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Don't Believe The Rumors

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Silly rumors originating from unreliable outlets have been circulating around the Internets, claiming that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were separating.

We didn't believe it. And, now, those silly stories have officially been squashed by their rep.

A rep for Brangelina says they are NOT breaking up.


Brangelina forever!

[Image via WENN.]

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326 comments to “Don't Believe The Rumors”

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  1. 301

    WOW! shocking

  2. 302

    Just one thing to say:people, stop arguing with Cokie_. It's the mental equivalent of kicking kindergardener's as they get off the bus. Besides, do you really want to go toe-to-toe who thinks Jen's fat, for God's sake?

  3. 303

    OMG I almost fell out when Cokie said "YOU are a whore" and "don't accuse innocent good women like Angelina of being a 'homewrecker' (there is no such thing)" and then calling you scum. Wow - no such thing as homewrecking? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Angie NOT talk to her father partially because he was a "homewrecker?" Pot = kettle much? I liked your post and I'll say the same thing I just posted: Don't argue with this person. It's like kicking kindergardners as they come off the bus. It's just too easy and almost as shameful!

  4. 304

    Re: longjewishlegs – Somebody needs treatment for obsessive compulsive behavoiur and anger management issues……

  5. 305

    Love Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! Brangelina forever=) Brad you are HOTTTTT! anddddd, Angelina you are Gorgeous. I wish Brad and Angelina all the happiness in the whole world. Two good people…..wholesome and down to earth! Angelina, you are NOT a home wrecker! I just wish to God that Jennifer A. would move on with her life and stop stalking Brad in subtle ways.

  6. 306

    Re: Cokie_ – you are a crazy bastard.first of all why do you keep saying that there affair was proven to be untrue,you are completely making that up,and the same with calling jennifer aniston fat,she is far from fat known to be one of the most coveted bodies in hollywood even of the stars.also not one magazine or website has called her fat or has even made mention of her in this manner.i believe it is a known fact in hollywood that brad pitt had an affair with angelina jolie.so reading both of your points that you keep repeating and trying to drive home has made me think you are trying to start your own little rumor mill in hopes people will believe that you know something they do not when you are completely 100% telling fucking lies.i dont care if people have a different opinion than i but i get really irritated with blatant lies.YOU MADE ALL OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING UP.

  7. 307

    Re: FaeRae – i agree this person is crazy,has some sort of head problems.i think the name says it all COKIE….THINK COKIE MIGHT BE ON SOMETHING ;0)

  8. 308

    Lol, every couple that has been breaking up are always giving these announcements how much they love each others :D

  9. 309

    But of course I feel bad for the 16 kids they have :/

  10. 310

    You are such a liar…there reps have not commented.

  11. 311

    It's gonna happen sooner or later

  12. 312

    Re: Bust – You are an idiot for trying to start an outrageous rumor.

  13. 313

    Re: Cokie_ – hey cokie u do to much coke this morning??? chill the fuck out

  14. 314

    so I working in this industry, and no some of the deets behind the scenes - all I have to say is all those people who think she is such an "amazing woman" - she is all smoke and mirrors people. they have 6 frigging' nannies raising the kids. they just trot them out for photo opps. and remember she said would quit working to devote more time to the kids? she has filmed 3 movies since then. Brad fell for some crazy , and now he needs to live with it! what is sad is the kids,

  15. 315

    Waw, some people are really good at judging other people they've never even met in their lives ! I think it's never easy to seperate, when you have loved each other and built something together. I'm really sad to hear about a possible break-up. I'm not taking sides here, that would be irrelevant, but I really don't think Angelina deserves such harsh comments! No human being does ! Jennifer suffered when Brad left her, now it's Angelina and Brad who suffer. I whish them lots of strenght & courage to try to rebuild their lives, together or seperated…

  16. 316

    she could do much better shes Angelina Jolie!

  17. 317

    yay!! LUV AJ

  18. 318

    Jen ftw.

  19. 319

    Re: Amagod121 – OMG, yes! She went on some morning talk show (Angie) saying she couldn't wait until the kids were old enough to see the movie their parents fell in love while making!

  20. 320

    they make me sick! i mean they dont love each other is just publicity! anyone with a half bain can see that!

  21. 321

    Some people really have time on their hands.

  22. 322

    Thank you Perez and we knew that the story was false. Poor Man, can't get laid so she goes nutz to destroy my fav celebs. Down, dog down Man.

  23. 323

    Poor Maniston, going serial about wishing they'd break up. Maniston is dumb as they come. It must be that fake bleached hair that has gotten her cookoo. As for this news, no one believes it. It is not news just repeats from the false past stories. Man, you need to get a man and leave Brangies alone.

  24. 324

    LMAO can you imagine what a normal night in this family's household might be like?
    Brad: Hey honey, I'm just going to get drunk and sleep with some hoes, that okay with you?
    Angelina: Yeah, sure, you have fun now!

  25. 325

    yes brangelina for life AMEN

  26. 326

    I mean really… if they broke up, who else would either of them date?

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