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Don't Believe The Rumors

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Silly rumors originating from unreliable outlets have been circulating around the Internets, claiming that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were separating.

We didn't believe it. And, now, those silly stories have officially been squashed by their rep.

A rep for Brangelina says they are NOT breaking up.


Brangelina forever!

[Image via WENN.]

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326 comments to “Don't Believe The Rumors”

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  1. 101

    Re: Phibes – INTELLIGENT readers KNOW better than to beleive OUTRAGEOUS LIES, that have been debunked. She NEVER slept with her mother's boyfriend, stop parroting tabloid LIES. Do you know how GULLIBLE you are? Clinging to ANY outrageous and nonsensical absurd lie, to jsutify your HATRED? The tiemline that Angelina supposedly slept with her mother's boyfriend, doesn't even ad up. Even tabloids and authors who don't like Angelina, came out against IUC's lie. Wow, you truly do believe everything you read, don't you? You must feel SO proud of yourself, spreading your gullibility, hatred and ignorance all over the place. You are scum, not even fit to lip a toilet. Your parents must be sooooo proud of you, that they raiased a gullible, mentally retarded ignorant shell of a person. Have a good sleep tonight.

  2. 102

    Re: Cokie_ – how do you know that we are wrong? how do you know brad didn't cheat on angie? because you too read it somewhere .or what, just because angelina said no we didn';t cheat means they didn't cheat? they're actors, they could act in front of you and you wouldn't know it. all i'm saying is that you also, like the rest of us, don't know the truth

  3. 103

    Billy was involved in a two-year relationship with Laura Dern at the time, which he seemed to forget when he wed Angelina Jolie in Las Vegas in May of 2000. What was Laura's reaction to the sudden split? "I left our home to go and make a movie," she has said, "and while I was away my boyfriend got married, and I never heard from him again.

  4. 104

    Re: VeronicaVolta – Again, MORE LIES. The non-existant 'security guard', was yet another, TABLOID LIE you fell for. THINK! For goodness sake, USE YOUR BRAINS! Around a hundred people are on set, not just a bodyguard. There has not been NOT ONE actual report of anything, other than un-named 'sources' bodygurad. Why are you so DESPERATE that you lower yourself to repating tabloid LIES? Are you really THAT desperate to justify your hatred for a woman you don't even know, that you will even resort to quoting debunked tabloid lies?

  5. 105

    Re: VeronicaVolta – As for admitting she fell in love with him on set, people fell in love with the Beatles in concert. It doesn't mean an affair happened. You CAN fall in love and not act on it. Beleive me, I have heard EVERY single lie, tabloid misquote, distortion and justification for hatred, and not one, NOT ONE, stands up to scrutiny.

  6. 106

    Anniston rules!

  7. 107

    Re: WiseOne7 – No poor you, for being so bitter, so full of hate, that you will use lies to justify your immoral hatred. And boy, are you wrong. Look it up. Jen did cheat on Donovan with Brad. She even admitted she fukked Brad on the first date. That can be found in an actual interview, online, and not just a 'sources said' quote. I feel so sorry for you that you can besmirch a good woman, when the one under you nose is far from being as pure as the driven snow, than you obviously are brainwashed to think. I truly pity you.

  8. 108

    Cokie hypocrisy is your claiming you actually know whether or not Jennifer had a miscarriage. Someone so personal that is not easy to talk about. Your claim that Jennifer cheated on Tate with Brad when they were set up by their agents.
    Your claim that you know the exact conversations Brad and Jen had.
    Look at every single thing you said about Jen.

  9. 109

    "don't believe the rumors" what…they're both gay in a hollywood arranged marriage? hollywood:the wood magicians use to craft their wands to hypnotize people.and boy it works.

  10. 110

    Re: Cokie_ – Angelina Jolie had sex with her mother’s boyfriend when she was just 16, according to a bombshell new biography penned by controversial writer Andrew Morton.

    “Marcheline had a live-in boyfriend whom she was very much in love with, but Ange slept with him when she was 16 and barely out of school,” a source told the magazine. “Her mother found out and ended her relationship with the man.”

    Jolie and her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, could not come to terms with each other after the Oscar winning star confessed to the act, and at the time they struggled to repair their damaged relationship.

    The source also says: “When Ange admitted the story to her brother James just a few weeks ago, even he turned on her. She has hardly anyone left in life who likes or trusts her.”

  11. 111

    Re: Cokie_
    Pretty ironic that your accusing the rest of us for believing in the tabloids and media, what exactly are you doing than? All these things you've stated, did angelina come up to you and tell these "facts" herself?? I don't think so dude, you've read exactly what the rest of us have read and heard. YOU CAN ONLY SPECULATE LIKE THE REST OF US…so quit your jibber jabber

  12. 112

    [re=4694505]Lastly, as I leave, I guess I was brought up much better than you lowlives on here. My parents taught me that is not right to judge people, and to make sure you have the facts before you put foot in mouth and spread lies that turn out to be lies, leaving one looking foolish and wrong. You people are like bullies who get a kick out of slurring another human being, like during the witchhunt times. You don't care that your falsehoods and malicious lies are hurting more than the person; their family, loved ones - you don't care. You don't care who you hurt, in spreading your spiteful and malicious lies. You never stop to think, "WHAT IF Í'M WRONG?" You just go right ahead, spread LIES from tabloids, without even thinking that what you are doing, is WRONG. You try and act all self-righeous, when the irony is that you are far more immoral than Angelina ever was if she did ever cheat. I hope the parents of you evil, immoral and low people are proud of you. And I hope, that one day, one day, you stop and THINK about what your vicious gossip is doing to someone you don't even know. Perhaps it may one day happen to you. Beware of karma. You are all sending out evil and hatred, and it will return to you three-fold. So before engaging in harmful and malicious gossip, ask yourself;

    Goodbye, and may god awaken your conscience and cleanse your hearts.

  13. 113

    Re: Cokie_ – oh, and maybe someone should alert angelina, cause you're clearly OBSESSED with her !!!!

  14. 114

    Re: VeronicaVolta

  15. 115

    Cokie, are you Octomom? That would explain so much.

  16. 116

    Re: Cokie_ – oh my, you are such a drama queen. i am not hurting anyone, not even brad etc, you know why? because they're smart enough not to read this stuff about them.i actually did give them the benefit of the doubt until 2 years ago. but asnwer this, did you ever stopped to think " WHAT IF I AM WRONG>?" no you didn't. OBSESSED PERSON, TRY TO UNDERSTAND. YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT HAPPEND IN THAT TRIANGLE! NADA! NIET! NICHTS! and we will probably never find out

  17. 117

    Intelligent readers need to know that Scabalina claimed that it was SO devastating that her father cheated on her mother, yet she did the same thing. YES, she SEDUCED her mother's live-in boyfriend. It's true, but Mario Lardveranda will not report these TRUE FACTS.

  18. 118

    I wonder if Angelina is stable. The whole adoption, birth multiple thing seems excessive. I hope they don't break up because of the children, but I've never liked either one of them very much and I don't go to their films. Jen A. also seems boring, but didn't deserve to be cheated on.

  19. 119

    Sorta' like when Pitt's and Aniston's rep said the same thing. My God, you are blinded by your sycophantism that you couldn't even find there arses to kiss - though we know you want to.

  20. 120

    somehow, i see Brangelina as a long term relationship and do not believe those rumours.

  21. 121

    BTW Perez- I challenge you. I challenge you to come right out and say WHY IN THE HELL YOU HATE JENNIFER SO MUCH. Is it because she's down to earth and Angie's not? Is it because Jen as one of the best bodies ever as opposed to oh-so-fragile Angie? Is it because Jen's always smiling while Angie only smiles when drunk or pregnant? Is it because Jen's dating around while Angies had half the Western Seaboard (or at least the celebrities in the West anyway?) It sounds very much to me as if you, as well are afraid of the rumours so you deny them about every damn day. Step to the plate, Mario. If you're going to walk the walk, talk the talk. Tell us exactly what Jen's done to you? Hhhhmm?? We're waiting . . .

  22. 122

    BUT… is Brad willing to sneak around Angie and let me pleasure him orally?

  23. 123

    I don't want them to break up because they have kids :(

  24. 124

    She never stays with ANYONE'S husband for very long. I'm sure they are over!!! They just have not made it public yet…

  25. 125

    It¨s just a matter of time. She´s ha husband stealer and he´s… well, he must be a tad thick. What goes around comes around,

  26. 126

    They will never break up - at least not for years and years. The main reason is because they're truly in love. The saying goes, "Opposites attract" but the part everyone forgets is the rest of that saying, which goes, "Similarities endure." Hence, Brad and Angelina (whom he affectionately refers to as his "angel") have SO MUCH IN COMMON! World causes, children - and both love loads and loads of kiddos, which both admitted to, prior to ever having kids, and they love flying airplanes, riding motorcycles, appreciation of art, etc. I never believed a word of the unreliable tabloids. Thanks, Perez (and/or your ghost writers) for seeing the big picture and not going along with the rags on this nonsense. They are an amazing couple who were among the first to give tons of money to the Haitians. Not to mention the millions they've given world wide and to our country (Louisiana). God bless them!

  27. 127

    She looks pregnant

  28. 128

    they want to do it privately so of course the rep will say no

  29. 129

    PS - Perhaps she made the comment to the German newspaper about "fidelity being overrated and it's worse saying bad things about your partner after a split" because she was having a brief fling with her hot new co-star: JOHNNY DEPP. Now, I could actually see her having sex with the only man hotter than Brad and that's JOHNNY. ;) Juuuuuuust sayin'!

  30. 130

    *lol* I SO HOPE IT'S TRUE!!! Brad looks like an old man!

  31. 131

    god i fucking hate that home-wrecking whore.

  32. 132

    If it hasn't happened, it will…..

  33. 133

    Re: Del Mar – you're an idiot

  34. 134

    i don t care whether she actually was a homewrecker or not (it always takes TWO for this!!), but she definitely is a PSYCHO!
    I believe the rumors of them breaking up. in German tabloids it says today that they already signed a mutal agreement with their attorneys in December 2009 which the separaytion contract stipulating that all of the children will stay with Angelina and that the value of the December 2009 contract amounted to 230 million USD.
    AND that already last summer Angelina had a sexual relationship or affair with some russian teacher who had been hired to give her lssions in the russian language for a movie..By the way, it was the chambERmaID of the hotel she was stayin in at that time who said the latter one…

    I am absolutely SURE they ll officially announce their break-up soon…

  35. 135

    These 2 have accomplished more and given back more than all the haters combined on this website. They have a loving family. How they live their day to day lives only they know. They have given away multi-millions of dollars all over the world including their excellent work in New Orleans. I don't understand why so many of my fellow americans are such bitchy, hateful morons.

  36. 136


    surely these idiots cant hold it together much longer

    GO BACK TO JEN BRAD UR A LAUGHING STOCK !! anges an insane manipulating freak

  37. 137

    omg! cokie-coke whatever your name, i think you need to get a chill pill!!! My god what are you all about??!!!!
    Anyway, I'm sooooo over the Angie PR monster! hello people! she is a master, if she stops doing movies she could start up her own company!
    Think about it people, Jen comes out in all the mags looking fab at the golden Globes, Angie doesn't go, she feels left out and starts the rumours! HELLO attention back to Ang, she went grocery shopping with kids instead of the glist and glamour!!! helllooooooo the woman is a master, my hat goes off to her, but I can't stand her public imagine as of course I don't know her personally, no interest but just think its sooo funny how everyone plays into her hands! take alook at all events in the past and see where the PR Monster comes out!!! brillant!xoxo tip my hat to the master and her talent but Jen rocks!

  38. pomme says – reply to this


    Perez,do you remember when rumours said Brad sex with Angie during "mr&mrs smith" set , he again was married and every one (brad,Angie,RP….)said it's untrue!?

  39. 139

    The first time I heard about it, it was like WTF! My world is falling apart! But thankfully Perez calmed my fears. I can now go on with my life.

  40. 140

    LOL! So many jealous, miserable people on this site. Your pathetic bitterness over Brad and Angelina's good fortune is laughable. Get over it.

  41. 141

    Re: loulou876 – yeah, i think you're right about the pr thing, i never even thought about it, but yeah

  42. 142

    Hmm one thing I don't understand is all you people who belittle and insult perez and his blog continue to come here, take the time to read it, and then post an unnecessary rude comment. If your just coming to bash on someone for no goddamn reason, then thats pretty immature and time wasting for the rest of us. I come hear to keep up on things that are happening and see what other people have to say about it, but most of the time all i see are ignorant comments like "you a fat stupid fuck. this story is old". Its like they say on Bambi, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all". If you rly don't like Perez that much, then go away.

  43. 143

    Homewreckers. I feel sorry for their children, they never, never look happy. Not one of them, not in any picture, ever. So wrong to amass children like cats.

  44. 144

    Re: Phibes – I don't believe that Brad and Jen will ever reunite but Jen looks GREAT with a few more pounds on her - what fantastic curves! Yay, living good IS the best revenge!

  45. 145

    Re: lala land bitch – I've reported the idiot. Sad that people come on and spew such garbage, especially about children, isn't it?

  46. 146

    Re: Cashmere Jay – Whoa, that's very intense IF it's true. But something is up with "St." Angie - she is skeletally thin. How can she have the energy to film and take care of the kids when she's clearly not eating at all?

  47. 147

    Re: Cokie_ – Angie wasn't innocent of helping to make Brad's marriage toast. You cannot justify someone taking part in destroying another's marriage. It was, and still is, clearly wrong of BOTH Angie and Brad. Many people dislike Angie for doing this. If everyone did this, we'd have no stability at all in family life, the very thing you claim to value. And trust me, I DO feel badly for those children. But to me, they look very unhappy on a regular basis. Maybe some therapy would be in order? It was also WRONG of two people who have problems with long-term commitment to collect so many children. Did they never think about the inevitable of when they tired of one another and how it would impact their children? Hollywood relationships almost never last - so why disrupt so many tiny lives? In short, neither Angie or Brad are saints at all, despite their outward "beauty."

  48. 148

    Furthermore, Cokie, your incredible rage at everyone else is a bit overwhelming. Angry you might be at people judging Angie but you've gone over the top completely in your angry name-calling and long rants. Usually when people react with such strong emotion it's because their hot button has been pushed, reminding them of an similar incident that's happened in their own life. Maybe you might want look into that and figure out why it is that you're so incredibly angry about this issue?

  49. 149

    What goes around, comes around….

  50. 150

    They just commented on NBC morning news that B & A signed legal documents to split their fortune.

  51. 151

    Anyone who could claim Jen's new body is "chunky" has some serious body dysmorphia going on! Jen FINALLY looks healthy again. LOVE her new curves. She looks FANTASTIC! I hope that other actresses follow her lead and dump those lollipop looks (Angie.) There's NOTHING sexy about having a huge head and no breasts, hips or butt. It's called having the body of a little boy, not a woman. Go, Jen, I'm glad that you're doing so well after several years of unasked for grief.

  52. 152

    Re: VeronicaVolta – Re: the sex on set: That's just so disgusting! Classless. And I remember being disgusted when reading Angie's interview where she admitted to cheating while Brad was still married. It's like she was trying to show the world how right she was, while not caring that it was a slap in the face to Jen. Completely classless lass who cannot keep a man, despite all of her "looks" and "abilities."

  53. 153

    Re: Cokie_ – So many, many liars out there, huh, and only you knowing and telling the truth?

  54. 154

    Its on the TodaySHow that they are breaking up. I wouldnt be surprised if they do. It made national news.

  55. 155

    Re: Cokie_ – Wow, your parents taught you not to judge people? Is that why you've been calling all of the commentors here maggots, morons, etc? Because that's not judging them, is it? Frankly, Cokie, you need psychiatric help. You are scary.

  56. 156

    I can't understand why people focus all their anger on Angelina, she didn't make any commitment or marriage vows to Jennifer Aniston, he did - he broke the vows that were made, yet Angelina cops most of the wrath. Anyway, this is old, old news and it's boring.

    When Brad was filming with Angelina and he was still married, the whispers of an affair started off just like this and then it snowballed and the truth came out.

  57. 157

    I expected this to be true I hate fucking homewrecker overrated Angelina, and Brad for cheater… Jen is better off without him…

  58. 158

    Re: Phibes – People oftentimes are devastated by their parents' misdeeds (Tiger Woods over his father's cheating on his mother,) such as cheating, alcoholism, physical abuse…but the sad thing is that SEEING that behavior oftentimes installs it into the child's brain. And later in life, that person does just what he or she loathed the most as a child. THAT is how abuse/cheating is learned and perpetuated. Children's minds are very fragile. Subjecting them to clearly wrong behavior puts them at greater risk of learning and recreating that same wrong behavior later in life. So sad but true. We need to find a way to better protect children, when they are the most vulnerable.

  59. 159

    geeez, enough with those rumors already!!

  60. Fatsy says – reply to this


    Die B**** and take this ugly D-bag along with u and ur hideous family to hell die homewrecker/Devilina Ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XOXO

  61. 161

    Re: enjoey – Because pious immorality sucks, and most people do seem to feel that way and acknowledge it.

  62. 162

    When we read your blog, we keep reading about how you hate those women (those homewrecker like you always call them) who break a marriage so at least try to be faithful to what your opinion seems to be…and don t put Angelina Jolie on some kind of pedestal just because you can t stand J. Aniston. It s obvious that Jolie and Pitt had nothing to do together in the first place anyway. Jolie seduced Pitt because he was her golden ticket to clean up her image in Hollywood and Pitt fell for her because he never had such a sexual connection with somebody, and at that time his marriage to Aniston had become too much of a routine. Once Jolie revealed her true image, this sexual connection was not enough anymore…Amazing sexual connection can build a couple for a while…But at one point it s not as strong anymore and you need to find something else in the relationship that will keep two people together. In case there is nothing else, like it s clearly the case with Jolie and Pitt, you have no choice but ending the relationship and move on. So please Perez, don t write on your website that their publicist said they are not breaking up while you are always the first to write that publicists are definitely no reliable sources! Do you get paid or something to always defend Brangelina?

  63. 163

    Cokie's passion/obsession leads one to think that perhaps it's really Ms. Jolie writing those messages. I mean, what normal bystander pays attention, remembers, or even cares how many years ago something happened, that photos were from a shoot related to a movie, etc. The news item of a separation is just that - a news item about two, what appears to be, self-indulgent, flighty, egomaniacs. Neither of these individuals appear to be very mature. Their support of causes has always seemed to me to be more about establishing some sort of image or credibility than about quietly doing something good. There are more essential things in life to be concerned about than these two.

  64. 164

    The first hint was when Angelina said recently in an interview she believes in open marriage. Right there I knew she was bored in the relationship or could be they are bored with each other. Celebrities should not adopt children as what are the odds they will stay together to raise them.

  65. 165

    Oh ya, another sign they are breaking up is that they have not adopted any more children lately. I thought this was rather an obvious sign something was up with them.

  66. Suze says – reply to this


    OMG, cokie, I hope you took your meds! I'm not a fan of any of these people, but how are you so sure that YOU'RE right? Chances are, you're wrong. When a bad reputation follows someone around for so long, you've got to wonder if it's true. Nobody but Brad, Angelina and Jennifer know the truth for sure, but Angie's got some serious 'splainin' to do! Too many negative stories follow her around. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

  67. 167

    she is a dirty whore homewrecker and he is a dick.

  68. 168

    Maniston is licking her chops because she knows Brad will soon be licking her hot stuff!

  69. 169

    HUm…. As Perez herself would say: That's not much of a denial. Fishy fishy. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  70. 170

    I think you're gonna eat those words, Perez. They'll be making a formal announcement of their split later this week. They've worked out financial and child custody issues with their attornies.

  71. 171

    It's ovah !!!!!

  72. 172

    I agree w LongJewishLegs: Angelina is a whore! Why do some people put these two on a pedestal? Last time I checked, cheating wasn't a good thing!

  73. 173

    And of course you should ALWAYS believe what their rep says… NOT!!!

  74. 174

    Thank God they aren't :D
    Love Brangelina!!!

  75. 175

    Wow Perez you're really being a hypocrite here. How many reps have denied break up rumors and a whole bunch of other celebrity bullshit when it turned out to be true. You use the NATIONAL ENQUIRER as a source for fuck's sake!

    I know you love these two SLUTS who manipulate the media into thinking their Mother Earth and Captain America but in reality they're cheating bastards. I'm sick of seeing cameras following these two on their "missions" because all they do is exploit the people of whatever country they happen to be in. They make me sick to my stomach. They honestly deserve one another.

  76. 176

    Re: huskyheel – LOL you're right. But I don't think you realize how many Brangaloonies there are out there. There's something about these two cretins that drive people insane. I have personally met a psycho who made a COLLAGE of their relationship. WTF?!?! As far as I'm concerned, they can both rot!

  77. 177

    Perez - can you please block Cokie? I like to judge and diss people in peace.

  78. 178

    why do you support that whore and phsycho angelina? she is a homwrecker. have you seen jennifer aniston lately?BEAUTIFUL!!!!she blows angie out the water and she's like 7 years older than that whacko! anniston and jerard butler at the golden globes by far blow out angie, brad and their ugly (except maddox and zahara) ayass kids

  79. 179

    It was only a matter of time. Surprised it lasted as long as it did.

  80. 180

    The split was told by Fox 25 Boston news at 11 p.m. last night, and I didn't believe. Ironic that "poor Jen" is on the cover of People this week with the pathetic headline "5 years after Brad".

  81. 181

    Reps lie all the time, but I suspect these two are working. Heck there have been rumors from the beginning. As for people blaming Angelina for the breakup with Jen, get the heck over it. She has. She's moved on and no man goes out looking without having his own issues. It's Brad's fault if anyone's. Why doesn't anyone see what he did as wrong? I think he wanted children and Jen was not ready. That's a huge rift waiting to happen in a marriage. It's not the fault of the other woman. It's always the fault of the one who strayed. End of story.

  82. 182

    The LOL's will be coming the day these 2 do break up. It's going to happen, fo sho!!

  83. 183

    Can't believe the comments I'm reading. Will they last to the end? THis is Hollywood, very few last to the end. If Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon can break up…still upset over that. Also the comments about the adopted kids. Shut up. I adopted my boys outside of my race and people call them, "wetbacks," to their faces and ask them if they're legal. Shut up. They're little kids. What's wrong with people? Why is the state of their relationship news? People have been looking for them to fail from the begining and the odds are just against them in every way, because of the industry. They will probably not make it in the end. Just because of the numbers. I hope they do, tho. I hope they make the naysayers look like fools. Relationships are hard. I've been with my hubs for 16 years It's not romance and roses. If it were in the public eye? No, we would not have made it.

  84. 184

    Uh-huh. I'll put this one in the "Dead Castro" file.

  85. 185

    I'm bothered by how they are put on a pedistal. Though when you get into scum like Jon Gosselin, Tiger Woods and Leighn Rimes, they're called homewreckers and whores. I think I figured it out though.

    Brad and Jen didn't have any kids, so with brad cheating on jen with angelia, it didn't seem so horrible because no kids were involved on their side. Where of the examples I gave, they cheated and broke up their families (or someone else's family). In the case here, Angelia broke up just the marriage, where of her family wasn't even effected by it.

    It's pretty rediculous. I'm on Jennifer Anistons side. Brangelia can just go huff a dong. What goes around comes around.

  86. 186

    first of all, none of you know any of these people personally, so to call AJ a home-wrecking whore or Aniston down-to-earth is just ridiculous. cheating goes on all the time and frankly, if you have a good, stable home life, even the biggest tramp can't break you up. if you think Angelina's scum, then so is fucking Brad Pitt. calling Aniston sweet or kind is nuts too. this chick has dated half of Hollywood and STILL can't keep a man. sounds like she's got plenty of issues too. frankly, I wouldn't want any of them,

  87. 187

    Sorry Perez, I think you'd better prepare yourself this time. This is some serious buzz goin on, having been picked up by some of the kind of outlets that actually verify their stuff. And the law firm that supposedly is handling the legal side issued "no comment" rather than a denial, which is also telling. Oh goodie - we're all bored of the Woodsfest gossip storm and ready for something new.

  88. 188

    Whether they are together or not, they sure don't look very happy. I really do not know how any couple can manage 6 children so close in age and keep their relationship happy, especially one that barely started before adding kid and after kid. It is way too much stress. Child rearing is HARD work. And, with all the globe trotting these two do, with the instability and inconsistency that goes with that, how they can give these kids the right kind of home is a mystery. It's impossible. I like them both as actors, but I really feel sorry for those kids.

  89. 189

    They are cute together, but people seem to forget that Brad cheated on his wife in order to be with Angelina. How is that a foundation for a sucessful marriage?

  90. 190

    Re: Cokie_ – Someone let Cokie out of the institution again…. fucking fruitloop.
    Oh yeah…and FUCK Brangelina. It was bound to happen.

  91. 191

    I never understood what a true 'Brangeloonie' was until I read some of these comments. YIKES guys, step awaaaayyy from the computer.

  92. 192

    I'm still betting on Ian Halperin's book that the odds are stacked by 2011 these two will be dismatled and OVER.

  93. 193

    This is getting ridiculous. Cokie is mental.
    I actually hope they didn't break up they have so many cute kids together!

  94. 194

    Re: Cokie_ – Is it Cokie? Or…..Angie? ;) HI ANGEEEEEE!!!!!

  95. 195

    Re: huskyheel – TOTALLY!!!!!!! That's got to be Angie herself!!! HILARIOUS! BUSTED!

  96. 196

    perez is a hypocrite just like brad, angelina and the rest of the brangeloonie clan. everyones a whore n homewrecker to this idiot but the most obvious person. i love how its "jen cant keep a man" maybe SHE DOESNT WANT THEM!!! maybe her husband cheated n left her for an std ridden whorebag that shes hesitant to get into anything serious. why is it always her that gets dumped? cuz of the idiots that dont like her? she came out smellin like fuckin roses n she looks hotter than both brad n his bitch combined on their "hottest" day.. hes eating his fuckin heart out. TEAM. ANISTON.

  97. 197


  98. 198

    the word is quashed you fatass

  99. 199

    My thoughts after glancing through all these silly posts.
    1. No one knows what happened except them.
    2. I think all of Brad and Angelina's kids are beautiful, especially Zahara.
    3. I sincerely hope Angelina Jolie has a restraining order against "Cokie"

  100. 200

    They are so OVER the twins were their last ditch effort to save the union…attention ALL wives in Hollywood….homewrecker on the loose…team Anniston

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