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Don't Believe The Rumors

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Silly rumors originating from unreliable outlets have been circulating around the Internets, claiming that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were separating.

We didn't believe it. And, now, those silly stories have officially been squashed by their rep.

A rep for Brangelina says they are NOT breaking up.


Brangelina forever!

[Image via WENN.]

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326 comments to “Don't Believe The Rumors”

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  1. 201


  2. 202

    Brad and Angelina are great together. I hope they stay together forever and have more children. Aniston is totally over rated. She will never amount to anything but a romantic comedy kind of girl. The poor little girl next door….

  3. 203

    oh damn papz for wanting to ruin them thank god they are not seperated!

  4. 204

    I would also just like to say that many of you are so anti Angelina…..you don't even know her. Just the tabloid crap you read while waiting in line at the supermarket. I'm sure she's been less than perfect during her life, but who isn't? And we should all be hoping that this family stays together. I mean wishing that they break up/broke up is just sad. Get a life and quit obsessing with people that you don't even know.

  5. JoeyW says – reply to this


    As if reps ever tell the truth….

  6. 206

    HEY COKIEhead, I think you are doing a little too much coke. Angie and Brad are the ones who cheated WHILE HE WAS MARRIED TO Jen, what fucking planet are you from?



    These WHORES just take what they want, wedding ring or not.

  7. 207

    I can't believe how naive you are to think the rumors aren't true!!! They obviously put on a fake act in public and he's sick of her erratic bahavior (she isn't capable of a normal relationship). I totally believe they are breaking up….but will not tell the media until the very last minute. It's O-V-E-R

  8. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Yeah…it's gonna last a lifetime. She's already said that she doesn't believe in monogamy which means she's itching to go whoring. I bet she's never been faithful to anyone. This mess is doomed.

  9. 209

    I wonder why they've decided to not be together any more.

  10. 210

    Wow ! Angelina and Brad are separating, this is exciting ! My life if boring right now, I need just that kind of news to cheer me up. Reminds me of how my mother got excited when Eddie dumped Debbie to marry femme fatale Elizabeth, only to be dumped not long after for Richard Burton. Those were the days my friend, wish we would come back to that kind of scandals. Who will be Brad's next lover and will Angelina take a man or a woman as her next partner. A woman would be fine to help her with all those children. And what will Angelina's father say to the media, can't wait, yummy.

  11. 211

    Oh i'm glad it's not true cause if it was I wouldn't be hearing the end of it.

  12. 212

    Re: Cokie_
    LMFAO @ how many messages you've posted so far. You are beyond pathetic. Stalker.

  13. 213

    "itching to go whoring"…I like that!

  14. 214

    I'm absolutely shocked that they've remained married as long as they have. Given their general lack of morality (cheating while married, and dumping Jennifer A. so he can be with Angelina) combined with Angelina's temper, I never saw them lasting more than a couple of years. I DO believe the rumors, and will be shocked if they're still together in a year.

  15. 215

    i care about the lint in my bellybutton more than both of them.together or not.

  16. 216

    Well I do beleive the rumors they are through and have been for some time!! Another thing they deserve each other and both are pieces of shitttttt!!!

  17. 217


  18. 218

    You are going to feel very stupis Perez. "Maniston" will be getting the last laugh. I do not hate this couple….but when you start a relationship with lies and deceit you are headed for trouble. It was doomed from day one.

  19. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Perez, maybe Angelina didn't get in touch to let you know they'll no longer be faking their relationship. It's over. The last few times they've been photographed together in public Brad had a miserable,angry expression on his face. I think he dislikes Angelina so much that he can't even fake it anymore.

  20. 220

    Anyone who leaves Jennifer Aniston should be CRUCIFIED! Buuuuut, if they're still together in 20 years than I could probably come to terms.

  21. 221

    Re: Cokie_ – Are you serious? Listen to yourself. Brad Pitt WAS married and he did leave his wife. Conveniently moved in with his costar "shortly thereafter". Billy Bob Thornton was also married to Laura Dern when Angelina conveniently moved in on him. Bottom line is that she may be a good mother and a great humanitarian, but she is obviously selfish when to stealing husbands. Good Lord, she could not be more obvious.

  22. 222


  23. 223


  24. BD4ME says – reply to this


    Brangelina? How 2005 of you Perez. They're obnoxious charity-whores, who cares anyways… I

  25. 225


  26. 226

    Yes yes yes!!! Brangelina FOREVER!!!!

  27. 227

    separating? with the obvious bump in her dress I'm surprised there aren't more baby rumours

  28. 228

    OH Please…it's so over….just a matter time. I'm so happy they both ended up being miserable witheachother….Karma is a bitch.

  29. 229

    Hey, Perez, the London Times says that one of the reps replied that it was a personal matter and refused to comment. That doesn't sound like a denial of the rumor. Furthermore, if the following is true, it makes Brad look like a complete loser/monster A. for dumping Angie when she desperately needs him and B. for leaving the kids with a suicidal person. Not such a nice couple after all, despite all of your accolades for their beauty.

    "Last week National Enquirer magazine carried a story that Pitt and Jolie had a final explosive row at a New York restaurant called the Alto on January 6.

    It claimed that Pitt staged the six-hour dinner as an intervention to persuade Jolie, 34, to get psychiatric help. It alleged that she had suffered depression since the death of her mother from ovarian cancer three years ago, since when Jolie’s weight has dropped dramatically. It also claimed she had made a suicide attempt."

  30. 230

    X 17 has it right this time.

  31. 231

    omgosh how would I have lived if I hadnt known this information.

  32. 232

    Yeah, it's over. Just read that Brad didn't show up for the SAG awards last night, even though he received one. His castmates lead an awkward silence when asked where he was. No one would respond. If he was having a bad Demi hair day, they would have said so. Ditto if one of the kids were sick. Neither Brad nor Angie were ever shy about showing up TOGETHER for collecting their kudos. Their sudden disappearance from the Hollywood scene, and the ensuing silence, speaks volumes.

    So how is it, Perez, that you're supposed to be the top celebrity gossip but you call it wrong ALL of time, based strictly on your like or dislike of a celeb? You refused to believe this one, as well as the Madonna/Guy breakup, yet you insisted that Michael Jackson was staging his death as a PR stunt. I sincerely don't understand how you can be so clueless so often yet still get so much attention.

    PS: Being awoken so early on a Sunday morning causes one to write too many posts to this site!

  33. 233

    I'm glad thats its not true!

  34. naima says – reply to this


    "He's Innocent". You are an idiot and a narrow-minded little bitch. I pity you. And what in the hell can you insult innocent little kids that've done nothing to you. All their kids are beautiful and loved. You just jealous cz you're not getting what those kids are getting and am sure your parents arent as beautiful and classy as Angelina and Brad are. They're a good couple and do lot to help those in need. You just wish you were them, which you never will be, you classless Jerk

  35. 235

    The split has been reported by CBS and MSNBC, both of who usually do not comment on such 'news.' I believe it to be quite real. I too would like to know why Perez has such a hardon for Jennifer Aniston. What'd she ever do to you?

  36. 236

    My god you people are the worst there happy get over it. You fat asses are sitting home on your computers whining about this shit. Do any of you read your comments and see how little brain cells you have left in your brain. What's it to you there together. If this is who we become as a people there is no hope left.

  37. 237

    Hope not. Marriage is tough, but the strong work things out, especially when children are involved. Get over yourselves and work it out.

  38. 238

    Re: longjewishlegs

    Why is Angelina a homewrecker? because he was married before?? They didn't have any kids, and in like 5 years he has 6.
    I think it is obvious, he wanted a family.
    but I read that she stopped with birthcontrol to get pregnant again, and she has a belly in this photo…

  39. naima says – reply to this


    I am sick of you bitches and haters. Stop insulting and blaming Angelina for their brek-up. Even Jen Aniston said herself she knew there was no affair and she and Brad had their differences in a while even b4 Mr and Mrs Smith started filming b4 Angelina and Brad got to meet for the movie. Angelina is not a homewrecker. For God sake, enough already. Its been 5 fucking years. Who the hell are you to call her names. For the past 5 years, go check how many men has Jen Aniston fucked wit since her split with Brad. She's the fucking whore, going all Cougar and Puma all over the places. Team Angelina and team Perez

  40. 240

    If Aniston is such a great person then how come men don't stay long with her. I think Pitt should receive a medal for being married to her for 4 and a half years.
    How many times have she been dumped?

  41. naima says – reply to this


    Re: Cokie_ – Cokie, thank you for being one of the few blogers to speak real. These people dont know shizz they talk about. They fucking need to see that Jen Aniston had her chances with Vince Vaughn and so many other men. She fucked that up all the time. Now even Vince Vaughn is engaged and has a baby. She could have made it work with him and the other men. She's had more men in 5 years and yet Angelina been with Brad.

  42. 242

    How did Angelina became a homewrecker?
    Pitt and Aniston doesn't have a family. They're constantly separated from each other.
    There's no home to break!
    A home is just a house if there's no love existing there!

  43. 243

    Yes, they are together until Ms. Voight falls for another woman´s husband AGAIN.

  44. GG5 says – reply to this


    If the relationship is over, it has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston, she's been out of the picture for 5 years. It has all to do with Brad and Angelina. We don't even know if it's true. If it's true, then it's sad, as it is with any relationship that fails, especially when there are kids. If it's true, then hopefully, Brad and Angelina are putting the kids needs first.

  45. 245

    Why cant people leave them alone? So many people are clearly jealous of what they have. Life is never perfect because when it is seemingly close, there will always be people trying to tear you down. AJ is not a homewrecker and it is so unfortunate that such a beautiful person has to endure such nasty and malicious treatment by some of the public.

  46. 246

    Re: Cokie_ – I agree with 100% of everything you said! Why aren't there more people out there like us?! Where are you? We need to be friends!

  47. 247

    And since when have we deemed the reps comments to be solid truth?

  48. 248

    Re: Assbleep – If Cokie is not Methalena (who I highly suspect she is) then I think Jennifer Aniston is the one who needs to worry. Kind of get the feeling that Cokie is a little too protective of Angelina.

  49. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: maliah

    Why are you attacking Jennifer Aniston, while complaining about folks attacking Angelina as a homewrecker? Jennifer Aniston has nothing to do with Brad and Angelina succeeding or failing as a couple? We don't know if this is true or not, but either way Jennifer Aniston has absolutely zero to do with any breakup of Brad and Angelina. The media have been playing the folks for years teasing issues between the 3, and it's just for them to make money.

    If indeed, it's true, then the fault lies with both Brad and Angelina for the failure, and not with Jennifer Aniston.

  50. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: poshbabygia – Since it was first reported that Reese/Jake broke up, and it was retracted. Problem was, it was true.

  51. 251

    Why did they adopt such ugly kids… ?
    it's like they went to the adoption center and picked the uglyiest kids lolololol

    Their REAL kids are adorable though
    LoVe them! :)

  52. 252

    And you always believe reps, right?

  53. Gigi7 says – reply to this


    Re: MarcellaMae – Wow CBS said it's true. This time it's for real folks.

  54. 254

    I think it is true……..I saw this on MSNBC and how they are spliting their 300 milliion dollar fortune. Crazy………….

  55. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: He's Innocent.

    Why attack the children? Who chose the children? The parents. That's a question for Brad and Angelina, actually more Angelina, as she chose 2 without Brad. He just happened to be there for choice number 2. Maybe, Angelina is saying that all kids are beautiful, and it's not just about looks.

  56. 256

    Angie is a homewrecking whore who is getting what she deserves. It wasn't a question of "if", just "when".

  57. 257

    The News Of The World is saying it's true and that they've already signed the papers.

  58. 258

    Don't worry HATERS, Brangelina are still together. It's just rumors.
    Don't celebrate yet!
    On the other hand, Aniston is still alone and MANLESS!

  59. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: maliah – Why do you keep bringing Jennifer Anniston into this and slamming her? It's fine that you want Brad and Angelina to stay together, but thier staying together or not is completely separate from Jennifer Anniston. Why be nasy and deflect?

  60. 260

    I remember there being a similar story about madonna and guy richie and oops!! It turned out to be true. I can't stand brad and slutty pants. I won't see a movie with either of them in it. Just sick to death of looking online everytime there is an blog about them. Wish they would just go away and die!

  61. 261

    Re: GG5 – Your right, and Dude dont ever take me seriously! lol ;)

  62. 262

    Re GG 5:
    Awww come on, you cannot even spell Aniston right (not Anniston)
    If you haters keep on bringing Angelina's name on every Aniston thread then I have a right to do the same.
    If you haters keep on calling Angelina a homewrecker then I have a right to call Aniston A PROFESSIONAL DUMPEE, MANLESS, and BARREN!
    Hey, it's a free country.

  63. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: maliah

    Can you read and understand content? I said you complained about folks saying that, yet you didn't have any problems with slamming Jennifer Aniston (thx for the spelling correction), when she has absolutely nothing to do with any possible Brad and Angelina breakup. I didn't call Angelina a homewrecker, I only responded to your comments. If you look at my responses, they have been completely respectful of Brad and Angelina and Jennifer for that matter. I don't understand why "YOU" brought Jennifer into this at all. It's all on Brad and Angelina. If they succeed or fail as a couple, it's on them, Jennifer has nothing to do with it at all.

    Why are you so nasty towards people that have nothing to do with the couple? If Brad and Angelina do break up, then it's sad, as there are so many children, and they should be the focus. They shouldn't pay the price if thier parents fail to work. Of course, that's a big "IF", as there is no firm confirmation by Brad and Angelina.

  64. 264

    Re: Cokie_ – You need to get a fucking life..never seen one person post so many comments on one story..you are either mentally ill or have nothing better to do with your time…Saddo going a bit Chris "leave brittney alone" Croker there are we?

  65. 265

    I hear Angie's going to make a movie with Johnny Depp..God help him and his family!!!!

  66. 266

    Re GG5
    I have nothing against you personally, it's the people who keep on calling Angelina a homewrecker. I don't care if you like or hate Angelina but I would never wish for anybody's relationship to break up especially if there's children involved. I don't like Aniston but I will never wish Karma or Death bestowed upon her…If you read a lot of posters here. then you know what I mean. And I do admire your restraint for not using offending words and statements like a lot of people here. If you read the statements here, the words I chose are tame compared to most of the haters. PEACE!

  67. 267

    Intelligent readers need to know that Angorexia Jolie's father Jon Voight stated publicly & on television that she was mentally ill. Now there are allegations that Brad tried an intervention to get her psychiatric help. She is well known to have used every hard-core drug. Skankalina is a psychotic SERIAL HOME-WRECKING WHORE.

  68. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: maliah – I appreciate you looking at this. I think people shouldn't assume a position if none is stated. I haven't stated that I hope they fail, I don't, they have a family. My point was that if there is a failure, then I hope the kids are put first. While, you may have a history of posting with folks that bring a certain slant, don't make the assumption that's how all people post. "IF" it's true, it's as sad as any other relationship with kids is, and hopefully the focus is on the kids. No other point being made.

  69. 269

    Hate to break it to the haters but this couple has staying power. Long term.

    A.) Both are philanthropists and have a plethora in common.

    B.) Angelina was at a scheduled Vanity Fair cover photo shoot so Brad helped host his close friend, George Clooney's "Hope for Haiti" telethon, which is why she wasn't there.

    B.) There will always be speculation about this couple because they're so high profile. Some will maintain Angelina - originally starting out as a model, is the more aesthetically beautiful, exotic woman. Others - who like a more "girl next door" natural look, will side with Jen. Both have their own qualities. To each his own. That's what makes life interesting.

    C.) Get over your hate for Angelina - Jennifer Aniston has. Even Jennifer Aniston admits how well suited Brad and Angelina are for each other. It's not healthy being hateful. Life's too short. ~~~~~ Peace.

  70. 270

    angelina isnt a homewrecker brad and angelina got together when brad and the slut maniston were divorced so no foul play here and angelina is a beatifull person and if you cant recnozi that youre so fucking stupid because she has done more good then anybody on this lame blog including me

  71. GG5 says – reply to this


    Re: bich45

    What? Brad and Jennifer were married, it's a matter of public record, Brad and Angelina started before the divorce, Angelina has confirmed this herself. She mentioned that Brad and Angelina started trying to get pregnant before he was actually divorced. While, it may have been known the divorce was happening, they were not divorced. It's also ignorant and arrogant to say what people have contributed to or been part of. You may be right, but you may be wrong. Assumptions are really about crearing an azz of yourself no what the assumption is.

  72. 272

    Re: naima – So classily put, Naima (insert eye roll here.)

  73. 273

    They are… According to In Touch AJ's having an affair! You Go AJ!!! I'll like her even more if she cheated on Brad… He's wayyyy too boring. She needs someone fun! I have a foreseeing if this is true and they do break up I could see AJ as a future cougar! RawR! lol Luv it!

  74. 274

    Sooner or later, it will be true.
    These 2 won't be growing old together.
    The odds are against them.

  75. 275

    Re: Gigi7 – Gigi said, "Perez, maybe Angelina didn't get in touch to let you know they'll no longer be faking their relationship. It's over. The last few times they've been photographed together in public Brad had a miserable,angry expression on his face. I think he dislikes Angelina so much that he can't even fake it anymore."

    I believe you'd call that the "Guy Ritchie" look.

  76. 276

    Re: VeronicaVolta

    What does that bitch have to do with anything?! He DIVORCED her 5 years ago!! Get over it!

  77. 277

    yea right all happy couples plan their breakup ahead of time

  78. 278

    Re: maliah – Maliah, are you Perez Hilton with a pen name, per chance? Your irrational love of Brangelina and hatred of Jennifer smacks of that blogger's silly prejudices.

  79. 279

    dont u losers commenting here have anything better to do than argue about people u dont even know

  80. 280

    If it's been officially denied, it must be true.

  81. 281


  82. 282

    you'll just say next week that they are breaking up again….. your site sucks

  83. 283

    I can't stand Jolie. She's a great actress, but she's a bitch and a freakin' Lesbo. I can't really stand him either even though he is a great actor and hansome.

  84. 284

    WHO CARES!!!!

  85. 285

    If you don't like Mario then what are you doing here? You must be on Huvane's payroll….You know, the PR Publicist that Aniston pays to stay relevant.

  86. 286

    Sad part is that these two are both so used up and no longer hott. Who'd want anyone with 6 kids and ton of baggage.

  87. 287

    Cokie you are hilarious and thank you for standing up for Brad and Ange. I effin love these two together and I really hope the rumours are not true…even though I am worried. I mean they didn't turn up to the Golden Globes or the SAGs…

  88. 288

    Is it just me that thinks these two are so old now? I mean comon they are both losing their looks and are fame hungry its pathetic.

  89. 289

    It's hitting the major media outlets now. And the couple are not denying it. Only a matter of time before Brad is back with Maniston..I mean the beautiful Jennifer Anniston. That's bound to drive Mario…I mean Perez..crazy!

  90. 290

    That's rich coming from you. You're not giving yourself very much credibility considering you get most of your material from these outlets, aka The News of the World. BTW; the NOTW will only print material like this if they have sworn statements. Believe me, I've sold them a story in the past….

  91. 291

    OH… Too bad!!! I hope he breaks her heart!!!

  92. 292

    Let's hope it's not true. They have SIX kids

  93. 293

    Sorry Perez, and all you Brangelina fans out there. (Both of you) But this IS going to happen. Maybe not this week or next, but there is simply no other way to add up recent events in their lives. The split has already been agreed on and signed. Angelina gets the kids (most of the time). And their assets will be basically split down the middle. Everyone gets bored/fed up with someone over time. Even "power couples".

  94. 294

    Where there is smoke….there is FIRE!

  95. 295

    Re: Cokie_ – u sound like an idiot. thats all i can say or your 12.

  96. 296

    Re: Gigi7
    If you know anything about network/cable news, then you wouldn't have made yoru silly comment. These outlets don't report on gossip. You are a brat.

  97. 297

    totally wrong! they are in talks with divorce lawyers as we speak. Angelina now thinks hollywood is too small for both of them. See wants brad out of the limelight…just to focus it back on her.

    This girl is poison.

  98. 298

    YAY for homewreckers and whores… whoohoo

  99. Bust says – reply to this


    Yeah, we all know Avatar is the film or whatever… That's not news we knew that weeks ago… Why don't you report on REAL event s that happen… Like how Jennifer Aniston just died in car crash in L.A. 45 mins ago…:( why do I know this before you do? its all over the web. Their comparing it to Princess Diana.. She will be missed

  100. 300

    ugggh booo wish they were!!! im sorry but if a normal human kissed her brother publicly and wore her boyfriends blood around their neck in a vile and married a man out of an affair, they never would be given a baby or be looked at as a suitable parent…but the whack angelina was? jesus brad i wish it was true….GO TEAM JEN!!! you're now married to a depressed looney who is in desperate need for love, hence her mother load of adoptions!!! the world was a happier place when Brad and Jen where married….America's Sweethearts :)

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