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Jersey Shore Wants A Bump In Salary!

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Look what happens when you spoil kids from the Jersey Shore!

Because the guidos and guidettes are commanding up to $10k for fist-pumping club appearances, the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore are demanding $10,000 per episode for season two!!!

Brit Brit's manager Larry Rudolph is spearheading the cast's $$$ demands, and may or may not have informed them of the salary of that other money-making 'reality' show on MTV!

Says a source:

They want $10,000 an episode, arguing that the stars from The Hills get $100,000 per episode and that show doesn't even rate as high. They're hanging together like the cast of Friends and saying if they don't all get the pay increase, none of them will return.


MTV says they have yet to confirm a second season of Jersey Shore, but they'd be pretty stupid to pass up the chance for another season of Snooki and her bump!

We'd rather watch the kids from the Shore than The Hills any day of the week!

What about U?

[Image via WENN.]

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105 comments to “Jersey Shore Wants A Bump In Salary!”

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  1. freak says – reply to this


    Which site did you COPY this news from, FAT BOY?

  2. 2

    Cash is King.

  3. 3

    people actually watch mtv still?

  4. 4

    I don't understand why these "reality" stars get so much money. It's not like they are that talented. That money could be used for so many other important things, especially right now.

  5. 5

    I love them, finally MTV made something worth watching.

  6. 6

    Good i hope they don't return

  7. 7

    First of all HEllo Kiiieeeeeemmmmmm.. i know she reads perez hilton as much as i do…. and fuck yeah …. pay the Tan People as much as they ask…… Mtv would be stupid not to……

  8. 8

    thats totally reasonable- they should be asking for more

  9. 9

    I love Jersey Shore and I loves the people on it. Except for Angelina but she left anyway so who gives a fuck. I was just talking about how I wanted to see more of them and if they brought the show back it wouldn't be the same without all of them. I love my Guidos and Guidettes.

  10. 10

    I hope they dont get the money they want so we dont have to see the gell, orange, ugly losers!
    GTL - like what kind of crap is that?

  11. 11

    Can they truly be stupid enough to think MTV can't find another ten assholes for their show?

  12. 12

    I would fire all of those greedy bastards and get 8 new people in the house. Geez these people think they are stars all of a sudden and can make money demands when anyone could do what they are doing.
    Hold auditions and change out the people.

  13. 13

    I would watch another season of the Shore but I want NEW people. There are SOOO many guidos and guidettes to drop our jaws in jersey and staten island. get new kids, pay them nothing, Im sick of this crew already.

  14. 14

    These people are all trash!

  15. 15

    they should be asking for, this show caused MTV's ratings to skyrocket they definitely deserve more

  16. 16

    Jersey Shore!!

  17. 17

    The Hills get more money because they are actors and actresses duh! Jersey Shore is "reality" The Hills, is not! I'd love another season of JS…it's like a car wreck, you just can't turn away!!!!

  18. 18

    I know I come on here and say over and over: WHO WATCHES THIS CRAP?

    Not just that show, but several of them.

    How sad is society that they good off on watching bullshit? What is their mentality? I figure not much of a mentaility at all. I don't know anyone, and believe me I ask, that watches this show or any of these stupid reality shows. So who's watching them? People without educations, stupid people that actually live like that. That's what I figure

  19. 19

    I'm with deb debs. Fire these old clowns and get a new fresh cast thats even more ridiculous and than give snooki her own TV reality snookin' for love like she wants. She was the only interesting one anyways.

  20. 20

    Um def Jersey Shore. Everyone I know feels the same way so its stupid for them not to give them at least 10,000. I would be so sad if there wasn't another season haha.

  21. 21

    Lets be honest 10,000 isnt that much AND they had the hightest rated show on MTV and NOBODY really watches the Hills anyways. So give the cali brats a paycut and bump of the shore casts paycheck!

  22. 22

    The show is really entertaining but trust me, Jersey is full of people like Snookie and company. They're easily replacable.

  23. 23

    there lucky there getting paid anything,at all..they need to get over them self,and just be thrilled there getting 10,000..thats a lot of money for them.

  24. 24

    Sure,10k each but only if they throw Snooki under the bus and let the air out of the tires.

  25. Lyns says – reply to this


    I think they deserve it! Right now, "Jersey Shore" is a SMASH, while nobody is really watching "The Hills" anymore (I rarely EVER did, but since Lauren Conrad left that show has, unbelievably, gotten worse). "Jersey Shore" is so entertaining, and it doesn't seem as contrived. I BELIEVE them. And if they want 1/10th of what "The Hills" cast is getting, I think that's MORE than fair. If they were smart, they'd ask for more!

  26. 26

    Yeah give it to them if you compare it like that they dont make SHIT ! I thought you said not to long ago to THEY CONFIRMED a season 3 now you say they havent even confirmed 2 I AM LOST !

  27. 27

    Team NJ Shore! The Hills suck.

  28. 28

    I am sooooo over the FAKE Hills and The City.

  29. 29

    It should be Guida not guidette.

  30. 30

    Mindless entertainment = American TV.

  31. 31

    I think everyone should get what they want except the one who left the show early she should get nothing

  32. 32

    Society as a whole should be embarrassed. But, since I am commenting on this site, I am no better of a person than the delusional tan freaks from the 08751.
    I will hang my head in shame as the world collectively gets dumber. Does anyone go to the public library anymore?

  33. 33

    Jersey Shore is so much better than the hills! The hills is so boring and predictable. MTV should cancel the hills and put more money into Jersey shore!

  34. 34

    I'm sure there are some more losers out there willing to do the show for free. Why the hell would anyone pay the hills reality hoes anything, that showing flipping sucks!

  35. Laury says – reply to this


    They're only doing what every reality show star does: they're making the most out of their 15 minutes of fame and milking the cash cow for all its worth. I enjoyed watching Jersey Shore, it was great, mindless fun and I will gladly watch season two if there is one.

  36. 36

    100K for each member of the hills is too much!, Jersey Shore is much better right now and MTV would be stupid not to pay 10k, for each member, per episode on season 2. Jersey Shore is kind of the live style me and my homies live every weekend therefore please hurry up with season 2 and pay this kids!

  37. 37

    the Hills suck. Bring on another season of fist pumpin.
    i love snickers

  38. 38

    What a waste of money if that happens. There was devastating earthquake in Haiti, MTV should put the money towards that instead!

  39. 39

    i wonder if angelina will try to come back and demand $ to be on the next season. i hope not. she needs pay back for ditchin the show and then tryin to hop back on the bandwagon once the ratings come in

  40. 40

    Are they REALLY paying a buch of dumb blondes THAT much money!!!

  41. 41

    PLUS!! Arent there like 10 members on the cast of the Hills, I mean they all look a like to me, but there were a lot of them last time I checked!

  42. 42

    i would ask for more than that. When is this show on anyway? Ive never seen it but want to watch it

  43. 43


  44. 44

    haven't seen this yet (honestly, i'm in europe so it's not on tv here yet) but have to admit it looks like tv gold. and yes would rather watch this than the drippy hills. they all take themselves far too seriously and whitney is the most self aware ass munch going.

  45. 45

    fuck these scumbag nobodies, its getting fucking ridiculous how just any joe bum fuck nobody can be famous now, you used to need talent

  46. 46

    Just get new people !!!!!!!! These guys are boring actually

  47. Sayio says – reply to this


    I agree. The hills is lame as hell. White stupid kidz with to much money. I prefer the guidos and guidettes. They r more real =P

  48. 48

    They get paid for this shit?!!!Any amount of money they get paid is way too much. I tried watching it once for as long as I could. 5 minutes was the limit. I swear I felt myself getting dumber by the second. Had to stop before I turned into a total fucking retard. On the upside,if that had happened, I would have fit in nicely on that show.TV is crap, and shows like this are the reason why.

  49. 49

    I agree they should get paid.
    MTV, the slavery network wants to make millions off of the casts and these shows and pay them no money.
    The federal government should step in and make sure all people who are cast members in these shows are compensated fairly.

  50. 50

    They should keep snooki and replace the rest.

  51. 51

    oh and i don't know if you can actually call the hills a reality show since they put up that "some scenes created for entertainment value" thing up at the start. god it is such a snore. it had it's day a loooong time ago. anyone still watching that shit needs to get a job very quickly. complete horseshite

  52. 52

    Who watches this trash tv? None of these people are STYLISH.

  53. 53

    id watch jershey shore over the hills even if one of those blonds from the hills would keep me captivated in there room forcing me to do it or else id have to eat a sandwhich

  54. 54

    I would definitely rather watch jersey shore over the hills. They should have cancelled the hills several seasons ago. Over it!!!!

  55. 55

    SHORE all day everyday

  56. 56


  57. 57

    and like are you fucking kidding? half the world is dieing because of no food and money, and we want to pay more money to these fucking losers??? how FUCKED UP IS THIS WORLD.

  58. 58

    id rather watch the hills! and i dont like he hills

  59. 59

    They should get at least $100,000! They are likeable and fun to watch! Why only $10,000. Sounds like they need better management!

  60. 60

    They should give it to them, it's really not that much.

  61. 61

    The hills are NO better with their preppie ass atire and very boring asses. The hills think they are better than jersey shore but I beg to differ that they are worse (scum that float on top of a pond). I am not saying the shore don't act like degenerates because they do but at least they don't act desperate to be like Paris Hilton like Heidi or any other hills reject. How is it that they act more educated, because Jersey shore ACTUALLY went to prestigious universities. WHich doesn't say much for education (money pit).

  62. 62

    dont get me wrong i like jersey shore and all but i thought it was a real world kind of show. y would they have the same ppl next season?

  63. Niobe says – reply to this


    I have NEVER been able to watch an episode of The Hills…and I could not miss an episode of Jersey Shore, you can't help but watch this trainwreck! =)

  64. 64

    Seeing as they're the highest rated program on MTV right now, I think $10,000 per episode is more than fair. The only reason the people on The Hills get $100,000 per episode is because it was, until the most recent seasons, a hit for MTV. They obviously didn't start with 100k an episode, they just got raise after raise with every new season. If the ratings keep up for the second season, I don't see why even $25,000 per episode is out of the question.

    Replacing the original cast would also be a stupid idea. Yes, MTV would have to pay less, but I doubt it would get the same ratings if they didn't bring the likes of Snooki back. Snooki is the most popular of the Jersey Shore cast, and is definitly a ratings draw. So in the end, just pay up MTV!

  65. 65

    It's ridiculous that these morons get paid that much money at all. You'd have to pay me millions to watch that show. Why do we keep rewarding people for being stupid? They contribute significantly to the dumbification of this country. I can't believe people will actually watch that crap. I'm SO sick of hearing about this bullshit EVERYWHERE!

  66. 66

    yeah the jersey shore is better than that stupid show the hills, fake mockudrama…at least jersey shore kids are themselves and dont care how they look, unlike heidi montag who goes and alters her whole appearance because shes so WEAK because of hollywood bullshit…look at snooki she doesnt care. shes fine being herself which is why NJ is much better!! HA! seriously tho…

  67. 67

    wow and i cant believe those vapid one dimensional hills people get 100,000.00 a show!!

  68. Bust says – reply to this


    all those kids are disgusting they really do give us Italians a trashy reputation. they all act like those rejects from Flavor of Love… no offence to all blacks out there

  69. 69

    No one on the Hills deserves 100K! Those kids don't even know what a recession is, let alone how to spell the word. As the Jersey kids would say - they're jerkoffs!

  70. 70

    MTV needs to cancel the cast of the Hills and cancel Whitney from the City. They have absolutely no personality. The Hills is scripted because they are airheads. Jersey shore is entertaining because they are fun and are not ashamed to be who they really are. Being yourself is always refreshing.

    MTV needs to start off with a better cast in NYC. LA is so played out. LA is land of wannabes doing whatever it takes to be cool even if it means losing your identity to fit the Hollywood cookie cutter mold. LA was sooo last decade. Adios Los Angeles.

    MTV has the right idea about Washington DC Real World but instead of Real World have a show where they make the DC cast older in their late 20's - early 30's with established careers, not some early 20's person who took off a semester in college and think they know everything about life but still trying to find themselves.

  71. 71

    I have never watched the Hills even once but I am addicted to the Shore. They deserve a raise. lol

  72. 72

    No desire to watch either. Reality "stars" aren't worth the time or money. Sad that these idiots get so much attention.

  73. 73

    who the fuck cares the show sucked….
    their fist pumping is just a bad way too let out their stress about how small their balls are from all the roids

    only way this show is going to make another season is if that cum guzzling slut gets to be a punching bag the whole season

  74. 74

    I predict if there is a second season, there will also be a death. You cannot have that much ego and arrogance, that much adrenalin and endorphins, and that much liquor without a fatal ending.

  75. 75


  76. Bust says – reply to this


    Re: mattressjock – who died in the 1st one???????????

  77. 77

    How about paying them with a big pile of shit? They're barely worth that.

  78. 78

    Reading the above posts, I get the feeling that there are two groups of people in here. The first, like me absolutely fucking hate this inane drivel passing itself off as entertainment, the second are the people who like it, and who I believe are as stupid, arrogant and ugly as the people on it. Maybe they could all get together and die.
    That is not a death threat, it's a wish.

  79. 79

    LOVE it. def will watch season2 but the dynamic will be totally different because people know who they are now. gotta get my snooks fix

  80. Bust says – reply to this


  81. 81

    Why should they get $10,000 per episode? What are they doing that's so special… getting drunk and fist-pumping? Are you kidding me?!!? I work my ass off at work and would give my left arm to get recognized like that. NO way do they deserve that an episode. The FRIENDS cast, as ACTORS, were overpaid, but they were so because they were ACTORS on a real show and they had actual TALENT. These fools are COMPLETELY replaceable and need to know their place. You're not famous, you're infamous… BIG TRASHY DIFFERENCE.

  82. 82


  83. 83

    WHAT?!! The Hills stars get 100 000 k and pull in shit numbers? They should cancel them asap !!! Jersey Shore rules and we want MORE Snooki ! Whaaah !

  84. 84

    the show is good i just like the fighting

  85. 85

    Their 'type' is a dime a dozen.

    They should make it interesting and CHANGE IT UP next season.

    It was popular this time only because it was like slowing down to see a car wreck.

    By next season we will ALL be BORED.

  86. 86

    I think MTV should make a reality show for terrorist, I'd start watching MTV again if that happened.

  87. 87

    good for them i think they should get it. butttttttt that stupid angelina chick is definately gonna come back bc she saw what a success the show was. i think the producers should jus cut her out though. like why the fuck was she on the reunion?

  88. 88

    btw why is this show even compared to the hills. the hills consists of like 23 minutes of people staring at eachother and depressing music in the background

  89. 89

    considering massive amounts of ratings that mtv got off this show (more than they get off the hills now), i think 10,000 per episode is pretty damn reasonable. these kids are like a trainwreck, you know you shouldn't watch it but you do anyways

  90. 90

    Re: Pacific Ocean Gal – i watch it. i know a lot of people who watch it, especially college kids. it's oddly relaxing after a long week of classes and homework to watch this kind of show because it literally takes no thought to understand what is going on. it's mindless entertainment. i love my nerdy crap like star wars and stargate and monty python, but when i want something that is highly amusing and completely mindless, i admittedly watch shows like this.

  91. 91

    Re: Bust – anyone who judges other italians based on what they've seen on this show is really worth the time of day anyways

  92. 92

    I dislike them very much so.

  93. 93

    Giving them more money will make them less interesting.

  94. 94

    GTL BABY!!! The Hill are a bore!!!

  95. 95

    I tried watching the show I could only do 10 minutes then I switched to South Park. But if these Ho's are makeing money for MTV then they should pay. If I were MTV I would only keep the show on a week per week bases. I can't see having a bunch of Ho's is good for business.

  96. 96

    I hope they film his show from now until snickers is 90 yrs old!

  97. 97

    And another thing, these kids better watch their backs. Who's making money on all the GTL tshirts? Did they copy write GTL? Those, and fist pump t's are everywhere and they are not cheap!

  98. 98

    Bring them back, except for Sammi…"I'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet." GMAFB. She has issues and should stay home next time. I can't stand her but I love Snooki and the JWoww and the guidos.

  99. 99

    Re: tinyguyincanada – You sound miserable. Fist pump?

  100. 100

    Re: andriiiiia – I know! Her trashbag ass is not even relevant.

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