RUMOURS - ie LIES! Jen herself said it wasn't true. ONCE AGAIN, you believe the TABLOIDS. Actions speak, LOUDER than words - Jen signed up for 6 back to back movies IMMEDIATELY. If you are trying to start a family, you do NOT take on THAT level of work. Use common sense. You use tabloid LIES to justify your little FANTASY of how it played out! NOT TRUE! If anything, SLUTISTON was the one, like the fukking whore she is,. dry-humping V V on a public balcony, before Brad even began his relationship with Angelina, Jen was the one who probably had the affair. But most normal people who keep up to date with things NOW KNOW that no affair between Angelina and Brad happened, as much as it hurts you because you SO DESPERATELY WANT TO CLING to your little FANTASY.
    Oh, and both Johnny Miller, and BBT have all spoke lovingly about Angelina, so I guess you didn't do your research, huh? Lying is easier for you, clearly. As for the one JEN cheated on, with Brad - Tate Donovan, he blasted her afterwards and made out that she was a superficial snob. Unlike Angelina, none of Jen's exes ever speak nicely of the slept-to-the-top WHORE!

  90. 90

    Re: digital_girl – "Nothing good ever amounts out of a relationship built from cheating!"
    Yep, thats why the one Jen cheated with, Brad, thats why their marriage didn't last long. Karma for JEN cheating on a decent person like Tate. All the pain Jen has had lately, is all her PAYBACK for being a cheating whore.

  91. 91

    Re: Cokie_ – i am so sorry for you.. i really am.. i never said making out, that would've been eeew,whatever; you know what? as long as i'm not jen, angie or brad, or you arent't brad , angie or jen YOU CAN CURSE ME ALL YOU WANT BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPEND IN REALITY!i really don't understand why you have to call me and others, names, when i didn't do that;how old are you? 12?13? because only kids that age become that upset over an opinion. you know what? grown-ups learn to listen,to try to understand the other one's point of view and then tell you're opinion without fighting. i guess you are a single kid or the little kid in the family and you were so spoiled as a kid that you always had to be right

  92. 92

    if only

  93. 93

    Intelligent readers need to know that Skankalina slept with her mother's live-in boyfriend. IT'S TRUE, and ALL the wireservices have reported this FACT. She SEDUCED her own mother's live-in boyfriend. HOMEWRECKING WHORE!

  94. 94

    Re: Cokie_
    I have a life, you are the one going crazy on anyone who has a different opinion than you. I'm actually not a huge Aniston fan. Yes, I like her, but I don't idolize her. Angelina has slept with girls, which is her choice, and I'm not a homophobe, and she has stolen men before that were in relationships right before meeting her or working with her. She likes to hook up with/date her costars, not caring that they may not be single. Hayden Panetierre is more of a whore than Aniston, Aniston has 'dated' Gerald and Bradley, dated John, some camera guy and a model. That's the list for Hayden in 6 or less months. Um, let's see, Angelina got naked in GIA and maybe other movies. What movie was Jen naked in with a child? As to her sexual preferences with Mayer, well Angelina drank her exes blood and wore it, and had even kinkier sex preferences, is she not a whore? And by Aniston's f*ckable quote, she means you need to have sex appeal. Angelina has said she doesn't believe in the need for monagomy. Aniston may not fly to 3rd world countries, but she donates money and works with childrens charities, she just don't invite the paparazzi along like Angie does. There.

  95. 95

    I think they think that if they "break up" it will take the pressure off them as a couple and them as a family. Not everything will change. They just want to do this in their own time though…

  96. 96

    Re: Cokie_ – And Angelina admitted to falling for Brad on set, WHEN he was still MARRIED. A security guard heard them having sex.

  97. 97

    Poor Cokie. Seriously.

    But Jennifer never cheated on Tate with Brad. Jennifer and Brad were set up on a date by their agents. They were both quite single. Look it up anywhere.

  98. 98

    I give up. You angry people so full of hate will believe ANYTHING you read if it serves your purpose. You hate Angelina, and for no reason - all along, she was the victim of a malicious, sexist and vindictive witchhunt. It really saddens me that so many people are so morally bankrupt, and so gullible that they will believe, and then condemn, an innocent woman, based on LIES. For you people that FELL for the tabloid hoax, ask yourself this. If you and your SO broke up, and people spread hateful and vindictive lies that you cheated, when you didn't, and it spread like wildfire and EVERYONE believed them so you never had a chance, how would YOU feel about the malicious lies? Would you then, feel content to judge someone you don't even know, and ASSume she/he did something? WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG? Does THAT ever, *EVER* enter your mind? Do you realise that 'baring FALSE WITNESS' against another person is evil and immoral, too? So, criticising someone for 'supposedly' doing something wrong, when you DON'T KNOW FOR SURE, is evil and immoral as well, which makes you a hypocrite?

  99. 99

    You should never judge people unless you KNOW the FACTS. Which NONE of you nasty heartless bitches do.How would you feel about your bullying of an innocent person, and condemning and spreading lies about them, when and if it turns out, that they were innocent all along? How would you feel? You try to take the 'high moral ground', but a TRULY MORAL and GOOD person doesn't judge someone they don't even know, on HEARSAY. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror? Would you like it if someone destroyed YOUR life, through vicious rumours and lies? How do you people live with yourselves? If that doesn't prick your conscience and make you realise that what you are doing is wrong, then as I fear, I HAVE lost all faith in humanity, which has not moved past the Spanish Inquisition and witch burning times. Clearly, humanity doesn't grow and evolve. This page is PROOF POSITIVE. And shame on you people. I won't be coming back to this cesspitt of ignorance and uncultured vicious and nasty hateful judgemental people, but I live you with this: You don't KNOW anything. WHAT IF YOU ARE WRONG?!?!!!? Please, at least ask yourself. "WHAT IF AM WRONG?"

  100. 100

    Re: Cokie_ – no offense, but some women preffer to lie than to admit they had miscarriges.it's very difficult for women to admit that. so for example, if i wanted a kid, but had a misscarige, i would probably lie. why? because jen is in the public eye, and a miscarige is a trauma, and it would've been brought up in every interview that she had a miscarrige. it was better to lie, and say that she just didn't wanna have kids. and excuse me, you're talking about common sense>? jen has not? but angelina has?she has too many kids at home but she has time to do 2,3 movie a year?

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